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Stuffed Chicken Thigh

This is an excellent simple dish, which can easily cook a tired hostess for a small amount of time. To learn how to do this, read our step-by-step instructions. Cut a chicken drumstick over the joint, then make incisions at the base of the shin, until the bone. Separate the meat from the bone, turn […]

Pilaf with chicken and vegetables

  Within 7 minutes, heat up the microwave in a large bowl with full capacity. Chicken breast roll out the rolling pin, and then cut into cubes with a side of 4 cm. Lubricate the dishes for the microwave oven with butter. Put chicken, lightly press it, then fry without cover at full power for […]

RICE WITH CHICKEN — You can not think of something tastier.

  Ingredients: — 1 chicken per 1.5 kg (8 thighs) — 1 medium onion — 1 carrot — 1 sweet red pepper — 100 g of green peas (can be frozen) — 500 g of long grain rice — 100 ml of white dry wine

Potato «Peaches»

Boil potatoes in a uniform, allow to cool, clean. In the mince add spices, ground onions. To fry small cutlets. Potatoes three on a grater, divide into 2 parts. Add salt, pepper. In one part turmeric. in another paprika. 1 egg is divided in half and add to 2 parts. Three cheese, we add. Add […]

Uzbek pilaf — very tasty and juicy !

The dish is a real masterpiece of Uzbek cuisine and turns out to be very tasty, juicy and hearty! The main thing — to do everything correctly by prescription. In Central Asia, Uzbek pilaf must prepare every self-respecting man. Carrots are cleaned and cut into thin strips. Onions cut into half rings. Lamb is washed […]

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