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Pink salmon (FISH), baked in the oven under tomato sauce

  Pink salmon is popular and useful, it prepares a variety of different dishes for every taste. The roasted pink salmon with tomato sauce is characterized by a piquant taste, juiciness and a wonderful aroma. The recipe for the dish is quite simple and fast, which certainly pleases.

Buckwheat porridge in pumpkin

Cooking Meat Buckwheat porridge in pumpkin This dish conquers immediately, hitting the spot. As a pot used a pumpkin, it is in it will create a culinary masterpiece. Buckwheat porridge in itself is delicious, but the pumpkin makes its taste more saturated, generously giving buckwheat its strength, power, brightness. Porridge, cooked in a pumpkin, and […]

Pork on a barbecue  

In the summer, for sure you want to get out of town on nature and cook delicious meat. Pork, cooked on a barbecue, it turns out really delicious, juicy and fragrant. Pork is cut into portions of about 1.5 cm in thickness. Bulgarian peppers and chili peppers are cut into small cubes, and remove the […]

Meatballs in sauce

  In the mince add the eggs. Then add boiled rice. Salt and pepper. Mix. Form the meatballs. Fry in a pan on both sides until golden brown (about 5 minutes on each side). Carrots are cleaned, grated on a grater, fried until soft. Mix the water, finely chopped greens, mayonnaise, ketchup, salt, pepper. Mix.

Potatoes with chicken legs

Irresistible marinade sour cream with garlic, give this unique dish a more refined taste. Everyone loves chicken, especially chicken legs, which are baked with potatoes in the oven. The dish tastes very juicy, tender and mouth-watering. It can be prepared for a celebration, as a hot dish and just for a family dinner. cooking is […]

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