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Lasagne with vegetables (Weight loss)

  Lasagna is a traditional dish of Italian cuisine. In fact, this pasta sheets with different fillings from several layers and filled with sauce. The filling can be absolutely anything: meat, mushroom, vegetable, cheese. The cheeses in the dish are used exquisitely: Parmesan, mozzarella or ricotta, but most people replace them with ordinary hard cheeses. […]

Muffins with nuts

  4 servings Ingredients eggs – 2 pcs. sugar – 200 g Butter – 70 g sour cream (20% fat content) – 50 g flour – 230 g baking powder – 1 tsp.

Dessert with raspberries

  The recipe for the preparation of a healthy and delicate yoghurt dessert. Ingredients Greek yoghurt – 400 ml frozen raspberry – 150 g sugar – 100 g honey – 2 tbsp. l. walnuts – 50 g Preparation Raspberries pre-unfrozen. Berries to throw in a colander and let the juice drain.

Potatoes with bacon in a multicrew

How many dishes were invented with potatoes and meat! Eyes run up. But from this abundance you sometimes want to rest. And what if you cook potatoes with bacon in a multivariate? And the products are familiar, and it’s easy to cook in your favorite device, and it turns out something unusual in the end. […]

Sweets with strawberries and chocolate

20 pieces Ingredients gelatin – 20 g frozen strawberry – 400 g sugar – 200 g cream (fat content of 20%) – 150 ml butter – 100 g white chocolate – 400 g Preparation

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