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Biscuit with cherry and marshmallow cream

  Ingredients: Flour — 1 stack. Eggs — 5 PCs. Sugar — 1 stack. Gelatin (cream) — 2 tablespoons. Citric acid-1 g Soda — 1 tsp. Salt-1 pinch Milk-50 ml Vanillin-1 g Cherry (pitted) — 50 g

Dessert with pine nuts

Delicate, hearty and delicious milk dessert for 4 servings. Ingredients milk 0.5 liters sugar — 2 tbsp. l. cocoa — 1 tbsp. l. flour — 2 tbsp. l. peeled pine nuts — 1/2 cup

Baked loaf with cheese and garlic

An original alternative to a hot sandwich, it turns out very tasty aromatic, crispy, if desired, you can add spices, it’s really a very delicious recipe. INGREDIENTS -Attack loaf — 1 pc. -Syr — 100 g. — Butter — 100 g. — Garlic — 3 cloves. -Petrushka-1 bunch.

Strawberry cake with hearts

  We are pleased to present you a step-by-step recipe for cooking «Strawberry pie hearts». It’s really worth a try. From the second layer, cut a lot of hearts.       Cut the cut strawberries with sugar, make the starch with water and bring to a boil with strawberries, let it get a little […]

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Salad with tofu Ingredients: tomatoes — 2 PCs – , cucumbers — 2 PCs – , red onion — 1 PC – , olives-1 Bank, tofu-150 g, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper to taste.

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