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Casserole of pork and mushrooms

  Ingredients (for 4 persons): • 20 gr. dried porcini mushrooms * 200 gr. champignons’ * 450 gr. porks • 1 bulb • 2 cloves of garlic * 2 tbsp olive oil * 2 tablespoons of crushed sage • 150 ml red wine * 250 gr. cream or sour cream Preparation:


Ingredients: 1 kg — of potatoes 100 ml of milk 500 g fillet of salmon 500 g-fillet of cod 100 ml-white dry wine 50 g-butter 1 large bulb 150 ml-cream 2-eggs 250 g-peeled shrimp Salt, pepper, thyme, parsley, dill


  500 g of cottage cheese,1 1/3 article sugar,2 eggs,3 tbsp flour(maybe 1/3 but no more!!!)2 teaspoon soda, quenched with vinegar.. Cream:3 tbsp milk,3 eggs,0,5 St sugar,3 tablespoons flour,100 grams of oil. Flavors: cappuccino coffee (1-2 tea bags), chocolate liqueur 3-4 tablespoons ,apricot jam 3 spoons, lemon juice 3 St spoons ,boiled condensed milk 3-4 […]

Homemade cured meats.

  Ingredients: 1 kg of meat 40 gr. — sea salt 30 gr. — the sahara 4 gr. — ground coffee 10 gr. — large ground black pepper 10 gr. — juniper berries, smash (**) 5-6 PCs-Bay leaves

Chicken legs in batter

Chicken legs are one of the most delicate, mouth-watering and delicious chicken pieces and it is not surprising that this part has always been fought with the family or among guests .. Chicken legs are well absorbed by the body if, of course, they are removed from the skin first. In general, there is a […]

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