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Prepare Nutella at home

  Ingredients: Chicken eggs — 2 PCs. Sugar — 3 cups Cocoa — 2 tbsp Flour — 4 tbsp


Burrito (a diminutive of Spanish burro is donkey, «donkey») is a Mexican dish consisting of soft flour tortillas (tortillas), which is wrapped in a variety of filling, for example, beef, refried beans, rice, tomatoes, avocado or cheese. At will of the dish is also added lettuce, sour cream and salsa-based chili. Unlike Tahiti, burritos served […]

Double layer cheesecake with jelly coated in chocolate

  Ingredients: For the basics: — chocolate chip cookies (2 packs) — 3 tablespoons butter, melted — 2 tablespoons of sugar — pinch of salt For the filling: — 1 kg 150 g cream cheese, room temperature — 1 1/2 Cup sugar — 3/4 Cup sour cream — 5 eggs — 2 egg yolks — […]

Recipe delicious cheesecake 3 ingredients

  Ingredients: Eggs — 3 PCs. White chocolate — 120 g Cream cheese — 120 g Preparation: 1. Separate the yolk and white. Cover the bowl with egg whites with plastic wrap and refrigerate. 2. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees. 3. Put the chocolate in a bowl in a water bath to melt. 4. […]

Lean fluffy pancakes.

These pancakes are good not only in the post. For me, this recipe all other Browns walked away to another plan, and the family all the time asking to bake such pancakes. And all because pancakes always turn out! Regardless of mood, plate, ingredients different manufacturers – still the pancakes are very lush, delicious and […]

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