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  INGREDIENTS SPONGE: 10 eggs 300 g sugar 250 g flour 50 g cocoa 100 g butter 1/2 teaspoon baking powder CREAM: 300 g boiled condensed milk

Portion beef in mayonnaise sauce with mushrooms, baked in foil

  Beef is traditionally baked not only in a large piece, but also in portions. We offer you to try our version of this dish. By the way, mayonnaise also helps the meat to become softer. Ingredients (for 4 servings): Beef-4 steaks (2 cm thick), Onions (large) – 1 PC., Marinated mushrooms-3-5 PCs. (depending on […]

cherry jam

Ingredients for 4 jars of jam 300 ml and 1 liter of syrup: cherry 2.5 pounds sugar 2.2 kilograms pectin 20 grams Cooking recipe: From cherries take out pits. I have after this procedure turned out 2.2 kg of pure berries. Add half the norm of sugar. Stir and put on fire. Bring to a […]

Cake with sparkling wine and Turkish delight

  Today I offer you a delicious simple cake for your beloved family: for cake 20-22 cm 2 tbsp flour 1.5 h / l baking powder pinch of salt 200 g SL oil 1 tbsp sugar 4 eggs 1 St champagne 1 h / l vanilla extract for the cream: 200 g SL oil 1 […]


This roll is delicious due to the fact that the filling contains a large number of ripe berries. Ingredients: Flour — 3 tablespoons. Starch — 3 tablespoons. Egg — 5 PCs. Sugar-1/2 Cup Vanilla sugar-1 tsp Baking powder-1 tsp . Berry jam-1/2 Cup Cream-2 cups Sugar — 2 tablespoons.

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