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Stuffed Chicken Thigh

This is an excellent simple dish, which can easily cook a tired hostess for a small amount of time. To learn how to do this, read our step-by-step instructions. Cut a chicken drumstick over the joint, then make incisions at the base of the shin, until the bone. Separate the meat from the bone, turn […]

Pilaf with chicken and vegetables

  Within 7 minutes, heat up the microwave in a large bowl with full capacity. Chicken breast roll out the rolling pin, and then cut into cubes with a side of 4 cm. Lubricate the dishes for the microwave oven with butter. Put chicken, lightly press it, then fry without cover at full power for […]

Cherry cake on a crispy basis

  I like cakes based on crumbled cookies — they, of course, can not be considered quick, but they can get rid of fuss with the oven if it’s too hot or the oven is not there. You will need: For the cake: 100 g of bitter chocolate 150 grams of finished chocolate chip cookies […]

Airy mousse cake with strawberries: without baking

  A wonderful mousse cake without baking is one of the most tasty delicacies, which is distinguished by its delicate taste and piquancy. The most delicate sweet without baking, with fresh strawberries is a temptation for gourmets. From such a tasty piece of cake, no one can refuse. Mousse cake is easy to prepare and […]

RICE WITH CHICKEN — You can not think of something tastier.

  Ingredients: — 1 chicken per 1.5 kg (8 thighs) — 1 medium onion — 1 carrot — 1 sweet red pepper — 100 g of green peas (can be frozen) — 500 g of long grain rice — 100 ml of white dry wine

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