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Chocolate cake without baking

  Ingredients: For the basics: * shortbread cookies-400 g * walnuts-150 g * butter-100 g For the cream: * walnuts-200 g * mineral water -1/3 cups * butter-80 g * chocolate-100 g * honey-50 g for feeding:

Strawberry biscuit roll in 30 minutes

  Ingredients: Eggs — 4 PCs. Wheat flour — 30 g. Corn flour — 10 g. Sugar — 70 g. Pastry cream oily — 120 ml Fresh strawberries-100 g. Preparation:


  Ingredients: Dough: flour-400 g sour cream-200 g butter-200 g salt-0.5 h. l Cream: mascarpone-350 g whole condensed milk-250 g cream 33% — 35%, 350 g vanilla to taste

Apple muffins with cinnamon

  Ingredients: apples-250g, flour-140g, flour (coarse grinding) — 120g, baking powder-2 tsp, cinnamon (powder) — 1.5 tsp, soda (food) — 1/2 tsp., vanilla sugar-1 sachet, walnuts (chopped) — 80g, egg-1 PC — , sugar (yellow) — 150g,

Puffs with vegetables and salmon

  Puff pastry tartlets with fried salmon, onion and tomatoes. Ingredients: fillet of salmon without skin and bones-800 g puff pastry-500 g tomatoes-200 g \ red onion-1 PC — vegetable oil-for frying egg yolk — for brushing salt, pepper-to taste chopped fresh herbs — for decoration

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