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  Ingredients: egg — 1 PC. milk-160 gr. cottage cheese-40 gr. whole wheat flour — 3 tbsp millet flour — 2 tbsp (can be replaced with rice or corn)


  Preparation: Dough: 1.160 ml milk bring to a boil and add poppy seeds. Boil until thick. Cool. 2.Softened butter beat with sugar in a lush mass, until white. 3.Sift together flour, starch, salt and baking powder. 4.Mix the dry mixture, boiled poppy seeds, whipped butter and the remaining milk. 5.Beat egg whites with sugar […]

The best kefir cocktails to improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system and weight loss!

  1. With spices 200 ml of kefir, ground ginger and ground cinnamon and on the tip of a knife, a little more than red pepper. Dilute 2 tbsp. spoons of mineral water and stir. 2. With honey Even if you can’t refuse baking, eat a muffin in the morning with a drink. Mix 1 […]

Cake from 2 types of chocolate

  Ingredients: The foundation: 60 g cookie crumbs 5 tablespoons butter Filling: 375 g cream cheese 3/4 cup sugar

Cake «Winter strawberry» is perfect for the holiday table

It is tasty and light. When the table is full of food, then this dessert is just a find for dessert. It can be prepared with fruits and berries to taste: strawberries, kiwi, peach, apricot, currant …. Surprise your loved ones!) Ingredients for sponge cake: 6 eggs; 300 g of sugar; 6 tbsp. l cocoa; […]

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