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Cranberry roll

Ingredients: For the dough: Flour-500-600 g, Yeast dry — 2 tsp, Sugar-100 g, Butter-100 g, Milk-100 ml, Salt-0.5 tsp, Water-100 ml. For filling: Cranberry-250 g,

Fried shrimp in orange sauce

Ingredients for 2 servings: tails of shrimps in shell, 300 grams butter 60 grams garlic 3 clove a small bunch of parsley 20 grams orange average 1 PC. salt to taste

Quiche with chanterelles

Delicious red foxes with sweet leek on a crispy sand dough-this cake is a great option for a family dinner. Ingredients for the dough: flour-150 g, butter-80 g, salt-1 pinch, water is ice. Ingredients for the filling: chanterelle mushrooms – 600 g, leek (white part) — 2 PCs – , dill – 2-3 sprigs, eggs […]

Burrito with meat filling

  The business card of Mexican cuisine-burritos-has long won the love of gourmets around the world. Variations of fillings for burritos are diverse and are limited only by your imagination. Ingredients: ground beef-500 g, canned beans-1 Bank, tomato sauce-200 g, hard cheese-150 g, onion — 1 PC – , garlic-1-2 cloves, chili pepper (optional) — […]

Quick pasta with mushrooms

Ingredients for 4 servings: bulb average 1 PC. bacon 50 grams forest mushrooms 300 grams mushrooms 300 grams garlic 2 cloves thyme 1/2 tsp flour 2 tsp broth 150 ml. paste 300 grams

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