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Beef rolls — Delicious!

  Very unusual, tasty and fast rolls stuffed with beef main dish is sure to become a solemn feast. These little «fingers» go very busy, so worthy to be appreciated by guests who like the unusual snacks to strong drinks. In the recipe specified capers, if they could not buy, you can substitute chopped olives […]

Pork with apples and cream

  Ingredients for 4-6 servings: pork 700-800 grams large Apple with sourness 2-3 PCs. small onion 1 PC. chicken broth 225 ml. Calvados or brandy 60 ml. fat cream 125 ml. a pinch of dry thyme (or a sprig of fresh) salt & pepper to taste

Veal with pickles and honey

  Ingredients for 4 servings: fillet of veal 800 grams small pickled cucumbers 3-4 PCs. cream 20-30% fat 200 ml. chicken or meat broth (or water) 300 ml. onion, medium 2 PCs. honey 3 tablespoons wheat flour 3 tablespoons

Apricot Panna cotta

  Ingredients for 4 servings: apricots 450 grams gelatin (with slide) 1 tsp fat cream (from 30%) 400 ml. sugar 100 grams sugar for baking apricots 1 tablespoon vanilla pod 1 PC. Amaretto 50 ml. powdered sugar for sprinkling Preparation recipe:

Meat Rolls with bacon — Very tasty and appetizing!

  Meat rolls made of bacon with filling are rich, juicy and deliciously tasty. To implement the recipe will need bacon smoked, it will make the dish more flavorful. As a filling, you can use any suitable products, but do not add fatty components, a very good option will be vegetables, greens, cheese. Ingredients: fillets […]

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