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For dessert: cream with gingerbread

Surprise the guests: serve a sweet creamy cream with gingerbread, nuts and chocolate!For 2 servings: Ingredients gelatin – 8 g yolks – 2 pcs. sugar – 50 g milk – 150 ml cream (fat content 33%) – 400 ml

Chicken baked with lemon and white wine

Cooking Meat Garlic is dismantled for denticles, we do not remove the skins. We crush each tooth with a flat part of the knife. We put onions, garlic and lemon slices to the chicken. Salt and sprinkle with thyme. Mix the wine and put it in a preheated oven to 200 ° C. Recipe Chicken […]

Tasty terrine with vegetables and ham

  Carrots boil, peel and cut into cubes. Eggs to boil and clean. Cut the ham into cubes. Mix in a bowl of carrots, green peas, corn and ham. Gelatin pour broth and allow to swell. Mix cream with a mixer, add sour cream and garlic through the press. Salt and pepper.

Home burger

The recipe for cooking your favorite fast food with a juicy cutlet at home. Ingredients bun – 1 pc. minced meat – 200 g onion – 1/2 pc. olive oil – 2 tbsp. l. tomato and cucumber – 1/2

Cake with apples

Cake with apples – what could be better for breakfast for the whole family on a Sunday day Cooked with this recipe apple pie hits the center of all the taste buds – it’s lush, airy, fragrant. Each piece of such a pie itself asks in the mouth, and it is impossible to resist the […]

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