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Dessert with mascarpone

The recipe for 8 servings. In one portion — 440 kcal. Cooking time — 30 minutes. Ingredients cocoa powder — 2 tbsp. l. white grapes without seeds — 150 g bitter chocolate — 200 g yolks — 2 pcs. of powdered sugar — 80 g cognac — 20 ml

Vareniki with mushrooms

  Prepared mushrooms soak in milk until soft, boil in salted water, drain the broth. Mushrooms finely cut into cubes, mix with finely chopped onions, fried in butter. Knead the medium-density dough, roll the sheet 2 mm and cut into squares of 5 cm. Each lightly grease the loose egg, form vareniki. Boil dumplings, pour […]

Dessert with cream

This dessert with cream fascinates with its beauty and taste. And most pleasantly, that in one portion only 220 kilocalories! Ingredients gelatin in granules — 25 g fresh cranberries — 200 g sugar — 100 g cream (fat content of 33%) — 200-250 ml of powdered sugar — 50 g mint leaves for decoration — […]

Chocolate dessert

  Ingredients bitter chocolate — 200 g egg yolk — 2 pcs. sugar — 70 g cream (30% fat content) — 200 ml Butter — 100 g thick strawberry jam — 150 g a few sprigs of mint — to taste

Chicken in cherry sauce

Mix jam, sliced cherries, butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Heat on low heat to make the mixture homogeneous. Grate the mixture with chicken. Bake in oven at 110 ° C for 2 hours. Author’s cuisine Preparation time 10 Cooking time 15 Difficulty Easy Number of portions

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