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Roast with mushrooms

  Ingredients (3-4 servings): Potatoes (medium) — 6 PCs – , Onions (large) — 2 PCs – , Fresh mushrooms (champignons, honey mushrooms or oyster mushrooms) – 0.5 kg, Dill-0.5 beam, Salt, ground black pepper-to taste, Vegetable oil for frying-to taste. Preparation:

Roast pork with apples

  Ingredients: pork (flesh) — 1 kg, potatoes-1 kg, carrots-2-3 PCs – , onions – 2 PCs., green apples (sour varieties) – 3-4 pieces., garlic-3-4 cloves, Bay leaf-2-3 PCs – , allspice — 1 teaspoon, vegetable oil for frying,

Chocolate cake on kefir

  We recommend this recipe for fans of chocolate cakes. We will need: kefir-250 ml, flour-450-500 g, eggs — 3 PCs – , butter-100 g, sugar-200 g, cocoa powder — 3 tablespoons, baking powder — 2 tsp. How to cook:

Hot sandwich with cheese, tomatoes and ham

  We will need: a loaf of white bread – 1 PCs., cheese-250 g, tomato-1-2 PCs – , ham-200 g, salt and pepper to taste, butter. How to cook:

Summer strawberry cake

  We will need: For a biscuit: Wheat flour-130-150 g, Eggs – 4 PCs., Sugar-150 g, Baking powder-1 tsp, Salt-1 pinch. For the syrup:

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