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Hot sandwich with cheese, tomatoes and ham

  We will need: a loaf of white bread – 1 PCs., cheese-250 g, tomato-1-2 PCs – , ham-200 g, salt and pepper to taste, butter. How to cook:

Summer strawberry cake

  We will need: For a biscuit: Wheat flour-130-150 g, Eggs – 4 PCs., Sugar-150 g, Baking powder-1 tsp, Salt-1 pinch. For the syrup:

Secrets of souffle making

  For the soufflé, it is better to use single serve ramekins. Grease each mold with oil and sprinkle with sugar, and then lay the dough. Well beat the proteins, it is better to do it with a mixer. Ready proteins should be kept on the Corolla and not drain from it.

Tarte Tatin with quince

  If you got not very soft quince fruits, be sure to boil them in sugar syrup. If the quince is soft, this stage can be skipped. Main ingredients: puff pastry-1 pack, quince-3-4 pieces – , sugar – 100 g. Ingredients for the syrup: sugar-100 g, water-250 ml, cinnamon-1-2 sticks.

Spicy beef stew

Ingredients for 6-8 servings: beef 800 grams large bulb 1 PC. garlic 1 clove chicken or meat broth (or water) 500 ml. tomatoes in own juice 400 grams canned jalapeno chillies (or a couple of small pods of fresh hot pepper) 100 grams wheat flour 1 tablespoon salt to taste

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