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Beef burgundy with pearl onion

  Boeuf bourguignon You can get by with dry herbs. Someone filters the marinade, believing that herbs and vegetables have already given all their taste to wine and meat and thereby “pollute” the sauce. Someone filters, separately fries vegetables and adds to the sauce, and someone “flambers” the marinade to get rid of alcohol. A […]

Quick on yogurt cake with chocolate

Ingredients: Flour – 3 tbsp. Kefir – 300 ml Eggs – 3 pcs. Butter – 100 g Sugar – 1 tbsp.

Pizza, which can be everything.

Ingredients: -kletchatka 2 tbsp .; -belok eggs 3 pcs .; -kurinoe fillets 70 gr .; -tomaty 2-3sht cherry .; -ostalnaya stuffing at will; -hydrochloric and spices to taste. Preparation: 1.Smeshat egg protein, and a tablespoon of fat, fry without oil on Teflon.

Trout with mushrooms

Trout fillet: 8 pieces. Mushrooms: 500 grams. Flour: 4 tbsp. spoon. Butter: 150 grams. Garlic: 3 cloves. Dry white wine: half a glass.

Cake Tropikanka – Delicious!

– Ingredients: the dough: 1 cup water 150 gr. margarine 0.5 tsp salt 2 cups flour 6 eggs. Cream: 1 liter of milk 1 cup sugar (I have 250 grams) 1 egg

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