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Pilaf Shadi-Beksky

  INGREDIENTS: ● 800 g of rice ● 800 g of meat ● 800 g carrots ● 250 g of quince ● 300 g of fat or oil ● 150 g of onion ● salt, spices — to taste PREPARATION:

Stuffed vegetables

Who does not like stuffed peppers or zucchini. These dishes are known and loved in all the cuisines of the world. However, vegetables and minced meat can endlessly change, but the result is always happy. The easiest way is to cook stuffed vegetables in the ripening season, when there are so many of them, that […]

Apple cake with cream and white wine

home cake 8 servings For the test: 280 g of flour 2 tsp. cocoa powder 150 g of sugar 1 tsp. baking powder 1 bag of chocolate pudding mix

Coffee cake

homemade cake step by step For 8 servings: 70 g of peeled walnuts 50 g of peeled almonds 4 eggs 200 g of sugar 40 ml of orange juice 4 tsp. instant coffee 2 tsp. baking powder 150 g of flour 200 g of butter 2 tbsp. l. cream (20% fat content) 300 g curd […]

Chocolate banana cake

cake at home For 8 servings: 3 small bananas 200 g of coconut chips 210 g of butter 250 g of sugar 7 eggs juice and grated rind of 1 lemon

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