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Omelet with vegetables and shrimps

Omelet with vegetables and shrimps 120 kcal per 100g (b8 g8 y4) Composition: ✦ Bulb onion — 2 pcs ✦ Bulgarian pepper — 1 pc ✦ Tomatoes — 2 pcs ✦ Cooked and frozen shrimps — 200g ✦ Dill ✦ Green onions ✦ Olive oil — for frying

Chocolate meringue cake «Winter mood»

Delicate chocolate sponge cake is nicely combined with a cloud-like air glaze. Perhaps the recipe is not so simple to perform, but the result definitely overcomes these difficulties. Ingredients to the recipe: Cake 3 eggs 1.5 tbsp. sugar plus 1 tbsp. l 2 and 1/4 tbsp. flour of the highest grade 1/4 tsp. baking powder […]

Tsielavinya cake — meringue with hazelnuts and chocolate cream

Ingredients: Egg whites 300 g Sugar 3 tbsp. Potato or corn starch 150-200 g Peeled Hazelnuts FOR CHOCOLATE CREAM: 400 ml Cream 200 g Dark Chocolate 200 g Milk Chocolate FOR DECORATION: 50 g Dark Chocolate

Delicious cottage cheese cake with nuts and condensed milk

THE FOUNDATION: 125 g butter 300 g flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 egg 4 tbsp. Sahara 2 tablespoons cocoa powder


  I bring to your attention a recipe for a delicious cake-parfait from the famous Greek confectioner Stelios Parlyaros. Preparing is very simple, all products are available, and fun — the sea! egg white (about 6 eggs) — 200 gr. sugar (200 for meringue + 210 for parfait) — 410 gr. powdered sugar (sift!) — […]

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