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Biryani with vegetables (Diet foods)

This recipe of vegetable biryani is suitable for fasting and vegetarians. Ingredients: basmati rice-300 g, onion — 1 PC – , garlic-3-4 cloves, carrots — 1 PC – , broccoli-100 g, cauliflower-100 g, green beans-100 g, chili pepper (optional) — 1 PC – , cinnamon-1 stick, carnation-5-6 PCs – , Bay leaf-1 PC – ,

Lamb with quince

  Quince is a good Supplement to meat dishes. It can be baked or stewed with meat, and then served as a side dish. Ingredients: lamb leg — 1 PC – , garlic-5-6 cloves, quince-2-3 PCs – , vegetable oil-3 tablespoons, rosemary-3-4 sprigs, salt and pepper to taste. How to cook lamb with quince:

Salad with boiled pork and fried vegetables

  Ingredients for 4 servings: Salad baked ham or roast beef 250 grams sun-dried tomatoes 50 grams of sweet pepper, large 1 piece zucchini 1 piece medium salad mix 200 grams Refills soy sauce 50 ml balsamic vinegar 25 ml vegetable oil 40 ml icing sugar 25 grams roasted hazelnuts 50 grams garlic 1 clove […]

Fish salad, feijoa and avocado

Very tasty and healthy salad for healthy diet fans. Ingredients: fish fillet (cod, haddock) — 500 g, feijoa – 3-4 pieces., avocado — 1 PC – , lettuce leaves – 3-4 pieces., lemon juice-1 teaspoon, salt and pepper to taste, olive oil for refueling. How to prepare salad with feijoa:

Pork tenderloin stuffed with dried apricots

  Ingredients for 4 servings: pork tenderloin (about 350 g each) 2 PCs. onion medium-1 PC. dried apricots 100 grams apricot jam 2 tbsp salt and ground black pepper to taste

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