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Layered baskets for breakfast

The recipe for the original baking for breakfast for the whole family. 10 pieces Ingredients puff yeast dough — 400 g quail eggs — 1 pc. boiled sausage — 70 g smoked sausage — 70 g

Puff pastry: a classic recipe and dishes from it

The recipe for puff pastry for sweet and salty baking. Puff pastry: a classic recipe and dishes from it This dough is considered almost the top of the confectionery art. But if you cook it according to all the rules, then it will certainly turn out — so much so that the purchase with it […]

Hamburger with grilled chicken and cheese

We cook a homemade hamburger with chopped chopped beef. 4 servings Ingredients bulb — 1 pc. garlic — 1 clove chopped beef — 600 g large tomato — 1 pc. buns for hamburgers — 4 pcs. tomato sauce — 4 tbsp. l. lettuce — 4 leaves

Chocolate Pancakes

For 4 persons It will take: 80 g of bitter chocolate 50 g of butter 150 g of flour 1 tbsp. l. cocoa powder a pinch of salt 5 tbsp. l. powdered sugar

Pancakes on the starch

Unusual pancakes on the starch — it’s so simple and insanely delicious! When I tried them, I was amazed. They are very thin, soft, but not torn in the hands. They are obtained in a special delicious and unique. Such a pancake wants to take more and more. If you are still in search of […]

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