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Rolls with pepper and mozzarella

Such an informal snack is worthy of taking place even at the festive table. 4 servings Ingredients dried tomatoes — 50 g strong tomato — 1 pc. mozzarella — 125 g a pod of green sweet pepper — 1 pc. hard cheese — 170 g Pork meat in one piece — 600 g Dried oregano […]

Puffs with egg, ham and cheese

  Ingredients (for 2 PCs.)): Puff pastry — 1 sheet Hard cheese-50 g Ham-50 g A few olives Eggs — 2 PCs. A couple of sprigs of parsley Salt, pepper Preparation:

Pizza with basil and tomatoes

The recipe for cooking original Italian style pizza. For 6 servings: Ingredients For the test: water — 120 ml dry yeast — 3 g sugar — 1 tsp. olive oil — 1 tbsp. l. flour — 200 g

Muffins with movies — original snack

The recipe for an original snack For 4 servings: Ingredients movies — 190 g peeled walnuts — 50 g corn croup — 160 g corn flour — 30 g baking powder — 1 tsp.

Recipe for Sunday breakfast: Greek omelet with feta cheese

Fans of Greek cuisine, and in particular — the famous vegetable salad, a new recipe for Sunday breakfast — especially for you! The chef of the restaurant Molon Lave suggests taking as a basis the simplest morning product — eggs — and combining it with your favorite Greek ingredients — tofu cheese and tomatoes. Ingredients […]

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