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  Ingredients: * herring — 1 PC . * onion-1 PC • * lemon-1/3 PCs . * carrots — 1 PC . * salt-1 tsp • sugar — 6 tsp. * black pepper peas-6 PCs . * Bay leaf select-3 leaves

Fruit water is incredibly refreshing + delicious!

You can mix and match natural herbs(currant leaves, mint, tarragon) to make a variety of delicious combinations.🌱 🍉For example, these combinations: * orange + cinnamon * watermelon + rosemary * blueberries + mint * strawberry + lemon Hello! I — blogger, love of God and people. Food — it is certainly good and well, but […]

11 dietary fillings for pita bread roll or rice paper.

  1. Packing crab sticks, a couple of cloves of garlic, boiled egg, grated low-fat cheese, herbs, sour cream . 2. A pack of cottage cheese, salt, herbs, a couple of cloves of garlic, grated cheese, pieces of pickle. 3. Red fish pieces,fresh cucumber,greens,cream cheese (low-fat)! 4. Adyghe cheese, crumbled hands, Korean carrots, sour cream […]

Fat-burning cocktails.

Recipe No. 1 A light cocktail with mint and lemon will be the perfect start of the day. Cheer up, energize and help in getting rid of extra inches. Kiwi-1 piece Lemon-2 pieces Mint-7 sprigs Parsley — 7 branches Water-100 milliliters Honey — to taste and desire 1. Kiwi clean and cut into small pieces. […]

Cauliflower Casserole

The recipe for cooking a light vegetable casserole. Cauliflower Casserole 4 servings Ingredients cauliflower — 500 g broccoli — 500 g bulb — 1 pc. garlic — 1 clove

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