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Purple smoothies from Fergie Duhamel

  A magnificent cocktail, invented by American singer and designer Fergie, has a lot of positive qualities. Thanks to the compound, smoothies are filled with the necessary antioxidants, fiber and protein. After this cocktail, there will be no feeling of hunger, as it is quite satisfying. They can easily replace any meal at their discretion. […]

Smoothies from celebrities. Smoothies from Hilary Baldwin

  Smoothies are delicious and delicious cocktails for weight loss and body cleansing! Historically, useful foods are not always tasty, and not every woman will honestly eat the products so necessary for her health and beauty day after day if the taste buds are unanimous. It is for such cases and come up with smoothies […]

Fasting day

  diet Periodically, the body needs rest, not only from physical activities, work, environment, but also from food. Why do I need a day off? Even with the healthiest way of life, people often eat «something wrong», and if the regime of the day and the correctness of food intake are not observed, the organism […]

Soup with Brussels sprouts (weight loss)

The recipe for cooking light soup from vegetables. Ingredients leek carrots — 2 pcs. potatoes — 2 tubers vegetable oil — 2 tbsp. l. chicken broth — 1,5 l frozen Brussels sprouts — 300 g

Oatmeal with fruit (weight loss)

Instead of honey, you can use a sugar substitute or simply not add anything. Fruits will provide the necessary sweetness. Ingredients oat flakes — 160 g brewed mint tea 750 ml liquid honey — 2 tbsp. l. apple — 1 pc. plum or nectarine — 1 pc. banana — 1 pc. grapes — 50 g […]

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