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30 Stylish Home Office Desk Chairs: From Casual To Ergonomic

Tired of chunky and often downright hideous chairs for the office? There’s no need to compromise on aesthetics when you’ve got a list like ours. These thirty stylish office chairs bring elegance to your home or workplace – with a few ergonomic benefits up their sleeves. Match a white and bright work interior with a swivel chair in white leather, propped up on rose gold. Create a beautiful wooden cubby seat, in one smooth panel that has no need for nails. Be futuristic, with an ergonomic chair featuring mesh, tilt recliners and roller wheels. Update your office in fine form, with our top thirty picks for comfortable and contemporary office chairs.

$560BUY IT

About A Chair Upholstered With Wood Base: Let beech wood legs and curved polypropylene hold your form. These elegant, cloth-covered cubby chairs can work in the lounge, dining room or office, and are available in four colours. Change the legs to black-stained oak to match a darker interior.

$530BUY IT

About A Chair (Swivel Option): After a swivelling option? This swinging incarnation from the About A Chair series features a cast aluminium base and powder-coated finish. Add comfort with a cushion fixed to its black or white seat, or check out About A Chair’s other options to select your own twist.

$90 for 2BUY IT

Eames-Style Molded Plastic Chair: Looking for two? This twin set of Eames replica chairs come with moulded polypropylene seats and dowel wooden legs, in two ensembles you can set up easily. Protect your floor with their plastic protectors, and stand them up behind the desk to see their Eiffel supports. Choose from eight colour ways to complement your home office.

$827BUY IT

Eames Plastic Armchair PACC: Love the sound of rolling wheels over hardwood? This Eames-style chair, modelled after the first industrially-produced chair in the world, is made for hard floors. Buy its black or white version, with a handy height adjustment underneath.

$114BUY IT

Tulip-Style Chair: Dare to be different with your office chair. This futuristic white pod with aluminium base is sure to make a splash in the office, with its ABS plastic seat and 17 cushion colour options.

$300BUY IT

Kartell Masters-Style Chair: This golden dream of an office chair is not just a pretty face. Winner of the 2015 Gold Dot and 2010 Good Design Awards, its designers Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet fused three chair functions to create its form. Stackable, outdoor-friendly and boasting a range of five colours, it’ll be a unique addition to any home or office.


Casper-Style Home Office Chair: Casper chairs are timeless. Use this clear, injection-moulded version for your office, or choose from nine other colours for bolder interiors.


Panton S-Style Chair: There’s nothing more eye-catching than a one-piece chair. Surprise and delight your workplace while sitting on its ABS-constructed, white, black, red or blue form. Its ergonomic shape helps you sit straighter, too.


Trattoria Arm Chair: Looking for an office chair to match your industrial home decor? This electric-plated metal find doesn’t mark the floor and requires minimal assembly time. Stack its commercial-grade form under an industrial desk, or below our pictured star-stencil clock.

$720BUY IT

Flow Chair: Jean Marie Massaud’s combo of a polyurethane shell and natural, bleached or brown oak legs adds a stylish addition to your home office. Look out for its hidden swivel, reduced height and inner upholstery options, which offer a comfortable place to view tiny shelf satellites in your space decor office.

$559BUY IT

Muuto Cover Chair: Your choice of lacquered ash or oak veneer twists to form this contemporary chair – without using metal parts. Copenhagen designer Thomas Bentzen spent three years in its construction, now offered for sale in five matte shades.

$299BUY IT

Muuto Visu Sled Base Chair: Another design by Danish brand Muuto, this sled base chair has inspired many similar looks since. Colour its oak veneer seat and stainless steel legs in four muted hues, for a timeless addition to the bedroom, dining room or office.

$610BUY IT

Nelson Swag Leg Arm Chair: First conceived in 1958, George Nelson’s famous chair was built with Charles and Ray Eames’ plastic patents. Now made of recyclable polypropylene, this white version offers an American-made seat with air circulation and armrests.

$112BUY IT

Serta Valetta Upholstered Home Office Chair: Want a higher level of comfort, with a handy swivel function? These beautifully-upholstered finds use memory foam cushioning, finishing their stainless steel legs with chrome. Adjust the height underneath for a perfect working accessory.


Colorful Desk Chairs: After something cheap and cheerful for the kids? Made in bright pink, blue, purple or green, these simple ergonomic designs allow breathability through their backs, swivels in their roller stands, and height adjustment underneath.

$127BUY IT

Baxton Elia Clear Acrylic Swivel Office Chair: Get pure sophistication atop your swivel. This undulating clear acrylic piece sits upon height-adjustable steel, for a contemporary design to suit any interior.

$695BUY IT

Muuto Swivel Base Fiber Armchair: Think of the environment when buying your next office chair. Made of completely recyclable plastic and wooden fibres, designer duo Iksos-Berlin sought a clear shape incorporating a back, seat and armrests all in one. Choose from nine colour combination options.

$149BUY IT

Curved Wooden Home Office Chair: After something in natural wood? This chrome steel creation features a height adjustment lever and six wheels, to roll you quickly to the filing cabinets.

$805BUY IT

Kartell Spoon Desk Chair: Design and comfort meet in the middle, with this specially-made office chair. Mimicking the shape of a spoon, this 2007 Good Design Award winner features roller wheels, a height-adjustment handle, and specifically-labelled recyclable materials.

$498BUY IT

Meelano M347 White & Rose Gold Leather Office Chair: Want a dose of pure office luxury? This Italian, soft, white leather dream snakes rose gold armrests around its sides and back, leading down to an adjustment handle and five easy-to-move wheels.

$124BUY IT

Stylish Black & Brown Mesh Desk Chair: Ergonomic enthusiasts will enjoy this vinyl office chair with breathable mesh back. Its sponge seating, tension-controlled tilter and flip-up arms are paired with ultra-handy height adjustment levers and wheels.

$345BUY IT

Eames-Style Group Management Chair: Combine style and function in premium Italian leather. Available in five hues on a polished aluminium frame, it features tilt locks and tensioning, a 360-degree swivel and adjustable height levers – with modern office savvy.

$523BUY IT

Eames-Style Group Executive Chair: Take your chair comfort up a level. The Executive version features a full-length, leather-upholstered back, an aluminium frame and added durability – with the Management style’s ergonomic benefits.

$150BUY IT

Langria Mid-Back Mesh Chair: Add a splash of colour to your work or home office. This white and lime sensation lines mesh up its back, pads its seat with cotton, props your neck up on a headrest, and lets you swivel, height-adjust and roll with abandon. Choose from three colours.

$202BUY IT

Merax Reclining Desk Chair With Extendable Foot Rest: Get a sneaky snooze in between meetings. Leather-upholstered and meeting ANSI and BIFMA ergonomic standards, this chair reclines to be almost horizontal. Padded armrests, a slide-out footrest and wheels make this chair the perfect fit for the office addict.

$499BUY IT

Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair: Combine a futuristic look with top-of-the-line functionality. This triangular mesh-backed chair, available in black or white, offers the perfect back support – with a 12-year warranty.

$1,059BUY IT

Herman Miller Mirra 2: Need more chair features? Another from the Herman Miller range, this turquoise seat offers a tilting back, adjustable arms and seat, and lower back support.

$1,218BUY IT

Herman Miller Aeron Chair: What does almost two hundred dollars extra afford from Herman Miller? Specialised ergonomics for those between 5”3 and 6”6 inches tall, back support across eight zones of tension, and individual pads creating a perfect S curve for your working spine.

$1,469BUY IT

Herman Miller Embody Chair: The absolute top of the range, the Embody chair stimulates blood and oxygen flow, reduces spine compression and keeps you cool – no matter how long you sit.

$1,031BUY IT

Steelcase Gesture Chair: If we are to recommend one from this super ergonomic lot it would be the Steelcase Gesture chair which even one ups the Herman Miller chairs in terms of customisability. Even the angle of the arm rests can be controlled precisely.

Watch a video on the features of the Steelcase Gesture here.

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How to Pull Off Mixed Metals Like A Pro (Trust Us, It Can Work!)

Mixing metals is possible.

Don’t believe the rumors. It’s absolutely possible to mix metals. Image: Casey & Fox

Shop this look: Chairs | Pendants | Art

In the design world, it’s long been said that mixing metals is like trying to get oil and water to come together — it just won’t work. For years, we’ve been told we need to pick one metal and stick to it. However, we’re here to shake things up. As far as we’re concerned mixing metals is not only acceptable, it’s a thing of beauty.

That is, if you do it the right way. There are a couple of rules you need to follow to make this look work, but don’t worry, we’re here to show you how to pull it off like a pro. If you’re ready to push some boundaries with your interiors, read on. Before you know it, mixed metals will be a design staple.

Choose a dominant metal.

Pick one metal to be dominant in the design. Image: Lindye Galloway Design

Shop a similar look: Sconces | Fixtures | Mirrors

Choose a dominant metal

When planning your design, it can be helpful to think about metals in much the same way as you would the color scheme. While each metal you choose to incorporate will play an important role in the overall look, you should focus on one to take a dominant role over the others.

As for which type of metal to choose, the style you’re aiming to achieve may help you narrow your options. Those who favor more contemporary designs should focus on using stainless steels. Those who want to create a truly modern space should opt for chrome fixtures or an on-trend polished copper. For Tuscan and farmhouse styles, brass is a classic choice.

Once you have your dominant pick in mind, think about which metals will take an accent role. Again, you’ll treat these similarly to how you would an accent color. Focus on small ways to incorporate them throughout the space to add pops of visual interest.

Match the finishes.

Choose matching finishes to tie the metals together. Image: Fresh Photo House

Shop a similar look: Bar Stools | Art | Benches

Match your finishes

Whenever you’re trying to incorporate two distinct looks in the same room, it’s critical to find some common threads to tie them together. Similarly to how you use the same print or shade in a few different applications throughout a design, when you’re playing around with mixed metals, focus on a singular finish to help create a unified look.

First, you’ll need to understand what we mean by the finish. You’ll likely have three distinct options to choose from:

  • Polished: Smooth, shiny finish
  • Brushed or satin: Darker, more subdued look than a polish. They will cause your fixtures to blend into the background rather than stand out.
  • Oiled: An even darker, more antique look

Ultimately, the finish you choose should fit in well with the style you’re trying to emulate. Modern looks usually opt for a polished look, contemporary looks lean on brushed finishes, and traditional rooms favor the oiled option.

Include a coordinating element.

Consider including a single element that includes multiple metals to marry your look. Image: 2 Lovely Gays

Shop a similar look: Art | Console | Lamp

Include a coordinating element

Honestly, this piece of advice is so on-the-nose that it’s easy to overlook, but it’s truly effective, so we think it bears repeating. If you’re trying to bring together two opposing metals, consider taking that thought literally and finding a single, marrying piece that includes both of them.

It’s unlikely you’ll find your coordinating piece in something like a fixture for your bathroom sink or drawer pulls for your kitchen cabinets, so if you want to go this route, look toward accessories that showcase both metals. For example, you could look for wall art or even a simple décor item.

One thing to note is that you’ll want to make sure the marrying element you choose is similar in tone to the finish on your metals so that they don’t end up accidentally clashing.

Make mixed metals a statement piece.

Use mixed metals to play up a statement piece. Image: MEERO

Shop a similar look: Chairs | Side Chair| Mirror

Highlight a statement piece

Depending on your vision for the design, sometimes the goal will be to have the metals tie together and sometimes you’ll want them to stand out. In the second scenario, you can use an opposing metal as a way to highlight a statement piece and have it become the focal point of the room.

In this case, rather than using the accent metal in a few places across the room, you only want to use it once. Make sure the statement piece is big and bold, much like the mirror in the picture above. It needs to be clear that the distinct metal was an intentional decision.

Here, you may also want to experiment with different color temperatures. Metals like gold and copper have warm tones while silver and chrome come off as cool. Choosing one of each for your design will give you the strongest contrast and help draw attention to your statement element.

Use or tips to successfully mix metals.

Use our tips to successfully mix metals in your home. Image: Jim Schmid Photography

Shop a similar look: Pendant | Basket | Faucet

It has long been said that mixing metals doesn’t work, but we all know that some design rules are made to be broken. This is one of them. You just need to know how to do it the right way. If you’re interested in breaking out of the ordinary with your design, keep these tips in mind. Use them to learn how to mix metals like a pro and you’ll end up with a design that is beautifully unique.

What do you think of mixed metals? Will you be incorporating them into your décor? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Black Acrylic, Glass and Stone Form This Dark and Sophisticated Apartment Interior

Love the natural look, but crave the fine, polished aesthetic of an inner-city apartment? My, have we got an interior for you. This dark and dreamy interior combines rough rocks with polished wood, black slats and high-sheen acrylic, as designed by One Work and photographed by Hey!Cheese Photography. Watch TV against a rock face, looking out to city views. Show guests to a dining table through black slats, lit by state-of-the-art idea lamps. Make your office LED-lit, wooden-slatted and marble-topped. Take a style trip to a darker vision, with our latest modern apartment tour where wood, stone and black reign king.

Using wooden panels above, stone tiles below and roughshod rocks to the side, our first view of the lounge is eclectic. Cold tones in a grey suede six-seater, shagpile rug and textured wallpaper mix with a warmer wooden ceiling, under-rafter LEDs and small bursts of coloured cushions. Looking past the cabinetry’s black acrylic, the scene separates into grey and white with a city view, or darker and more mysterious in the office beckoning beyond.

Making a half-turn, we find the lounge’s focal piece: the roughshod brick wall. Tying into the black theme with a flat-screen TV, its rustic exterior juxtaposes nicely with the living room’s other polished, high-sheen furnishings. A quick bounce off the wall reveals a wide city view, lit like a Christmas tree during day or night.

Step into the corridor, and a puzzle of black and wooden slats awaits. Across grey tiles and polished wooden floors, black push-doors become a slatted feature, opening up the dining room as an artistic wall piece. Framed both horizontally and vertically by gleaming wooden panels, the look piques interest in the rooms surrounding the corridor’s small space. A classic black bookcase with a Japanese, no-borders twist completes the scene, as mirrored-door cabinets beside and beneath increase the space and feeling of sophistication.

In the dining room, Drop Top Pendant Lights burn their coils over the table. Book-ended by a smooth bench in stone, these dining room pendant lights illuminate a solid wooden table and unique linen chairs, a hint of the bright in this mostly-dark interior. Looking to a pot plant on one end, a chrome fridge on the other, this space lets cooking and dining merge seamlessly – with a background TV left to entertain guests.

By combining many differing materials, the interior lets each space create its own character. At the corridor’s corner, high, glossy panels of black acrylic hide necessities and add modern polish. To its right, a whiter, brighter room is made possible using concrete walls, grey stone floors and a tree-bearing planter. In the office behind, LED-lit wooden panels create a relaxing vibe, matched by a bench in marble. An array of opening and shutting black compartments open and close off the dining room, a seductive space set on a polished wood floor.

As black, elongated doors turn to the side, the office’s LED-lit marble reminds we are walking in luxury. Drawn by the glow of a table lamp on the desk’s edge, our footsteps lead us past two woven ottomans and into a network of wooden slats, showcased in a feature wall and Venetian blinds. A turn behind reveals the central desk, a simple L-shape mirrored by drawers around its form. Joined by the dining room’s black cabinets and a timber ceiling platform, it links to the surrounding rooms through wooden slats, polished floors and hints of black stencilling. A back-mirrored door offers self-contemplation, while an Eames Bird replica on the bookshelf behind harks to a leaning mirror.

The main hallways show off the decor’s star ingredients. Large swathes of wood, in differing shades, line the ceiling’s unconventional rafters and pillars. Feature walls of wooden slats impress when illuminated, quickly turning to black when the lights go off. Veined stone tiles add natural sophistication, in classy yet unassuming grey. Glass doors and high-shine chrome make this game of smoke and mirrors part of the allure.

The bedroom takes on an aura of its own, in bolder colours and softer materials. Using the dining room’s polished floorboards, it makes a splash in a teal armchair and matching bedspread. High, linen-upholstered panels hark back to the grey of the living room, while a strip of mirror elongates the space without making a fuss. Unique bedside lamps offer orbs of light, this time through a Flos IC T1 Style l table lamp, a final punctuation to the room’s design.

The real treasure of the bedroom is the walk-in wardrobe, a sophisticated surprise next to its humbler neighbour. Opening up beside the teal comfortable reading chair and pumpkin orange throw, its black walls, LED-lit closets and striking mirrors remind of the majesty of the corridors. Matched by an array of polished woods, its many hangers and hide-away drawers make a feature of the best clothes, while hiding away the rest.

The ensuite appears light and bright – in grey. Using the corridor’s stone floors and stretching them up the walls’ full length, the space appears contemporary and clean. LED lights from beneath white ceiling shafts add drama, while glass doors keep the space open. Rounded white porcelain and chrome fixtures form the necessities.

A peek into the next bathroom reveals a slight twist. Opened up by a wooden door, it reveals a same-shade wooden cabinet, textured tiles, and a dazzling array of lights and mirrors. An oval-shaped toilet keeps company on the right; two small, rounded vases the space on the left.

Our final bathroom edges on the flashy, ultra-modern décor this apartment is famed for. Criss-crossed in an array of juxtaposed, natural vein tiles, its entrance and walls are a glossy black reminiscent of the dining room. Brilliant chrome makes mirrors on either side of the basin, while stone creates a cavity for a standing sink.

Leading out of the bathroom finds your eye in the corridor, with a view to the city – a perfect place for an end-of-tour night cap.

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Defining a Style Series: What Is Shabby Chic Design?

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Shabby chic design is balanced.

Shabby chic is the perfect mix of pulled together and carefree. Image: Ellie Lillstrom Photography

Recreate this look with these similar products: Sofa | Rug | Mirror | Throw Pillow

There’s no question why shabby chic design is so appealing to many. When done right, this style strikes the perfect balance between feeling relaxed and looking pulled together. It puts forth an artistic-yet-elegant vibe, plus gives the designer plenty of freedom to bring their own spin to the table.

However, if you’ve never pulled a room like this together before, it can be a little intimidating. Sometimes it’s difficult to create less-structured spaces that feel more purposeful than messy.

That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled the secrets you need to know to hack the shabby chic aesthetic. Read these tips to learn how to add the necessary structure to your design without sacrificing an ounce of that bohemian feel. Keep them in mind and you’ll be able to pull off this type of look every single time.

Use a neutral background.

A neutral background keeps the focus on your design choices. Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Recreate this look with these similar products: Ottoman | Rug | Throw

Start with a neutral background

Successful interior design projects are all about the give and take. While every element plays an important part in pulling the room together as a whole, some must take a more subdued role to let others shine. Since many shabby chic pieces are bold and colorful, the background for these spaces should remain neutral to balance them out.

For the record, when we say “background,” we’re talking about the structural elements of the room — features such as walls and floors that aren’t part of your personal belongings. Consider painting the walls in lighter neutral shades like white or tan and sticking to simple wooden flooring.

Keep in mind that a neutral background doesn’t have to be boring. Feel free to center your design around architectural elements like a fireplace or built-in shelving. Or consider adding an extra layer of visual interest to the walls through textured paint work.

Distressed furniture adds charm.

Use vintage or distressed furniture to add charm. Image: Bruce Hemming Photography

Recreate this look with these similar products: Armchair | Pendants | Ladder

Focus on distressed or vintage furniture

Most of the time, the “shabby” part of “shabby chic” refers to items that feature a weathered or antique aesthetic. Furniture is a great way to infuse this detail into any room.

As for how to achieve this look, you have plenty of options to choose from. You could browse around for designers that make ready-made pieces with this style or buy an unfinished model and look up a tutorial online on how to re-create it at home. However, those who don’t mind their furniture having a bit of history could also look into vintage options. Check out thrift stores or yard sales to see what unique pieces you can find.

One thing to note here is the furniture you choose should only look distressed. If you’re purchasing some new-to-you pieces to complete your design, make sure they are well put together, have all their necessary parts and feel sturdy. You can always alter how a piece looks, but there’s no point putting your time and money in to something that won’t be functional for very long.

Mix and match accessories.

Mix-and-match accessories help define the shabby chic style. Image: We Are In Our Element

Recreate this look with these similar products: Side Table | Pouf | Throw | Wall Hanging

Mix and match accessories

Now for the fun part. Accessories are where you can truly drive home the room’s bohemian feel. This style of design is all about layering a variety of different accessories — throw rugs, blankets, pillows, wall art and décor items — to create a cozy and casual space.

In this case, mixing and matching is key. Select items that feature various prints, patterns and textures. For those who prefer a more cohesive look, try to limit your color scheme to two or three different hues repeated throughout the space. However, if your style is more eclectic, you can absolutely set your own limit.

When dealing with less-structured styles, it’s important to focus on ensuring that the room doesn’t end up looking cluttered. A good rule of thumb to prevent this is to change your perspective. If you’re ever unsure whether or not a particular item fits well in your design, simply take a few steps back. Doing this will allow you to see the space as a whole and determine whether the item ultimately adds or detracts from your vision.

Include natural elements.

Remember to include natural elements. Image: Touch Interiors

Recreate this look with these similar products: Lights | Planter | Rug

Add in natural elements

Spaces that feature a shabby chic design typically have a bright, light and airy feel to them. One of the easiest ways to drive home that feeling is to bring in some elements from the outdoors. If you have a green thumb, consider incorporating plants or, if you do well with lots of natural light, think about foregoing curtains in favor of simple window treatments that let in plenty of sun.

You could also think about incorporating a variety of natural materials throughout your design. You could use woods in your furniture, try out a bamboo rug or play around with a variety of clay or stone accessories like vases or coasters.

Shabby chic allows creativity.

Shabby chic design allows for creative freedom. Image: Rikki Snyder

Recreate this look with these similar products: Vase | Tablecloth | Bar Stools

When done correctly, shabby chic designs are tantalizing. They can appear so effortlessly stylish. It’s not until you’re behind the scenes you realize how tricky striking that balance really is. If you ever find yourself stuck in a similar situation, we can help. We’ve compiled the best tips on how to pull off shabby chic spaces without breaking a sweat. Read them over and you’ll be an expert on these interiors before you know it.

What do you think of shabby chic spaces? Which styles do you want to see next in our Defining a Style series? Let us know in the comments below.

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Printing Plant Rehabilitation in China Hosts Charming Cultural Venues

Several entrepreneurs in Guizhou Province, China, decided to join efforts to rehabilitate an old printing plant that was built in the 1950s. They challenged the creative team at FON Studio to transform two of the six existing buildings on the plot into unique cultural spaces.

The overall project is known as Town Folktales and so far consists of the rehabilitated Depot A and Depot B, each with its own design personality. These two massive venues serve as spaces for reception, dining, reading and painting.

Depot B consists of a children’s activity space for gatherings, reading and painting. The space is beautifully designed, with arching units creating a playful atmosphere. This venue is meant to trigger imagination and creativity. The simple color palette (in wood grain and white) offers a protective, hospitable experience.

Depot A (photos below) offers a slightly different experience. A massive rectangular door leads visitors into the creative building. The array of textures (glass, brick, wood, cement flooring) makes for an intriguing flow through the intertwined spaces. There are various functional areas, each with its own character. Light is cleverly brought indoors with the help of large windows and skylights. Photography: FON Studio

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