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Design of beautiful houses

In what style you would like to see the execution of the facade of your home (lately, you can see more and more mixing of two or more styles in the framework of the design of one building); construction and finishing materials (in many respects, the choice of building style is dictated by decisions about […]

Fitted Furniture Ideas For The Entire Home

Bespoke flush fitted furniture ideas abound in two urban chic interiors, both designed by INX Design & Guan Pin, using wood grain and monochrome finishes. A modern homeowner can find it an increasing challenge as to where to stow away all of the excess: A multitude of hobby accessories and obligatory working from home equipment […]

Apartment design

Extra storage is created as part of a headboard feature wall.  

Design of children’s bedroom — 1

Designing a children’s bedroom can be very difficult, given the fast pace in which children grow up these days. It’s hard enough to keep up with the endless influx of technology gadgets before looking for ways to keep all these «best best things.»    

Interior Design

Other than the dining pendant lights and a floor reading lamp in the lounge, the rest of the lighting scheme is made up with recessed spotlights to keep the look streamlined.   A desk is situated behind the dining area, seated on a grey rug island. Behind the home study area, a wall has been […]

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