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32 Kids’ Chairs And Stools To Seat Them With Style

When it comes to giving your little ones a pleasant place to park and relax, or to get on with some very important toddler work, there are a million and one options out there. We’ve compiled 32 of what we think are the best. Whether it’s a pony hide kids’ lounge chair or a quirky sheep stool we’ve got it all. Looking for a kids desk chair? Then these bright boys’ chairs, girls’ desks and toddler craft tables should get top marks. In a high-end home then you simply can’t go wrong with these kids’ size Eames chairs, Eero Aarnio and Panton S style creations.


Ikea Mammut Chair: You can grab these in a bunch of colours to suit your little one or their room. The chunky yet lightweight chairs are at home inside and out in the garden. Made from the same harmless plastic material used in baby bottles, food boxes and nappies, they can withstand a downpour of rain or snow and direct sunlight. Dirt easily washes off, making them the perfect option for a kids art table or a place to eat.


Kids’ Size Eames Chair: A fashionable tot needs a designer kids’ chair and this one is instantly recognisable as a replica of the adult model. The smooth molded plastic seat with no pointed corners makes this ideal for toddler use.


Kid’s Panton S Style Chair: Stackable up to 4 high, these might make fashionable additions in a multi-child household. Produced in durable plastic that is lightweight, they’re easy for kids to move around and put away by themselves–anything that saves mum and dad a bit of work is a good thing!


Industrial Style Kids Chair: An industrial style home could have its carefully considered decor muddied by the introduction of clumsily selected plastic pieces. Opt for these stackable steel beauties.


Peyton Kids’ Desk Chair: An unusual kids seat design that can be teamed with a Peyton square table. Combine different colours to make a bright kids activity table set, or a child size desk.

$118BUY IT

Kids’ Table & Chair Set: This toddler table and chair set has the visual charm of a wooden creation but is made from plastic. The neutral colours blend with softer surroundings and garden settings.

$170BUY IT

Kids’ Study Table & Chair: A laminated wood kids’ desk with metal frame in either pink or blue colourways. The chair design is ergonomic for superior lumbar support.

$180BUY IT

Kids’ Height Adjustable Table And Chair: Perfect for growing kids, the height adjustable kids’ desk is suitable from ages 3 to 10. A tilting work surface incorporates a stopper to protect little fingers and the metal plastic body features a pull-out drawer, book stand and hook for hanging up a backpack. A detachable LED lamp with four brightness settings and flexible body for easy adjustment makes another useful addition for homework time.

$511BUY IT

Eero Aarnio Style Kids’ Ball Chair: A cozy nook for the nippers, this polycotton cushioned kid’s seat is surrounded by a fiberglass shell. The swivel base lets the little ones peruse the world around them whilst being tucked up inside. Kids’ bedroom chairs can receive a few knocks in their lifetime so it’s just as well this one claims to be scratch and chip resistant too.

$214BUY IT

Stylish Designer Kids’ Chair: It’s great choosing fun chairs for kids and this one would make one funky addition to a kid’s bedroom. It has a Polyethylene frame molded with rotational technology and comes in a zingy shade of green.


Comfortable Kids’ Reading Chair: Soft chairs for toddlers make great portable reading nooks–for picture book perusing if they’re not reading words just yet! This kids’ upholstered chair comes in an assortment of gingham fabric colors. Wooden legs complete the real furniture look that makes this piece appear at home in the lounge as well as the playroom. Fancy making a reading nook for yourself too? Try these comfortable reading chairs.


Kids’ Faux Fur Armchair: Why does a kids’ armchair in a grown up finish look so darned adorable? This little creation in 100% polyester faux pony-hide is recommended for ages 2-5 years.

$170BUY IT

Kids’ Novelty Accent Chair: If there’s one place you can go all out quirky then it’s with kids’ furniture, and this hot pink hand-shaped childs’ seat is definitely a novelty! The Plush Mitt Chair is a versatile size, providing comfortable seating for kids, teens, and adults.

$244BUY IT

Tufted Kids’ Club Chair: Chairs for toddlers don’t have to look like baby chairs. This mature looking kids’ armchair is a touch of class.

$110BUY IT

Personalized Kids’ Chair: Kids love to see their name emblazoned on their stuff. Pencil cases, bags, keyrings and T-shirts have all sported a little one’s own personal ‘brand’ so why not kids’ seating too? This personalized toddler chair has a ‘blueberry’ microsuede cover with white embroidered name, filled with safe and supportive polyurethane foam.


Kids’ Lounge Chair: Standing out from the crowd in vivid orange & white, this lounge chair and ottoman set inflates quickly and is easily deflated when more space is needed for play. It’s also an option for space limited dorm rooms as the open design makes for a comfy seat whatever the height of the person to be seated.

$126BUY IT

Kids’ Recliner With Cup Holder: This traditionally shaped kids recliner chair has a handy cup holder to keep their drink stable whilst snuggling up…or wriggling about.

$185BUY IT

Kids’ Chaise Lounge: A child-sized chaise lounge is sure to keep your little princess tickled pink! Upholstered in velvet with carved white wooden legs, it features a curved rolled back design for a classic silhouette.


Toddler Chair & Slide: This dual purpose piece is a solid plywood toddler chair that when flipped onto its front becomes a mini slide, or a ramp/tunnel for toy cars.

$599BUY IT

Modern Kids’ Rocker: Suitable for children, teenagers and adults, and wide enough to be enjoyed by two kids at once, or even one adult seated with one child. The design comes in a choice of 6 color options which can be used both inside and outside of the home all year round.


Vintage Kids’ Rocking Chair: Constructed from sturdy long lasting hardwood, available in a number of non-toxic finishes, this a safe addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom. The armrests add an extra touch of comfort for a small child chair and it’s ok for outdoor use too. Suitable for age 3 years and up.

$100BUY IT

Kids’ Size Eames Style Rocking Chair: A modern childs’ rocking chair formed in high quality plastic that’s suitably durable and easy for parents to clean. It comes in a range of colours and boasts assembly can be achieved in just 5 minutes flat! Now is that with an excited child running around or without?

$110BUY IT

Kids’ Elephant Rocking Chair: Fancy a kids’ rocking chair that’s on the softer side? This animal ride-on with safety belt is an eco-friendly ultra soft plush. An ASTM safety approved toddler chair requiring no assembly which will be much appreciated by busy parents.. For an extra magical touch, the seat is musical and comes finished with special embroidered words “i love my baby”. Too sweet!

$130BUY IT

Eames Style Elephant Chair: This is a fun little design that can work as a decorative ornament or a toy, as well as a toddler seat. Kids’ room chairs need to be tough and easy to clean which this one is, made from high quality injection molded polypropylene.

$319BUY IT

Beech Wood Elephant Chair For Kids: This stylish matte beech elephant forms a three legged chair with the help of his trunk. With the option of a matching table, these would make a seriously cute baby table and chairs set for the nursery, just perfect for teddy bear tea parties.

$100BUY IT

Elephant Shaped Kids’ Stool With Storage: This kids’ stool offers a handy storage compartment in its elephant shaped body, making this a great kids’ shoe bench. Upholstered in a PU leather skin with beech wood legs.


Buffalo Shaped Stool: Setting imaginations ablaze for rookie rodeo cowboys. The small ottoman also makes a good footrest.


Cartoony Sheep Shaped Kids’ Stool/Ottoman: You could count on this sheep for dreamy kids’ bedroom inspiration.

$239BUY IT

Furry Sheep Shaped Stool For Kids: A slightly fluffier sheep option, handcrafted in organic lambswool fleece, this can be used as a seat or home accent… or maybe as a new pet!


Magis Puppy Chair: Another pet shaped seat, this time by designer Eero Aarnio. This abstract plastic pet dog works just as well as a sculpture, both indoors and out.


Cute Round Upholstered Seat For Kids: With a removable linen cover. This can be utilised as a footstool or coffee table stool for the adults when playtime is done.


Wooden Kids’ Stool: A set of 2 kids wooden stools is a simple but effective solution for a couple of crafting toddlers.

Looking for more ways to decorate your kid’s room? Do check out:

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Fresh Tips for Curating A Chic Hallow’s Eve Party

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As our day planners thicken on the left and grow sparse to the right, it’s hard to believe the year is, indeed, winding down. With the end of the year comes the season of celebrations and parties. First up: Hallow’s Eve.

To us, the autumn holiday season is barely complete without a blowout shindig on October 31. However, Hallow’s Eve parties tend to run a bit cliché. The various shades of bright orange, Monster Mash soundtracks and snacks made in the shapes of human body parts all end up feeling stale.

This year, we propose you try a new take on your Hallow’s Eve party. Dark and elegant color schemes, carefully crafted pumpkin arrangements and a few other small details are simple ways to give your Hallow’s Eve party a breath of crisp air.

Getting small pumpkins and stacking them or putting them on display with candle holders is a gorgeous way to switch it up. Image: LollyJane

Get creative with your pumpkins

Much like Charlie Brown classics, the nostalgia of carving your carefully selected gourds with the family will never die. For your Hallow’s Eve party, however, it might be time to rethink how you handle these festive squash. Pumpkins’ simplicity leaves much room to the imagination. The outside can be painted to match the theme of your bash, covered in glitter or calligraphed.

Pile on the pumpkins and squash. Be sure to include all shapes, sizes and colors. Image: Southern Botanical

The more imperfections on your pumpkins the more interesting they become. Image: Rikki Snyder

Whatever the vibe of your party, think of your pumpkins as a blank canvas and go for it. Once done, use them to decorate your porch or the inside of your home by stacking them or placing them throughout.

Black lace detail on votive candle holders add detailed flavor to simple glass. Image: The Sweetest Occasion

Lace and tulle

When planning a chic Hallow’s Eve bash the emphasis lies in the skill of balancing the day’s notoriously spooky theme with sophistication. For finding this happy medium we enjoy using loads of black tulle and lace detail.

Add a sophisticated touch to your Halloween decorations with Lace. Image: Martha Stewart

These materials are not only inexpensive and ultra-accessible at your neighborhood craft store, but are also easy to work with. Wrapping balloons in tulle or layering black lace under your table runners are examples of some sweet touches. Setting forth minimal effort with these sheer materials transforms each room and makes you feel like the party-planning-maven you didn’t know you could be.

The season’s deepest hues are perfect for centerpieces. Image: KreativelyKrafted on Etsy

Dark florals

Deep red roses and even dyed blooms are encouraged. What we love about dark florals is the contrast of the softness of the petals with the deep tints. Keeping your flower arrangements dark adds that fairy tale ambiance to your party.

Something else to keep in mind while shopping and planning your shadowy-petaled arrangements: your color scheme. While we are partial to the black and gold look, there are also several other schemes to work with. Get creative with burgundy, whites, greys and metal tones.

Adding golden skulls to a centerpiece are a subtly spooky way to celebrate the holiday. Image: Inspired by This

Skulls encouraged

Skulls happen to be a weird hybrid in terms of decoration and fashion. They are morbid if you think about them for too long, but they’re also on trend. Decorating for your Hallow’s Eve party is easier if you can get on board with them.

Skulls, candles and a desolate black and white image make for spooky Halloween decor. Image: Focal Point Styling

Use anything from skull place cards on the table to small trinkets to decorate your tables and entry way, and give each space a small touch that reinforces the spookiness of the holiday. Try using glass skull sculptures as part of your centerpieces or even give small skull paperweights as party favors.

Dark-tinted wax contrasted with golden candlestick holders is an elegant way to set the mood lighting. Image: Afloral

Long candlesticks

Candlelight adds both elegance and spookiness. Combine tapers with tall candlesticks and you have the perfect way to light your evening. We suggest using various heights of candlestick holders for a look that draws the eye and keeps things interesting. Still want something a little different? Try candles or candlestick holders in a variety of colors.

Tall and tapered candles, especially in dark candlestick holders are a great addition to your Halloween decor. Image: Amy Lau Design

The highlight of the holiday season is getting to spend it with those friends and family we love and haven’t seen in too long. This season, make your Hallow’s Eve one to remember by putting your elegant twist on the classics and pulling out all of the (surprisingly simple) stops.

Here are some of our favorite Hallow’s Eve decor ideas to take your party to the next level:

1.Gold Skull Table Top Sculpture

2. Silk Mum

3. Tiny Halloween Taper Candles

4. Black Taper Candle Holders

5. Leaf Pic

6. Pumpkins and Berries Wreath

7. Halloween Skull Punchbowl

8. Peacock Candelabra

9. Yellow, Red and Orange Mum Bunch

10. Faux Pumpkins

11. Skulls Paper Die Cut

12. Autumn French Rose

13. Skull Paperweight

Don’t forget to share with us how you put your twist on these Hallow’s Eve party tips!

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Tuscan Countryside Villa Wraps Minimalism in Warmth

Rachele Biancalani Studio in collaboration with technician Matteo Bonechi completed the design of First Love Villa, a family retreat in the Tuscan countryside, between Florence and Arezzo, Italy. The owners, a couple with a young son, wanted a home that was modern yet highly welcoming.

The designers achieved this by using warm colors and finishing materials throughout the villa. “The sophisticated taste for design objects has been met with the choice of furnishings and lighting fixtures of the highest quality brands such as Lake, Midj, Ernesto Meda, Flos, Kartell and Foscarini that find space in this minimal interior but with enveloping heat,” Biancalani said.

The open-space living environment includes four functional spaces: a reading corner with a comfortable armchair; a large dining table for six; a living room with modular slide sofa by Daniele Lago, TV area and fireplace; and finally the kitchen at a lower level that is reached by descending a couple of steps. Exposed wooden beams and walnut flooring make the social spaces feel inviting.

The bedroom is fully furnished with Lago furnishings; the custom headboard integrates strip lighting for a modern touch. The symmetry of the room is enriched by twin drawer units, which are not identical in form. A transparent bronze glass sliding door separates the walk-in closet area. Photography by Thomas Dell’Agnello and Rachele Biancalani Studio.

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We Asked Interior Designers: What Small Changes Make the Biggest Difference?

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small design changes

Give your rooms a fresh look with these designers’ best tips. Image: Catherine Staples Interiors

Shop a similar look: Candlesticks | Ottoman | Dining Chair Slipcover | Table Lamp

Sometimes interiors need change. Whether your style feels a little too outdated or your tastes have changed, making over the rooms in your home is a great way to give yourself a fresh start. However, for most of us, taking on the cost of a complete redesign is not always feasible, even if an update is sorely needed.

With that in mind, we called in the pros. We asked top interior designers to share their best tips on which small design changes make a big difference. Keep reading to learn how you can make a huge impact on your home without breaking the bank.

Bold accent wall

Go bold with your accent wall. Image: LMB Interiors

Shop a similar look: Pillows | Table Lamps | Side Tables

1. Add an accent wall

“To drastically change the look and feel of a room without spending a lot of money, paint an accent wall,” advises Todd W. G. Corder, the founder of Deja vu Decor. “A pop of color will instantly draw the eye and is a great way to liven up a room with no more than the cost of a can of paint.”

Where accent walls are concerned, there are a few details to keep in mind. The first is placement. Technically, any wall can be used as an accent, but it really should highlight your focal point. In living rooms, this can mean placing the accenting color around a mantle or some built-in shelving. In bedrooms, by the headboard is best.

Aesthetics are the other consideration. A bright paint color certainly does the job, but it’s not the only option. Darker neutrals like black or chocolate brown serve the same purpose. Contrasting materials can also be used. Wallpaper is an excellent choice, as is a patterned tile or even wood paneling.

Vary texture

Use texture to add visual interest. Image: Thomas Towne Reavey Inc.

Shop a similar look: Throw Pillows | Coffee Table | Throw Blanket

2. Vary the texture of accessories

“Texturizing a room is a game changer. Accent pillows in varying fabrics and shades can add another layer of depth to a room. Another opportunity to add texture is through the materials that your accessories are made from. Consider using metals, woven baskets and blankets,” says Dawn Stafford, the owner of Gathering Souls, a concierge design service in Fairfax, VA.

Conceptually, texture can be a bit hard to pin down. The best way to think of it is by evaluating how an item looks like it feels. Take the picture above, for example. Consider how you’re easily able to tell that the surface of the coffee table feels rough, while the blanket on the couch is soft.

Successful interior design is all about layering these contrasts. When you’re sprucing up a room on a budget, take stock of the textures in the accessories you already own. Then, look for additional items that would serve as their opposite. If need be, consider moving your existing accessories to different rooms as a way of giving your home an update that’s free of charge.

layer lighting

Include various types of lighting. Image: Black and Milk

Shop a similar look: Floor Lamp | Pendant

3. Re-evaluate lighting

“You’ll need lighting in all the corners of the room; try to avoid just one ceiling light,” says Sarah Elsley, the voice behind Dream of Home. “Use wall lights and floor lights together, so the lighting isn’t concentrated to one place and spreads in an even glow around the room.”

There are four distinct types of lighting you can incorporate into a space. They are:

  • Natural: Any light that comes into your home from the outside via doors and windows.
  • Ambient: Light meant to illuminate the entire room, usually from an overhead source.
  • Accent: A light source that’s meant to highlight a particular feature of the room.
  • Task: Lighting used for a specific purpose, such as desk lamps or reading lights.

Ideally, a room involves a combination of these light sources. Take stock of the lighting you have in place and then look for which types are missing. Fill in the gaps where needed and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference you’ll see.

style your surfaces

Styled surfaces give your home a curated look. Image: Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör

Shop a similar look: Side Tables | Vase | Throw Pillows

4. Give surfaces deliberate style

“Coffee tables, side boards and bookshelves scream to be styled. It is amazing what you can pull together from the items in your own home. No need to go shopping for knickknacks; try shopping in your home first,” suggests Ana Cummings, the owner of ANA Interiors.

Pulling off this tip is all about having the arrangement look intentional. In all honesty, the items you put on these surfaces aren’t as important as how you display them. Do your best to lay out your items in groupings, stick to odd numbers and be sure to vary the pieces in terms of their direction, size and color. If need be, you can always look for some design inspiration to help you get started.

small design changes

Sometimes small changes make a big difference. Image: International Custom Designs

Shop a similar look: Mirror | Ladder | Shower Head Set

No matter what your personal style is, at some point, you’re probably going to want to change things up. When that happens, there’s no need to wait until you’ve saved enough money to redo the whole room. Even the pros say small design changes can make all the difference. Keep their advice on hand for the next time you need to shake up your interiors. Their tips will help you make a huge impact at an affordable price.

Which design tip is your favorite? Do you have any other questions you’d like to ask the pros? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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40 Unique Decorative Candles To Add A Soothing Glow To Your Downtime

There’s nothing like a candle to instil a feeling of calm. Perfectly positioned beside the bed, bath tub or along the lines of a mantelpiece, a candle is lit for a special occasion – sometimes just enough occasion for a good read, a glass of wine, and a single, flickering flame. These forty decorative picks show the range of styles, scents and themes a candle can cover. Gift wisdom to a friend, in the form of a black owl. Watch the outside of an animal melt away, revealing a skeleton. Get a candle in beeswax, wrapped daintily around a coil. Get quirky and creative with your gifts for downtime, with our top 40 selection for decadent and decorative candles.

From $35BUY IT

Artistically Hand-Sculptured Candles: Handcrafted in Israel, these intertwining wax candles make your flame a dazzling sight. Get them in black and white, a multi-colour pattern, or add to your peacock decor with our last quirky find.

From $14BUY IT

Layered Candles: Bored of one, or even two-tone candles? These 40-hour candles are layered with many shades of the same colour, adding subtle style to your muted interior.


Nautical-Themed Candle: Fancy layering that really stands out? This colours-of-the-sea candle, perfect for your nautical home decor, burns for 100 hours in clean-burning soy.

$22.99BUY IT

Beautiful Taper Candles: For the fancy customer with an upcoming occasion, these taper candles are the perfect asset. Sit their dripless, smokeless and hand-dipped forms into any standard candle holder, to celebrate a wedding, dinner party or church service. Their elegant gift box adds a touch of class.


Personalized Candles: Want to commemorate a special occasion? These French, handmade taper candles allow you to print names and dates, offering a personalized touch to your next formal gift.


Luxury Jar Candle: Love the smell of coconut milk and mango? This gorgeous glass-jar candle burns the scent for 120 hours.


Aromatherapy Scented Candles: Extend your aromatherapy selection, with these soy wax candles in non-drip jars. Choose from four different combinations – lavender, orange, peppermint eucalyptus or vanilla – to make up your pack of three. Gift wrapping is available.


Metallic Gold Ball Candles: Want a more original way to light up Christmas? These three-inch balls comes in boxes of six, for a 24-hour flame upon your mantelpiece.


Floating Rose Candles: Candles are synonymous with a spot of romance. Run a bath filled with bubbles and these rose-shaped candles, for a night for two you’ll never forget.


Pumpkin-Shaped Candles: Want to celebrate Halloween – without the real pumpkin? These cute flame holders are smokeless and clean-burning, adding novelty to your kitchen without the carving mess.


Pear-Shaped Candle: Think a pear only comes in green? This original 45-hour candle comes in 13 shades.


Succulent-Shaped Wax Candles: Forget living cacti in your garden – these mini succulents add style and flame. Place these citronella candles out the back, to keep away mosquitoes for up to six hours.


Cactus-Shaped Candles: Make your office Scandinavian, with these set of six desk cacti. Housed in metal tealight holders, their unscented paraffin burns for half an hour.


Owl Candle: Made with pure beeswax and natural ECO dye, these owl candles are wise inside and out. Gift them to the bird lover in your life.


Owl Skeleton Candle: Ever wanted to see an owl’s insides? This cute owl decor candle hides a terrible secret – a haunting metallic skeleton with fire blazing in her eyes. Light her wick for up to 30 hours, to see her pretty exterior melt all the way down.


Gummy Bear Candle: Purple gummy bears have evil secrets, too. This fruit-scented candle with a cotton wick reveals a horror-story skeleton inside. Burn it away in five to seven hours.

From $18BUY IT

More Animal Skeleton Candles: Believe in the angelic nature of cats, reindeer and birds? Although bathed in pretty pastels, their lit wicks soon reveal their inner skeletons of death.


Rock Candle: Rock on! Perform a séance or get ready for a rock gig, with this rad hand-shaped candle at your side. Made with medical-grade wax and natural colours, it’s a great present too in its beautiful gift box.


Victory Candle: Rather root for peace instead? This bright pink or grey peace candle is the size of a real hand – and is handcrafted in Europe.


Skull Candle: For a skull-shaped candle, this find really is rather pretty. Embellished with a pearl-seed texture, this seven-inch long and four-inch wide find is larger than life in 100% beeswax.


Bleeding Skull Candle: Looking to scare someone away? Place this bleeding skull candle outside your front door.


Dinosaur Hatching Candle: Have a child or friend that’s just mad about dinosaurs? Gift them a candle that’s truly unique – one that hatches dinsoaurs. Available with a blue or green glass dinosaur inside, these unassuming eggs reveal prehistoric figurines you can take out and keep.


Batman Candle: Batman is unpredictable – but seeing him in your candle is still a surprise. Delivered all over the world, these carved paraffin candles are a scintillating addition to your superhero home decor.


Darth Vader Candle: Rather light up Darth Vader instead? Handmade in paraffin wax, Luke’s father forms a classic star wars home decor collection.


Coiled Steampunk-Style Candle: Unravel the candle, and re-coil it on a roller. This steampunk find in 100% beeswax is the perfect fit for a Victorian-style home.


Natural Beeswax Coiled Candle: Stand up your coiled candle, on this elegant bronze contraption. Although appearing self-feeding, this flamed illusion is only adhered to the clip, which self-extinguishes for safety when the flame reaches.


Glass Pillar Candle: The minimalist home would love this ever-so-simple candle. Moulded in hand-blown glass, its wick burns your own choice of coloured or scented oils.


Pebble-Shaped Candles: Take a more natural approach. These handmade pebble candles in soybean wax would look perfect beside a beach-themed bath setting.


Concrete Candles: Get the industrial look inside your bathroom. These wee concrete candles are painted with pastels or metallics, adding a touch of style to your daily flame.


Soy Wax Candle In Concrete Pots: After a soy wax candle? These concrete-potted, American-made finds come in seven scents and a myriad of colour ways.


48 Unscented Wax Candles In Glass Holders: Need a lot of little candles for a special occasion? This box of 48 in glass might do the trick.


Scented Candle Set: Can’t choose between the hundreds of different candle scents? Let these candles choose for you, in their best-selling packs of four different aromas.


Flameless Candle: For places where children and pets run riot, a flameless candle is best. Made from paraffin wax, these candles use electromagnetics and glowing LEDs to make a light. Use its smart timer to automatically turn it on for five hours a day.


Dripping Wax-Style Electronic Candle: Want the real candle feel? This battery-operated find gives off a vanilla aroma and dripped-wax look.


Flameless Wax Cut-out Candles: Take your battery-powered candles to the next level. This set of three ivory candles can switch to eight different settings, using their own remote control.


Flameless Marble Candles: Marble always adds class. Made by the same manufacturer, these candles come with batteries, a remote and a 90-day warranty.


Electronic Silver Pillar Candles: Match the metallic tones in your interior. Another remote-controlled creation, these flameless candles steal the show on any dinner table or mantelpiece.


Geometric-Style Flameless LED Candles: Remote-controlled and always cool to the touch, these modern-looking candles are perfect inside a bunch of flowers or beside the children’s bedside table.


Textured Flameless LED Candles: Let the lady in your life have a candle in pearls. These remote-controlled candles add a touch of daily luxury.

$300BUY IT

Modern Candles-Shaped Lamp: For a higher price tag, you can fuse candles and a lantern together. This Scandinavian design houses its flames in wrought iron.

A great candle deserves a great holder. Do check out: 50 Unique Tea Light Holders To Light Up Your Occasion

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