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Swiss Cubic House Tour, A Contemporary Concrete Landmark

Located near Lucerne in Switzerland, this is ‘House H’ by Buchner Bründler architects in Basel, with photography by Bruno Helbling. This home is a contemporary structure of concrete that stands as a modern landmark, its build being in stark contrast to the more traditional style homes within the same neighbourhood. The cubic house is an expressive design that includes a number of outdoor volumes that look out over stunning views of Lake Lucerne. The interior of the house too benefits fully from its picturesque location, thanks to the inclusion of massive floor to ceiling windows that stretch the entire length of expansive rooms on each floor.

Anchored on the hilltop, this stacked concrete creation glows invitingly from within. The enormous windows tear across the solid box-like design, ripping open the side to the world, and drinking in every bit of beauty that the view has to offer.

The large scale windows cut away revealing sections in the exterior walls, showcasing interesting segments of the homes interior. Here we see the first glimpse of an internal concrete staircase ascending through the centre of the house.

In the warmth of daylight, the outdoor rooms come into play. This yard at the home’s main entrance has a built-in bench, suspended in the wall. We can see a suggestion of an exterior stairwell to the left, leading down to a lower level. A cutaway in the concrete roof lets the sunshine flood in over the approach path. To the right, a large outdoor potted plant acts as a visual softener to the hard man-made lines of the build.

From this angle we can see the amazing views that await beyond the oversized windows of the house. The lake, the mountains and a sweeping uninterrupted skyscape.

The large wooden framed windows have wooden shutters to protect them and the inhabitants from the elements.

The exterior staircase is concrete, like the rest of the contemporary home. The steps are hidden behind a solid concrete wall rather than an open balustrade, so that the stairwell melds with the smooth surface of the architecture.

The many surrounding mature trees and leafy shrubs help to soften the modern building’s strong sharp edges.

Each and every area of the home, inside and out, presents the opportunity to enjoy the stunning views presented by this fabulous location on ‘Vierwaldstätter See’. Even the main staircase is a prime viewing spot, where the sunlight works in tandem with the solid angular architecture to create geometric shadow patterns.

Concrete living rooms are a good base for showing off striking elements, but decor in this home takes a backseat to the scenery that wraps around the space like a living mural.

A floating hearth runs the length of the internal wall in the concrete living room, supporting an open log fire. A substantial concrete chimney breast is stacked above it.

On the other side of the internal dividing wall we have the kitchen. The units are made of a warm wood grain. The warm toned material provides contrast and welcome relief from the expanse of cold concrete everywhere else. The appliances are stainless steel to make a link with the cool grey tones of the walls. Outside of the kitchen, a shelving unit has been recessed into the concrete wall of the dining area.

At night, the cold concrete takes on an entirely different personality. The firelight warms the mottled grey walls, making them appear almost cosy. The deep shadows exude drama, and the exposed staircase is lit like a thrilling theatre set.

Entirely glazed walls and a menagerie of outdoor living spaces give the home a gloriously open feel. Despite its heavy concrete walls, the unrestrictive design of the structure evokes an undeniable feeling of lightness and freedom.

There are no TVs, projection screens or home offices here. Only the natural view is needed. A comfortable seat, a cold drink, and maybe just a good book to while away the hours and complement the peace.

Out on the deck, a squared concrete strut frames the view of a distant mountain, as though it were a landscape painting hung in an art gallery.

Wooden elements and white rendered walls are thrown into the mix of this highly modern interior scheme.

Several moments of warm LED strip lighting have been installed around the perimeter of rooms and hallways, casting a subtle glow down the raw walls.

The windows appear almost frameless, held only by an unobtrusive wooden inset.

A large solar tube filters natural sunlight into this internal space from the roof. Here in the hallway, a pair of contemporary wooden chairs sit in wait.

There are no decorative pendant lights in this home, only recessed designs.

Everything in the kitchen is of a minimalist fashion: no handles adorn the plain fronted cabinets, the faucet is very much about function rather than form, as is the extractor fan and the oven. No herb planters dress the countertop. The walls are devoid of spice racks and decorative open shelving. Nothing but clean open space.

In the bathroom the minimalist fashion continues with a frameless mirror, a handle-free vanity unit and two simple faucets.

A side balcony is covered in gravel, and has a few of its own plants to tie in with the bordering beauty spot.

See more of the Swiss cubic house here:

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Decorating with Mustard Yellow for a Mid-century Holiday Season

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Want to add an unexpected color to your modern decor? Decorating with mustard yellow may be the answer. The warm, golden tone is a perfect addition to your everyday neutrals like whites, tans and greys. Also known as golden yellow, saffron and maize, the warm, rich hue of yellow adds a fresh pop to your home, especially during the holidays. Check out these ideas and mustard yellow home decor in stores now.

Decorating with mustard yellow in the kitchen and dining room

decorating with mustard yellow -

Mustard yellow accents include the glass pendants and tiles on the wall. Image: HGTV

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Mid century modern yellow ideas -

Mustard yellow accents warm up the cool tones of the space. Image: Zac and Zac

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how to decorate with yellow -

Velvet mid-century modern dining chairs in mustard yellow add a bit of fun contrast to this blue space. Image: Leivars

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Decorating with mustard yellow in the living room

mustard yellow and saffron colors -

Throw pillows, a framed print and a vase in the window add a touch of golden yellow to warm up the grey and white living room. Image: Elle Decor UK

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adding yellow home accents -

An elegant space of blackened white gets small touches of mustard yellow. Image: Elle Decor Italia

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Add the golden mustard color in your bedroom

yellow bedding -

Add a quilted mustard yellow blanket to your bedding layers. Image: Room and Board

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mustard yellow bedroom -

Mustard looks most contemporary with cooler tones like taupe, mocha, grey and white. Image: Clem Around the Corner

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Holiday decorating with mustard yellow

yellow for the holidays -

Warm and brighten up the holiday table with pops of vibrant mustard yellow. Image: Country Living

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yellow for the holidays -
yellow for the holidays -

Where will you add some mustard yellow to your home for the holidays?

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A Modest Sized Apartment That Makes The Best Use Of Available Space

Whilst we all love to stretch out and wander around an enormous home tour, or drool over a cool cutting edge interior, sometimes we crave a bit of cosy home comfort. The nesting instinct in us appreciates the beauty of a more compact bolthole, with cushiony furnishings and uplifting colour. Well if you’re feeling ready to wrap yourself up in a blanket of hominess then this apartment design from the shore of the Volga river, Tolyatti, Russia is just for you. Visualised by the team at Vagon Architects, this welcoming decor makes us want to crack open a paperback and curl up on the purple sofa!

Due to the modest proportions of this riverside home, the walls have been painted white to increase the sense of space and light. The apartment interior was designed for a young family with three children, so the added chaise section of the sofa provides additional sitting space. Two small wooden coffee tables provide a spot for drinks and snacks.

In the same compact space, a four place dining table sits beneath an eye-catching pendant light. The dining chairs are mismatched to create an interesting eclectic look. Flower vases are a great way to add hominess to a room and the one in this space doubles as a table centrepiece.

The sofa is upholstered in a warm and inviting purple fabric, which has been coupled with squared pattern throw cushions and a matching blanket to snuggle in.

The purple modern sofa sits on top of a large bordered grey rug, which both warms up the floor for cold toes and defines the visual boundary of the living room from the dining area.

Bespoke wall shelves have been built into one side of the room. This shelving further defines the eating area from the lounge, as the shelves form a backdrop for the dining table. The other half of the room holds the home’s audiovisual equipment against a blank wall for the projector image.

Through the windows we can see the picturesque view over the banks of the Volga River. The view and natural sunlight from the windows is unobscured by the walls and doors of this home because they are all made from safety glass, strikingly framed in black.

The dining room area leads straight off the kitchen for handy transfer of food and dishes. The doors here slide back to save space.

The kitchen is made up of simple white units with understated handles. The main decoration in this space comes from an expanse of pretty blue and white patterned tiling. In contrast to the stainless steel sink, oven, extractor and fridge freezer, the three kitchen pendant lights are gloss black.

The pale countertop is kept clear except for an indoor herb planter at the wooden framed window. A small white corner shelf holds a selection of spice jars, which provide an additional little splash of colour. Limiting the wall cupboards to just one side of the kitchen helps the room to feel more spacious.

In the master bedroom, a small retro shaped floor lamp stands over a comfortable reading chair, opposite another tall white bookcase. Again, the shelving is a custom built design that extends all the way up to the ceiling to make the most of the available space. Navy curtains match the bedding.

The navy accents complement the taupe upholstered bed base and headboard, and the ottoman at the foot of the bed.

The bed and side tables fit snuggly into the space between the bespoke bookcase and the opposite wall, not wasting an inch. The units hold bedside lamps to allow late night reading from the extensive neighbouring book collection.

Stylish stylish ergonomic chairs seem a must for the avid readers in this home because we find another one in this bedroom decor scheme, situated by a floor lamp. More shelves house a collection of books in this space too, making use of the narrow vertical space by the window. This time the bookcase is coupled with a built-in desk that runs the remaining width of the room. A desk lamp sits at one end of the long wooden worktop.

An eclectic patterned chest of drawers makes a quirky focal point. The teal colourway is picked out by a similarly hued plant pot and candle holder.

The bed in this room is a very traditional design with a tufted headboard, upholstered in green. This is juxtaposed by a somewhat modern monochrome console table and minimalistic mirror.

The bathroom is a mix of grey, white and solid wood tone.

A set of wooden shelves are recessed into the space above the toilet to create extra storage with toiletries and lotions.

A small nook by the front door has been utilised to create a bench seat, a perfect place to pop on shoes that are perhaps stored in the mirrored closet to one side.

Looking down the hallway, it’s evident that the interior glazed walls let in the maximum possible amount of natural light. The mirrored door on the hallway cupboard helps bounce the light around the space.

Leading out from the living room, we can see one more opportunity for book storage. A number of base cabinets run along the lower half of the unit, offering a concealed storage option for items that don’t belong on display shelves.

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Avocado Acres House in California Reveals a Sloping Curved Roof

Surfside Projects + Lloyd Russell completed an original residence in California that pays homage to the coastal style. Avocado Acres House stands out thanks to its bold geometry and welcoming outdoor spaces.

“A sloping curved shed roof unifies the three pavilions that define the U-shape plan and courtyard space,” the architects said. “Throughout the interior a constant engagement to the outdoors gives the building a grandeur that belies the home’s small footprint. It’s single level living spaces, privacy from the street and functional layout for the inhabitants is the soul of our design strategy.”

As you step inside, you see an array of colorful spaces, bursting with personality. Natural wood tones on the vaulted ceiling, flooring and cabinetry contrast with the concrete finishes in the living area. Surfboards on display and framed artistic works add to the holiday feel of the place.

“The floor plan consists of three defined areas joined in a U shape where each volume programs directly to the outdoor courtyard,” the designers added. “Tall sliding glass walls vanish into wall pockets and clerestory glazing that entirely wraps above the main living space provides plenty of natural light.” Photography courtesy of Surfside Projects.

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Cool Product Alert: A Smart Night Stand

Alright, what do you call a modern minimalist night stand that has a built in mobile controlled audio system, smart locking cabinet, wireless phone charger, motion activated night light and a sunrise alarm? Answer: The Curvilux Smart Nightstand.

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$372BUY IT

$372BUY IT

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