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3 Soothing Scandinavian Interiors

The rise of Scandinavian design in popularity is hardly new. However, there is little that is more soothing than taking a step inside a home that uses the simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian style to such great effect as these three homes do. Clean lines, simple colors, and an attention to practical details like storage are themes that run through all three homes featured here. White walls and organized bedrooms, with a few carefully chosen piece of artwork have never looked so lovely and inviting. Take a look inside and get inspired for your own Scandinavian-style projects.

Visualizer: Zrobym Architects  

The first home measures 83 square meters (893 square feet) and is located in the Volozhin district in Belarus.

The interior of the cottage is designed with function in mind while still being quite artistic, including elements like the AJ Floor Lamp and ultra creative wall drawings.

The elongated shape of the house made it a challenge to accommodate all the different areas the family wanted, but it has been done with a large living room, kitchenette, two bedrooms, hall, boiler room, and bathroom.

In Scandinavian design, the environment typically plays a role and this house is no exception with the inclusion of eco-panels.

The interior of the home is quite light in its design with a few pops of bright color and some truly unique wall designs to bring an edge of whimsy.

For instance, in the kitchenette a bright pink backsplash really stands out against stark white countertops.

According to the designer, the house is a bit of an “introvert” with its dark exterior/light interior design.

The effect of these color and design choices is another layer of functionality, with the home working perfectly in all types of weather, welcoming, warm, and calming.

A bit more color in the bedrooms than in the main area allows for a degree of personality, though the seafoam green certainly meshes with the other color options.

The design does not skew so far towards minimalism that it negates all storage, with functional but beautiful bedroom shelving.

An Eames chair and matching table are always a welcome nod to the importance of simplicity in true style.

The space is made more comfortable for a family with the addition of this attic bedroom, nestled in the house’s rafters. It’s a cozy retreat for anyone.

A bit of the green palette is also carried into the bathroom, though brighter, and it plays again against white.

The unique art that crawls up the bathroom wall is indicative of the homeowner’s eye for design and art. It is directly on the wall, can never be bought or sold, and is a part of the house and its story.

Overall, this home is a stunning retreat for a small family with eye-catching artistic elements, effective use of color and a careful attention to the details of a stylish life.

Visualizer: T Studio  

While this next home may have its differences with the first, there are still many similarities, including an attention to artistic details like the tropical leaves prints featured in the main living space.

Indeed, it is the details that make all the difference in creating a stunning home.
From subtle geometric nesting tables to a carefully perched Eames Bird replica, this is clearly a space of someone who cares what their home looks like.

The Scandinavian style chairs featured in the living room are another attractive element.

Hanging about a simple dining table is a unique spider chandelier that gives a fairly timeless design a more modern twist.

Of course, no loving decorated home is complete without a pop of natural greenery.

Beautiful wood flooring with white walls is a classic look for a reason: it is simple yet always elegant.

In the bedroom we see more examples of this art lover’s style with a piece by Luke Dixon over the bed. You can check out more of his prints here.

Beautiful natural light makes for a perfect work space, replete with more greenery by way of a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Visualizer: 365 Design  

In the final home, we will see more white walls and well chosen art work, with an emphasis on simple sophisitication.

The open floorplan living area makes a smaller space seem big, leaving room for a modern dining area and hanging woven light fixutre.

A small balcony leaves just enough space for dining al fresco, bringing the white outdoors as well.

In the master bedroom, a cool gray reigns, cozy and welcoming.

Sliding glass doors separate the master bedroom from the en suite, for the illusion of even more space.

Unique bedroom pendant lights hang on either side of the bed to great effect.

A houseplant plus built in shelving give the room some life.

While pink is certainly not a revolutionary choice for a child’s room, here it is such a subtle and pretty shade that it adds an air of sophistication.

From walls to linens to wood flooring, the tone of the room stays consistent.

Unique wall shelves give even a young child a place to display her most beloved objects.

In another room, a denim blue makes for a calming accent color while a yellow Eames chair is a stylish way to study.

The beautiful pendant light in this bedroom is the IC S Pendant Light by Michael Anastassiades for Flos.

A simple white and gray bathroom is made playful again with the choice of wall art.

Bringing plant life into the shower is one way to make the space unique.

White tile and cabinetry plus a single brass light fixture as the perfect level of elevated simplicity.

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A Comfortable Modern Home with Colorful Accents

Every home needs a bit of color. Even the most minimalist designers will include a splash of yellow, a touch of red, or a spray of leaves for their bright green. In this home, from visualizer Plasterlina, we get perfect pops of color without being overwhelmed by brightness. The design actually utilizes quite a bit of neutral colors and bare wood paneling, making the areas where bright colors are used stand out even more. Further, the entire home has a unified feel, with certain elements carrying the design from room to room, making the house feel like a home for a tight-knit family.

Though percentage-wise there is not a tremendous amount of color in the main living space, the eye is immediately drawn to the colorful carpet and bits of red on the unique wall shelving.

The design takes “clean lines” to a different level, using intersecting lines to create interest everywhere from a sectional sofa to a geometric light fixture.

Over the sofa, unique wall shelves make it look as if the books are going to slide right off.

The soft gray color of the furniture is a cozy alternative to cream or white, making the space automatically feel more lived in.

Unique floor lamps make a cool addition to a space that already embraces unique lighting. There is no shortage of artificial or natural light in this spacious living room.

To carry on with the lighting theme, modern dining pendant lights make a sleek addition to the creatively designed eating area.

As always, white and wood kitchens are both modern and classic in their welcoming design.

Atop that clean, white kitchen counter, unique planters are right at home, bringing some natural color into the room.

Kitchen bar stools are not necessarily the most exciting choice for any home, but these get the job done.

Natural grain wood paneling that extends from the wall to the ceiling (in some parts of the home) is warm and welcoming.

Of course, we can never forget about storage. This wood close with decorative wall hooks is perfect for placing coats at the end of a long day.

Here you get a peek of some more unique shelving, made from wooden pegs and flat pieces of wood carefully stacked.

Another nook by the door makes for the perfect place to put on and take off shoes, while an old-fashioned clock lets you know when you’re running late.

This large bedroom is plenty spacious to serve many different purposes.

Dividing bigger rooms into smaller spaces is an important skill for any designers. The creative use of colorful rope here is a truly ingenious solution.

Light fixtures in black and white have a bit of DIY flair to them.

In one room there is a reading nook, bedroom, study space and lots of open floor.

The geometric theme carries throughout the house with triangular speckles fluttering across one wall.

In another bedroom, we see how dark colors can make for a really comfortable sleeping space.

Dark bedrooms like this one are perfect for sleeping when the curtains are closed.

During the day, natural light floods in from floor-to-ceiling windows.

In the bathroom, we return to some of the playful elements we saw earlier, like faux deer heads and cute, matching soap and lotion dispensers.

The bright green shelving in the bathroom is cute without going too far into whimsical.

A cluster of hanging lights adds a modern twist.

In fact, the geometric light fixture is quite reminiscent of the larger fixture in the living room.

Between the fixture, the wood, and the color, this bathroom is he perfect culmination of this home’s design.

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Outdoor Living Rooms: Fresh Ideas For Expanding Your Living Space Outdoors

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Expand your living space with an outdoor living room

An outdoor living room is a great way to expand your living space. Image: Contract Furnishings Mart

Adding an outdoor living room has become an increasingly popular home upgrade and it’s not hard to see why. To start, it’s a relatively straightforward — and stylish — way to give everyone in your home more room to spread out. Plus, it creates an additional area for you to entertain. If you have the room, there’s really no reason for your living space to stop at your back door.

As for how this space should look, that’s entirely up to you. Some are little more than artfully done seating areas that encourage conversation. Others are more extravagant, boasting everything from outdoor kitchens to huge television sets. However, there are a few features that the majority of these areas have in common.

If you’re thinking of adding a dash of design to your home’s outdoor space, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a few of the best outdoor living room ideas to help you get started. Take these and make them your own. There’s no wrong answer here.

Be sure to have comfy seating.

Comfy seating should be a top priority in your outdoor living room. Image: Debra Lynn Henno Design

Comfy seating is a must in an outdoor living room

We’ll let you in on a little secret: In spaces like these, seating is king. If there’s not plenty of room for people to sit and relax, it won’t matter what other features are added to the space. Proper seating, especially when its plush and unbelievably easy to stretch out on, is the thing that will ensure your outdoor living room gets plenty of use.

With that in mind, when designing your space, remember that comfort, quantity and size matter. Since outdoor furniture can also be a sizable investment, it’s crucial to know you’re buying a set that fits your needs. If you can, test out the furniture at the store before you make a purchase and match the pieces’ dimensions against measurements of the space where you’ll be putting it. If you’re buying online, be sure to read reviews so you’ll know the product meets your expectations.

Once you get your outdoor furniture home, it’s all about the placement. Seating works best when arranged into small groups that allow people to gather and talk. For personal use, one seating area will suffice, but if you entertain often, you may want do consider creating multiple areas.

Create your own comfy seating space with these similar products:

Be sure to have comfy seating.
Be sure to have comfy seating.
Be sure to have comfy seating.
Be sure to have comfy seating.

Outdoor fireplaces can be a focal point.

Use an outdoor fireplace as your focal point. Image: Concrete Works

Add a heat source

Keep in mind that most seating areas are arranged around a particular focal point, or a design element that draws the eye. Where outdoor living rooms are concerned, a heat source like a small firepit or larger built-in fireplace is a particularly good choice.

Not only will this feature lend a sense of drama to the space, but it’s also incredibly utilitarian. Adding a heat source to your outdoor area will increase the amount of time you can spend enjoying it. It will allow you to weather chilly nights and seasonal changes that would otherwise render the area unusable.

That said, live flames aren’t the right fit for everyone. Families with young children or those who simply don’t want to take the risk should look into purchasing a heat lamp. They typically run off of propane and, in the past few years, have become increasingly easy to find in home improvement stores like Lowes.

Add your own heating source with these similar products:

Outdoor fireplaces can be a focal point.
Outdoor fireplaces can be a focal point.
Outdoor fireplaces can be a focal point.
Outdoor fireplaces can be a focal point.
Outdoor fireplaces can be a focal point.
Outdoor fireplaces can be a focal point.
Outdoor fireplaces can be a focal point.
Outdoor fireplaces can be a focal point.

A covering will expand the space's use.

Consider adding a covering to expand the outdoor living room’s use in varying weather. Image: Marylou Sobel Interior Design

Consider a covering

In addition to adding a heat source, you’ll also be able to extend the utility of your outdoor living room if you include a covering from the elements. Though the amount of coverage you’ll receive depends largely on the which type of covering you choose, it’s safe to say that you and your guests will certainly appreciate it in less-than-ideal weather. This design element will come in handy when facing everything from scorching heat to heavy winds and even rain.

When shopping for coverings, there are plenty of options to choose from. Recently, pergolas like the one shown in the picture above have seen a spike in popularity. However, umbrellas, awnings, lanais or even indoor-outdoor sunrooms are on the list of potential options.

Since coverings often require building an additional structure, your best bet is to hire a qualified contractor. Be honest with them about how you’d ideally like to use the space, as well as your budget. They’ll be able to recommend the type of covering the best suits your needs.

Find the right covering for your space with these similar products:

A covering will expand the space's use.
A covering will expand the space's use.
A covering will expand the space's use.
A covering will expand the space's use.

Mix and match different patterns and textures.

Mix pattern and texture to create visual interest. Image: Sage Outdoor Designs

Mix patterns, colors and textures

Once you have all of your desired features in place, your next task is to turn an eye to interior design. For the most part, the same rules apply to any space, regardless of whether it’s within walls or not. However, outdoor living rooms do have a few unique considerations you’ll want to be aware of as you’re bringing your vision to life.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that, since outdoor seating is often sold as a unit, it can look monotonous if left alone. You’ll need to add in other design elements with a variety of patterns, colors and textures to create visual interest.

Adding in textiles like accent pillows or an outdoor rug is a great choice because they can bring in lots of visual interest, but can be easily switched out as trends change. Incorporating different types of greenery is another natural choice since you are in nature. Even structural elements like pathways, decks and patios can play a role in your design, if you choose complementary materials and finishes.

Bring in various patterns, colors and textures with these products:

Mix and match different patterns and textures.
Mix and match different patterns and textures.
Mix and match different patterns and textures.
Mix and match different patterns and textures.
Mix and match different patterns and textures.
Mix and match different patterns and textures.
Mix and match different patterns and textures.
Mix and match different patterns and textures.

Get creative with your outdoor ling space.

An outdoor living room is what you make it. Use your imagination. Image: Randle Siddeley

Outdoor living rooms are an area of your home that can truly be tailored to individual tastes. Some are simple and cozy while others are extravagant undertakings that feature plenty of high-end amenities. In fact, there are so many choices available that it can be difficult to determine where to start. Use this guide as a resource to help you take the first step in your design and we know that the finished product will quickly become your new favorite spot.

What do you think about outdoor living rooms? Which features are essential in your ultimate design? Let us know in the comments below.


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Living House in Lima Mimics Human Forms

Located in Lima, Peru, The Living House portrays energy and fluidity. The house was designed by Chetecortes Architects for a family of frequent travelers.

The house’s layout supports this energy of movement, with sweeping open spaces and long pathways, allowing energy to flow freely throughout. Completed in 2016, it’s 530 square meters (5,700 square feet) of dynamic space, with an invisible staircase connecting both spacious floors.

While the interior is impressive, The Living House derives its name from the exterior design. Using photography as a tool, there are two human bodies imposed into the architecture — one is sleeping, at rest, with weight distributed evenly across the surface.

The other is a person about to take a step, in a fixed place, but with the intention and suggestion of movement. Two static cubed pillars represent this support, making the house appear still only for the time being, ready to continue its journey at any moment.













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40 Uniquely Cool Bottle Openers To Open Your Beer Bottles and Your Mind

Drinking beer is an activity best enjoyed with friends – and a handy bottle opener. With such a range on the market, why have a boring black, white or metal opener in you drawer – when a bear with snarling teeth can lurk inside your pantry instead? Our top forty bottle openers are innovations that are part drink fixers, part talking points. Collect all your bottle caps, with a magnetic opener that magnetically gravitates towards them. Shoot a gun at your wine bottle to open it – without causing a leak. Drinking a Guinness? Get a Celtic Greenman to take the top off with his mystical glare. Quench your thirst and your appetite for the fun with our nifty list.


T Rex Bottle Opener: Take your bottle opener back to Jurassic times. This cast iron figurine clasps your juice or beer bottle cap between its mighty teeth.


Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet: Forget about travel souvenirs and advertising magnets – buy a fridge magnet you can actually use. This non-scratch applique attaches to your fridge and magnetically removes your bottle cap, saving you hunting around.


Elephant Corkscrew Bottle Opener: Beechwood and stainless steel combine in this Scandinavian piece of elephant home décor. Flip its corkscrew round to signify a tail, and elevate its trunk to lift the cap off your bottle.


Minimalist Elephant Bottle Opener: Own a bottle opener you’d be proud to show off. This minimalist piece by Jørgen Møller was inspired by a safari in Africa, where the elephant’s sturdy form inspired flicking caps.


Bull Bottle Opener and Corkscrew: You don’t have to engage in animal cruelty to run with this bull. Black-painted steel and a corkscrew tail ensure your guests won’t be waiting for drinks.


Alessi Diabolix Bottle Opener: Feel devilish with this cheeky bottle opener up your sleeve. Available in six colours, its 1994 Biagio Cisotti design is crafted from stainless steel and PA resin.

$6.5BUY IT

Open Here Magnetic Bottle Opener: Rather be sitting in an American diner? This retro bottle opener helps you crack open a cold one, whilst magnetically attaching to your fridge.


Star Wars Millennium Falcon Metal Bottle Opener: In a galaxy far, far away, a Star Wars Millennium Falcon comes to save the day – and your thirst. Wrap up this zinc alloy opener as a treat for a friend.

From $5BUY IT

More Star Wars-Themed Openers: Rather have Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, R2D2 or a frozen foe in your hand? These Star Wars home décor openers are the perfect accessory for a nerdy get-together.


Mermaid Bottle Openers: Dream of a different life under the sea, as this nifty piece of mermaid home décor opens your next drink. Hand-crafted in pewter, her mythological form is good-looking and lead-free.


Fish Corkscrew And Bottle Opener: Need an under-the-sea creation for every occasion? This feisty fish acts as a corkscrew, foil cutter and bottle opener in white oak and stainless steel.


Octopus Bottle Opener: Handmade in the USA, this clingy octopus home décor opener is made anew every time. Sculpted in bronze-powder infused resin, it’ll be sure to make a splash at your next dinner party.


Moby Whale Bottle Opener: Add to your nautical home décor collection by housing a whale in your kitchen. It’s crafted from pewter and opens your bottles with ease.


Shark Cork Screw & Bottle Opener: Plated in either copper, silver or gold, this nifty accessory surely earns its name as a ‘Hammered Head Bottle’. Take off its top to uncork your wine, and soar it towards your beer bottle to lift off the lid.


Kate Aspen Antiqued Bird Bottle Opener: Looking for something more dainty? This song bird adds refinement, in an antique silver finish with bottle opener tail.


Modern Style Bird Corkscrew & Bottle Opener: For those who like the traditional look, this bird décor bottle opener is only a step ahead. A foil cutter, corkscrew and bottle opener take flight in stainless steel and oak.


Eagle Bottle Opener: Inject fun into your work drinks with an eagle at the table. This cast iron flyer is sure to beat your colleagues’ poker face.


Dragon Bottle Opener: Breathe fire into your bottle, with this dragon home décor piece astride your wall. Foundry cast iron and a faux pewter finish give it a truly menacing look.


Crocodile Bottle Opener: Opening a bottle in Australia? Make like its native creatures, with a hand-buffed crocodile made from aluminium.


High Heel Bottle Opener: Love drinking beer, but all things feminine too? Open your bottle with the toe of this heel.


Spectacle Bottle Opener: A nerdy get-together isn’t complete without a set of spectacles. Add intelligence to your Sunday session, as the rims of these glasses remove the lid.


Wall-Mounted Bear Bottle Opener: A grizzly is something you want to see – but only in the right circumstances. Watch him remove your soda cap, with this cast iron head mounted on the wall.


Wall-Mounted Skull Bottle Opener: Want to see skulls instead? This zinc alloy, chrome-plated gem adds shine to function.


Gothic-Style Skull Bottle Opener: For a more gruesome look, this designer resin skull fits the bill. Nail it to your pantry door to give your Mum a fright.


Celtic Greenman Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener: Confirm you really are seeing things, with this Celtic Greenman beside the fridge. A bottle or two of Guinness won’t stop his cold-cast resin glare.


Wall-Mounted Wooden Bottle Opener With Cap Catcher: Want to designate a place for drinking? Hang this hardwood bottle opener and cap catcher in your man cave or she-shed.


Magnetic Bottle Opener & Cap Catcher: Looking for a place to display the caps? Measure how many you’ve downed, as this magnetic bottle opener forks off and catches the lids.


Luchador Bottle Opener: Show your bottle-opening strength with the help of a super-strong Mexican wrestler. This bright blue luchador looks like he’s using his arms – but a handy bottle opener tab hides beneath.


Personalized Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener: Provide a perfect stop for guests at your wedding or special occasion. This wooden plaque bears you or your celebration’s name, as a metal cup catches the lids.


Fleur De Lis Bottle Opener: Place your bottle opener next to your soup spoons and ladles, as this Fleur De Lis home décor piece graces the table. Stainless steel and zinc alloy make the standard look elegant.

From $2BUY IT

Vintage Key Bottle Openers: Worried your kids will get into your stash? Disguise your bottle opener as a vintage key, complete with gold-look finish.


Celtic Bottle Opener: Celebrate your Irish heritage with a Celtic claddagh aside your soda. Perfect as a gift, its metal form comes gift-boxed in faux felt casing and paper.


Airplane Bottle Opener: Don’t know what to pack in your loved one’s suitcase? Give them travel-themed décor they can use, in the form of this bronze finish plane.


Game Of Thrones-Themed Bottle Openers: Get your Hand of the King in a durable gold finish. This scintillating addition to your Game of Thrones décor might not remain in your possession for long.


Modern Bottle Opener: Remember the days you opened bottles with twigs? Enter the 21st Century, with this bottle opener in polished stainless steel.


Modern Minimalist Bottle Opener: Open your bottles in style. Soft to the grip and polished by hand, these next-level bottle openers carry a one-year warranty.


Arne Jacobsen Cylinda Bottle Opener: Looking more like a designer flute, these stainless steel dreams look a catch beside your beer or soda bottle.


Multipurpose Card-Shaped Survival Tool With Bottle Opener: Want a bottle opener that can fit in your wallet? This nifty card removes caps, measures length, acts as a flat screwdriver and will never rust or bend.


Powered Gun-Shaped Wine Bottle Opener: Want to get trigger-happy? Place a pink or grey gun nozzle over the cork of your wine, for an easy and humorous way to greet guests.


Personalized 50 Caliber BMG Bullet-Shaped Bottle Opener: Gun fanatics will love this bottle opener in the shape of a bullet. Personalise it as a gift for the hunter in your life.

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