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Top Designers and Architects Speak: What’s In and Out in Home Design Trends for 2018

Ready to access the design hive mind? 1stdibs, the global marketplace for dealers and collectors of home design pieces, polled 40,000 of the world’s top interior designers and architects to predict what’s in and what’s out in home design trends for 2018.

Research firm Surveys & Forecasts, LLC took the responses and tabulated them to find out what home design trends will dominate in 2018, what 2017 trends are on the way out and the most common mistakes clients make when redesigning a space. Here are the highlights:

What’s out for 2018

Minimalism will be minimized

An ultra-minimalist space in Tel Aviv. Image: Toledano Architects

The most surprising findings in the survey is that minimalism, which has been a favorite look for so long, is out. According to the survey, the look is down 3% from 2017 and designers will be looking to other styles for 2018. Here’s more:

White is no longer “having a moment”

All-white design is no longer on-trend, according to a survey of 40,000 interior designers and architects. Image: Home Designing

White interiors have been popular for so long many thought it would be a classic by now. But the survey found that designers and architects are planning to add more complexity in both color and details, making the all-white room treatments a thing of the past.

Millennial pink is over

millennial pink is out

Millennial pink adds a feminine feel to a room setting. Image: The Chriselle Factor

It had a short run in popularity, perhaps because of the catchy name. It’s really not a bad shade of pink. But designers and homeowners don’t want to hear the term again — or see the soft blush shade in their home, unless it’s in a little girl’s bedroom.

Metal finishes are a thing of the past

A room setting featuring mixed metals in golds, silver and rose gold. Image: The Chriselle Factor

The vintage-inspired vibes of mixing lots of brass, gold and rose golds will be relinquished back to the past. Architects and designers think they indulged in too much of a good thing when they encouraged mixed metals and an abundance of the finishes.

What’s in for home design trends in 2018

So what will designers and architects be replacing the out list with? Here are the favorite home design trends for 2018, according to the 40,000 design pros polled.

Vibrant color will replace light neutrals

home design trends 2018

Teal blue is a popular replacement color for white. Image: Brandon Barre

home design trends 2018

Richer colors and jewel tones add warmth and a fresh look to spaces for 2018 and beyond. Image: BTL Property London

It’s hard to get 40,000 designers to agree. But 26% said that vibrant jewel tones will be hot for 2018. Teal, eggplant and emerald green topped the list. You might see bolder tones sneaking in slowly, with accessories or a single focal point. Rich and saturated will definitely be more common. As for white and pale grays, they will fade in style.

A more complex, textured contemporary style

home design trends 2018

The new contemporary features more layering, texture, color and individual style. Image: Sisalla

An overwhelming 65% of designers and architects prefer contemporary design projects for 2018. But it will be different this time. Geometric patterns (mentioned by 24%), florals (32%) and layered textures will be incorporated to make contemporary design warmer and unique.

Softer, more tactile and organic surfaces

Softer, organic surfaces and warmer, richer colors will freshen up what most recognize as contemporary style. Image: L Works

Velvet and stone are the top choices and on the rise by 12% as designers look to create warmer, more inviting interiors for their clients.

Top client mistakes

In addition to being asked what’s in and what’s out for 2018, designers were asked about their experiences with clients. The top mistakes they felt the clients made included:

1. Not trusting their designers (44%). Most designers said they wished their client would invest in a quality sofa or a dining table instead of lots of small items, which leads to the second mistake…

2. Choosing cheaper, poor-quality furniture and home accents in an attempt to buy many things for less.

3. Being afraid to follow their own individual styles instead of following trends.

Conclusion: What’s In and What’s Out — Home Design Trends for 2018

To keep it simple, here are what architects, designers and homeowners think will be in and out for 2018:





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Here Are 4 Tips to Help You Infuse Personality Into Every Room

infuse personality

Every room needs a dose of personality. Image: Steele Street Studios

Usually, when we talk about design choices, we come at them from the perspective of how to make the rooms in your home appeal to the masses. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t admit that, at the end of the day, your home really only needs to appeal to you. It should feel distinctly yours.

That’s why we’re focusing on how to infuse personality into your interiors. We’ve got four tips on how to ensure your home feels like it fits you, no matter what your unique interests may be. Read them over and consider incorporating one or two of them into your next design. After all, there’s no reason not to celebrate who you are.

gallery wall

Gallery walls give you the opportunity to curate your surroundings. Image: Nathalie Priem Photography

Create a gallery wall

If you’re looking for a quick way to help your home feel more like you, a gallery wall might just be a perfect choice. Put simply, this design choice allows you to showcase who you are and how you’d like for it to be put on display.

The first step is to decide what exactly you’d like to show off. Feel free to peruse sites like Freshome for some gallery wall inspiration, but items like photographs, artwork, movie posters, concert tickets, inspirational quotes, or patterned fabrics are all viable options.

Once you have your items on hand, the next step is to figure out how they should be hung. We suggest laying it out on a table or the floor before attempting to secure anything to the wall. That way, you’ll have the ability to play around and make changes until you’ve landed on the ideal arrangement.

use hobbies

Let your hobbies play a central role in your décor. Image: KuDa Photography

Highlight your hobbies

If you have a hobby that you love, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be given a position of prominence in your home. Whether you’re a fan of music, art, or are looking for the opportunity to display a prized collection, hanging some of these items on your walls or situating them on shelves is a great way to give your home a unique personal touch.

In this case, however, we’d advise resisting the urge to lean too heavily on a theme. Rather than building the whole room around your passion, simply incorporate these items into the design. That said, whatever your hobby-centric items may be, give them positions of importance, maybe even make one your focal point.


Whenever possible, play around with bold colors and patterns. Image: Square Footage Inc.

Play with pattern

Bold prints and are also a solid option for those looking to make their interiors a little bit more personalized. Like people, no two patterns are exactly alike, and there are countless options to choose from. Most of the time, these patterns are included in accessories like throw pillows or pieces of wall art. However, that’s not to say that you couldn’t make a stronger statement by choosing something like a bathroom tile or kitchen backsplash.

Which pattern you choose is ultimately up to you, but if you’re going with something that makes a strong statement, we recommend having that be your inspiration item for the room. Let the colors that are present inform your palette for the rest of the space and do your best to mimic any particular aesthetic cues.

open shelving

Use open shelving to showcase your style. Image: IPD Partners, Inc.

Include open shelving

Lastly, embracing the open shelving trend will also afford you a unique opportunity to put pieces of your personality on display in your home. Ideally, you’ll have access to some built-ins like the ones pictured above, but if not, start the process by searching for a shelving unit that meshes well with your sense of style.

Once that’s in place, the next step is to procure the items that will make up your design. It’s best to source materials that come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Doing so will keep your design more visually interesting and prevent it from feeling too one-note.

The last step in this process is bringing all of the pieces together in a cohesive arrangement. Take note of how, in the photo, the décor elements are arranged into distinct groupings. Feel free to play around with your items and try grouping them by various numbers, heights, and directions. You’ll know when you land on an arrangement that feels right.

infuse personality

Use these tips to infuse personality into your interiors. Image: Taylor + Taylor

Most of the time, when we talk about following one of design’s fundamental rules or embracing a new trend, our goal is to help you make your interiors a hit with the masses. Today, we’re coming at the topic from a new perspective. We’ve given you tips on how to infuse personality into the rooms of your home because that’s really just as important. Use our advice to ensure that your design feels uniquely you.

Do you make a conscious effort to highlight your personality in your home? Do you have any of your own suggestions to add? If so, share them with us in the comments below.

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Living Rooms With Brown Sofas: Tips And Inspiration For Decorating Them

You saw it, you loved it, you just had to buy it. But, what exactly do you put with that lovely brown sofa to make your living room decor work for you? Your sofa is almost certainly going to be the largest piece of furniture in the room (unless you have a huge bookcase to contend with) so there’s no sneaking it into an existing room design by just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. No. Your beautiful brown sofa should be given a warm welcome with a complementary colour scheme, and we’re here to show you how with the help of some brown sofa centric visualisations.

Visualizer: Sasha Gnativ  

There is a massive trend surrounding copper accents right now, from copper desk lamps in the home office to canisters in the kitchen. This visual illustrates just how amazing copper globe pendants like these look in tandem with a brown leather sofa. Both the tone and the sheen work together in harmony. In addition, a cool grey backdrop is a more modern alternative to the traditional and obvious cream coloured wall treatment we’ve seen done to death around brown sofas in years gone by.

Photographer: Federico Cedrone  

Looking at home in a mid century modern living room, a ruddy brown sofa can be visually cooled by the implementation of a grey area rug and grey accent chair. A duo of marble topped coffee tables complete the look.

Visualizer: YoDezeen  

Earth tone palettes are always a safe bet when working with brown sofas, and can be very effective. A natural coloured area rug and wooden floor are the perfect base for a brown sectional, and natural greenery provides amazing contrast. Painting one wall in solid fresh white is a good idea so that the overall scheme doesn’t become too muddy.

Source: Ditre Italia  

Curtains don’t have to match the colour of the sofa or sofa cushions; the selection of random sized throw cushions here are shades of cool mid-brown on a rich warm brown sofa. Two armchairs mirror the silhouette of the sofa rather than its upholstery colour, whilst a black bookcase matches its thin black legs.

Visualizer: YoDezeen  

This two-tone sectional sofa has both brown and grey volumes in its make up, so the interior design of the room has been based around this modern colour combo. A living wall lifts the muted scheme with a stripe of bright green. Chrome floor lamps and stainless steel frames end tables are great for providing a bit of sparkle. When using darker shades over furniture and walls, consider keeping the floor and ceiling white to maintain a spacious and airy feel.

Visualizer: Dasha Chevrole   

This soft brown sectional sits in front of a dark backed display that has a bronze frame and detailing. The dramatic colour combination makes everything appear more sophisticated and expensive. Note how the two large pendant lights add a fresh white spray to proceedings, matching a light marbled floor.

Visualizer: Adán Martín  

Multiple tones of brown in a solid wood herringbone floor make a stunning accompaniment to a brown chesterfield sofa. Grey scatter cushions and curtains balance out the look.

Source: B&B Italia  

When working only with a palette brown and white, introduce different tones for added depth. Ruddy brown floor lamps match a single throw cushion on this sofa, with the rest of the cushions covered in dark chocolate against the sepia brown upholstery.

Photographer: Soopakorn Srisakul  

Industrial style living rooms are a natural fit for brown sofas. Look through our industrial home decor for more inspiration on how to accessorise this look.

Visualizer: Nordes  

A brown leather sofa works well with bright red and navy blue accents.

Visualizer: Fathy Ibrahim  

A contrasting accent chair is a great way to boost the look of your brown sofa and keep your room bang up to date.

Visualizer: Jakub Cech  

There is something very sophisticated about a brown sofa in the right setting, and nothing shouts intellectual sophistication quite as loudly an extensive and organised home library. Team these elements with a live flame fire and you’re good to go.

Source: Busnelli  

You can pick out the tone of your sofa with an area rug but be sure to introduce a brighter accent colour in there too. Also, leave a small border between the couch and matching rug to let them visually ‘breathe’.

Visualizer: Sequoia design studio  

You could create a scheme where each item in it is a stand alone piece. Take this scheme interior for example: Each seat is of a different style and colour, as is the coffee table. The thing they have in common is that they are all from the neutral colour family. The artwork and floral arrangement provide the only issue of bright colour here.

Visualizer: Sam Habbaba  

How about a brown ceiling to match a brown sofa? The rest of the space should be open and bright to carry off this feature.

Visualizer: Taner CANDAN  

If you have plenty of natural light then don’t be afraid to go dark with the decor.

Visualizer: Para Design  

A black painted brick wall gives an edgy youthful look.

Visualizer: Maksym Iuriichuk & Artem Trigubchak  

Even a subtle array of indoor plants boosts brown.

Visualizer: Cesar Vazquez  

When putting a brown sofa in an all grey scheme, add a feature wall of wooden panels to tie in with its tone.

Visualizer: 365 Design  

A Scandinavian style living room with a monochrome scheme makes a great base for just about any colour sofa.

Visualizer: Bellevue NZZ  

Following on from the black painted brick wall… How about a white one!

Visualizer: Zinaida Baklanova  

These modern outdoor chairs make a quirky accompaniment, especially with a traditional brown toned rug.

Visualizer: Thao Nguyen  

You can go ahead and match the colour of your walls with your sofa, but only if your sofa will stand in a spot that is isolated like the one seen here. You don’t want the sofa to become so camouflaged that you can’t find it!

Visualizer: 365 Design  

Black and brown work gloriously together when made crisp by swathes of white.

Visualizer: Oporski Architektura  

Minimalist living rooms lend themselves to the creation of unusual sectioning. This one has one half completely cappuccino, and the other ice white.

Visualizer: Fenix Design  

Sometimes one feature wall is enough.

Visualizer: Concretica  

A large sofa can be offset by a bold accent chair.

Visualizer: Erlind Llanaj  

Pairing the color with appropriate wall textures can help. Check out our living room wall texture post for inspiration.

Visualizer: Annete Manuilova  

A yellow accent can work wonders with brown.

Designer: Matiz Architecture & Design  

Last of all, how about putting your brown sofa with every colour of the rainbow!

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Family Home With Dashes Of Pastel Colour Decor

We’ve all become comfortable with seeing a bit of neutral grey and white decor in our modern interior design schemes but sometimes for a family environment it might be nice to discover some colourful light relief. Even just a dash of subtle colour here and there makes surroundings a bit more interesting for the little ones (and us) and creates unexpected cheerful moments. This family home was designed at the Chinese interior design studio Nordico, with Nordic style in mind. The images by Hey!Cheese Photography picks up soft powder pink, pale olive, sand, lilac and aqua tones amongst a white and chalky grey backdrop, plus stunning patterned tiling.

The living room is a simplistic looking space with a small modern sofa and a contemporary upholstered bench seat with a cutaway back, which lets an extra amount of natural light sneak through from the window. In front of an electrical socket, a small pink box stool shields the room from the tangle of wires. A flat screen television is mounted onto a sleek stand with a small footprint, as are the slimline speakers, in lieu of a larger console cabinet.

Coffee tables are a neat place to display a few decorative items and provide a steady area to set down drinks and snacks. The one pictured here is an upholstered design that has a wipe-clean tray sunken into its surface.

Due to the small scale nature of this furniture, the room becomes a versatile space with many layout possibilities. Here we see the two settees pushed together in an L-shape arrangement instead of facing each other across the room.

Back to the original layout, a miniature storage cabinet stands beside the small pink stool.

There is no artwork on the walls of this living room. The subtle colours that are infused into the scheme via the furniture upholstery provides all of the visual interest.

A cosy throw on the light grey bench seat ties in with the hue of the sofa, and one of the dining chairs that is situated in the open plan living space.

On the tiny wood console unit, there is a cool headphone stand and a designer table lamp with black frame that matches that of the unit. The lamp you see here is the Oda style lamp, you can get the replica here.

By night the lighting scheme provides a warm and cosy atmosphere in the living room, perfect for relaxing evenings in front of the television or iPad, or listening to music and podcasts on those headphones.

The central pendant is industrial style lighting with a brushed silver finish.

Leading into the open plan home from the entryway, stunning patterned tiling with a geometric cut covers the floor. This installation continues over the kitchen and dining area but ends towards the living room where it is superseded by wood plank flooring.

Opposite the kitchen-dining area there is a large wall clock that is held a couple of inches off the wall by its mount.

A number of indoor plants are dotted around the home, the first being this large and leafy Swiss cheese plant nearby the front door.

The kitchen diner is a spacious area with plenty of cabinet storage and preparation area. The dining suite seats four people.

Two white dining pendant lights illuminate the marble effect tabletop, which is teamed with a set of geometric cut
modern dining chairs that each have different contrasting coloured cushioning.

There is a floral arrangement on the dining table that brings together all of the colours of the four upholstered seats.

Running along the wall opposite the kitchen, on the way to the bedroom and home office, tall grey cabinetry offers a bank of lower cupboards for concealed storage and a selection of exposed shelves on which to store books and display decorative items like this unique plant stand.

Leading into the bedroom, a small wall rack is fitted with decorative hooks and a convenient face mirror for a last minute out-the-door appearance check.

The home office is situated in the bedroom, separated only partially by a narrow dividing wall.

Interior sliding glazed doors to the left lead off into a generously sized walk-in closet.

The white desk is teamed with a buff camel coloured stylish desk chair and a duo of stony grey decorative vases. Behind both the study area and the headboard there are chequered designs of varying proportions.

Shallow wall cupboards are nestled flush beneath a soffit above the bed. White shutters give the window a clean unfussy finish.

Wall sconces at each side of the bed have an industrial style, showcasing looped wires and exposed bulbs.

The bed is dressed with bold monochrome print cushions.

The fixtures in the bedroom have been selected in a fashionable gold finish teamed black detailing.

Despite the presence of a walk-in closet, the bedroom also has an exposed garment hanging rail for a few current favourites.

Concrete planters decorate the top of the exposed closet system, which also has a glass fronted display cabinet that is reserved for pretty perfume bottles.

Inside the large closet there is another wall hung cabinet in which to store smalls and toiletries.

The remainder of the closet is kitted out with exposed hanging rails that are individually lit with LED lighting strips, plus a selection of concealed hanging spaces and drawers.

The ensuite bathroom has another beautiful geometric tile arrangement – though different from the design used out in the kitchen-diner. More jet black trimmings are used in this light space too, including a matte black faucet.

The child’s bedroom in this house is awash with calming soft turquoise.

A fun tent canopy sits atop the kids’ bed.

In the smaller bathroom we find more elegant tiling and another warm wood vanity.

Love the work of this designer? Do check out other works we have featured from Nordico:
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A Scandinavian Style Apartment That Exudes Chic Comfort

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White Walls and Exposed Brick Go Minimalist in This Couple’s Retreat

White walls need not be boring – they can be a star feature, if you’ve got the materials to accompany them. These visuals by Marina Tsoy use all the basics – white walls, light wooden floors and exposed brick – to create a home that’s spacious, interesting, and leaning towards the minimalist. As rough wood plays in tables amidst blue couches and ferns, the feel is pure, fresh, clean, a space acting the blank canvas. A surprise in the bathroom awaits with a splash more colour, while bedtime beckons in exposed brick. Play with the basics – and get it right every time – with this tour of an achievable interior in light wood, exposed brick and white.

Our white-walled beauty opens to the most natural of spaces, the living room, where we begin our tour. Teaming up with an exposed brick wall which heads the kitchen, three long windows light up the space, which is floored in light wood. Grey blue couches offer a place to rest, a ceiling-mounted projector a sign of things to come. A bevy of indoor plants between the two sofas hark to the outdoors.

Sidling closer towards the lounges, three rustic coffee tables, each in the shape of a tree trunk, catch our eye. As a coffee mug in black rests upon them, its hues reflect in the rug, a series of zigzags which add detail to the interior.

A stark wall in white plays feature in the lounge, bordered as it is by a roaring wood burner and potted fern. A simple concrete plinth, also used to hold the fire, acts as a mantelpiece. As a stack of magazines and sculpted head add character, another potted plant punctuates the area.

Made image by the kitchen’s projector, the white wall shows it’s for more than show. A perfect spot for a film or two, the fire and exposed brick wall to one side, potted plant to the other create a frame for a blockbuster or late-night Excel.

As we gaze towards the couch, one of the room’s more subtle features becomes apparent – its <a href="http://swing arm wall lamps. The Gåsgränd Swing Arm Lamp here is a plug-in light, which gracefully hides behind the couch whilst extending its reach.

Looking towards a wintry pine forest, the living space’s three windows proudly illuminate the room. Dressed with simple black frames and white-painted radiators at their bottom, they segment more painted brick, adding texture to the room’s white hue.

As we follow more windows we face more brick, this time unpainted. The block shapes of the couches match the block shapes in the kitchen – its wooden extractor fan cover, grey cabinetry and wooden dining table lurking beyond.

The dining and kitchen present more white, this time in an acrylic cabinet hiding a stove and fridge. A lone chair in white greets five others at the table, while more painted brick provides a frame for its red sister. A glass splashback in the kitchen makes the most of its wall feature, making this traditional domestic scene a touch more modern.

The view towards the lounge shows off darker grey hues, tied together by the dining chairs, wood burner and horizontal LED light. Grey chairs to each side, the white fridge cabinet and windows keep the space open.

To the side, a mirror pretends to be a corridor, reflecting the lines of the living room’s windows. Illuminated by LEDs along its edges, it’s the perfect trick to make this home appear larger.

Long lines in the home also keep the look cohesive. The lone dangling pendant above the dining table sheds light on breakfast; light sockets in wrought iron make a feature beside the windows; the backs of the dining chairs add structure to necessity.

White plays a large part in the home’s minimalist bedroom. French panelling creates a backdrop to a headboard in rustic wood. Simple bedspreads provide softness, without dominating the room. Two mats interplay on the wooden floor below, each featuring vertical or diagonal woollen grains.

On closer inspection, a few more elements appear. Bedroom pendant lights, here in the style of dangling torches, pepper the room with lit cylinders. A white bucket-shaped table holds a pair of headphones, while the window’s black framing matches both the pendants and bed’s frame.

The bedroom becomes more rounded, as brick and green show their faces. Lining the full front wall, exposed brick provides a frame for the bed, letting white walls be the masterpiece. A sprig of a potted green fern, coat hooks and a leaning illustration add character.

Lying at the bed’s height, the exposed brick skirting is undoubtedly this room’s feature. A couple of white camera lights, in the same shape as the pendants, shine down on its glory. A fern on the bedside table keeps watch.

Keeping it white and bright, a standing open wardrobe displays the owner’s most popular wears, a series of chiffon and pin-striped shirts and dresses. Wooden floors tie in nicely with a brown leather bag, which lies in wait for the next day’s work.

Opening up to the wintry forest, the bedroom’s two windows share their look from the lounge. A plain white bedspread and simple metal table let ferns and brick do the talking.

A delightful surprise in this house full of white, the grey bathroom leads us in with a not entirely different décor. Headlined by a burst of bubble mirrors at its centre, the sinks draws our eyes again with a sink in white porcelain. A simple white matching toilet, open plan shower and a bevy of house plants keep the look ultra-modern.

Clad entirely in grey, the bathroom lets in light with another long window, the sister of those in the lounge and bedroom. A simple black faucet and the bath’s clean lines stay classic, while a tiled wall at the end and pebbled area at the window polish off the look.

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