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3 Small Apartments That Make The Best Of The Space They Have

Small apartment living is a lifestyle all its own – without much space for furniture and everyday objects, the impact of every single choice grows exponentially. This post explores three compact apartments that make the most of their small floor plans by using creative space-saving techniques, creating multipurpose spaces, and smartly utilizing the simplest color and decor schemes. And despite their restricted sizes, none of these homes sacrifice even an ounce of character. If you’re looking for small apartment inspiration to guide your own decor decisions, this post is a great place to start.

Designer: The November  

This lovely small apartment doesn’t have a super-open layout so popular in interior design today, but it still feels open and spacious considering its relatively restricted floor plan.

The interior is split into two parts, with living spaces on the entry side and private spaces behind the bisecting wall.

Bright windows flood the kitchen with ample sunlight, while the living room enjoys a darker and cozier atmosphere.

It’s important that each object serves a purpose in a space that has such little room for decor. The handsome teapot set serves as a great example.

Keeping things organized is a hugely important part of maintaining a minimalist home. These wicker baskets neatly stow away beneath the low table, easily holding extra throws or decorations.

Plenty more storage occupies a wall near the sofa. The adjustable floor lamp easily provides light for a variety of tasks, from reading to preparing tea.

The cozy dining table creates division between the living and kitchen spaces. By moving the chair on the rightmost side, the table becomes an extended work space for meal preparation.

Table decor remains simple, with clean striped place mats and a plain white decorative vase.

Below-counter cabinets and tall wooden units offer plenty of space for storage. The residents further maximize space by keeping necessities, like the trash can, at a compact size.

The bedroom occupies the space just on the other side of the dividing wall. Wardrobe space hides in the small hallway that leads to the bathroom.

Thanks to a handsome adjustable wall sconce, it’s easy to either light the bed or light the hallway to the bathroom with the same fixture.

The other side of the room hosts a robust home office.

And what a nice home office it is! A small wall shelf displays homey personal objects, while the ergonomic desk chair keeps things comfortable.

Designer: VAE Group  

At just 48 square meters, this unique studio apartments offers an uncommonly high standard of comfort and luxury for its size. The tour opens with a shot of the living room and bedroom combination, with the bedroom portion surrounded by curtains that can open to increase the perceived size of the space or close to offer privacy and soundproofing.

One of the most innovative features in this apartment is the overhead projector. Instead of casting to a screen, it projects the media onto the blackout curtain that covers the window.

If you’re looking for space-saving techniques, this room has ideas in spades – including the under-bed cabinets and the handy nesting end tables.

The living room, bedroom, kitchen, and office all occupy the same open area, but they feel distinct thanks to the partial walls that divide them.

Decor remains simple. The wall clock adds a splash of color, the artwork in the dining room captures the eye.

And considering that each area is visible from every other area, this streamlined decor theme makes coordination significantly easier.

The kitchen uses minimalist hardware, fixtures, and finishes for an incredibly smooth look.

Although it doesn’t support as many guests as a traditional dining table, this breakfast bar offers a comfortable place to enjoy family meals.

Because the cabinetry blocks the natural sunlight that filters in through the window on the left, warm wood cabinetry helps to hide the appearance of shadows and makes the space look brighter.

Now, let’s take a quick peek inside the innovative bedroom volume.

While the bedroom area doesn’t enjoy any natural sunlight with the curtains drawn, its blue accent wall and wooden elements definitely imbue the space with the charm of the outdoors.

And finally, a look at the grayscale bathroom. The artwork is definitely unexpected – a diagram of the inner workings of the toilet lends a touch of industrial appeal.

The single brass pendant light stands out as a focal point, drawing the eye into the room.

Visualizer: Zikzak  

At a modest 26 square meters, this compact apartment makes bold moves with a high-contrast color scheme. While using dark colors can often make a small space feel even more cramped, this apartment balances the effect with large swaths of glossy white surfaces to catch and extend the natural sunlight.

Cladding materials serve as a strong source of contrast as well, pairing natural wood with concrete, and just a touch of luxury like the black marble of the coffee table. At night, the residents must move the table to make room for the fold-out sofa bed.

This matte black accent wall offers a dramatic backdrop for objects like the smooth white kitchen pendant lights.

To save space, this design foregoes a traditional dining table in favor of an island and simple kitchen bar stools.

Even the supplies that remain out on the counters follow the same no-nonsense motif as the rest of the home, like this streamlined pitcher.

Rather than hanging a large print, the decorators decided on a motivational “feeling good” motif. Creative candle holders and color block prints sit on the tables below.

The space beneath the tables could double as a convenient place to store shoes, with the tabletops serving as a place to sit and put them on. Gloves, wallets, and pocket items can go in the cubby.

At the other end of the home you’ll find the black entryway, storage cabinets, and a bathroom tucked in behind the kitchen.

The bathroom is dark, moody, and relaxing. The only objects that stand out from the dark background are the furniture and fixtures.

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Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of a Bathroom Remodel

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Plan your bathroom remodel.

Successful bathroom remodels take a little planning and forethought. Image: Juxtaposed Interiors

Shop a similar look: Sconce | Mirrors | Stools

Undertaking a bathroom remodel is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. For many homeowners, it’s a status symbol and one of the first times they can bring a substantial personal touch to their home. However, it’s a sizable investment, one big enough to make most people think twice before diving in unprepared.

If you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, but need some help figuring out how to do it right, we’re here to help. Use the tips in this post as a guide for pulling off a successful remodel and you’ll have all the tools you need to bring your vision to life.

Find design inspiration first.

Search out design inspiration to help you get started. Image: Designing First Impressions

Shop a similar look: Wall Mount Mirror | Mirrors | Vase

DO: Find design inspiration first

Every great home remodeling project — but especially those that come with a hefty price tag — must start with a plan. Before you start on the physical aspects of the project, like tearing up flooring or putting in a rain forest shower, have a firm idea of what you want your final product to look like.

To do this, use websites such as Freshome to find design ideas. (If you’re really unsure of how to define your personal style, our Defining A Style Series is a good place to start.) Remember you don’t have to strictly adhere to one particular type of design. Feel free to pick and choose elements from different styles until you land on a look you love.

Consider your budget.

Remember to keep your budget in mind. Image: Nina Farmer Interiors

Shop a similar look: Towels | Vanity | Sconce

DON’T: Forget to consider your budget

Once you have your inspiration in mind, it’s incredibly important to be realistic about your budget. Consider how much money you have to spend, as well as how much your ideal project would cost. Though it may not be the most pleasant task to undertake, looking at your finances will help you get a sense of which aspects of a renovation are most feasible for you.

That said, there are a few things you can do to help keep your project affordable. Get quotes from a variety of contractors before deciding who to hire, consider doing some of the work yourself to save on labor costs, and look for wholesale stores in your community that will let you buy the materials at a discount.

Stick to neutrals.

Keep your most expensive items neutral. Image: John Kraemer & Sons

Shop a similar look: Faucet | Sconce | Vase

DO: Keep high-end items neutral

Since bathroom remodels are such a huge expense, one of our favorite tips is to keep your high-end purchases as neutral as possible. In particular, we’re talking about things like tile flooring or shower design. Allowing these features to be more of a blank canvas will make it easier to alter your design as trends change and ensure that they have a broader appeal if you ever sell your home.

Keep in mind that including these neutral elements doesn’t mean your bathroom will be boring. Infuse your personality into the space through accessories, which are easier to change over time. Think about using a few visually striking elements like bold paint colors, mirrors, hand towels and floor coverings.

Don't forget storage.

Be sure to include some creative storage solutions. Image: Capital Closets

Shop a similar look: Mirror | Towels | Baskets

DON’T: Go without storage

If there’s one feature of a bathroom remodel that doesn’t get much attention, yet is still appreciated, it’s storage. Whether you want to store extra toiletries or a few sets of guest towels, having them on hand whenever they’re needed is an incredible benefit.

If you have the room, consider bumping out a wall to include an extra storage closet and built-in shelving. Even if moving walls is outside your budget, find an organization unit that fits in with your aesthetic. Doing so will give your space a polished quality that’s well worth the added effort and expense.

Highlight the shower.

Make the shower your showpiece. Image: Roost Interiors

Shop a similar look: Mirror | Sconce | Faucet

DO: Splurge on the shower

Just like any other room in your home, the bathroom needs to have a focal point, or a design element that’s meant to draw the eye. According to research by MarketWatch, luxurious showers are one of the most popular features among home buyers, so it may be a good feature to highlight. Think of it this way, you’ll get to enjoy multiple shower heads and heated floors now, with the added benefit of knowing your investment will probably pay off down the road.

Interestingly, the same research found that soaking tubs have fallen out of favor. Many feel they aren’t used often enough and take a lot of effort to clean. Consider skipping this expense, if your main goal is to eventually sell. That said, it’s also important to take personal preference into account.

Choose a nice vanity.

If possible, include an impressive vanity. Image: Mark Williams Design Associates

Shop a similar look: Sconces | Cabinet Pulls | Faucet

DON’T: Skimp on the vanity

The bathroom vanity is another feature where you can make a big statement. Options that feature double sinks, large mirrors and plenty of storage are on-trend. If possible, opt for one with a luxe top in a material such as granite or marble to add even more visual interest to the space.

Keep in mind that you can always change up the look of your existing vanity, if needed. Giving it a new coat of paint is a relatively simple DIY project that will change the room’s look. You could also switch out the drawer pulls or even buy a new topper from a home improvement store to freshen up the bathroom’s aesthetic.

Tips for a successful bathroom remodel

Follow these do’s and don’ts for a successful bathroom remodel. Image: Peterssen/Keller Architecture

Shop a similar look: Mirrors | Sconces | Toilet

Completing a bathroom remodel can be an exciting yet daunting experience. On the one hand, there are few things more satisfying than knowing you’ve put your own personal stamp on your home. On the other, these projects can get so pricey that taking the first step can be intimidating. If you’re looking for a guide for how to make your remodel a success, look no further. These are the tips you need to transform your bathroom into an oasis.

Have you ever completed a bathroom remodel? What tips can you share from your experience? Let us know in the comments.

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Open Kitchen Shelving: 40 Classy Examples That Show How The Pros Pull It Off

There’s a type of kitchen design that’s bold, daring, different. It matches Scandinavian exposed brick walls, and complements black-tiled surfaces, feature walls and white-washed wooden panels. What are we talking about? Open kitchen shelving, of course! Our top forty picks show how the right shelving design can create an inspirational kitchen interior. Add art to your shelving, by striping mustard over the top. Go geometric, with an acrylic C framing roughshod wood. Go for the look of a New York eatery, with elongated shelves propping up white tiles and hanging saucepans. Forgo full cupboards in your kitchen, with these forty professional looks.

Visualizer: Vu Tan  

Evoke a feeling of zen with your open shelving. Two light wooden panels upon a natural floor hold a variety of lengths of shelving. Easily moved by replacing shelf holders in different drilled holes, they hold a range of ornamentation – not your simple pots and pans. Stencilling in a kitchen clock, industrial-style lighting diamonds and stool legs mimic their lines.

Visualizer: Svoya Studio  

Don’t have enough space for an ornamental wall? Get out your crockery instead. This white and wooden block kitchen offers rows of plates and cups in white and transparent glass. An upside-down table adds another layer of shelving – and an element of surprise.

Visualizer: Deer Design  

This compact kitchen only shows its feature pieces. As wood and chrome create a modern surround, pops of colour in spice jars, herbal teas and 18 bottles of matching red create a space of interest. A unique faucet in wood and potted African violet add finishing touches.

Source: Leicht Kitchens  

Feel your kitchen is much too white? Stripe marmalade orange down its middle, like this quirky kitchen. Showcasing artwork and crockery in white and yellow, non-matching necessities are banished to the right.

Architect: i29 Architects   

Sometimes shelving isn’t the main feature. This white acrylic C makes shapes while cooking, holding white plates and glasses below. A plywood wall behind makes an ideal rack for spices.

Designer: Elizabeth Roberts  

Use your open shelving to introduce a new surface. This white, charcoal and chrome kitchen links to the corridor behind in wood. Extra ledges hold dinner centrepieces and rustic shot glasses.

Visualizer: Nickolay Morhunov  

Open shelving can act as a frame. Painted olive green with a marble splashback, two cases of open shelving subtly fill the space. Gleams of chrome in kitchen knives and a standing oven offer shine.

Source: Minacciolo   

Open shelves instantly update a classic country kitchen. This blue beauty excels with clean white plates, teapots and cups adorning its panels. A few beige benches and sprigs of green help tie the palette in.

Source: Alice Lane Home  

There’s no need for shelving to disturb your décor. Framed in wood and finished with rough plaster, rows of thick white benching stand out only when they want to. Double green beer bottles shout out top left.

Designer: Tipfords  

The smaller home can save space, by using open shelving. This apartment fuses the kitchen and living room, using items in the bookcase to mark out the areas.

Visualizer: Aleksandr Taran  

Have a black and white kitchen you’d like to accessorize? Using many methods of utensil display, this darker space lifts its common bowls and cups on a shelf up high. Indoor herb planters add another level, while a pot chills on the knife rack.

Visualizer: Polygon  

Open shelving can add kitchen finesse, a job made easy by this acrylic kitchen. Both reflecting and generating LED and pendant lights, its signature shade colours two elongated shelves.

Designer: Joanna Laajisto  
Photographer: Mikko Ryhänen  
Source: Lundia  

Display your kitchen wares on a cascading bookshelf. This black and light-wood kitchen makes large cubbies for copper, white and earthenware items. A mini shelf in the splashback ties the theme in, with a row of cups in black.

Visualizer: Design At Sketch  

The blackest of black kitchens can afford an open shelf. Decked in the shade from top to toe, this classy cooking space opens up three cupboard panels to showcase its fare. A glass fridge panel offers a fresher peek.

Source: Kuchen  

Fill a white space with clever open shelving. This clean, classic kitchen accessorizes only with chrome, in a row of four stools, a triangle kettle and tens of identical shelves for knick-knacks.

Designer: Studio McGee  

Unique kitchen bar stools aren’t this kitchen’s only feature. Matching walnut Cherner Counter Stools are six rows of open shelving, propped up on white tiling. White and wooden utensils tie this rustic home together.

Architect: StudioFour  

The white lines of these open kitchen shelves make light wood look pink. Bearing spaced-out ornaments, spices and potted glass jars, this minimalist feature makes a subtle style statement.

Visualizer: AM Studio  

Have a Scandinavian kitchen decked with white tiles? Rows of white open shelving can polish the scene. Loaded with white and wooden elements matching the cutting boards and table, five hanging pendants light the items on display.

Visualizer: Natalia Okolus  

Can’t keep your hands out of cookie jars? Place them on high, as in this Scandinavian kitchen. Black cabinetry and pastel crockery make the scene come alive.

Designer: Ruth Welsby  
Photographer: Martina Gemmola  

Open shelving need not only be for crockery. This white and bright example for Scandinavian kitchens pairs polished wooden shelves with an array of potted plants. Water catchers stacked in waiting and a decorative watering can show a passion for greenery.

Designer: Standard Studio & CASA architecten  

Take a functional approach to your kitchen shelving. These six wooden panels provide six cubbies, as cacti and fern planters drape effortlessly off the sides.

Visualizer: Angela Gabruskaya  

Sometimes it’s the contents, not the shelves, which garner the most attention. In this kitchen’s case, a row of dark-toned unique wine glasses draw in discerning eyes.

Visualizer: Algimantas Raubiška  

Want a large kitchen – but one to hide away? This kitchen’s wall of open shelving creates enough space to brush its functions to the side.

Visualizer: Ogovio  

Build your shelving into places unexpected. These charcoal-painted planks twist their forms around outer walls and corners, extending matching ornaments to create an artsy space.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

The apex of industrial-style kitchens is the New York loft. This kitchen aces the look, with metal open shelving providing glitz and a home for ceramic jars.

Visualizer: Armando Ferriani  

Modern grey kitchens need not be boring. This Tetris-style design proves the point, with oscillating shapes and terracotta open shelving centring the eye.

Visualizer: Amr Moussa  

Dream of white and wood kitchens? This example builds shelving into its framework, hosting dozens of wine bottles, monochrome pots and plates.

Visualizer: Egor Ignatiev  

Open shelving takes it up a notch – when lit by LEDs. This high-class bar-look kitchen shows off a grand liquor collection, with a hint of wine storage.

Visualizer: Адилет Зулпукаров   

Open shelving doesn’t have to be high. This unconventional kitchen houses wine glasses and spice jars in ledges underneath.

Visualizer: Anna Kolezneva  

The hipster can’t go past this monochrome kitchen. Decked out with school chairs, a blackboard and bike, simple wood-on-white ledging shows off teapots and spices.

Visualizer: Denis Krasikov  

Building an industrial kitchen? Clad in stainless steel from top to toe, this kitchen’s two open shelves escape the busy clutter.

Visualizer: Salih Gocmen  

Scandinavian kitchens quintessentially house open shelves. Scandinavian-style chairs and a brightly-coloured cabinet take this kitchen’s focus, while mismatching wooden shelves bear bowls and plants.

Source: SCIC Kitchens  

Make open shelving your kitchen’s centrepiece. Mustard yellow highlights treasures in these five shelves, which form the background to an art deco kitchen.

Designer: MW Architects  

Don’t want to show it all? Block off things not beautiful with a few closed cabinets. Pops of sunshine yellow and teal in this 70’s space make the mysterious seem artistic.

Designer: CHT Architects  

Open shelving need not hog the limelight. Opened and closed, these two rows fade in the background behind two statement kitchen pendant lights.

Visualizer: Olga Podgornaja  

Items in open shelves can reinforce your colour scheme. Here, eye-catching charcoal and beeswax yellow are reflected in similarly-hued coffee mugs, mustard packets and ornamental fruit.

Visualizer: Vladimir Donchenko  

Get industrial with your kitchen shelving. These two white-lined ledges hold heavy-duty cups and a modern fruit bowl, cueing the kitchen’s yellow frame and feature grated wall.

Visualizer: Michel Amorim  

Stacked shelves don’t always mean clutter. A busy example for yellow accent kitchens, this jam-packed space uses open shelves to accentuate its eclecticism, not hide it away.

Visualizer: Paulo Rosario  

Pare your shelves down to the basics. A wooden panel partitioned by black iron illuminates wine glasses, bottles and pitchers.

Visualizer: Tu Nguyen Hoang  

Only have a little wall to play with? Make the most of open shelving, with a stripe of LEDs beneath.

Having open shelving in your kitchen is an opportunity to display your best items – not reveal your worst. If you need to add to your collection, we’ve got a broad array of coffee mugs, teapots, wine glasses, knives, cutting boards and kitchen gadgets we can point to. Check them out below.

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cool kitchen gadgets

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It’s Time to Talk About the Hottest 2017 Kitchen Trends (and How to Make Them Work for You)

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Consider these 2017 kitchen trends.

There’s still plenty of time to get in on these 2017 kitchen trends. Image: Michael Morris – Residential Project Advisory

Shop a similar look: Pendant | Barstool | Copper Kitchen Accessories

Designing a state-of-the-art kitchen is one of the top items on every homeowner’s wish list. However, many find themselves at a standstill when faced with the opportunity. Of course, you want your kitchen’s new look to be modern, ideally looking like it sprang from the pages of a magazine. At the same time, kitchens are pricey enough that you want to make sure your aesthetic stays stylish for the foreseeable future. Striking the perfect balance between these goals can be tricky.

That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of 2017 kitchen trends that are sure to be here for the long haul. Whether you’re designing your kitchen from scratch or incorporating details from an existing space, give these looks a once over. Pick and choose the elements you love and you’ll have the tools to create a space that’s both on-trend and timeless.

Use black and white hues.

Black and white kitchens are both modern and timeless. Image: Chris Snook

Shop a similar look: Hood | Toaster | Barstool

Go classic with black and white

Out of all the trends on this list, we love this one in particular because it’s an absolute classic. Black and white are a timeless color combo, so if you decide to work with this look, there’s no doubt you’ll end up with a look that will stay current for years to come.

As for how to pull it off, successful monochromatic color schemes are all about creating a striking contrast. To do this, choose one color to take a dominant role and then use the other in one or two statement elements. You could, for example, feature a black island as in the picture above or  offset black cabinets against a white backsplash and countertops.

Additionally, make sure that any design elements that fall outside of the black-and-white theme also have a strong visual impact. Consider choosing metals like chrome that have a high-shine finish or even adding in a bold accent color with your accessories.

Remember clean lines.

Focus on incorporating clean lines into the space. Image: Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Shop a similar look: Pendant | Counter Decor | Table

Choose cabinetry with clean lines

Many of these 2017 kitchen trends center around clean, almost stark, aesthetics. Where your cabinetry is concerned, draw your design inspiration from commercial kitchens.

This means going as sleek and minimalist as possible. Choose linear cabinetry that features sharp angles and, if you really want to go all in, consider a model that doesn’t have drawer pulls. The simpler the better. You also want to keep this goal in mind as you work on designing the rest of the space. Look for furniture, lighting and fixtures with the same sort of architectural style.

Add in some copper.

Choose copper to be your statement piece. Image: Katie Martinez Design

Shop a similar look: Kettle | Cutting Board | Pendant

Add in pops of copper

For years, stainless steel was the only way to go when it came to designing gourmet kitchens, but it seems the tides have turned. These days homeowners are looking for something a little different, something to make their kitchen stands out from the crowd. Copper seems to be the winning pick.

If you decide to update the kitchen with copper, be sure to make it your statement piece. However, the decision of which design element should be featured is entirely up to you. You could include it in your lighting, invest in your cooker hood, showcase your oven or splurge on a farmhouse sink.

Regardless of which item you end up choosing to highlight, remember the finish is key. With copper, polished is the only way to go. You want your statement piece to shine as much as possible so it really stands out and draws the eye.

Try a patterned floor.

Bring in tons of visual interest with a patterned floor. Image: Saikley Architects

Shop a similar look: Pendant | Chairs | Hood | Counter Stool

Consider a patterned floor

As far as these 2017 kitchen trends are concerned, this one is a bit of an outlier. We think it’s still worth noting, though, because it’s an indicator of how tastes are changing. In contrast to your standard wood (or wood-looking laminate) that has a tendency to blend into the background, patterned floors are all about infusing the space with your personal style.

While the look of the pattern is entirely up to you, there are two factors to consider. The first is its size. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, big patterns will actually help tight kitchens appear larger. Tight patterns, on the other hand, will have a stronger visual impact.

The layout of the pattern is another consideration. Before selecting a design, look around the room to take stock of its angles. If the space is relatively squared off, you have lots of choices at your disposal. However, if your kitchen has some strange angles, stick to patterns with lots of negative space so you can cut some pieces without sacrificing your aesthetic.

Try these trends.

Don’t hesitate to give these 2017 kitchen trends a try. Image: Urrutia Design

Shop a similar look: Counter Stool | Stainless Steel Cookware | Pendant

We all want our kitchens to feel current, but many people wonder how to decipher which trends are fleeting and which will stay around long enough to be worth the investment. If you find yourself in a similar situation, consider the tips above. With them in mind, you’ll be able to create a space that will stay popular for the long haul.

What do you think of these 2017 kitchen trends? Will you be giving them a try in your own home? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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A Stunning Butterfly-Inspired House on the California Coast

Most people will never be lucky enough to live in a house that is as inspired, unique, and luxurious as the one featured in this post. But looking inside this stunning space, located right on the Pacific on Highway 1, is an inspiration nonetheless. Designed by Wallace Cunningham at Wallace Cunningham, Inc. for creator Joan Murray, this architectural achievement is breathtaking. From the curved facade to the unparalleled views of the ocean, from glass walls to perfectly perched outdoor space, this home is a true retreat from reality. Let’s step inside and get the full view.

The 2667 square foot (247 square meter) home sits atop a cliff in Carmel, in central California.

The unique exterior takes inspiration for its curves from the aerodynamic beauty of a butterfly.

Although the home itself is breathaking, its design is built around an appreciation for the surrounding natural beauty, including the tempestuous ocean, cypress trees, and sunsets.

Of course, the interior is certainly not an afterthought. Carefully chosen elements like this Wassily Chair, designed by Marcel Breuer, and other modern classic chairs add another layer of luxury to the home.

It is no surprise that the name of this particular home is “Serenity.” Ocean views as well tiny succulents tucked into concrete planters and even an architecturally unique coffee table make for a calming and nearly zen experience.

The use of glass, from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, indicates a total obsession with and appreciation of the Carmel coastline, which is known worldwide for its beauty.

In the simple bedroom, an Eames Lounge Chair acts as a comfortable reading chair while a unique floor lamp casts a warm glow on the reading nook.

Even the bathroom, with its beautiful soaking tub, gives the bather a spectacular view.

The three-bedroom house has three bathrooms and one half bath, making it ideal for a small family or a couple who wants to entertain (and show off their spectacular investment).

The home took more than a decade to plan and complete, but the finished product was most certainly worth the wait for the architect and for Ms. Murray.

The curved steel that looks so elegant on the exterior also has a unique effect on the interior spaces, making for interesting corridors and seating areas.

Simple landscaping does not detract from the surrounding nature, which again is the main draw of the home.

Unique staircase designs like this one are necessary when dealing with a house that is a far cry from your typical multilevel design.

Int he kitchen, natural wood cabinetry is kept low to the ground so that nothing obstructs the sunlight and view.

Preparing breakfast must be quite a chose when the ocean beckons as it does in Serenity.

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