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50 Travel-Themed Home Decor Accessories To Affirm Your Wanderlust

Travelling is cheaper and more accessible than ever before. Whether it’s the ancient sights of Rome, beautiful beaches of Indonesia, temple ruins of Thailand or snowy slopes of Canada you’re dreaming of, everyone has a place they’d rather be. Celebrate your inner wanderlust with these travel-themed accessories. Remind yourself of that battered suitcase you used to have, with vintage shelves above your chest of drawers. Scratch off the places you’ve been and would like to go, with a globe or flat-on-the-wall map. Drink yourself around the globe again as you recall your stories out of an atlas drinking cabinet. The world is your oyster.

Buy It: $20  

Balloon Pin House: Take your pick of where you’d like to rise with this ‘Up’ inspired balloon house. Mark it on your large-scale map for acute precision.

Buy It: $19  

Vintage Airplane Models: Made from yellow-painted wrought iron, this vintage airplane from World War Two could make a splash on your family bookcase.

Buy It: From $30  

Ship Scale Models: Detailed, expansive and not so expensive, these heritage ships put today’s cruisers to shame. Place one on the avid boater’s desk for dreams out to sea.

Buy It: $37  

Vintage Hot Air Balloon Model: Travel the world in your own way with a hot air balloon model for your bookshelf or desk. It seven-inch frame is a scintillating find for steampunk home décor lovers.

Buy It: $17  

Antique Brass Compass & Leather Case: Know a sailor that always gets lost? Set their starboard in motion again with this antique brass compass and matching leather case.

Buy It: $50  

Antique Telescope With Leather Case: This antique telescope and engraved leather case are hand-crafted by the Hare Krishna community. See their detailed work for yourself as your eyes peer far, far away.

Buy It: $32 each  

Vintage Suitcase Shelves: Not keen on invisible, standard or bookcase shelving? Take the travel-oriented solution with this array of suitcases holding your foreign finds.

Buy It: $126 for 2  

Metal Suitcase Shelves: Go for a touch of industrial antique with these metal suitcase shelves, a thoughtful gift for the stylish traveller.

Buy It: $81  

Suitcase Turntable: Want to impress that special someone with a retro gesture? Take a turntable in a suitcase for an imaginative picnic.

Buy It: $129  

Tripod Compass Table: Looking for an artpiece and coffee table in one? This unique tripod table offers a handy rest for drinks, as the working clock keeps track of the time.

Buy It: $29  

Traveler’s Bookend: The 40 Leagues Under the Sea fan must know about these varnish-look traveller’s bookends. Holding one half of a ship to each side, they’ll bring a nautical nostalgia to any bookshelf.

Buy It: $69  

Globe Bookends: Spin the world to your next destination with these unique bookends, framed in dark wood. Gold-painted globes push together travel reads for added knowledge on your next trip.

Buy It: $22  

Airplane Paper Weight: Buy a simple travel motif with this silver paper weight. Its holiday reminders will weigh down your book, not your mind.

Buy It: $60  

Ship Wheel Wall Clock: Polish off a nautical theme with a ship wheel wall clock and background map. Its brass finish and beige tones remind of older times.

Buy It: $53  

Compass-Style Clock: Rope hangs around time with this compass-look clock, a perfect find for the sailor’s bedroom. Plan the next trip on the boat as it stays steady on the wall.

Buy It: From $25  

More Compass-Themed Options: Need more compass clock options for the sailor of your dreams? Let them while away the work time with this array of designs for the office wall.

Buy It: $33  

USA Scratch Map: Want to discover America? Buy this scratch map for your wall, turning gold to white as you go.

Buy It: $99  

USA Travel Map Pin Board: Plan your next trip like a CIA agent with this map of the states that pins where you go. A slate board and grey colouring make a muted stand.

Buy It: $34  

Scratch Map: Conquer the world with this black and gold scratch map featuring continents, ranges and seas in visage. Each country yields a different colour once your person has stepped foot.

Buy It: $17  

Scratch Globe: Make your own globe – without drawing all the countries – with this unique flat-pack that assembles to a sphere. Scratch off the countries you’ve been to with the kids, for a relaxing trip back in time.

Buy It: $150  

Cork Globe: Combine pin and globe functionalities with this handy cork globe and metal stand.

Buy It: $60  

Magnetic Globe: Pin globes too dangerous for the little ones? Use this metallic globe instead, with different-coloured pins sticking – not marking – the places you want to go.

Buy It: $105  

Magnetically-Levitating Floating Globe: Available in black and gold or classic blue, this floating globe has to be seen to be believed. Fascinate your guests with its physics-defying form in your library or office.

Buy It: $20  

Typographic World Map Art Print: More of a word than a picture person? This monochromatic find tells you where countries lie in a flurry of letters.

Buy It: $11  

Travel Poster: Spread the travel word with this simple black and white poster for your office wall. Its modernist mantra will soon see you on holiday.

Buy It: $10  

Eat Well Travel Often Poster: Forgive that Italian pasta with this quirky illustration and memorable saying. Lean it against a wall for a modern, hipster feel.

Buy It: $10  

Destinations Board Art Print: Not spending enough time at the airport? Give your wall some travel love with this black and white departure board with customisable cities.

Buy It: $15  

To Travel Is To Live Chalk Sign: Pretend to a talent for drawing with this chalkboard sign for your home kitchen. Its nomadic message inspires sunnier, lighter, sandal-wearing times.

Buy It: $37  

3-Piece Travel-Themed Wall Art: Seen the sights of New York, Rome and Paris? Make it known with this three-piece triptych for your living room wall.

Buy It: $60  

3-Panel Antique World Map: Long for the world that came before with this antique-look three-piece map. Its faded hues look to have gone through a hundred travels.

Buy It: $8  

Vintage Travel Postcards: See the world in sepia with this thirty-two piece set of vintage travel postcards. Their odd splashes of colour would make a bespoke feature on a bedroom wall.

Buy It: $60  

World Map Mural: Want to see the world in macro? Line your feature wall with this muted-hue piece for the bedroom.

Buy It: $9  

Travel-Themed Wall Decor: Whether you’re looking for love in or with a foreign city, these wall decals share your spirit. Easy to apply and remove, they’ll share your dreams of the past and future.

Buy It: $60  

Travel-Themed Growth Chart: Inspire the kids to travel with this growth-chart marked with a quote and compass.

Buy It: $24  

Hot Air Balloon For Kids Rooms: Got the bump, décor and passport already? Create a travel-themed nursery with this funky hot air ornament for the well-travelled baby.

Buy It: $9  

World Map Pillow Case With Wash-Out Pens: Sick of the kids drawing on the bedsheets? Celebrate their passion with this special-purpose pillow case and wash-out pens.

Buy It: $18  

Antique Map Throw Pillows: Extend dream-time to your living room with these antique throw pillows upon your couch.

Buy It: $20  

2-Sided Travel-Themed Throw Pillow: Show off – or hide away – your travel plans with this two-sided pillow for a range of guests.

Buy It: $6  

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Throw Pillow: Appease your parents of your travel plans with this Tolkien-quote travel cushion.

Buy It: $142  

Travel-Themed Bedding: Spice up your dreams with this bedding set dotted with trinkets. Beige and navy-blue illustrations ensure pairing with a wide range of colours.

Buy It: $80  

Travel-Themed Bedspread & Comforter Set: Extend your travelling to your duvet, as you sleep off the plane flights and the long, hot summer nights.

Buy It: $70  

Antique Maps & Travel-Themed Shower Curtain: Shower-time is thinking-time. Dream of foreign lands with the world staring at you during your morning bathe.

Buy It: $13  

Magnetic Car And Trailer Salt & Pepper Shakers: Like to travel domestically? This car and caravan guide you through summer seasons and seasoned food.

Buy It: $140  

World Globe Bar: Wow the guests as this rolling globe provides the drinks. This antique-look atlas acts as both artpiece and unique wine holder.

Buy It: $68  

Airplane Bottle Holder With Corkscrew Propeller: Recall your past trip with friends as this airplane holds the bottle. A corkscrew propeller does away with the cork.

Buy It: $6  

Airplane Bottle Opener: Give the gift of travel with these bronze-look bottle openers on your homecoming.

Buy It: $35  

Ship Wheel Cheese Board & Tool Set: Tired of basic round, oblong or square cheese boards? Sail the seas of delicious fare upon this unique cutting board.

Buy It: $16  

Mountains Are Calling Mug: Blame it on the mountain! This monochromatic travel mug causes a stir among the most unique of mugs.

Buy It: $59  

Personalized Map Coasters: Sit your drink on your old address, new address, and the address you’d like to have. These personalised coasters show a 6km radius of any town in the world.

Buy It: $35  

Urban City Map Coasters: Town planners will love these detailed urban city maps, the most unique of unique drink coasters.

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Living Rooms With Exposed Brick Walls

Adjoining houses, renovating an old build, or simply stuck for an effortlessly-cool living room design? An exposed brick wall could solve all your problems. Whether you’re after the look of the Mediterranean, cool, relaxed and rustic; or a Scandinavian-inspired, low-key background peopled with bookcases; or an industrial haven perfect for sipping drip coffee amongst fur throws and stove piping, exposed brick is the medium for you. Classic red brick explores warm and tasty segues to the kitchen. Cool grey provides a subtle backdrop for your individual style. Take a peek at our crafted selection of inspirational examples.


Let the outdoors in with these red brick walls, fold-away French doors and simple white couching.

Make your inside seem outside with an exposed brick wall beside a climb-worthy tree. Sculpted wooden furniture and high-ceilinged doors create a natural oasis.

Designer: Michael Maher Design  

Use two-tone brick in shocking white and natural red. Line books on one side for scholarly interest.

Source: Innerstadsspecialisten  

Make the most of a sloping roof with an exposed brick feature wall greeting the eye. A solid white ceiling and black painted floor add dramatic contrast.

Designer: Dimitar Karanikolov  

Ground your industrial barn in a wall all in brick. This exposed wall winds down the staircase, across the fireplace and into the mood of a modern, semi-circular space.

Architect: David Boyle  

Make white walls interesting with one in exposed brick. An array of framed artwork tricks the visitor’s eye into conformity – at first glance.

Visualizer: Lai Pháp  

A distressed brick wall need not be painted or smoothed. Let its character shine with dainty crafted décor, like this mustard couch and fanned cane chair.

Designer: Tamara Eaton  

Add difference to muted colouring with exposed brick walls draped in white chiffon. Interspersed windows break up dark block furniture and open up the room.

Visualizer: Bakyt Temirkulov  

Let exposed brick make a stand in LED-framing. A round circular light sets the stage for quilted block futons and a grey bamboo rug.

Photographer: Lorenzo Pennati  

Exposed brick in grey need not be boring. This industrial loft lets its textures do the talking amidst fur and skin throws, a roaring fireplace and metallic accents.

Visualizer: K BAND  

A Scandinavian style suits exposed brick perfectly. This light-grey beauty creates a dreamy feel beside a powder blue couch, wooden dining set and floors.

Visualizer: Dattran  

Draw the viewer further in with a triptych on your brick. Terracotta and taupe seating add a contemporary, rustic feel.

Designer: Josephine Hurley  
Photographer: Tom Ferguson  

Replicate a London train station with exposed brick surrounding a wide circular window. This unique design frames the rest in white with pops of planting.

Visualizer: VAE Design Group  

Charcoal and grey are lightened by this LED-lit, exposed-brick wall. Blending into a door, its lighter hues act the feature against darker and more muted textures.

Visualizer: Komod Studio  

Combine exposed brick in an eclectic space with wooden, fur and tiled accents. A low-hanging chandelier and iron railings set finishing touches.

Visualizer: Iqosa  

Extend brick to your living room and kitchen, as a segue design feature. Red brick lined with white sets off a chrome lighting centrepiece and stark tiled floors.

Visualizer: Maks Marukhin  

Long, lean wall panelling mixes with wood, tiles and suede in this wide-windowed look in exposed brick.

Designer: Gaspar Bonta  

Indulge your inner hipster with iron bar railings on a red brick wall. Suspended iron cages make squares against a chequered window frame.

Visualizer: Adrian Iancu  

Make it light, bright and art deco with exposed brick in white. Pops of orange juxtapose against a white, artsy room.

Visualizer: Angelina Alekseeva  

Create an urban jungle with an array of green aside distressed brick. Grey shafts of walling, seating and plant pots mix the concrete with the home-grown.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

Exposed brick shafts open up another room in this homely design. Comfy couches in teal and grey add warmth on polished wood.

Visualizer: he.D creative group  

A man’s room acquires style with exposed brick, lined wood and patchwork tile flooring. Grey-green French panelling and a papier mache partition construct a cosy vibe.

Designer: Luiz Fernando Grabowsky  

Let French windows light red brick in a full-width exposed wall. Lower lights lift up wooden beams and block colour furniture.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

Coat a whole room in brick, with a feature wooden panel. Dark curtaining and built-in shelves widen the space.

Lavish your living room in the feel of a Swedish sauna. These mini-bricked walls glow orange against a wooden floor.

Visualizer: Galina Lavrishcheva  

An exposed brick wall with splashes of paint gains traction in this design. Eclectic, homely and full of personality, it suits the anti-perfectionist.

Visualizer: Para Design  

Paint your wall with words on exposed charcoal brick. This illustrated quote makes a modernist statement beside a leather couch and indoor trimmed hedge.

Visualizer: Konstiantyn Rekochynsky  

Graffiti coats this exposed-brick room, complete with written-on wooden panelling. Sepia prints and red metal chairs create an artist’s studio.

Visualizer: Image Box Studio  

Make a white space brighter with painted brick. Light eggshell tones create a contrast with cage lighting, white wooden floors and touches of fur.

Visualizer: Evermotion  

The urban loft is amiss without brick. Paint it in a distressed-looking white, and pepper it with black for a unique living room.

Visualizer: BBB3 Visualization  

Ditch the old fireplace and coat it in white. White exposed brick changes shape amidst light concrete floors, grasshopper lamps and draped elements.

Architect: A Parallel  

An exposed-brick fireplace can add a modernist touch. This version teams thick black joinery and wooden panelling with grey couches and a patterned rug.

Visualizer: Alena Bulataya  

Make a statement in black-and-white brick. This modernist column balances out firewood storage and a flat-screen TV.

Buy It: From $14  

Don’t have existing brick? These faux-brick options in red, white and distressed colourings achieve the look without blowing the budget. Peel them off and stick them on for an easy and safe industrial or Scandinavian living room look.

Several faux-brick options are available online, for a cost-effective and easy-peel solution. Try brick veneers, dry-wall, wallpaper or decals to create a short or long-term design solution that looks like the real deal.

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Wooden Volume Creatively Defines Layout in Toronto Home

Annex House-Dining Room by Tom Arban

DUBBELDAM Architecture recently completed a residential project for a young couple in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The historic property originally included two separate structures, the main building and a coach house of 4,334 and 1,640 square feet, respectively.

The coach house had long been used as a rental property, but the new owners sought to convert it into a more incorporated living area for their growing family. The architects built an expansive deck joining the two structures so the family could enjoy plenty of social space, both indoors and out.

As the spaces of the interior are joined through views and materials, the coach house and house are intimately connected in the same fashion,” the architects said. “Each is clad in a different warm tone of wood veneer fiber cement panels with aligning seams and window openings, allowing plentiful views between them.”

Annex House-vestibule by Tom Arban

The new interiors of Annex House feature an open floor plan throughout, the most notable design feature being a large wooden volume that hides ductwork, storage and a bathroom. On the outside, it is detailed with wood, clear and translucent panels and includes built-in seating flanking the entrance to the dining room. The volume helps segment the open layout into more intimate, defined spaces.

A custom floor-to-ceiling walnut half-wall, which houses a bar and wine fridge, divides the kitchen and dining space while providing visual communication through a cutout.

Annex House-kitchen millwork by Tom Arban

The sleek statuario marble kitchen boasts a 13-foot slab island, providing a centerpiece for the room. The modern cooking and dining area is lined with a wall of windows, which open entirely to extend the space out into the courtyard.

As does much of the home, the living room uses warm woods and light neutrals to create a clean and inviting area for entertaining. A triad of windows allows natural light in, while across the room a modern fireplace with an inset mantel creates a focal point.

Annex House-Living room 2 by Bob Gundu

Upstairs, the master bedroom features a soothing gray color palette and minimalistic design, with a comfortable seating area bathed in sunlight in the home’s original turret.

Also on the third floor, an en suite spa-inspired bath includes a stand-alone tub and a glass shower, as well as a walk-out wooden deck. Another bathroom on the main floor is covered in white marble and has a floating vanity of smooth stone. [Photography by  Tom Arban and Bob Gundu]

Annex House-Living room 1 by Bob Gundu

Annex House-Master Bedroom by Bob Gundu Annex House-Ensuite Bathroom by Bob Gundu Annex House-Bathtub by Bob GunduAnnex House-Powder room by Tom Arban Annex House-kitchen with person by Tom Arban Annex House-kitchen 2 by Tom Arban Annex House-dining to kitchen by Tom Arban Annex House-Dining rm millwork by Tom Arban

Annex House-Rear Dusk by Bob Gundu Annex House-Coach House by Bob Gundu Annex House-Coach House 2 by Tom Arban

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Photographer Renovates Rustic London Retreat


Photographer Mike Penn purchased this London property with the idea of transforming it from a commercial office space to a modern family home with a home studio.

TG-Studio worked with him to redesign the three-story property, originally an old barn before being converted into an office space. The goal of Mews House was to create a comfortable home that embraced the original character of the building, including exposing brick walls and adding industrial accents such as lighting and furnishings.


The first floor consists of a home office and studio. The simple rustic-meets-industrial aesthetic includes many of the owner’s famous horse prints, a style that is carried throughout the home.

The main living quarters are on the second floor. A minimalist kitchen features white cabinetry contrasted against a solid black island; a white marble backsplash adds luxurious texture.

In the living room, the oak floorboards continue halfway up the wall and are met by a custom lighting feature for a look that’s both warm and modern. Steel-frame French doors replaced old windows to allow access to a small terrace overlooking the quiet street. [Information provided by TG-Studio; photography by Philip Vile]


On the third floor, the master bedroom features a neutral color palette that balances the rich tones of the exposed brick wall. A large walk-in closet, a request of the homeowners, makes excellent use of space along the angled roofline with custom oak open shelving.

The architects describe the master bathroom as “New York retro meets luxurious Fitzrovia.” Classic beveled white tiles are a base for luxurious accents such as arabascato marble, matte black lacquer and grey basalt stone.

mews-house-15 mews-house-2 mews-house-6mews-house-17 mews-house-8mews-house-10 mews-house-9 mews-house-5mews-house-22

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Light And Charming Decor In A Compact 1-Bedroom Apartment

Located in Bucharest, this compact 1-bedroom apartment makes the most of its 55 square meter floor plan with smart organization and unique layout choices – all without forgetting to infuse the design with color, fun, and whimsy. This inspiring space is the work of the talented creatives at CRAFTR AAIM, a Bucharest-based design office whose philosophy emphasizes efficiency and timeless appeal, two goals that play a huge role in what makes this apartment noteworthy. From kitchen chalkboards to combination office/guest bedroom combos, there are plenty of interesting features to admire.

The tour opens with a look at the attractive yet compact open living space. While many layout options could have worked, this one adopts a rather unconventional choice by putting the dining table near the window rather than near the kitchen.

On the other side of the living room, the kitchen feels like its own distinct space thanks to the expansive storage unit that stands in between.

In terms of decor, this home combines modern and mid-century elements. The sofa’s low-profile form is a wonderful complement to the low cabinets near the window.

Because it’s a relatively small open layout living room, this table solution proves very versatile – the window area doubles as extra seating but the residents could pull the table out for formal dinners when needed.

While the designer could have easily chosen a more minimalistic table (a common choice in compact areas) this one enjoys the best of both worlds by combining simple materials for decorative effect.

One small window might not seem like enough light for a space this large, especially considering the dark floors but the abundance of white surfaces helps preserve as much light as possible.

The extra storage can hold cookbooks, decorations, and even includes drawers and storage boxes for spare dishes or large cookware. This type of addition frees up so much space in the rest of the home.

Bright yellow accents bring retro charm to the kitchen. The other cabinets use the same richly grained wood as the floorboards for a nice cohesive look. While the living room emphasizes minimalism, the kitchen embraces a bold attitude.

The unique looking wall clock is a neat addition that does the job without standing out too much.

Everybody loves chalkboard walls. This one takes an approach that differs from the ordinary recipes or shopping lists by pointing out the location of ingredients much like an oversized label.

Another small chalkboard accent leaves room for impromptu decoration.

Elsewhere, the office is small but retains enough floor space to double as a guest bedroom thanks to its abundant storage and space-saving techniques. It uses the same dandelion yellow as the kitchen.

Most of the furniture – including the bed and the sideboard – have wheels for easy reconfiguration. If the resident wanted to use this room for a large project, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get things out of the way.

The desk is just too cute! Its anchored to the wall on one side and uses a small sawhorse-shaped structure to support the other. The map-printed box offers a great alternative to the cabinets an ordinary desk would use.

In the master bedroom, subdued colors and simple fixtures create an environment very conducive to relaxation. The difference between this space and the energetic office is night and day.

Exposed brick and rich dark wood both feel like very homey and comfortable choices for a space like this.

Check out this handy feature! What looks like a decorative panel unfolds to reveal a convenient little desk for light work or writing.

The bathroom takes things in a different direction entirely. A variety of tile sizes and tones adds immediate interest, with bright yellow accent pieces to serve as visual anchors for clarity.

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