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How to Throw a Sophisticated Last-Minute Halloween Party

A Halloween party isn’t just for kids.

In fact, after all of the stressing over costumes and trick-or-treat planning, and before the inevitable weeklong sugar rush that follows October 31st, adults need a night to celebrate the spooky season for themselves.

But with the clock ticking towards Halloween, time’s running out to throw an extravagant bash. So we’ve come up with a quick guide to help you throw a great last-minute Halloween party.

Though this guide outlines many aspects of party-planning, the best advice we have is not get overly fixated on the details. The biggest difference between child and adult Halloween parties is that adults don’t need to be entertained with themed foods and games. Your friends and family will come to spend time with one another and have conversations. AKA, they won’t mind the absence of true “lady finger” cookies or toilet paper mummy making competitions.

Here is how we throw a simple, sophisticated Halloween party on the fly:

Skip the formal invites

Snail mail invites aren’t practical if you’re only a few days out from your spooky gathering. They also risk coming off more formal than your intend for your get together. Instead, send a mass text to a dozen or so friends and family or create a private Facebook event with the important details.

halloween party

Image: Mateo Home

Decide on a single party location

When having a smaller gathering, keeping guests confined to one or two rooms in your home makes the party feel more lively and don’t try and spread the celebration all over your home. After all, it just means more cleaning!

Pick one spot in your home to confine the party to; whether that’s a living room, a finished basement, or even a bonfire in the backyard. Remember, however, that almost all parties begin and end with mingling in the kitchen. So don’t forget to clean those sinks!

Clean, but don’t scrub

All you want to do here is keep your home from looking messy and dirty. We’ve got you covered there. Do a quick inventory and make sure you’re good on toilet paper, and that all garbage receptacles are empty and easy to find. It’ll keep empty cups, napkins, and wrappers from getting left out.

Avoid overcomplicating decor

There’s nothing wrong with throwing a Halloween-themed Halloween party. But if you’re looking to get a gathering together without too much time of effort, skip the murder mystery party and go for stylish, simple Halloween decor. A few DIY painted pumpkins here, black candles there, and a few more ideas to spookify your space:

Music Queue up some creepy tunes, like this classic mix from Spotify

Dim the lights Low lighting is the easiest party trick for ambiance. Switch off the overhead and opt for table lamps, candles, or even a festive string light garland.  

Skip plastic When decorating tables, instead of disposable themed dishes and decor, check your local thrift shop for cheap plates, cloth napkins, candlesticks and other black or dark-colored vintage decor that adds sophistication to your decor. And don’t be afraid to mismatch!

Choose a mature menu

The food your serve at your grown-up Halloween party is likely where you’ll venture the furthest from a kid-friendly version of such gatherings. Instead of a menu that is full of gross parodies and Halloween-esque presentation, turn to food that is seasonal and fits in an adult palette. Savory, wholesome food such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and ancient grains look lovely on the table and still fit the color scheme of Halloween.


From left to right: Voges Paris, Nouba, 100layercake

Set the mood by setting the table

Whether you’re having a sit-down dinner party, a buffet-style meal, or just hors d’oeuvres and sweet treats, you’re likely to have a table as your star food attraction. Cue your dining room table.

For lighter or self-serve eats: Set out buffet style or hors d’oeuvres food spreads down the center of the length of the table. Arrange food down the center of the table, beginning with plates and mains, and moving on to sides, condiments and cutlery.

For sit-down meals: Arrange place settings before guests arrive. It’ll act as decor, and be one less thing you’ll have to worry about once the party has begun. When setting your table, use grays, blacks, and autumnal colors to achieve a spooky-but-sophisticated tablescape. Consider using place cards for a bit of decor and to keep seating arrangements simple.

Whatever you’re using your table for, be sure to scatter it with a touch of Halloween spirit. Small pumpkins look great along the length of a table, while green arrangements or seasonal flowers give a tablescape eye-catching height.

Keep drinks simple

While the classic punch bowl with a frozen glove-hand or steaming dry ice has a time and place in Halloween traditions, your last-minute Halloween party probably isn’t it. Stick to a few classic adult drinks, beer, wine. Feeling more festive? Pick one specialty cocktail you can whip up easily to impress guests.

Find something to do

Adult parties usually center around conversation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few things to entertain them whilst they talk. Feel free to assign a couple partygoers to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, set out a deck of cards, or print off this festive bingo card from Studio DIY.

halloween bingo party

Image: Studio DIY

Treat your guests

Even adults love Halloween candy. For your gathering, leave the prepackaged sugar to the kids (if only to save yourself from a home sprinkled with wrappers). Visit the bulk section of your local candy or grocery store and stock up instead. Scatter candies in decorative containers around your entertainment space — a vaseful of licorice here, a bowl full of candy corn there, and your guests will feel like their trick-or-treaters all over again.

Consider costumes

Halloween does call for costumes, but consider skipping the request for dress up if you’re throwing a last-minute bash. You don’t want your guests to feel like they need to have a costume on to attend.

As the host, throw on a witch hat and practice your best cackle. You’re ready for your spooky celebration.

Are you planning to throw your own Halloween party this year? We’d love to hear what your plans are for such a spook-tacular night. Shout out to us in the comments below, or on social media.

Want to see some homes that already are in the spirit? Check out these 31 positively creepy black homes.

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Bookworms will Adore this Cabin in Upstate New York

Cozy Bed and Chair

Studio Padron’s clients asked for a standalone library and guest house in the woods behind their vacation home in upstate New York.  They got the Hemmelig Room, an idyllic space for bookworms to curl up and read undisturbed.

The name means ‘secret room’ in Norwegian, which is wonderfully fitting for this hidden space.  The one-room layout is just enough room for the bed, desk, and chair that the design team included in the space.

Cabin in the Snow

Studio Patron’s cozy design made the most of on-site materials.  Construction of the main house involved cutting down some mature oak trees on the property.  The design team reused them to make warm, richly colored walls in the Hemmelig Room.

They lay the logs horizontally with gaps so the owners can tuck their many books into the walls. This efficient design has a very cool look.  On a snowy day, you can hide out in this cabin where another story is always within reach. [Photography by Jason Koxvold and courtesy of dezeen Magazine]

Room for Bookworms

Secret Door

Black Exterior

Big Window


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32 Uniquely Beautiful Concrete Planters

Concrete planters are especially well suited to industrial, modern, and minimalist interior gardens – and let’s not forget about the outdoors! Unsealed, concrete takes on tremendous character from the elements, and sealed options will last a lifetime with proper care. Even better, avid DIY enthusiasts can easily paint or stain those beloved concrete planters to match their favorite styles of the season. Even the smallest concrete planters are unlikely to blow away or fall prey to the bump of a tail or paw of a cat. This post covers 32 of our favorite designs with links to snap them up for yourself.

Buy It: $15   

Building Shaped Succulent Planter: Too cool! Three separate compartments serve as tiny rooftop gardens, appealing to anyone who feels love or nostalgia for the city.

Buy It: $15   

Concrete Architectural Themed Planter: Here’s another planter that includes sleek stairs, a great gift for a minimalist design fan or somebody who collects surrealist artwork.

Buy It: $10   

Cup Shaped Concrete Planter: Everyday forms make for exceptionally whimsical planters. It’s easy to see this piece in a kitchen or near a dining table, but it’s suitable for charming outdoor gardens as well.

Buy It: $27   

Desktop Concrete Planter: Desk ambiance is crucial to anyone who spends long hours behind a keyboard, and this planter can definitely liven things up a bit. It includes plenty of space to customize your own tiny garden but also leaves room for pens and paperclips beneath. The penholder has a projecting lip that might even be able to double as a phone or tablet holder if you use a case that can stand up to concrete.

Buy It: $34   

Concrete Wine Bottle Planter: Are you looking for a gift for a wine enthusiast that isn’t just another corkscrew or novelty glass? This piece would look lovely in any kitchen.

Buy It: $19   

Concrete Head Planter: Oh, these are a little bit surreal aren’t they? These creative planters can take on different personalities depending on context – they might look like elegant vintage statuettes in a classic garden, or spooky alongside Halloween decorations or gothic decor.

Buy It: $12   

Concrete Owl Planters: These little concrete owls are definitely adorable enough to capture attention even when they’re empty between plantings. Each one includes a drainage hole to accommodate a variety of small and medium plants.

Buy It: $103 for set of 3   

Bowl Shaped Concrete Planters: While concrete planters are usually easy to coordinate, this set of three makes it effortless. These planters are especially easy to handle thanks to the lightweight blended concrete and fiber construction.

Buy It: $164   

Concrete Gladstone Bag Plant Holder: Shaped like a classic Gladstone bag, this planter may appeal to vintage suitcase collectors and avid travelers alike. Incredibly detailed casting combines art and function in a way that is sure to turn heads.

Buy It: $16   

Concrete Motorcycle Planter: Delivery motorcycles have never looked so cute! If you’ve moved away from a location where these are common, this piece might help cure some of that nostalgia. This adorable planter is also available in a vivid blue.

Buy It: $540   

Large Concrete Planter: Are you looking for the perfect accent for your futurist or industrial themed interior? This extra-large planter looks like a nuclear power station’s steam stack, large enough to support bamboo or even a small tree.

Buy It: $213   

Large Contemporary Concrete Planter: Fans of the Brutalist architecture movement might find this planter especially interesting. It stands at a little more than 16 inches high, 23 inches wide, and 12 inches deep – yet its construction includes fiberglass, bringing the weight to a manageable 37 pounds.

Buy It: From $15   

Star Wars Themed Concrete Planters: There’s no wrong way to incorporate Star Wars home decor. These succulent planters are just fantastic, and the small planter holes ensure that your greenery won’t cover up too much of the incredible detail.

Buy It: $20   

Concrete Pot with Bark-like Detailing: At first glance, the outside of this planter really does look just like natural bark. But unlike real bark covering that can crumble and peel over time, this one will continue looking good as new for years to come.

Buy It: $28   

Concrete Mandala Planter: Each of these planters are hand-painted by the artist. Choose from natural or charcoal-dyed concrete and select your favorite from a huge range of flat and metallic colors to complement your decor theme.

Buy It: $28 for 3   

Cylindrical Concrete Planters: A dash of color can make even the most rugged material look chic as can be. These small planters combine undyed concrete with beautiful sky blue stain. The planter cavities – on all sizes – are only 2 inches wide and 2 inches deep, suitable for small to medium sized succulents.

Buy It: $28 for 3   

Cylindrical Concrete Planters With Gold Accents: Here’s the same style of planter, this time with luxurious gold accents. It’s definitely an interesting contrast!

Buy It: $28 for 3   

Square Faced Concrete Planters: Don’t you just love the deep dappled surface of these substantial square planters? Like the previous two designs, these planters are only suitable for small succulents or flower buds due to the small inner cavity.

Buy It: $28 for 3   

Square Faced Concrete Planters With Gold Accents: And again, here’s the same style of planter but this time with accents in gold.

Buy It: $33   

Triangular Concrete Planter: Cute! While this triangular planter looks very stylish on its own, it would also make a perfect candidate for a modular arrangement if you have the budget to invest in multiples. These are rated for indoors or out, and come with cork pads on the bottom for placement on even the most delicate furniture.

Buy It: $34   

Concrete Cube Succulent Planter: It’s hard to find a planter more minimalistic than this textural concrete cube. It measures six inches in every direction, and is made from a concrete and fiber mix for a total weight of only 4 pounds.

Buy It: $53   

Rectangular Concrete Planter: Anyone with a faulty green thumb knows that there is no such thing as an “indestructible” houseplant – but these artificial succulents are different! This planter would be perfect for an office or vacation home that ends up empty for long periods.

Buy It: $54   

Concrete Windowsill Planter: Planters that offer enough space to organize a landscape are so much fun. This one sits at only 3 inches deep to ensure it fits on thinner windowsills, great for cactuses and succulents that require direct sunlight.

Buy It: $18   

Grey Cement Rectangular Planter: Rustic and charming, this textured concrete planter offers a little more warmth than many of the ultra-urban options listed in this guide. The exterior almost looks like stone pavers. It’s 9 inches long and a little over 3 inches wide and deep, great for a desk or windowsill.

Buy It: $21   

Desktop Bookend Planter: Multipurpose planters are so cool! This one has an extra compart to hold small objects like pens or business cards – but consider opting for something less prickly than a cactus if you plan to use it as anything other than a decoration or bookend.

Buy It: $40   

Hanging Concrete Planter: Now it’s time to move into geometric planter territory. These hanging cone-shaped planters are available in a dazzling array of color themes, sometimes including other materials like wrapped twine as an embellishment.

Buy It: $28 for 3   

Concrete Orb Succulent Planters: Simple, organic, and irresistible – these handmade spherical planters have tremendous character despite their streamlined forms. They’re available as a set of three, and each one will show off the slight differences that make handmade items so special.

Buy It: $28 for 3   

Gold Accent Orb Succulent Planters: Here’s a similar set but this time with a band of glamorous gold paint.

Buy It: $30   

Polygonal Concrete Planter: The polygon trend remains strong. This planter is a great compromise between minimalism and deco. Each one is handcrafted in Seattle.

Buy It: $35   

Trio Of Geometric Concrete Planters: Here’s a great set of three planters for anyone who doesn’t have time to seek out coordinated pots for a cohesive yet varied arrangement. This set is available in a variety of tints to match your interior or exterior theme.

Buy It: $30   

Patterned Concrete Planter: Although this list has included a few good examples, it remains a little difficult to track down concrete planters with decorative patterns. These are engraved for lasting beauty. The drainage hole makes them appropriate for outdoor use, where the engraved surface is sure to pick up rich character from the elements.

Buy It: $1145   

Concrete Bench Planter: So cool! This bench planter would look incredible outside of a business or inside a lobby, or even in the entryway of your home.

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