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Five Ways to Cozy Up Your Home for Fall

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As the sunny, carefree days of summer wind down, we look ahead to the days of apple orchards and colorful leaves. When it comes to fall, one of our favorite things is the feeling it invokes. Crisp mornings, roaring fireplaces and baked goods all say “comfort.” Our desire to reflect these feelings in our homes this fall seems to be a natural next step as we approach the new season.

Transforming your home for the cooler seasons does not have to mean going overboard with your time or budget. Nor does it mean having to showcase pumpkin-shaped-anything or hanging a leaf-covered wreath on your front door. In fact, adding a few specific pieces to your space can create a cozy atmosphere. When it comes to creating a warm and intimate vibe in your home this fall, two of the key players are texture and lighting. Adding one, or even all, of the following features and accessories to your living space can create a relaxing ambiance.

A thick-knit throw is sure to invoke the warm feelings of big sweaters and hot tea. Image: Overstock

1. Comfy throws

A drape of the right throw can make even the chicest and modern of leather couches and chairs look absolutely nap-worthy. Choosing a chunky knit throw or Afghan to adorn your furniture can instantly make a room look more inviting. Opting for warmer colors like light browns or neutral off whites adds season-inspired color accents while remaining neutral enough to be used throughout the year.

There are millions of comfy throws to choose from, but here are a select few of our favorites:


Try pursuing texture from every angle with your area rug. Image: Overstock

2. Textured rugs

Stepping out of bed or into a living room onto a cold tile or hardwood floor is never comfortable. Not to mention hard floors tend to make a room feel draftier. The best home solution for cold feet this fall is a gorgeous area rug. While practicality plays a factor in adding textured rugs for the colder season, we are surely not the first to tell you that a rug can tie a whole room together.

This fall, venture on the side of heavier knits and textures when it comes to area rugs. Don’t be afraid to play around with fringe, bold patterns or even animal prints. Try layering rugs under furniture (like your coffee table or bed) for a tied-together look.

Add any of the following textured rugs to tickle your toes this fall:


A cluster of white candles is a serene addition to a coffee table or side table. Image: Tidbits and Twine

3. Candle arrangements

Arranging candles into bundles or even spacing them out throughout a room is a way to create warm lighting that’s not overbearing. Bundling candles together in a cluster is a great way to emulate a “fireside feel” without the fireplace. If you are doing a bundled arrangement, position several candles of varying height and breadth to keep the arrangement interesting.

If you would rather space out your flickering beauties, use clear glass vases or colored candle holders to take the lighting to the next level. Using glass accessories for your candles not only amplifies the light, but colored glass gives normal candlelight a soft and romantic look.

When lighting several candles in the same place, only one should be scented and the rest should be scentless to avoid overwhelming the room.

Is there anything more cozy than candles in your home?  Here are a few of our favorites:


This textured treasure has all the plushness your fall binge-watching sessions need. Image: Anthropologie

4. Throw pillows galore

Akin to comfy throws, plush pillows are a simple home accessory that invites people to have a seat and stay a while. We love the idea of mixing patterns with fringe and pom-poms to make your pillows the room’s statement piece. Try lining your couch or living room furniture with them or placing a few on the bench in the entry way.

Whether you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday or hosting a viewing party for the upcoming Stranger Things season, these soft touches are something that won’t go unappreciated.

Throw pillows add glamour, creativity and comfort.  Here is a selection of our favorites:


A fur-covered bench is an amazing and elegant addition to any entryway. Image: Home Depot

5. A touch of faux fur  

Featuring faux fur in your home is a glamorous way to warm up a room or sitting area. Believe it or not, channeling the old-fashioned, log-cabin-bear-rug vibe can be easier and more elegant than you think. Try a faux fur seat cover or chair cover in your office space, at the makeup table or even your breakfast nook. We are also crushing hard on the look a faux fur statement rug gives any room.

Here are our favorite faux fur products to add some warmth to your home this season:

1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |

In the season of entertaining and warm feelings, transforming your home into a comfortable abode is a reasonable goal. Making your space feel warmer, more inviting and more like “home” is something done piece by piece through features such as lighting, texture and the creation of the feeling that says “sit and stay a while.”

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Black, White and Patterns Steal the Show In This Scandinavian-Style Apartment

Want a home in monochrome? This stylish Scandinavian interior by Nordico blends light and bright spaces with a black, white and patterned palette. Interspersed by pops of beige, wood and greenery, its open plan living area, out-of-a-magazine kids bedroom and clever corridors do what Scandinavian spaces do best – make style seem effortless, and messy spaces look crafted. Inject fun into your kitchen, using geometric tiling. Add colour to the kids’ room, with a beige diamond wall. Extend your lounge, dining and cooking areas, with a wooden bookshelf separating all three. Peer through the relaxed design lens of this apartment for inspiration.

Opening up to a beige modern sofa, white stripes couch cushions, a grey rug, and the all-white chiffon curtaining and walls, providing a sense of the breezy. Lining the corners of floating cabinets, a framed block abstract and plant stand legs, black rises early with white to join the party.

Edging back from the lounge, gold-rimmed dining room pendant lights reveal quarters of themselves to illuminate the table. Using the same wood as the lounge’s chairs, it holds a sprig of florals on navy, while a Swiss cheese plant introduces greenery.

Prefer a bit more dining privacy? A mid-wooden bookshelf shows off flattened stones, headphones and vases, while peek-through holes ensure the space remains fluid and open.

A pan further to the right reveals a tiled wall in monochrome, the border art for the kitchen. Two round coffee tables in black and white continue the theme, while their stencilled metallic legs add a touch of glitz. On closer inspection, the lounge’s Scandinavian style chair is an experiment in the circular, a hidden tie-in to the tables and semi-circles in the tiling.

Showing geometric forms in block cabinets, circular tables and a rectangular rug, the lounge punctuates its look with indoor house plants set in stone.

Lit by a single idea bulb, a Fiddle Leaf Fig waves goodbye to visitors before a minimalist, muted-hue hallway. A few wood logs inject the rustic.

The bookcase plays an active part in the home’s design. With a back to the wall, its 12 free spaces support leaning print decorations for the dining. Pushing forward to the room’s centre, it separates the adults in the dining room and kids in the lounge – whilst allowing a parent’s watchful eye.

Gifted the spotlight by light flooring and white walls, the accessories in the bookcase do all the talking. Three similar prints create a design theme. Geometric vases and wooden ornaments create items of interest, while more luxurious high-end headphones finally find a home. Woven baskets hide items not worthy of display, while a couple of wine glasses make a cheers to the collection.

Beside the doorway, more geometric features catch the eye. Lit-up above a monochrome piano, a series of crosses make a patch on the wall. A wood and black piano stool provides a place to view.

Moving closer to the door, a bronzed Kubus Bowl makes another shape, one almost reflected in the cabinet’s handles. Black and white tiling from the kitchen links to the piano, as does another bowl in white blending into its surface.

Looking from the lounge, the entrance takes on more dimensions. Japanese-style stencils create windows to the side, framing a white door. A light grate above makes an interesting frame, while to the right, another long stool and hanging oval provide a place to check visages.

Bathed in Scandinavian styling from top to toe, the kitchen welcomes with a ceiling-suspended shelf, classic white tiling and hanging planters voluptuous with greenery.

Stepping back from the bench, the kitchen’s design makes a bolder statement. Extending from the lounge, geometric tiling creates a sense of fun in the monochrome theme. A set of three kitchen pendant lights mark the spot for cooking, while a back wall of tiling references the entrance.

As the day turns dark, the kitchen’s pendants and entrance cubby lights show new assets in the interior.

Led on by another light, the hallway to the bedroom remains white and bright. A Monstera leaf art print adds the artistic to two bronze-cupped ferns.

To the right of our unique plant stands are more Scandinavian treats. A distressed moving wardrobe hosts a cardigan and moss. A matching piano stool and wicker basket cue back to the main space.

The entrance wallpaper strikes again in the bedroom, a relaxed affair with geometric bedding detail. White diamond wall sconces light up the piano’s pot plant on the table beside.

Using blue, white and grey as special colourings, the look of the bedroom remains effortless. Its white walls and light wooden flooring allow migration of accessories around the room. Connecting stripes on the bedspread ensure new hues add to the look, rather than subtract.

Another Scandinavian space, the kids’ bedroom makes a statement with a beige diamond wall, scattering of patterned cushions and unique floor lamp in teal. As two framed illustrations either side of a pendant draw the eye, the Grasshopper floor lamp looks away from a mini white clothes rack, perfect for a child.

As white chiffon curtains open out to the sky, the light-wooden floor allows space for play time. A round beige mat holds polka dots and a mini tent. Statement wallpaper holds a cork board, desk and chair, a cute combination that grows with the child.

Rabbit themes add character to the room, in a cubbied book and monochrome drawing, as bunny kids’ night lights glow in the corner. Loud ornaments, bold shelves and plant holders tie the patterned cushions in.

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We Asked Real Estate Agents: What Are Buyer’s Biggest Design Turn-Offs?

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

biggest buyer turn-offs

Agents get real about about buyers’ biggest turn-offs and what to do about them. Image: Niche Modern

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The process of selling a home can feel like navigating the unknown, especially for those who have never been through it before. There are so many questions to consider: How is your home perceived by others? What can you do to get the highest sale price? Which upgrades were worth the cost?

With these concerns in mind, we decided to call in the experts. We asked real estate agents to share some of their buyers’ biggest turn-offs. Read on to learn what these issues are — and how to fix them. With this advice, you can rest assured your home will show at its very best.

Neutral interiors

Try to keep interiors neutral when selling. Image: Niche Modern

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1. Unconventional or outdated design

“In an ideal world, buyers would be able to see past outdated home decor, or bold paint colors, however, many times that’s not the case. I have shown properties that seem to be a perfect fit for a buyer’s needs but they can’t see past the dark green paint in the living room.” — Chris Taylor, with Advantage Real Estate in Boston, MA.

One of the hardest realizations sellers have to come to terms with is that, once their home hits the market, its interior design is no longer about reflecting personal style. It’s about helping your home appeal to the largest possible pool of buyers. If getting an offer is your goal, your best bet is keep your interiors neutral and modern.

This isn’t as big of an undertaking as you’d think. A fresh coat of paint — in a neutral shade — can totally transform your interiors with relatively little effort on your part. That, coupled with the addition of a few modern accessories, will liven up your interiors.

Natural light.

Natural light is a big plus. Image: Irvin Serrano

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2. Not enough natural light

“Lately, I’ve found that the lack of natural light is particularly unappealing to buyers. Sellers should be careful with overhangs, overgrown trees and outdoor features like shaded loggias because they block a lot of sunlight to the interior rooms.” — Joy Bender, of Aumann Bender & Associates with Pacific Sotheby’s in San Diego, CA.

In this case, you need to work around the confines of the natural light your home receives. There are still a few tricks you can use to highlight the light available to you. As mentioned above, you want to take stock of your home’s exterior before accepting any showings. Take care of any necessary home maintenance tasks and, if possible, hire a landscaper to spruce up outdoor areas.

Additionally, make a point to open all your draperies before buyers come through the house. This will ensure your home feels light, bright and airy.

Stair storage

Make sure there’s plenty of storage. Image: Structures Building Inc.

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3. Lack of storage solutions

“Some buyers will open every closet door and every drawer. Most are looking for more space, and if your home’s storage spaces are full to bursting, it can be a big turn-off. Our professional stager encourages buyers to make sure there’s empty space in every storage option.” — John Totin, of The Totin Group with Keller Williams Legacy in San Antonio, Texas.

The first step to maximizing storage is to declutter. (If you need an incentive, taking care of this chore now may make your move easier down the road.) Once you’ve pared down to the essentials, it’s all about how they’re stored. If your current storage solutions are a little too full, invest in a few more — aesthetically pleasing — storage options. Then, when it’s time for a showing, use that storage to make sure all of your day-to-day clutter gets hidden away.


Remodels should be left to the pros. Image: Christian Dean Architecture LLC

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4. Hastily done upgrades

“I have worked with hundred of buyers, and I can tell you that bad remodels are a major turn off. Buyers would rather have it be original and redesign it themselves or have a pro do it. Cheap cabinets and flooring, plus low-end appliances and finishes are just something they are going to have to remove and that cost more than starting from scratch.” — Paul G. Lykins, with True Floridian Realty in Delray Beach, FL.

This one is a hard one. Yes, it’s true that when remodels are done right they can bring you a return on your investment — and then some. However, this tip proves that sometimes they can be more trouble than they’re worth. The only way to tell which camp your remodel will fall into is to be really honest with yourself about your abilities. Do you have the skills and/or resources needed to do a remodel the right way? If not, it may be better to leave the project untouched.

design tips

Keep these tips in mind when selling. Image: Dyer Photo

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Those about to sell their homes often come to the table with a lot of questions — and rightly so. The idea of trying to anticipate what buyers want can be daunting. In an effort to take away some of the guesswork, we had real estate agents get real about some of their buyers’ biggest turn-offs. Use our suggestions to fix any issues your home may have before your home hits the market and you’ll know you’re putting your best foot forward.

Do you think these tips hold true? Do you have any advice to add from selling your own home? Let us know in the comments below.

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Refurbished Victorian Home in San Francisco Hides Modern Details

Jensen Architects refurbished a beautiful Victorian home in Alamo Square in San Francisco, USA. From the street, the original 1889 facade was faithfully restored; the rear facade displays a modern composition of sliding aluminum screens and glass.

“The current owners had lived in the neighborhood for years,” the architects said. “While they loved Alamo Square’s historic architecture, they desired the openness and flexibility of contemporary homes. This desire informed an architectural composition that integrates two identities and provides for the coexistence of old and new.”

The bedrooms and social areas are located on the second and third floors, respectively, and a small garden apartment sits at ground level.

“A sculptural stair rising through all four floors provides a dramatic focal point while allowing natural light to flood the house from above,” the architects added. “The form of the stair, a twisted volume, alternates wood-clad solids with light-filled voids. A muted interior palette of bleached white oak, marble and neutral colors, contrasts with the rich materiality of the fumed oak of the central stair, bringing the sculptural form into relief.”

Aluminum screens add to the new, modern identity of the house. They provide privacy, while allowing for unobstructed views of the square from inside. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

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Awesome Kids Rooms Where Fun And Style Merge

So, your kid has outgrown their babyish bedroom decor and has set you the head-scratching mission of creating an awesome new space for them. They want it to be a fun place to spend time in, and yes it is a great idea to incorporate a few elements that you know your child will enjoy, they’re only young once. However, since their bedroom is as much a part of your beloved home as is any other room, you would like it to have style too. Check out this collection of fun kid’s rooms with style to boot. It could be exactly the balance you’ve been searching for.

Visualizer: Monochrome Bureau  

It’s a great idea to future proof your child’s bedroom somewhat by designing a scheme that will grow with them, at least in part. Otherwise you might find yourself having to start all over again in just a couple of years time – if you’re lucky. This scheme easily transforms into a more mature space with the simple subtraction of toys.

The funky artwork and neon lighting would work just as well for a teenager or fun loving adult.

Colourful throws and cushions add a splash of young energy to a grown-up bed.

This bubble effect pendant light is both young and stylish.

Kids have homework from a young age these days, so incorporating a comfortable desk area into a kids room is a must.

Visualizer: Monochrome Bureau  

Quirky artwork brings child-friendly vibes into a bedroom scheme that is populated with adult style furniture pieces. A suspended fabric canopy provides an opportunity to create a private reading nook, make a cozy den or play at being on the stage.

Plenty of storage is also on the must-have list for a kids bedroom, whatever their age. First to house toys, then school books, fashion, games and sports equipment.

A unique bedside lamp provides light for bedtime reading.

This desk doubles as a dressing table with the addition of a round mirror above.

A subtle scattering of polkadots add a little whimsy to the painted headboard wall.

A textured rug is a fun way to define areas in a room.

Visualizer: Helena Samarin  

This nautical room decor would work brilliantly in a coastal home, or for any kid who dreams of heading off over the waves.

Every element of boating has been used as inspiration in this space: a crows nest corner shelf, rope ladder decoration overhead, a map mural, a lifebelt and set of knots as wall art, and decking as decor. Not to mention the boat bed itself.

A play area has been built over the storage units, where kids can climb up and imagine sailing the ocean.

A clever window covering has been fashioned as a sail, complete with mast and crows nest. The herringbone floor gives the impression of undulating waves below.

Visualizer: Andrey Korznyakov  

Our next kids room is a space decor scheme.

The wallpaper is a great balance of theme meets style, with star constellations doubling as a trendy geometric design.

The full height of the room has been utilized by installing storage over the bed.

Visualizer: Michel Leyraud  

This bedroom is a striking contemporary scheme with elements of the child’s interest added to make it more personal. In this case, photography and accessories related to extreme sports sets the young tone.

An arrangement of aquamarine storage units provide a hit of energy to the decor palette. The vivid color sings against a smooth walnut wall.

A splash of star wars home decor can be found here too.

Visualizer: Yudin and Novikov Studio  

This girls bedroom is like a woodland fairytale, complete with tree shaped storage. The legs on the desk chair even look like branches.

A window seat is a sweet spot on which to read, draw, chat or daydream.

A forest of tree shelving spans one wall, complimented by delicate bird decor that is beautiful enough to cheer any part of the home.

A princess castle bed holds stacks of storage, including inside the stairs leading up to a top bunk.

Grown-up wardrobes allow for plenty of space for growing up.

A large dressing mirror encourages pride in appearance as well as bouncing light around the space.

Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina  

This minty fresh decor scheme could work for a young girl or a boy, a grown woman or man. The only elements of child decor are the soft toys. A quirky unique floor lamp lights up a beanbag chair, creating a cozy reading place.

The small elements of owl decor continue over at the study area, where two flapping desk mascots perch. The wooden table lamp is a stylish touch suited to the young or the fully-grown.

A turquoise armed wall sconce by the bedside matches the floor lamp by the window.

The doors of the wardrobes and storage cupboards have been designed in such a way that they appear more as modern wall decor.

Visualizer: Alina Zastavna  

Again in this space, rather than the doors of the wardrobe appearing only as functional or kept plain in an attempt to blend into the background, they are made bold to form part of the decor.

Soft lighting around the perimeter of the ceiling illuminates the wall covering.

A bubble seat suspended from the ceiling makes a lovely reading swing in this kid’s decor scheme.

An avid reader can be encouraged with the installation of wall shelves for their growing collection.

This biscuit and lemon color scheme is warm and happy for a childhood room and also subtle enough to grow with the child.

A whimsical line of hopping bunnies add a fun element.

The Magis Puppy Chair makes an amusing seat… and a pet!

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