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You Can Now Rent Pablo Escobar’s Beachside Villa In Tulum

An escape to Mexico can take many different shapes. Of course, you may think of a criminal absconding across the border never to be heard from again, but you don’t have to be a wanted man (or woman) to want a little escape. In the spirit of luxury, relaxation, and culture, hotelier Lio Malca has created the perfect setting for a short-term escape. Casa Malca is located just off the beach in Tulum and features 35 luxury rooms, decorated with hand-chosen art, as well as top notch cuisine and atmosphere. Most interestingly, before it was a hotel destination, this property was owned by notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

As you might expect, it was not exactly a simple task to buy the home of former Narco, a feared and revered figure in Mexico and around the world.

To make this beautiful home his own (and it was simply his vacation home at first), Malca had to jump through a number of hoops just to find out who owned the property since it had been seized.

Once he was able to make the deal, the dreamy villa began to take place, starting with just 9 rooms for Malca and his friends.

Because of his connection to the art world, the art of the villa is incredibly important.

Throughout the space, visitors will see works from Keith Haring, Basquiat, and KAWS.

Of course, the artwork has a beautiful backdrop with each room in the hotel designed and furnished in bright colors and carefully chosen natural materials.

It is easy to see the artistic influence in the space, with colorful cartoon dining chairs and large pieces of artwork on the wall.

Contrasted with the natural wood, the colorful designs pop that much more.

Though the hotel is not an all-inclusive resort, it would be easy to spend all your meals here.

The Haring-inspired bar is breathtaking and features signature mezcal cocktails, the perfect refreshment after a day at the beach.

Fresh ingredients from surrounding areas make for delicious seasonal menu.

Of course, no one wants to visit Mexico without the opportunity to get their fill of tacos.

The guest rooms start at $450 per night, which is a small price to pay for such luxury.

It was the popularity of the beach home with Malca’s friends that led him to expand the space to 35 rooms from the original 9, still keeping the addition to the original design.

The relatively small size means the hotel never feels crowded, even if every room is booked.

Unique color schemes make every room its own special retreat.

Sliding doors out onto the beach are one of the many attractions of the location, complete with white sand and emerald Caribbean waters.

The artwork that hangs in the hotel is chosen of course for its beauty but also for how it will hold up to the hot, humid weather of a Mexican beach.

The hotel is the only art focused hotel in the popular Tulum area.

Despite the luxurious interior, the exterior of the villa is just as important and gorgeous.

Colorful hammocks along the beach make for a perfect way to relax near the water while staying relatively sand-free.

Under the shade of a handcrafted wood roof, a late afternoon nap feels that much more luxurious.

Spending a moment lazily swinging would be sure to pull out any last inkling of stress.

Most of the rooms are only about 20 steps from the water, but creative exterior views do not only include the lapping of waves against the shore.

This cut wood wall is just one more way that the space incorporates natural material for that earthy, relaxing experience.

For a romantic dinner, guests can sit alone under a beautiful canopy and relive their most lovely memories.

Outdoor lighting is dim and glowy, giving just enough shimmer to see a companion’s face.

During the day, glowing lights become decor.

The patterns within the construction are beautiful but imperfect, capturing the essence of a beach life.

Drift off under a cabana and wake only to pop inside for another cocktail.

Tulum itself is nestled between the beach and the jungle, making for spectacular weather and lush greenery.

The intimate hotel may not be entirely private, but it is easy to ignore anyone but your favorite traveling companion, even if that’s just a good book.

If you get up early enough, you can watch the sun peek out over the endless horizon.

And a private indoor pool can satiate your need for water when it’s too hot — or too cold — to swim outside.

Most of us may never get to experience such luxury, but those that do will be in good company. Pablo Escobar may have done many objectionable things, but he knew how to live.

Reference: CoolHunting, Casa Malca, Breton Carasso

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Tree House in Cape Town Makes for Peaceful Hideaway

The creative team at Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design was challenged to design a nature hideaway in Cape Town, South Africa. This modern tree house with glass and western red cedar finishes has an iconic shape that maximizes views of the site.

Its vertical layout leaves enough room for a living space on the first level, with a dining alcove and large windows. The second floor accommodates the bedroom, while the third features a rooftop terrace with built-in seating units. “The building lightly touches the ground, and entry is by means of a suspended timber and Corten steel ramp,” the architects said.

Corten steel columns, arms and rings support the floors and heavy windows. All materials are said to be left untreated to change hues with the passing of time.

“The organizational diagram of the structure explores the pure geometry of a square, with each side divided into three modules,” the architects explained. “Two of these modules determine the diameter of a circle on each of the four sides of the square — resulting in a pinwheel plan layout.” As you go through the architecture plans at the end of the post, this seemingly intricate design will unravel into a logical, yet fascinating configuration. Photography: Adam Letch and Mickey Hoyle

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Awesome Vintage Campers and Camper Van Decor for Your Next Road Trip

Why not camp out or road trip this summer in one of the coolest vintage campers around? Airstream camper vans are hot and can still be found for a good bargain if you’re willing to put in a little work — and even add some stylish camper van decor.

An Airstream looks like a silver bullet and was first introduced in 1936. But it took a good 20 to 30 years before it reached its peak of popularity in the late ’50s and ’60s.

Vintage Airstream photo. Image: Airstream

Enthusiasts have been collecting these vintage campers for some time now and refurbishing the interiors to function for the 21st century. Nowadays, camper vans are used for “glamping,” as mobile offices, a guest house in the backyard or even an Airbnb rental. Those who love the tiny house movement will appreciate the vibe of these tiny homes on wheels.

Here are some of the coolest camper van interior remodels that transform vintage campers into the ultimate contemporary road trip trailer.

Mid-Century and Retro Camper Van Interiors

Wood paneling and a classic breakfast set update this home on wheels while keeping vintage style. Image: Andrew Hinman Architecture

camper van interior ideas -

Colorful textiles give this renovated camper van interior a cheerful and retro feel. Image: McMullin Design Group

A refreshed camper van interior featuring classic navy blue cabinetry. Image: Closet Crafters

Vintage Trailer Rental in Palm Springs

retro camper vans -

A 1972 Airstream Argosy in Palm Springs is available for rent. Image: Silver Trailer

The interior has been updated, but still keeps its seventies design inspiration. Image: Silver Trailer

Retro Colors for a Vintage Look

Sage green and orange accents create a bright, uplifting interior. Image: Amy Carman Design

A multi-functional camper dining and work table area. Image: Amy Carman Design

Airstream Vintage Campers as Mobile Offices and Work Spaces

1964 Sovereign Mobile Office

Airstream campers and airstream mobile offices -

A mobile office based in Santa Barbara, California. Image: Hoffman Architecture

The workspace interior is bright, white and invigorating. Image: Hoffman Architecture

1985 Airstream Office on Wheels

A 35-foot Airstream with plenty of space for several to work in style. Image: Hoffman Architecture

The interior features reclaimed wood and an open floor plan. Image: Hoffman Architecture

Skylights were added to bring in extra light. Image: Hoffman Architecture

1971 Sovereign Workspace

Scandinavian camper decor -

Inspired by Scandinavian design featuring light wood surfaces and plenty of white. Image: Hoffman Architecture

Well chosen camper decor and warm finishes create an at-home feeling. Image: Hoffman Architecture

San Francisco Real Estate Office on Wheels

An eye-catching open house is possible anywhere thanks to stylish Airstream trailers. Image: Climb San Francisco

Camper van decor -

The interior features highly polished aluminum that reflects the colorful camper van decor. Image: Climb San Francisco

The bedroom area was converted into an inviting conference room with wrap-around seating. Image: Climb San Francisco

Mobile Hair Salon

Cleverly named Hairstream, the hair salon on wheels travels through New York City and the Hamptons. Image: Hairstream NYC

Copper rear walls offset the highly polished aluminum throughout. Image: Hairstream NYC

Luxe Camper Van Interiors for Glamping

Modern Moroccan Nomad Style

Interior designer Rachel Horn renovated a 1969 Airstream International to showcase her work and accommodate her weekend road trips. Image: Rachel Horn

Rachel’s Airstream renovation is titled Moroccan Modern Nomad. Image: Rachel Horn

Lush interiors and rich wall colors elevate the camper van decor to create a luxurious interior. Image: Rachel Horn

Contemporary Camper Van Interior

A generously sized Airstream International gets a contemporary look featuring exotic wood paneling and lime green textiles. Image: Christopher Deam

A high-end grill and stainless steel appliances tie in with the Airstream’s aluminum exterior. Image: Christopher Deam

Disco Glam Camper

A wall of mirrored tile adds a sophisticated effect to the curved wall of this interior. Image: Robeson Design

Perfectly Polished

High gloss finishes are paired with colorful LED lighting to add depth and interest to this camper van interior. Image: American Retro Caravans

Vintage Camper Restoration Using Earth Friendly Camper Van Decor

Bamboo and other earth-friendly materials were used when renovating this trailer. Image: Cali Bamboo

A Rustic-Chic Camper Interior

A 1976 Airstream refurbished into a rustic-chic living and working space. Image: Lucy Call

Reclaimed wood walls give the polished interior a warm, organic feel. Image: Lucy Call

High gloss chartreuse cabinets and camper decor complement the earthy wood tones. Image: Lucy Call

Bright and Modern Vintage Campers

Tiny House on Wheels

tiny houses and trailers -

A couple renovated and currently live in this Airstream with their two dogs. Image: Tin Can Homestead

tiny house living -

Plants add life and a homey feel to the interior. Image: Tin Can Homestead

An Alternative to a Hotel Room in Las Vegas

You can book a night in this refurbished 1967 Tradewind when in Las Vegas. Image: Silver Trailer

A cozy wrap-around sitting area for entertaining a group. Image: Silver Trailer

1972 Avion

Vintage campers and camper conversions -

The exterior of the ’72 Avion is close to original. Image: William Johnson Architect

But the interior of the refurbished ’72 has been fully updated. Image: William Johnson Architect

Custom Airstream International

The popular Airstream International model once accounted for almost half of all Airstream trailer sales. Image: Christopher Deam

The International’s interior is minimalist in style with a clean, open feel. Image: Christopher Deam

Tropical Chic

Tropical vintage campers -

Tropical textiles and bright color accents liven up the camper’s interior. Image: Sealy Design

Mod Interior Cabin

High contrast black and white is accented with bright yellow to create a mod look. Image: Christopher Deam

Retro Camper on the Outside, Modern Interior Retreat on the Inside

Courtney Trent refurbishes Airstreams for New York actors to use as overnight lodging or mobile green rooms. Image: Good Cottage

The Scouts Retreat trailer features a comfortable armchair to relax in. Image: Good Cottage

Ready to Party Vintage Campers

An Airstream conversion located in Dubai where a whole panel opens up to create an indoor/outdoor lounge. Image: American Retro Caravans

A handsome mobile bar interior. Image: American Retro Caravans

Which one of these vintage campers is your favorite and where would you take it this summer?

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Two Black and Gray Homes with Chic Simplicity

While Scandinavian-style designs with lots of light wood, white walls, and pops of pretty greens and yellows are certainly popular, that type of color scheme is not the only way to bring sophistication into your home. When we think of blacks and grays, they can feel damp, cold, and unwelcoming, but in the hands of the right designer, they are anything but. The two homes featured here use black, gray, and white (with the occasional color) to great effect, creating spaces that are sleek, simple, and stylish but still functional and even welcoming. Take a look inside and you just might rush out for your own bucket of black paint.

Visualizer: Andrei & Darya Zhlobich  

It isn’t every family that wants a brightly colored and sunny living room. For some, soft gray carpeting and unique floor lamps make for a perfectly welcoming space.

The dark walls and heavy curtains make it easy to close in the living room for a perfectly cozy night at home, screening movies.

And when the curtains are open, the room does get a good amount of light — there just aren’t that many surfaces off of which it can reflect.

Still, the homeowners are obviously not without their sense of whimsy, since two furry dining room pendants hang over their sleek dining table.

Different shades of gray add interest and dimension to the overall design with darker colors on the walls and lighter for the furniture and rugs.

The kitchen is a bit brights, utilizing a white wall for the appliances and a white countertop as well. Even dark color aficionados have to be able to wake up in the morning.

Here’s a closeup of the fun,
textured dining room pendants, dangling over a white table and chairs.

Houseplants are always a recommended way to bring color into a home, and they go with absolutely anything, even black.

The herb planters in this kitchen are the right size for the kitchen island — not so big as to take up too much counterspace.

In this first bedroom, not only do we get a sense of the homeowner’s personality but we get plenty of (one) color.

The bright yellow walls and furnishings in this bedroom are nearly garish with their brightness. The Star Wars decor thrown in underlines the ‘dark side’ vibe here.

No one who spends even a single night in this bedroom will ever forget the importance of hard work.

While the kind of “tough love” messaging scrawled across these walls isn’t for everyone, you cannot deny that it’s a little bit motivating.

Black, yellow and white are certainly not the most calming colors, but they do make for a memorable bedroom together.

One small, flat bed is all that indicates that this space is a bedroom at all. It could perhaps be used as a home office with a bed to fall asleep on when you are feeling particularly “weak.”

A lot of natural light is necessary to brighten up a space with black walls like this one.

The matte black walls almost seem to absorb light.

The other bedroom in this home is a bit more soothing with its use of gray and black, from the bed linens to the neat black light fixtures.

The bedroom pendant lights are again the most whimsical feature of the room’s decor. They look at bit like acorns or artichokes dangling by the side of the bed.

A textured wall above the headboard resists the same light absorbing feeling of the other bedroom.

Recessed lighting above the bed is also a practical and flattering touch.

This comfortable-looking and unique chair could easily be used for a bit of work or as a cozy vanity.

With the curtains pulled back, it’s in the perfect place for someone to apply makeup.

The bathroom has the most color with this truly unique mossy backsplash.

The white and green design in the bathroom nearly doesn’t fit with the rest of the house, but some dark wall paneling brings it into harmony.

White and dark gray are more common in bathrooms than living rooms, and you can see how well they work.

Visualizer: Dasha Chevrole   

The second home is not quite as minimalist as the first, but the design does revolve around the same colors: black, gray, and white.

In the living room, an oversized tufted sofa takes center stage, while a small kitchen and dining area in black and white are off to one side.

The kitchen brings in just a few copper elements to pop from the blacker than black walls. Notice how the same mysterious lighting is used throughout – from floor lamps to dining overheads.

A black dining set perched on top of a black carpet could evoke something much more gothic than we see here, lighting and style make it much more contemporary.

The overhead lighting in this home is not nearly as whimsical, instead taking a much more practical and subtle approach.

Copper kitchen accents fit perfectly with the black and white surfaces.

Black countertops with white cabinetry could feel outdated or old-fashioned, but not how they’re here, with total sleekness.

In the bedroom, the style is a bit more relaxed, bringing in a bit of patter and texture with the bed’s headboard and hanging tapestry.

We are fans of the Husk chair by Patricia Urquiola featured here. In fact it makes it to our list of the most comfortable reading chairs.

Finally, a black and white bathroom with reflective walls, a clawfoot tub, and patterned tiles completes this home of cool contrast.

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Super Compact Spaces: A Minimalist Studio Apartment Under 23 Square Meters

Designed by Barinov Andrey, this compact apartment design tests the limits of space conservation. Thanks to multipurpose living spaces and a super efficient layout, this apartment feels far more spacious than its actual size would indicate. In fact, this compact home measures in at just under 23 square meters! Simple decor and streamlined furniture keeps the interior feeling bright and uncomplicated – a dream for any fan of minimalist design. At the end of the tour, you’ll find a collection of useful floor plans to show exactly how this impressive space came together.

The tour opens with a look at the versatile main volume that serves almost all of the resident’s day-to-day needs, from sleeping to dining to entertainment.

Rather than taking up extra space with a full dining table, the designer chose a simple cantilever design with a pair of kitchen bar stools.

While standard furniture would take up significant visual real estate, this low-profile table design only blocks about four or five inches of the view across the room.

Although it’s just a minor detail, every accessory can make a huge impact in a home this minimalistic. These unique pitchers aren’t just useful but also contribute beauty to the room as well.

Almost all of the rightmost wall contains storage space. The bedroom, at the far end, extends storage potential even more with drawers built directly into the bed platform.

Just behind the dining nook, a simple little bed area enjoys a sunny space equally suited to casual reading in the daytime or stargazing at night.

When there isn’t much space to accommodate a traditional table lamp, bedroom pendant lights are a stylish and effective solution. This space uses the IC S Pendant Light by Michael Anastassiades.

The bed platform doubles as a table for a coffee mug, books, or anything else the resident might need for a quiet Saturday morning in bed. Above, there’s a little rack to hold pencils and reading glasses.

An attractive pegboard system offers a highly flexible alternative to traditional decorative wall hooks. Arrange as desired and enjoy plenty of room for jackets, purses, and even shoes.

Nearby, the entryway makes a strong first impression with bold floor tiles and slat wood walls.

LEDs integrated above the slats provide soft illumination that won’t disturb residents in the evening, easily lighting the way to the bathroom in the evenings.

While not as versatile as a full-length mirror, this little artistic arrangement still makes it easy to quickly check hair or makeup before heading out for the evening.

With a neon magenta light, the bathroom definitely seems to channel a little vaporwave inspiration.

But once that light is turned off, it becomes just another clean and simple minimalist space much like the rest of the home.

The floor tiles are actually the same ones used in the entryway, an economical use of materials.

Since it’s a relatively private area, bathrooms are a great place to take design risks!

If you’re curious to know more about how the architects managed to fit so much functionality into such a small space, these floor plans might help you get a clearer picture.

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