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5 Studio Apartments With Inspiring Modern Decor Themes

While studio apartments can only have so many different layout combinations, there are no similar limits when it comes to decor possibilities. This post looks at five gorgeous studios that each embrace their own distinct aesthetic – ultra modern, natural, urban industrial, sleek luxury, and contemporary Scandinavian style. Whether you’re looking for a new look for your own interior or just want to explore cool furniture, lighting, or floor plan ideas, these apartments have plenty of inspiration to offer. Which one is your favorite? Stop by the comment section to let us know!

Visualizer: Anton Anastasya  

While the furniture may fall more toward the minimalist side, this apartment’s distinctive color palette breathes an air of fresh springtime life into this small studio’s stylish interior. Muted springtime tones pop from their background of high-contrast black and white. Smooth matte finishes stand out against materials like the distressed concrete ceiling and tall panels of interior glass for a dynamic and exciting visual experience.

The living room’s furniture appears as part of a continuous installation. A large indoor plant in a recessed planter draws the kitchen’s forest green theme into the pale pink of the living room.

A sleeping resident can enjoy a degree of sound isolation thanks to tall glass bedroom walls. An upholstered headboard provides aesthetic continuity.

This shot is a great example of the diverse textural palette. Furniture and main walls appear silky smooth, with unfinished cinder block and concrete lending a rugged touch. Herringbone floors and indoor plants bring organic appeal.

Illumination is provided by a row of studio lights that fall on both living spaces. A single unique dining pendant centers the table.

Color blocking simplifies the visual plane. The white-on-white dining arrangement falls against a backdrop of white cabinetry to prevent busy contrast. The upper cabinets and nearby walls match in all but texture, and the storage to the right falls within a single block as well.

A variety of small planters make room for greenery even within a small interior.

Visualizer: Anton Anastasya  

Here’s an interesting small apartment that remains relatively open like a studio, with private spaces separated only by a glass wall and a central wooden volume. The decor is light and natural with a touch of modern abstraction, an interesting contemporary aesthetic that allows plenty of room to play with form and color.

The doors actually slide on either end – the leftmost side reveals the office, and the right side opens to the bedroom.

Wire furniture and accessories keep things lightweight to avoid casting shadows or blocking the view across the interior. A few unique plant stands follow the same aesthetic and spread greenery throughout.

Furniture gains a little more structural substance as the viewer travels further away from the window, where shadows are likely to make less of an impact.

The kitchen wide wood panels keeps things simple and fresh, with a white worktop and back splash to make cleaning up a breeze. The chairs are the iconic Wishbone design by Hans Wegner.

One of the drawbacks of concrete and cinder block walls is the relative difficulty of hanging artwork. Tall portraits that can sit on the floor and still stand to a visually appealing level are a great solution for spaces like these.

Rough cinder block walls provide an interesting counterbalance to the smooth wood panels throughout the bedroom. A window peers through to the office and allows natural light to penetrate further into the interior.

On the other side of the bedroom, a fantastic built-in wardrobe leaves plenty of room for the season’s outfits.

Perforations toward the bottom of the dividing wall allow another route for sunlight to traverse.

Visualizer: Julia Myshko  

This gorgeous interior combines industrial appeal with smooth modern design. Exposed brick, smooth finished concrete, distressed wood, and wire accents set the stage. Accent colors derive from the material palette in a subtle way.

The layout remains mostly open, with just a central wood volume and a partial wall to provide tangible borders between the functional spaces. Changes in material mark the borders visually.

Located to the left of the television, an adorable little bedroom can enjoy privacy by way of a sliding curtain. Cool neon typography hangs above the headboard.

A series of portraits hang above the sofa, while small urban symbols adorn the wood panels near the bathroom door.

The small divider doubles as an anchor for the small home office. A cantilever desk was a smart choice, freeing up visual real estate and eliminating the potential for shadows from the large nearby window.

Eames shell chairs complement the kitchen’s minimalist aesthetic. The exposed brick backsplash serves as a focal point surrounded by the ultra-simple cabinetry.

A handsome pair of wine glasses can make the difference on any table setting.

The bathroom’s strict attention to its gray-and-white color scheme makes the handful of red details stand out to an even more powerful effect.

When working with a bathroom as stylish as this one, it makes sense to coordinate every detail – even down to soap and lotion dispenser designs.

Visualizer: Andrey Karasev  

At just 36 square meters in size, this compact studio apartment doesn’t let its small layout prevent it from embracing an ultra-luxurious aesthetic. Marble floors, smoky glass walls, and high end furniture capture interest while keeping things sleek and low-profile.

Both the dining table and the sofa rest against the bedroom’s glass volume. This arrangement feels very “out of the way” without looking like an afterthought.

Although the apartment is square in shape, the bedroom’s placement creates a more traditional L-shaped walking path for easy navigation.

A matte black on black color scheme keeps the kitchen looking simple and modern. Recessed lighting in the bottom of the cabinets prevents the workspace from feeling too dark.

The bedroom’s concrete accent wall serves as a nice textural contrast to the glossy marble floors below it. Layered bedding demonstrates a similar play on texture and pattern.

A stripe of inset lighting sets the mood, while slim pendants provide focused task lighting.

Dramatic black tiles define the bathroom, with hints of marble providing continuity with the rest of the apartment design.

Visualizer: Valery Titova  

And finally, let’s close out the post with a charming Scandinavian-inspired interior that fosters an exceptionally warm atmosphere despite its minimalistic decor. The layout is especially interesting – it’s a studio layout apartment, but the bedroom’s wooden slat walls allow for privacy without blocking the stream of natural sunlight.

Weathered natural wood, clean walls, and whitewashed brick offer a diverse palette of contrasting textures that transform an otherwise minimalist home into a comfortable and homey retreat.

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A Sleek Apartment the Divides Rooms Creatively

This apartment from Martin Architects is located in Lviv, Ukraine. Measuring 145 square meters, it is the perfect size for a small family or couple to not feel cramped while still being comfortable and cozy. The overall design is quite modern and sleek, with creative room dividers — including interior windows and sliding glass doors — making a particularly interesting appearance. Storage is also done creatively in this home, with folding walls closing off the kitchen appliances when not in use and creative shelving built in throughout the apartment. Take a look inside this cool, comfortable home to get your own design ideas.

Floor-to-ceiling windows give a bright, vibrant feel to the open floor plan living room and kitchen.

The bar for the kitchen is created with a suspended interior window opening, adding visual interest and a playful edge.

The way that bright colors are use sparingly adds more light to the spaces that don’t have as much sunlight coming in.

The spacious living room still manages to feel cozy with the set up of the furnishings.

A wine fridge is a must for a sleek, modern home like this one.

The light fixture over the dining table is almost otherworldly.

Another awesome architectural feature is the way the stove and sink in the kitchen are hidden from view whenever the occupant wants with just the easy slide of a door.

The accent wall in this small bedroom immediately captures our attention with its geometric cutouts.

This is clearly a room for an artistic occupant.

A small workspace near the window gives a comfortable spot for getting creative.

An interior sliding door offers either privacy or openness, depending on your mood.

A neutral color palette makes the bedroom, which is on the smaller side, feel a bit bigger.

The sliding door opens up into a spacious bath.

The electric pink color in the bathroom further carries over the artistic bent of this particular space.

And wood is always a calming presence in the bath.

A second bedroom is a bit darker and features more storage.

Shelving behind the bed means plenty of closet space without bulky furniture.

There’s still room for work or studying in here as well.

Pendant lighting always creates a peaceful atmosphere.

The second bath is also a bit darker, and features some really fun towel storage.

The patterned bathroom tile is unique, playful and still chic.

A walk in shower is the perfect way to end the day — and to end this apartment tour.

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A White and Wood House for a Stylish Family

When you move your young family into a new home, you want it to be a reflection of what you care about. This single family home located in Moscow does precisely that. From the architects at Ruetemple, the 160 square meter home was designed with usefulness, comfort, and beauty in mind. Starting from scratch with no interior walls, what eventually took shape was a two story home with three small bedrooms and a spacious common area for work, play, and quality family time. Throughout the home, stark white and beautiful wood grain take the beautiful design to the next level while lamps from Imex, bathroom details from Roca, Villeroy and Boch, Hansgrohe and Geberit plus granite tile from Italon work together in perfect harmony.

In this particular home, the family spends a great deal of time in common areas, making it critical that these spaces are bright, open and welcoming.

The creative netting between the first and second floor of the home makes for not just an interesting design element but also a fun, safe place for the kids to play.

Of course, the pseudo-hammock is not just fun for the kids.

Downstairs, indoor house plants drink in the copious natural light.

There is a lot of visual interest on the lower level with vaulted ceilings and interior cutaway walls.

Decorative elements in the house are simple, yet notable like the geometric dining room pendant light that hangs over the table.

The white and wood design elements work in unison and give an automatic clean feeling while small splashes of color like from the table planter are natural yet fun.

The cutaways into the stairwell keep anything from feeling very far from sun and bring a unity to the design.

When the house was originally purchased, there were no interior walls at all, giving the architects free reign to create something completely unique.

The simplicity of the interior colors and materials is no mistake. In addition to white walls and ceilings, nearly all the furniture is made from pine or beech.

As night falls, the magic hour takes over the common area beautifully giving it an otherwordly glow.

And as the dark settles in, light from upstairs makes the house look as if it is alive and lit from within.

Storage is always a consideration in homes where there are children and these built-ins let the kids easily access their own toys and supplies.

Because most of the family’s time is spent in the common downstairs, the bedrooms upstairs are cozy and small. The wood bedroom details, from expansive shelving to a beautiful custom platform bed are perfect for the smaller room.

The staircase is another focal point of the home’s design, winding its way upstairs through the center of the house.

Being able to peek out from the staircase on the way upstairs makes this much friendlier than a closed off stairwell.

There is never a bad time to lounge on your own built-in hammock wall.

With proper supervision, the wall netting also makes for a fun play element.

The kids can easily race up and down the central staircase to access their bedrooms or the kid’s area beneath the stairs.

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Three Inspirational Scandinavian Interiors Achieving Pastel Perfection

Scandinavian style isn’t synonymous with bright colouring. Exposed brick in reds and greys alongside white French windows and light-wooden furniture are characteristic of the style. Bring Scandinavian styling and dreamy pastels together, with these three apartments for inspiration. Want a baby pink couch in your lounge? Pair it with a pea green coffee table, flowing chiffon curtains and monochrome accessories. Love a boldly patterned wall? Pair your polka dots with pops of pastel and lightly-coloured wood. Smear pastel across iconic prints, afront a mint feature wall. Paint in pastel with these three inspirational interiors in mind.

Visualizer: Imade pastel  

60sqm can be made into a decal-filled Scandinavian interior, as this pastel apartment shows. Using splashes of baby pink, soft teal, grey and white, each coloured element surprises by stretching beyond the eye’s expectations. In the living room, a triangular pattern forming a rug on the floor stretches up to a wall decal, where it becomes larger and more alive. Reflected in a motley of patterned cushions and decorative plates, the theme extends and is punctuated by a striking photo of a woman in vintage dress. Simple Scandinavian furniture in two round coffee tables and a wooden shelf hold pastel accessories. Hints of green in two mini cacti and a potted tree inject nature.

From the couch, a different view presents itself. Breaking the white of the kitchen and above-TV wall, a wooden entrance painted in mint green leads to a simple front door. Paired with white coffee tables, a middle cabinet and breakfast tables, white acts as one colour amongst many in this interior’s palette. With the help of Scandinavian shelving and more potted cacti, the look becomes consistent across the space. A pink, white and grey block cabinet laden with art deco prints spots the difference.

At another 45 degrees, a kitchen in teal makes itself known. A white French window opens up the space, while the white breakfast table ensures light is not obstructed. Mid-tone Scandinavian wood graces the counter, while patterned cushions, pastel and chrome appliances mix the old and new.

Stepping back to form a fuller view, tile brickwork in the splashback and an iconic SMEG in sunshine yellow round off the kitchen’s look. Against a mast of white, pastel crockery visible through glass cabinets draw the eye high and back to the door, a veritable smorgasbord of sweet treat illustrations. A matching yellow painted bench gets the final word on the way out.

Visualizer: Duong Arc  

Marie Antoinette and Frida Kahlo headline this pastel apartment space, a mix of coloured walls and more muted offerings. Painting its French dado cream, a burst of mint masts this room of many leaning prints. A black leather couch peppered with stone and monochrome cushions eggs on a charcoal rug, as Scandinavian plant stands dot the room. Towards the right, large sliding doors open up to a balcony and mirror the legs of furniture – the round coffee table, the gold legs of a pod chair coloured in stone. A pale wooden floor zigzags its way to a low TV cabinet and TV which, in its thick frame, mirrors the prints on its opposing side.

Towards the other corner, we face a beautifully-integrated and unmistakably-Scandinavian dining room. As French dado skirting winds around the walls, Marie Antoinette’s image is painted bright with graffiti atop a square standing cabinet. Black, white and wooden Scandinavian-style chairs, sourced from About A Chair and designed by Hee Welling, add a focal point that isn’t too busy. Indoor house plants in the form of large potted trees, sprayed ferns, moss and cacti tie the room in, while a cluster of glass and earthenware jars provide a centrepiece for the table.

A quick turn around the corner reveals a quiet and traditional Scandinavian kitchen. Taking a break from the colourful main area, the kitchen occupies two walls framing a large window. Sitting astride stone-coloured walls, one side features an inbuilt oven, stove and chrome extractor fan; the other a large bench and sink area cradled by a fridge. French panels reminiscent of the lounge’s dado panelling are broken by glossy white tiles, a Scandinavian staple alongside wooden benches and rows of spoons and ladles.

Visualizer: Pavel Pisanko  

Light, bright and dreamy, our last interior uses block pastels and bold patterning to effect. Focused in a lounge coated in white walls and flowing chiffon, a pink three-seater welcomes us in, with a soft grey wingback and lilac recliner as sitting friends. Lit by a sprinkle of wood and glass pendant lights, their differing heights create a relaxed feel over white and green coffee tables. A pale wooden floor gains interest with zigzagging detail, a narrow row of shelving interest with wine. Almost hidden by the impact of surrounding white walls, two rectangular arches create easy flow across the space.

Towards the left corner, a study space lurks in almost full-scale white. Broken by two monochrome quote prints, grass pots, a wooden figure and mint reading lamp, the space is framed by three windows that enhance light and provide a view outside. A simple white school chair and steel-legged desk are stylish tools for working.

Through the white rectangular arches, the dining room beckons with a pastel mosaic adorning the wall. Two Muuto Unfold Pendants, made of silicone that rolls up on itself, drop light on the table without drawing too much attention. Continuing the pastel theme, a company of chairs painted in baby blue, pink, white and wood create a scene on the same zig-zagged wooden floor. Matching the dining room pendants, a long line of chiffon curtaining provides a softer background.

The bedroom dazzles with full-scale polka dots across one side. Matched by a stencilled maze patterning the wooden cabinet, its subtle texture is lit by bedroom pendants above a low-lying bed. Two slat benches either side elongate the space, while a wood and thick, iron-legged end table provides a place to drape clothes. With Scandinavian accessories in the form of vased twigs, glass bottles, monochrome prints, and potted plants held on window ledges, cabinets and painted ladders, a rocking chair and two pastel Muuto Mhy pendants offer the final touch to a bedroom daringly different.

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50 Unique Laundry Bags & Baskets To Fit Any Theme

The laundry hamper can be a sad old sight. Shoved in the corner where your dirty clothes and linen hide, they are often unstylish, unkept and even a little bit mouldy. Give your laundry a new life, by choosing one of our top fifty picks for unique laundry bags and baskets. Suited to a myriad of interiors and styles, they’ll be a sight to behold in your laundry space, bedroom or en route to the local launderette. Choose from innovative hampers that wheel out from under your sink, to double laundry baskets, laundry baskets you can shoot hoops in or even silver and metallic bags. No matter which way you look at it, we’ve got a laundry solution for you.

$100BUY IT

Sleek And Stylish Metal Laundry Basket: Laundry baskets don’t have to be made of canvas or wicker cane. This metal laundry basket strikes a pose beside your chrome appliances, and is ventilated so those dirty linens don’t throw up a stink.

$170BUY IT

Brushed Copper Finish Luxury Laundry Bin: Another stylish metallic find, this copper-brushed beauty meets all the requirements for a luxury laundry basket. With a sleek lifting mechanism and tastefully-perforated vents, it’ll inspire the envy of your friends.

From $150BUY IT

African-Style Laundry Baskets: Handmade and fair trade-compliant, these hampers are made of plastic strips and millet grass. Pop this African-style laundry basket in your bedroom corner.

$192BUY IT

Stylish Hand-Woven Laundry Basket: Acquire a laundry basket made of Senegalese ndlorokh grass. These handmade baskets are a muted-tone feature for your laundry corner.

$188BUY IT

Hand-Woven Rattan Beehive Hamper With Liner: Fancy a lighter version with a doorknob handle? These round laundry hampers are made of rattan and come with a liner.

$80 for 2BUY IT

Handmade Wicker Laundry Hamper: Buy two hampers to form a stylish set. These wicker laundry hampers come in two different sizes for easy sorting of your washables.

$102BUY IT

Brown Woven Round Hamper With Cotton Liner: A hole top makes it easy to view the load, in this tall and narrow laundry bin. Place its smooth form in the intersection between your bedroom and laundry.


Hand-Woven Hyacinth Double Hamper: Double laundry hampers are double the fun. Have his ‘n’ hers compartments in this handwoven piece.


Beautiful Modern Minimalist Double Laundry Hamper: Natural resin weave makes this divided laundry hamper look modern and minimalist. Lined separately, it’s the perfect way to distinguish between whites and colours.


Rectangular Bamboo Laundry Basket: Choose from either natural or black-painted bamboo in these tall laundry hampers. Their eco-friendly forms come with their own cotton liners, too.


Corner Hamper Made From Wicker: Have an awkward corner you’d like to utilise? This corner laundry basket offers a snug spot for your clothing in a frame made of wicker.


Wicker Corner Hamper With Lid: Corner laundry hampers come in all shapes and sizes. This dark-painted wicker version has a see-through middle, letting you see when it starts to get full.


Slim White Wicker Laundry Basket: After an elegant look? This slim laundry hamper blends into white walls in wicker cane.


Collapsible Laundry Basket: Spread it out or pack it away. Complete with linen bag and bamboo frame, this collapsible laundry basket makes wash time easy.

$135BUY IT

Laundry Hamper Shelf: Have a specific place in mind for your laundry, detergents and softeners? This wooden laundry hamper acts as a shelf within a larger unit for towels and toiletries.

$316BUY IT

Tilt-Out Laundry Hamper Cabinet: Like any great appliance or amenity, this hamper cabinet hides your dirty laundry. Use these unique laundry hampers to store everything from your undies to your towels.

$109BUY IT

Rev-A-Shelf Pull-Out Polymer Laundry Hamper: Want a little something for your kitchen? This plastic laundry hamper rolls out from under a drawer or sink.


Laundry Basket With Wheels: For those with heavy loads, this laundry basket with wheels is a real find. Drag it with you to a mate’s place or the local launderette, instead of struggling with bags.


Stylish Black Laundry Basket : We’re anything but divided on this divided laundry basket. Painted in black and made of sturdy bamboo, it offers two separate compartments and a hide-away lid.


Sparkling Grey Laundry Basket: White polyester and cardboard combine in this shimmering grey laundry hamper. Grab its two rope handles for an easy-to-carry, glitzy add.


Woven Gold, Silver & Copper Finish Laundry Baskets: Stripe your laundry in gold, silver or metallic hues to have the best laundry basket in town. Available in a range of sizes and adorned with rope handles, they’ll be the envy of customers at every launderette.


Tree Stump-Shaped Cylindrical Laundry Basket With Rope Handles: Want to blend in with the trees en launderette route? This fun laundry basket looks like a tree stump.


Linen Laundry Basket With Twin Handles: Linen baskets can be plain and boring. Let yours look artisan, with this hessian example offering two rope handles.


Extra Large Laundry Hamper With Shoulder Strap: A whopping 31.5 x 16 inches in size, this water-resistant, large laundry hamper can take care of all your drycleaning needs. Use the inbuilt shoulder strap to manage the load.


Foldable Red Laundry Basket With Double Rings: This suggestive red laundry hamper says what it means. Grab its two rings to prop it up in your room or carry it to the washing machine.


Nautical-Themed Laundry Basket: Sail away on cleaner seas with this nifty piece of nautical home décor. A canvas bag and two handles carry all the clothes a fun laundry basket needs to.


Travel-Themed Laundry Basket: Not into sailing? Try this travel-themed version as home décor for travellers.


Industrial-Style Wire Mesh Laundry Basket: A useful piece of industrial home décor, this wire laundry basket is an old school way to clean and carry.


Tall White Plastic Laundry Basket: Thoroughly-ventilated and easy to clean, this tall laundry basket offers all the basics for your household washing.


Small Laundry Basket: After something not quite as large? This small laundry basket might be the perfect size.


Foldable Striped Laundry Hamper: Aspire to look stylish in every situation? This foldable laundry bag could be an everyday accessory.


Minimalist White & Grey Laundry Basket: A grey laundry basket never goes astray. This cotton rope creation is something to be proud of, in a muted-tone living room.


Solid-Coloured My Laundry Bags: Four colours in cotton give options for your laundry. Easy to carry and easy to fill, they’ll find a place on your door as a hanging laundry bag.


Scandinavian-Style Triangle Laundry Basket: Black, white and full of triangles, this Scandinavian-inspired clothes hamper features handbag-esque handles to carry the load.


Batman Superhero-Themed Black And White Laundry Basket: Batman has his own canvas laundry bag. Add this black and white find to your superhero home décor collection.


Over-The-Door Basketball Hoop Laundry Hamper: Slam dunk your laundry, with this interactive kids laundry hamper. Hang it on the back of their door as an inventive to do chores.


Punchbag Laundry Bag: Feel like your laundry is getting one over you? Fight back with this unique laundry bag on the back of your door.


White and Pink Kid’s Laundry Basket: Say Bonjour to a beautifully-dressed bag of laundry. This black, white and pink laundry bag provides the frame.


Baby Laundry Baskets: After a cute baby laundry basket? Try these baby pink and blue gingham designs for size.


Funny Laundry Baskets: Sick of being the only one doing the laundry? Send a passive-aggressive message on the sides of these canvas laundry bags.


Stylish Pink Laundry Basket: For lovers of polka dots, this pink laundry basket is hard to pass up. Two handles and a drawstring centre make it easy to carry around.


Kali Laundry Bag Hamper: Decorated in tribal patterning, this linen laundry bag is the perfect fit for your sheets. Grab its rounded handles for a better grip on your way out.


Black and White Washing Machine Icon Laundry Bag: For those truly in love with the washing machine, its image can be mimicked in this drawstring canvas laundry bag.


Washing Machine-Shaped Free Standing Laundry Basket: The most unique of laundry hampers, this washing machine-shaped creation can stand on its own. Lift its lid to quickly toss your clothes inside.


Cute Kids Laundry Bag: This dog looks content, and you will too with this kids’ laundry bag. A drawstring top makes it easy to transport.


Cute Black & White Panda Laundry Basket: With ears popping over its rounded rim, this panda laundry hamper is a hit with kids and adults alike.


Dirty Monkey Laundry Bag: Only the most unique laundry baskets feature a zip-shut mouth. This cheeky monkey is clad in turquoise striped pajamas and a smile cheeky enough to eat your laundry.


Elephant Laundry Bag: Wicker laundry baskets can be fun too. This elephant home décor find lets you lift its head to dispose of your smalls.

$115BUY IT

Owl Laundry Basket: Fancy an owl instead? Acquire a grey laundry basket for your owl home décor collection.

$202BUY IT

Shark Laundry Basket: Scare your kids into doing their laundry. These sharks offer fun laundry baskets that eat either dirty clothes – or your kids.

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