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Open Nature’s Window With This Greenery-Surrounded Vietnamese Home

Get closer to true outdoor living. This green-inspired home, nicknamed ‘The Drawers House’, was concepted by MIA Design Studio to let the outdoors in. Based in Vung Tau, Vietnam, it uses 60% of its 470sqm purely for landscape. Rooms behave like ‘drawers’, sliding in and out between alternating pockets of garden, pools and natural vistas. Facing in the same direction, each drawer shows a space interspersed by nature – rooms where nature controls the atmosphere, providing brightness, shade, light patterns and cool at its surrounding fauna’s whim. Take a tour through its connecting hallway to see its many pockets for yourself.

Our first view invites with an open plan space decked with pools, tiled patios and an abundance of greenery. Two wooden doors frame either side of a wide glass panel, the perfect place to gaze out to the leafy surrounds. Taking turns, the pool and glass reflect living nature.

Looking diagonally, wide sheets of plaster create a dividing wall and patio shelter, seemingly matching with the floor tiling. Two trees make friends in a central pool planting, providing shade for its school of fish.

Wooden elements continue the nature-inspired theme, as varnished wooden doors melt into timber Venetians. Greenery lines the surfaces, making itself known in planted hedges and moss around the pool. Bridal veil creepers take hold of the exterior walls.

The interior creates warmth with more wooden features. Polished coffee tables set a foreground for a full-panelled wooden kitchen and dining table. Perfectly matching the frames of the doors, their dark timber hues are given respite by a modern sofa, offering a place to lie – or sit – and watch the world go by.

A perfect indoor-outdoor harmony is exhibited in the dining room. Looking from the pool, bridal veil creepers dangle in the background – and are reflected back in the pool’s sheen. The result? A symmetrical, relaxing view that would tempt the least superstitious of guests to believe in magic.

A view towards the property’s entrance shows the visitors’ first glimpse of this modern haven. Trees hover over the sides of its exterior plaster walls, matched by trimmed rows of hedges and a lone tree in its corner. Long, sleek panes of concrete tiling offer a smooth surface for the rough, rustic door. The pool and its reflections create an atmosphere of calm.

On the house wall’s inner, the kitchen’s smooth surfaces mirror the outside. Thick black supports draw lines with a horizontal hanging light, made all the brighter with inbuilt LEDs. Simple taps and basins keep the focus on the home’s layout and scenery.

From the dining area, a wall of bridal veil creepers dazzle the senses. Dining chairs backed with the lounge’s panel design help pull the space together, while wood and white cover the rest.

Centred around one central corridor, the home’s layout allows nature to shine through. Using mixed elements such as wooden slats and plaster, its design allows for dreamy walkways as its plant life interacts with several different substrates.

A small cavity between the corridor’s roofing and adjacent walls lets the sun beam through. Bridal veil creepers meet a bed of ferns amidst other plants enriched by the elements outside.

Lining its walkways with wooden slats on the one side, hanging creepers on the other, the space appears open, light and airy. Sleek white ceilings and light-coloured stone ensure the natural remains the central feature.

Stepping out of the main rooms, visitors find whole spaces drenched in green. Covering walls and masking windows, bridal veil creepers provide a partition from central living areas. Overgrown grass and ferns line the floors, while a few trees stand tall as nature’s statues in the centre.

In keeping with its exemplary indoor/outdoor flow, several interior pieces mimic the exterior design. In the bedroom, a wooden-slat standing closet references the corridor, creating one long slatted line as you peek out the window. A wooden door to the side links to the home’s frontage.

The bedroom’s desk provides a segue from outside to inside. Dark horizontal wood creates shelves and a table, turning the corridor’s wooden slats and door frames on their head. White covers the bedding, cabinetry and air conditioning, providing a muted décor and a place to relax. A few biblical figures up the top of the shelving provide personality.

Shunning traditional walls for a full-scale window, the bathroom only partially obscures the view with two long, elegant mirrors. Two squared sinks mirror those in the kitchen, while a Jenga-style standing cabinet mimics a tree log in form. A line of natural stones behind offers a finishing touch.

From its street front, the home looks modern and spacious, hiding the secret of its natural haven. A leafy tree at the end matches the colours of its creepers.

Looking front on, the home’s design reveals its treasures. A plaster wall doubling as a gate alongside timber sliding doors provides privacy for the nature-loving city-dweller.

Check out our plans above and below, for a more detailed insight into how the home works. These plans show how the home naturally ventilates, is laid out in a floor plan, how nature intersperses the rooms, and how its 470sqm space is divided.

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Target Is Selling Mid-Century Modern Furniture for a Steal

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Target has been hinting about the release of its new budget mid-century modern furniture line all summer. The suspense probably killed a few design fanatics. For the survivors, Project 62, the retailer’s Scandinavian mod/mid-century modern collection of furniture and home accents, is finally available online.

According to Target, “1962 was a big year. Modernist design hit its peak and moved into homes across the country. And in Minnesota, Target was born — with the revolutionary idea to celebrate design for all. Project 62 embodies this legacy with a collection of modern pieces made for everyday living.”

Have you been wanting to have a hip and modern home without the hit to your wallet? Check out these stunning pieces (and the price tag!) from their collection of nearly a thousand. Don’t wait too long to get yours, availability and color options change daily.

target midcentury modern furniture

Antwerp 44″ Entertainment Stand, $260. Perfect for your record collection or flat screen TV.

mod terrariums

A fabulous and faux square terrarium for those among us without a green thumb, $17.

mid century benches

A modernist tufted multipurpose bench: Copan Mid Century Bench, $140

modern floor lamps

Delavan Tripod Floor Lamp, $80. Available in 4 finishes including gold, silver, and black.

wall art ideas

An instant abstract modern wall gallery can be yours with this framed 3 pack of art for $65.

mid century modern furniture

The Hafley 2 Drawer Storage Console for $100 is perfect for your entryway or living room. Also available in 2 other colors.

upholstered beds

The Siegel Pull tufted and upholstered bed starts at $420, depending on the size, and comes in a few fabric options. Or you can just get the headboard, starting at $210.

The Ogee pillow is retro chic for only $17.

Great in small spaces and anywhere you need storage, the Loring 34″ Bookcase is $200 and is built with a metal frame and beautiful wood grain detail.

The Hexagon Wall Cubby has shelves, a mirror and hooks to make function cool again. $25

small console tables

The Hillside Console Table is only $100 and is a great architectural mini console for your kitchen, entryway, or living room.

modern office furniture

The Loring Writing Desk is a stylish combo of white oak and a black metal frame for $110. You can add the coordinating bookcase for another $100.

mid century modern living room furniture

The Oster Chrome Base Slipper Chair comes in black or white and costs $200 each.

For only $30, why not buy a couple of these wall hangings and use them as a headboard?

The french seaming on the Troxell Small Ottoman adds a tailored look to these everyday cubes. $80 each.

The gorgeous table base of the Emmond Mid Century 72″ Table for $400 is pure mid-century style. Shown with the Holmdel Chair, which comes in several colors for $100 each.

You’ll hang around the breakfast bar a little longer thanks to the Ewing 24″ Counter Stools, $70 each or get the taller 29″ Ewing Bar Stools for $80 each.

For $130, you can get the Whitney 3-pack of accent tables that stack for storing. Use them to replace a bulky coffee table.

What’s your favorite piece from Target’s Project 62?

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Preschool Design in Brooklyn Encourages Play and Curiosity

Maple Street School, located in the rapidly changing neighborhood of Prospect Lefferts Gardens, in Brooklyn, New York, was looking to expand into a second location and found a fitting site in a new mixed-use development. BFDO and 4|MATIV collaborated to provide the cooperative school with a design program that would fit their spatial and curricular needs.

The preschool sees itself as an extension of home, where each child is nurtured in a warm and caring atmosphere, and where curiosity and play are central to learning. These concepts shaped the design process and its outcome, as the designers looked for highly functional solutions to meet their needs.
The layout is comprised of four interconnected spaces: a multipurpose room and three classrooms. A central and semi-open kitchen is located in the multipurpose room to promote healthy eating habits.

The classrooms are connected through large pairs of pocket doors with playful openings, allowing interaction between classrooms and among children and staff.

A warm and light palette of maple wood and white walls runs throughout all spaces. The simplicity allows surfaces to act as backdrops for all the hands-on artwork that children create. An outdoor recreation area on the building’s rooftop carries a colorful rubber tile pattern with a large pixelated graphic of islands. Photography and information courtesy of BFDO and 4|MATIV.

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Earthly Delights and Heavenly Heights: A Look at Celestial Chandeliers

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.  

Modern lighting reminds us of the moon and stars. Image: Image Deluxe Chandelier available at Overstock

2017 has been an exciting year with a focus on the stars and planets. A total eclipse of the sun this past summer visible in many parts of the U.S. had star gazers in a tizzy with excitement. Many of us donned special glasses so we could gaze at the sun. Outside of this event, we continue to spend a good deal of time looking up, which is why celestial chandeliers are so popular.

It’s because we do look up so often we want to see something that is a reflection of who we are and what we hold to be beautiful. Space, the sun and the moon, and planets are great influences when it comes to modern lighting. Colorful orbs, metal frames fashioned after the planets and contemporary structures that resemble spaceships are trends that are taking off, as are other fixtures connected to Mother Earth and therefore more organic in nature and feel.

Regardless of whether your heart is firmly planted here on the ground or you dream of the universe beyond, the choices for what you hang in your home to shine down on you are abundant.

Let a showpiece light takes center stage. Image: Luxe Design Studios

The planets and stars align

One of the most interesting things about watching the eclipse was witnessing the patterns of light as the moon moved in front of the sun, with various effects such as a starburst. World Market has created its own exclusive chandelier resembling that effect. The Brass Starburst Collin Chandelier, priced at $199, is both affordable and memorable. Made of iron with a matte brass finish, this fixture includes nine type B 25-watt light bulbs, offering rays of light that extend across the table.

For those who remember the space race, the Paige 12-Light Sputnik Chandelier from Wayfair is reminiscent of the Soviet first satellite in orbit in 1957. With so many bulbs visible, this piece may require softer and lower wattage bulbs to overpower a room while still remaining a focal point. With a price of $349, this fixture is more than just a functional piece; it’s one that will remain a timeless reminder of man’s pursuit to conquer space.

The means by which man travels through space has held particular interest for many. For the former kids who built spaceships out of Legos, has a fantastical yet simple chandelier. The Elan Starship LED Pendant Light, priced at $1,118, can be considered an investment for those who crave something out of the ordinary. This fixture is energy-efficient and uses 1,782 lumens (with 85 CRI), comparable to a 100-watt incandescent bulb. The overall effect is one of a softer light, creating a quiet yet modern ambiance.

Earthly influences make a home feel grounded. Image: Susie Miles Design

Honoring Mother Earth

Water is the Earth’s life source and 2017 has been a year for record-breaking rainfalls in some areas. Why not pay tribute with a light fixture designed to resemble rain?

Target sells the Kenroy Home Rain Drop 3 Light Pendant Ceiling Light for those who want raindrops above, but not necessarily falling on their heads. Made with iridescent amber glass shades, the piece has a warm amber finish and is priced at $199.80, making it budget-friendly and stylish. Requiring three bulbs, the fixture must not take anything stronger than 60 watts.

Organic shapes and images make us feel closer to the Earth, and online emporium Ballard Designs taps into that desire with a light fixture that recalls both the sea and the Earth. The Airlie Coral Pendant has a genuine seaside flavor and was cast from real found coral, creating a realistic, natural texture. The striking pendant works in both contemporary and traditional settings. Priced at $599, it looks luxurious, belying its more moderate price point.

One singular fixture resembling Mother Earth makes a strong statement, and contemporary manufacturer Moooi has created a specific piece that pays tribute to our planet. Designed by Bertjan Pot, the Random Light is huge in size, yet light as a feather. What began as a simple craft project has bloomed into a timeless and widely recognized staple for retailer Design Within Reach. Ranging from $675 to $2,696, and offered in sizes small, medium and large, this fixture is often installed in groups of two or three for a dramatic effect.

Retro design feels fresh with contemporary lighting. Image: Mark Lawton Architecture

A new take on tradition

Of course, traditional tiered crystal chandeliers never go out of style and some manufacturers are adding a modern twist on the idea by creating pieces made of more organic materials such as wood or substituting wood beads for crystals. Many retailers, including several mentioned above, offer such chandeliers starting at less than $150.

The Ceiling Lights Wood from Threshold, available through Target, manages to be both contemporary and traditional. Priced at $147.28, this chandelier is an easy and affordable way to bring a modern and rustic feel to any room. Find this look in several of today’s top design magazines; a sign your choice is on trend and on point.

A trio of lights makes a significant impact in a large space. Image: Marc Mauldin Photography

There are plenty of options for chandeliers that pay tribute to the stars and planets, a strong theme this year. Hitting a variety of price points from retailers both in-store and online, look for pieces that are sure to be conversation-starters and ones which best represent your interests and ideals. From futuristic pendants resembling space travel to earthy fixtures shaped like our planet, this year’s favorite chandeliers are certain to shine.

Here’s a round up of all the celestial and heavenly chandeliers we just raved about:

1.| 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8.

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Minimalist Attic Loft in Berlin Boasts Rooftop Views

This 175 square-meter (1,888 square-foot) loft apartment is located in a typical tenement building from the early 20th century in Berlin, Germany. The project by Club Marginal Architekten offers plenty of natural light, views of the surrounding roofscape and an outdoor Jacuzzi.

A generously sized hallway ensures easy access to all the functional areas of the apartment. The complex layout is centered around an open plan living and dining room that connects to the terrace. A minimalist design approach with integrated storage solutions makes the place feel airy and spacious.

The owners’ bedroom was planned in the most quiet corner of the attic loft. An all-white color scheme makes the room larger than it truly is; at the same time it encourages reflection and relaxation, as one can only hear the sound of the neighboring trees.

“Along the outside area of the apartment, one continues over a staircase leading to the upper terrace,” the architects explained. “Having arrived at the top one has a 360°-view over the roofs of Friedrichshain. One can spend the evening hours here enjoying the panorama of Berlin, ideally in the whirlpool, accommodating up to four people.” Photography credits: Roland Unterbusch

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