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Get the Look: Best Small Patio Products for Summer Entertaining

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.
Don’t shortchange your small outdoor area. If you have a tiny terrace, balcony, outdoor entry or patio, you can create a fresh and inviting space for entertaining and outdoor living with the best small patio products. We’ve rounded up seven of the best small outdoor spaces for inspiration and products to get the look.

1. Use the floor space of your small balcony

Seating options that don’t fold or collapse may not work if you have a small terrace or balcony. Opt for beanbags or floor pillows for seating. Guests may love the novelty of sitting on the floor in a more intimate, casual style.

When selecting the floor cushions, look for outdoor-rated fabric that can handle the elements. Add a small, rolling grill that can move or be stored elsewhere when not in use.

Get the look items:

Modern seaside small balcony decorating ideas -
Modern seaside small balcony decorating ideas -
Modern seaside small balcony decorating ideas -
Modern seaside small balcony decorating ideas -

2. A small balcony design that maximizes a corner

This small balcony creates a cozy sitting area in the corner. Modular outdoor seating in the form of armless chairs can be grouped to expand or be repositioned.

Finish the look with an outdoor area rug that defines the space, a square poof or ottoman that can double as a coffee table or extra seat, hurricane candles that light up the area and plenty of potted plants.

Get the look items:

Small balcony decorating ideas to maximize space -
Small balcony decorating ideas to maximize space -
Small balcony decorating ideas to maximize space -
Small balcony decorating ideas to maximize space -

3. Small terrace decorating ideas that use the rails or walls

Make the most of a tiny nook by maximizing the space. First, lay wood floor tiles to beautify the small terrace. Add a storage bench to double as a seat with cushions on top for comfort. Then find items that can hang from the railing, such as grill, shelves and planters. Be sure local fire codes allow you to hang your grill on your railing.

Get the look items:

Small patio decorating ideas -
Small patio decorating ideas -
Small patio decorating ideas -
Small patio decorating ideas -

4. A small outdoor kitchen for big entertaining

Small outdoor kitchen ideas -

Photo: Ikea

Creating an outdoor kitchen is one of the top items on many homeowners’ wish lists. But what happens if you rent, have a small budget or a small outdoor area? You can still re-create a built-in outdoor kitchen that’s modular and affordable. The key is including extra counter space. Do so by choosing a small-scale grill and add a side table, rolling butcher block or small restaurant prep table to sit next to your grill.

Look for a small side table or cart featuring a bar where you can add hooks to hang grill utensils and towels. A small bin can serve many purposes, such as ice bucket, trash or storage for small items. Add to the small patio design look by backing your grill area with a decorative screen that doubles as a design feature and privacy feature. Finish the look with festive outdoor lights.

Get the look items:

Small outdoor kitchen ideas -
Small outdoor kitchen ideas -
Small outdoor kitchen ideas -
Small outdoor kitchen ideas -

5. A small garden area with vertical wall garden and bright colors

This enchanting small outdoor space is simple to re-create. Choose a small round table and chairs that fold easily and store when not needed. Plant greenery and flowers that grow upward or hang a vertical garden on the wall where you can grow plants and flowers.

Notice what makes the small terrace above most special: the use of candles and small lights in the plants that add a magical, secret garden effect.

Get the look items:

An enchanting small patio space -
An enchanting small patio space -
An enchanting small patio space -
An enchanting small patio space -

6. Turn a small patio window into a bar-height sitting area

An outdoor entertaining space with a window ledge bar -

Photo: Penham Brown

If your window opens out, why not add a ledge and some barstools for a unique serving area? This small outdoor area features a cabinet with enough counter space to prep, hold a tabletop electric grill and serve food.

The barstools can be placed by the window ledge counter or even next to the cabinet for eating. The modern lattice encloses the small space to create a more intimate feel.

Get the look items:

An outdoor entertaining space with a window ledge bar -
An outdoor entertaining space with a window ledge bar -
An outdoor entertaining space with a window ledge bar -
An outdoor entertaining space with a window ledge bar -

7. Balcony decorating ideas that use nesting furniture

Small garden decorating ideas and outdoor balcony designs -

Photo: Gaile Guevara

Important elements in a well-designed outdoor space include seating, counter or tabletop space and some personal, decorative items. You can still include all these elements in the smallest of areas.

Start by adding a set of nesting tables that can withstand some outdoor weather. When looking for a nesting table, find a narrow one where one of the items can serve as a bench for seating or low table for cocktails. Add some potted plants, a small side table and some throw pillows for color and comfort.

Get the look items:

Small garden decorating ideas and outdoor balcony designs -
Small garden decorating ideas and outdoor balcony designs -
Small garden decorating ideas and outdoor balcony designs -
Small garden decorating ideas and outdoor balcony designs -

Ready to beautify your small outdoor space and start entertaining? Mix and match these ideas to create a new outdoor room for enjoying the upcoming summer weather with friends and loved ones.

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Studio Apartments In Three Modern Styles

Studio apartments are such a good source of interior design inspiration – the ideas found in these space conscious designs often come in useful outside of the context of apartment design, translating easily to other contexts like single rooms or open plan areas. This post looks at three studio apartments, each one representing a different interior design style. The first one is a straightforward minimalist space, the second is a charming Scandinavian-inspired theme, and the third studio takes a different approach with a dark and moody design with luxurious elements. Which one is your favorite?

Visualizer: Marta Szkudlarek  

Let’s start with something simple. It’s difficult to foster a welcoming environment when it comes to strict minimalism, but this apartment pulls it off thanks to its bright white walls and warm wood elements – and of course the addition of quirky elements like the eclectic dining stools and the occasional modern art print.

Saving space is crucial in such a compact apartment. Nesting tables like these are a great tool, able to slide together to reduce their footprint when the extra surface area isn’t needed.

Residents can enjoy a more private bedroom by simply closing the billowy gray curtain. Those who need to dampen ambient noise could opt for a heavier curtain.

The media center is clean simple, with a nice wall-mounted cabinet to keep electronic components hidden from view.

The wire bar stools are the work of Hee Welling, available from Danish design house Hay. The curvy stools are available here. In the absence of decoration, these unique kitchen counter stools offer an abundance of character.

It’s hard to find a space more simple than this utilitarian kitchen. White and wood cabinets stick with the overall apartment theme.

Here’s the view from the bedroom. It also houses the home’s library. This arrangement looks lovely with the coordinated book jackets, but would look just as nice with colorful spines.

Just as minimalist as the rest of the home, the bedroom keeps things streamlined and focused on rest and relaxation. The cool single-line prints are available here and here.

With the curtain fully retracted, it would even be possible to catch a little late night television right from the bed.

And finally, a look at the bathroom. The washer hides behind a small cabinet door to eliminate another potential source of visual clutter.

Visualizer: Hoàng Long  

This next apartment features the same mostly-white theme as the last one, but this space strays far from minimalism. Its cheerful Scandinavian-inspired decor theme makes great use of subtle patterns, eclectic artwork, and various materials like exposed brick and whitewashed wood.

Refined and stylish, these Scandinavian style chairs don’t complicate the dining arrangement but still add just enough decorative flair thanks to their rustic wood legs.

While wall clocks aren’t the “must have” investment they used to be, they’re always helpful in the kitchen area where hands tend to be too busy with food to check a phone.

This dining room pendant, on the other hand, really makes the space. It’s a unique piece that seems to take equal inspiration from vintage and modern motifs.

The surprisingly spacious bedroom occupies a space behind curtained glass walls. With the curtains open, the room is absolutely bathed in sunlight – an asset for cheerful mornings.

And thanks to the abundant sunlight, the indoor house plants are able to flourish. They add an outdoorsy element to the home that complements the natural wood nicely.

Like the dining room, the bedroom also enjoys a little creative lighting – unique bedroom pendants always create a striking focal point. This dreamy cloud-like model is available from IKEA or right here.

And just look at all these amazing prints! Smaller prints hang above the bed, and the larger prints simply lean against the wall.

Architect: Zrobym Architects  

The last home in this studio tour is a little different from the previous two. Where the others were bright and sunny, this space takes a dramatic and almost moody approach. This project by Zrobym Architects occupies a 45 square meter apartment floor plan in Minsk, Belarus, but embraces its compact format with a cozy style that exudes a sense of relaxation.

To keep things looking streamlined, the interior team included a full wall of storage cabinets behind the media center, ensuring that everything has a place to “live”. Three functional areas share this storage space: the office to the left, the central living room, and the bedroom area to the right.

A few of the shelves near the desk are left open for easy access to work and study-related materials like books, binders, and office supplies.

More storage hides in the stairs that lead to the bed, with a larger wardrobe-style cabinet to the right. This taller cabinet also blocks the view from the glass wall that separates the living spaces from the hallway.

The hallway itself doesn’t reveal much about the home but does make an immediate first impression thanks to the creative wooden panels and integrated lighting.

It’s easy to imagine how these lights might come in handy when setting the mood for an intimate dinner or while simply unwinding after a long day.

Just behind the living room, a spacious kitchen occupies nearly half of the floor space – a great choice for residents who enjoy cooking or entertaining guests.

The small balcony just outside the kitchen offers fresh air and sunlight.

A central island contains all of the appliances necessary for cooking. The stove and range both huddle at the end of the island with a microwave discreetly tucked away above.

A breakfast bar and dining chairs shares its space with the kitchen worktop. Doubling up is always a good way to gain more functionality from a limited floor plan.

The rest of the kitchen remains relatively minimalist, clad in white for a bright and clean appearance.

Now for a peek at the bathroom, which takes the dark and relaxing aesthetic from the living room and runs with it.

With a wood vanity and even wood-printed tiles, it almost feels more like a lodge or a steam room than an ordinary bathroom.

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Minimalist Style Design Of A 3 Bed 2 Bath 2 Floor House [Includes Floor Plans]

Minimalism can get a bad rap. It can conjure images of homes with no character and no personality, focused only on how little is there. But when done right, as is this home from visualizer Oleg Trofimov, minimalism can be beautiful and warm. The house featured in this post has many elements of simplicity, from its odd sofa to its white on white kitchen, but it also has plenty of playfulness. A vertical garden, a colorful children’s room and a number of inviting elements make this house much more than an exercise in design or denial — this house is designed to be a home.

The minimalist design of this home is immediately apparent as you step into the living room. From the geometric beige sofa to the unique floor lamps perched in the corner, clean lines and simplicity abound.

The grain of the wood flooring and simple decorative bench adds interest to the otherwise sparse design.

When it comes to minimalism it is difficult to beat white on white. A small bench all but disappears into the expanse of the vast white wall.

Of course, that vast white wall is not only a design choice. The white expanse allows for movies and TV to be projected, which means that these minimalists do not have to make space in their lives for a flatscreen.

The space is not huge, but the use of white throughout makes the main living area feel enormous. The cream color of the furniture breaks up the white just enough that there is nothing institutional about the design.

The sofa and dining chairs are the same almost rosy color. It is clean and simple, but still a bit warm and not as stark as white would be.

The dining area features modern dining chairs that are cushier and more comfortable than the hard backed wood chairs you sat in last Thanksgiving. These types of chairs are not only stylish, they make you want to stay a while.

For another seating option,
white kitchen counter stools stand ready underneath a white countertop.

The white kitchens is what beachside dreams are made of — clean and spacious. And we cannot forget the detailed wall texture that unites the dining and kitchen areas with a bit of whimsy.

Guests can take the beautiful modern staircase to explore the second floor, where we can expect to find a bit more color.

Natural light from the wall of windows really livens up the entire bottom level, bouncing off the white walls and breathing life into the minimalist design.

Speaking of breathing life into the design, a stunning vertical garden at the top of the staircase is impossible to ignore. The greenery is a much needed splash of color and texture, welcoming you to the more intimate bedroom portion of the house.

Glass railings let lower level viewers see the vertical garden unobstructed. Hopefully this design element does not attract too many fingerprints.

Subtly striped walls are a bit more welcoming on the second level as opposed to matte white.

In the master bedroom, we see a gray color that is not uncommon in minimalist bedrooms— it is cool and simple.

The simple and slim bedroom pendants that dangle from the vaulted ceiling are unique and modern.

Of course, even minimalists have guests at times. The guest room dilemma can be solved without sacrificing the minimalist aesthetic if you know what kind of furniture and design to invest in. This home features a surprisingly modern murphy bed.

What seems like a rust-colored accent wall folds down into a comfortable bed, large enough for two.

The rust color also provides a bit of warmth for the small but practical home office and storage area.

In the child’s room, minimalism meets whimsy and color.

The same vaulted ceilings let the child have their own castle here on the second floor.

While four poster beds may not be the most minimalist, this design is simple and fun without skimping on kid-friendly decor.

In the bathroom, carefully chosen elements like unique laundry baskets and a custom storage bench make for a space where the whole family can feel comfortable.

A stand up shower is clearly a minimalist choice for the design-lover who cannot imagine having the time to soak in a tub.

Choosing from a number of available unique faucets it is easy to see how this white on white design stood out.

Even foregoing unique soap and lotion dispensers for simple bottles makes for a non-fussy look.

A white shower head brings that common element into the bathroom.

Every guest will love how they look in this glowing circular mirror. And great bathroom lighting is definitely important.

Not many have the luxury of an at-home sauna but if you do, you would want this stunning wood look and you would want it on display behind a glass door like it is here.

The glowing light motif is carried through into this water closet as well.

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50 Unique Coffee Tables That Help You Declutter and Stylise Your Lounge

Every living room has space for a coffee table – and, if you’re clever enough, your table can even save you some more. Need a dining and coffee table in one, but don’t have room for chairs? Get a coffee table with specially-crafted stool inserts. Have a few books – but not enough for a bookcase? Slide their spines into your coffee table’s zigzagging cardboard forms. Want to find a new home for your turtles, coral and fish? Place your hot dishes and coffee cups over a glass aquarium. Whether you’re looking for something subtle, ornate or simply space-saving, our top 50 list of unique coffee tables have something to match every interior look and budget.

$252BUY IT

Small Modern-Style Square Coffee Table: Simplicity speaks volumes when it comes to your coffee table. Stand this lacquered, iron-legged version on your living room rug to ensure you match the decor.

$187BUY IT

Small Scandinavian Wooden Coffee Table With White Legs: Need something a wee bit smaller? This round wooden beauty can match your floor.

$160BUY IT

Scandinavian-Style Coffee Table: Scandinavia is renowned for blending wood and white in seemingly-effortless pieces. This coffee table is no exception, with its low-lying surface and inbuilt compartments.

$235BUY IT

Modern Rectangular Coffee Table With Shelving: Tired of bits and pieces cluttering your lounge? This white finish coffee table offers inlets for ornaments and a tempered glass top.

$264BUY IT

Modern-Style Coffee Table With Wheels: Want to put a pot plant inside your coffee table? This contraption surrounds it with dark wooden panelling, accessory inlets and ever-so-handy wheels underneath.

$240BUY IT

Coffee Table With Display Top: Cleaning your coffee table just got easier. This display top table lets you wipe the dust off, while keeping your ornaments safe in their cubbies.

$260BUY IT

Modern Oval White Swivel Coffee Table: Reminiscent of the 60’s, this plywood table splays out to show its levels off. Create up to three separate coffee table spaces on its hi-gloss surface.

$640BUY IT

Modern Minimalist Rectangular Swivel Coffee Table With Storage: Need a swivel function and storage? This sassy coffee table lets you turn its three levels and keep your wares inside.

$780BUY IT

Rectangular Dual-Tone Expandable Coffee Table: Let it rest as a cube, or open out to a storage unit. This innovative white and dark wooden piece lets you mix up table ornaments on a daily basis.

$230BUY IT

Modern Rounded Corner Coffee Table With Drawers: Chrome-plated legs hold up this smooth coffee table. Featuring rounded edges and a low-lying style, its sides open out to drawers holding your trinkets.

$312BUY IT

Modern Narrow Lift Top Coffee Table: Want a TV tray table, but not the tacky look? Watch this walnut find extend its lid to hold your coffee, laptop or ready-made dinner.

$238BUY IT

Adjustable Height Coffee Table: Don’t have space for both a coffee and dining table? Get them in one, with this expanding-leg walnut solution.

$315BUY IT

Expandable Transformer Coffee Table: Have a bit more budget to spare? Let your coffee table seat up to six, with this extended version folding out or in.

$408BUY IT

Coffee Table With Stools Underneath: Want to keep your white sofa pristine? Sit your guests on mock-leather ottomans under this wooden coffee table instead.

$274BUY IT

Modern Wooden Coffee Table: Have a few magazines you’d like to store? This walnut table builds waves for their spines.

$131BUY IT

Sleek Yellow Accent Coffee Table: Add a splash of sunshine yellow to your lounge. This low-lying coffee table is part breakfast holder, part art piece.


Small Hexagonal Modern Coffee Table: Create shapes with your coffee table. With a white surface and wooden legs, this muted-colour piece makes a subtle stand in your interior.

$210BUY IT

Mid-Century Modern-Style Coffee Table: Go back to the Mad Men days, with this rounded coffee table. Its walnut exterior will have you yearning for films in black and white.

$580BUY IT

Curvy Modern Coffee Table With LED: Eat a midnight snack in the lounge. This phone-shaped coffee table sheds necessary light from its middle.

$600BUY IT

Futuristic Coffee Table With LED: Make your lounge look like the Jetson’s. Fitted with purple-hued LEDs, this fibreglass creation can act as a nifty table or seat.

$298BUY IT

Curvy Fishtail Coffee Table: Fibreglass and glass form this unique mermaid home décor table. Enjoy a glass of wine or spritzer as you watch this mermaid’s tail flick underneath.

$1,164BUY IT

Platner Coffee Table: Designed in 1966 by Warren Platner, this steel coffee table requires 1,000 welds to build. Place its glass topped-form in a contemporary apartment.

$126BUY IT

Reginald Stylish Wired Coffee Table: Looking for something a little bit different? The blue iron finish on this coffee table will have all your guests asking.

$249BUY IT

Coffee Table Made From Coconut Shells: Give your lounge a hint of the tropics. This solid, round coffee table is made entirely from coconut shells.

$280BUY IT

Rectangular Teakwood Coffee Table: For those after a rectangular shape, you can’t go past this teak creation. Let rough-shod wood in a block shape anchor your living room design.

$147BUY IT

Curvy U-Shaped Wooden Coffee Table: Another table in teak, this U-shaped end table mimics a wood stack.

$2,885BUY IT

Drum Table: Designer Milo Baughman didn’t believe in machine-made furniture, and it shows in this unique drum. Painstakingly welded, ground, polished and coated in bronze, its cylindrical design draws you and your coffee in.

$1,004BUY IT

Gem Coffee Table: When we say this coffee table’s a gem, we’re really not lying. Made in China from polished stainless steel, it’s available in silver or rose gold.

$904BUY IT

Round Marble Coffee Table With Metal Legs: Add pizzazz to your living room – without the bling. Topped with marble on gold metal legs, this coffee table says sophistication with a subtle edge.

$733BUY IT

Lyon Beton Monobloc Concrete Coffee Table with Wheels: Have an industrial space you’re keen to add to? Look at this low-lying concrete coffee table to store your wares. Roller wheels beneath make it easy to move around.

$4,220BUY IT

Matt Ganon Paper Table: Want your coffee table environmentally-friendly? This find cuts and fuses recycled newsprint boards to hold your coffee, magazines and books.

$370BUY IT

Minimalist Bent Black Glass Coffee Table: Get a coffee table that works with every room. This simple beauty bends glass to form one stylish piece.

$319BUY IT

Rustic Wooden Branch and Slab Coffee Table: Pre-assembled with a one-year warranty, this rustic coffee table injects the forest into your home.

$3,600BUY IT

Sentient Zora Coffee Table: Combine nature and design in your lounge’s focal point. Locust wood on white laminate ensures a coffee table different from your neighbour’s.

$1,898BUY IT

Hemispherical Wooden Coffee Table: After a unique yet timeless design? Cut a circle in half, finish it in walnut, and coat it in an easy-clean laminate.

$247BUY IT

Steampunk-Style Coffee Table With Wheels: Bring an elaborate breakfast to your loved one – on wheels. This steampunk home décor find features a shelf for storage in nut and bolted-metal.

$995BUY IT

Rustic Restored Factory Cart Coffee Table: Looking for something more authentic? Straight from North Carolina, these restored Lineberry factory carts were active early 1900’s.

$254BUY IT

Industrial-Style Coffee Table: Bend galvanised metal to hold your tea and coffee. This coffee table is a surprisingly sophisticated industrial home décor addition.

$202BUY IT

Leather Trunk Coffee Table: Need a holiday? Pretend you’re on one all year round, as you lay your books on this piece for travel-themed décor.

$250BUY IT

Foosball Coffee Table: Wood and tempered glass make your dreams come true, in this functional foosball table.


Coffee Table With Mini Table Tennis: Make one table perform three functions. Play table tennis while you’re waiting, scribble on its chalkboard and pop your coffee or novel on its top.

$194BUY IT

Sculptural Coffee Table With Book Stack-Shaped Base: Can’t get enough of books? Place a glass top upon a stack of them for a nifty end table.

$825BUY IT

Sculptural Tree Coffee Table: Create the bonsai tree look – underneath your coffee table. This metal cypress holds your latest read on glass.

$121BUY IT

Octopus Home Decor: Love all things nautical? Place this cast iron octopus in an octopus décor lounge.

$1,237BUY IT

Live Edge River Table: Hikers can’t go past this coffee table mimicking a terrain. Watch its beautiful stone create realistic landscapes on your living room floor.

$1,269BUY IT

Aquarium Coffee Table: Want an aquarium, but not sure where to put it? This fish-ready coffee table lets them live in your lounge.

$206BUY IT

Coffee Table With Pet Bed: Keep your pup happy with a table that lets them sit underneath. Also suitable for cats, it offers a perfectly-sized mat to cushion their behind.

$460BUY IT

Coffee Table With Fireplace: Take your coffee table to the next level. This design features an inbuilt, heat-resistant fireplace that adds plenty of ambience.

$1,199BUY IT

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge, Speakers & Charging Ports: For those short on space, this coffee table features Bluetooth speakers, a mini refrigerator and USB charger in one tidy little package.

$750BUY IT

Dragon Coffee Table: Bring Game of Thrones magic to your living room. This unique dragon home décor piece looks beastly under a bottle or two of wine.

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How to Weigh Your Fixture Options and Create the Look You Want

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Fixtures play a key role in design

Fixtures will play a key role in your kitchen or bathroom design. Source: Twelve Chairs

When designing a kitchen or bathroom, every element counts. Since these rooms are so utilitarian, each piece does double duty in terms of providing a function and adding to the overall aesthetic. The fixture options you choose are no exception.

That said, there’s a lot more to choosing which fixtures to include in your home than simply picking a product off of a shelf. There is a whole host of base materials and finishes to choose from. Each of these comes with its own unique price point, life span, level of upkeep and style.

To help make sure your purchase will suit your needs, we’ve compiled a guide on how to weigh your fixture options. Read it as you start remodeling and we’re sure you’ll end up with fixtures that will help bring your vision to life. 

Consider how your fixtures will work in the space.

Think about the whole space before choosing your fixtures. Source: Kenorah Design & Build, LTD

Consider the space as a whole

Before starting any design project, it’s best to have a game plan. Consider whether you’ll be trying to combine your new fixtures with ones you already own or if you’re going for a full remodel. In either scenario, it may be a good idea to find some design inspiration to work with. 

A note for those who have decided to mix and match a variety of materials: The experts at Delta Faucets recommend coordinating styles by choosing similar finishes on all of your fixtures. For example, you could focus on choosing all polished or all brushed pieces to create a cohesive look.

Pay attention to the material under your finish.

Keep in mind that the material your fixture is made of is just as important as the finish. Source: KitchenLab Design

Choose a body material

When most people consider kitchen and bathroom fixtures, they only consider the finish since that’s what impacts the overall style of the space. However, in most cases, the finish is only a top coat that’s placed over a different underlying material. The material you choose will impact both your price point and the lifetime of your fixtures.


True all-brass fixtures are rare because they tend to be expensive, but for those willing to make the investment, it is a material that stands the test of time. They have a smooth and dense makeup that leaves them far less likely to leak or corrode than other materials. However, you may want to do some research before committing to a model. In the past, lead was used in the production of brass faucets and unfortunately leaked into the water supply over time. Though legislation has been passed to regulate the amount used, it is possible for lead to be present in these fixtures.   


Where steel is concerned, price matters. Stainless models tend to last as long as an all-brass option, but more affordable materials tend to rust over time.


If your heart is set on metal fixtures, zinc will probably be your most affordable choice. Fixtures made of zinc or zinc alloys are easy to produce and plentiful, but they are also not very durable.  


Of all the body materials, plastic fixtures are the most economical, but the low price point comes with a trade off. In terms of style, you’ll likely be limited to a solid color finish. Plus, a plastic fixture will likely crack over time, especially if it has been installed incorrectly.  

Finish will determine style.

A fixture’s finish is key to driving home your desired style. Source: Lisman Studio Interior Design

Select a finish

Once you’ve settled on your body material, you can move on to the aesthetics. Below is a list of some of the most common options.


Chrome has long been one of the most popular choices where finishes are concerned and for good reason. It’s often inexpensive and considered a neutral that works well with both modern and traditional styles. The shine on this type of finish also makes it a good choice for hiding surface scratches and dings. However, it also shows water spots and fingerprints fairly easily, so regular cleaning is important.


These days, nickel is considered a more modern alternative to chrome. It comes at a slightly higher price point and has two distinct finish options.

Polished nickel: Polished nickel has a smooth and shiny finish that is a little darker than chrome. It works well with a variety of styles from traditional to modern and contemporary, but it can be hard to match with other finishes. If you choose polished nickel, your best bet is to use it for all your fixtures.

Brushed nickel: While brushed nickel also works well with a variety of styles, it has a more antique feel than a polished alternative. Its dark finish makes it a good choice for those looking to hide signs of wear and tear, but it also causes the fixture to blend in rather than stand out.


Over the past few years, copper has become increasingly popular. Its bold look can add a rich touch to the space, especially when contrasted with more neutral materials. It works especially well when mixed with other finishes as a statement piece to draw the eye.


Traditionally, brass has been thought of as a vintage choice for fixtures, but design experts say that a newer take on this material — with yellow or gold undertones — is set to make a comeback. With two different finish options, brass is often thought of as an option that will set your space apart.

Polished brass: Polished brass is both easy to find and easy to clean. It’s more expensive than a chrome or nickel alternative, but mixes well with both of them.

Satin brass: Satin brass will bring an almost brushed-gold look to your space. Unfortunately, it’s harder to find, which makes it an expensive choice. For those who can make the investment, this finish is great for hiding everything from scratches to water spots, so it doesn’t need as much regular care as many of the other finish alternatives.

Oil-rubbed bronze

If you’re a fan of traditional or Tuscan styles, oil-rubbed bronze is probably your best bet. It’s durable and easy to clean. Plus, this finish will blend well with existing brass finishes. However, be prepared to pay for style. This look will not come cheap.

Weigh your fixture options.

Weigh your fixture options before buying. Source: Advanced Renovation Projects

Selecting kitchen or bathroom fixtures can be more complicated than it seems at first glance. There are countless options available, each with its own specifications. Use this post as a resource for how to weigh your fixture options before you commit to making a purchase and you can feel confident that whichever choice you make will be the right one.

How important are fixtures to your design? Which finishes fit with your aesthetic?

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