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Here’s Your Definitive Guide to 2017 Dining Room Trends

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2017 dining room trends

Use these 2017 dining room trends to give your interiors a fresh look. Image: Godrich Interiors

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In recent years, formal dining spaces have experienced a plunge in popularity. While it once was unthinkable to have a home without a dedicated room for hosting your family and friends, today’s homeowners are breaking tradition in favor of more relaxed interiors.

However, don’t call these spaces a thing of the past just yet. These 2017 dining room trends prove that even the most outdated interiors can be modernized. Trust us when we say these are not your grandma’s dining tables.

If you’re ready to give the formal eating area another shot, we have all the info you need. Take a look at the 2017 dining room trends below and consider which ones fit in best with your aesthetic. Using the tips in this post as a guide, you’ll be able to create a dining area fit for the 21st century.

dining nook

Consider creating a cozy dining nook. Image: d2 interieurs

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Create a dining nook

These days, dining is going casual. For those opposed to dedicating a whole room to formal entertaining, consider carving out a separate area of your kitchen for the task. A dining nook gives you the extra seating you need while still remaining useful in your day-to-day life.

When putting together this space, it’s crucial to strike the right balance between creating distinction and coordinating with the rest of the kitchen. Shape can be incredibly useful in setting your dining nook apart. Look, for example, at how the rounded furniture in the picture above contrasts with its linear background.

Meanwhile, color can be used to make your nook blend in with the rest of the room. Be sure to continue the same color palette in that area as was used in the rest of the room. However, if you’re worried about the aesthetics blending too much, consider incorporating different prints or patterns in similar hues to give your nook extra visual interest.

dining bench

A dining bench will help give the room a relaxed feel. Image: Alexander Butler | Design Services LLC

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Opt for bench seating

Another way that dining rooms are becoming more relaxed is through the type of seating that’s selected for these spaces. Gone are the days where stuffy, high-backed chairs are used to create a uniform look. Instead, bench seating is a popular way to make your dining area feel incredibly homey.

Many people assume this type of seating arrangement is reserved for rustic interiors. While a sturdy, wooden bench would certainly not seem out of place as part of a natural look, it’s far from the only option. A painted bench would be a perfect match for coastal interiors while an acrylic option would be at home in the most modern rooms.

Don’t forget that benches can often be multi-functional. Consider adding some storage underneath to store your extra kitchen equipment or even including a cushion and some throw pillows to make your guests more comfortable.

artistic lighting fixture

Choose a lighting fixture with character. Image: Murphy Moon Design

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Include artistic lighting fixtures

There’s no question that lighting is a must for any dining space, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to a run-of-the-mill chandelier. Modern dining spaces tend to assume that the lighting fixture serves as the focal point of the room. Sometimes it’s even considered a work of art.

When picking statement pieces of lighting, the size of the fixture is your main concern. As a general rule, if you add the length and width of the room together, you get a number equal to what the diameter of your chandelier should be. For example, if you’re buying a fixture to put in a 8′ x 12′ room, 8+12 =20, so you should look for a fixture that is 20” in diameter.

As for aesthetics, the sky is really the limit. Your main goal should be to make sure the piece stands out. Think about using a bold color, maybe even one that’s on the opposite side of the color wheel. Alternatively, you could choose a fixture that incorporates metals to add some shine to the room.

Mix chair colors.

Mix and max chair colors to give the room a whimsical feel. Image: Thierry Bisch – Peintre animalier

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Choose playful chairs

The final trend we’ll talk about is playful chairs. As you can see from the photo above, the laid-back trend in dining areas has expanded into eclectic territory. Think outside the box when it’s time to select your chairs to infuse the space with a free-spirited atmosphere.

You have a few options. Choose to mix and match the color, shape or material of the chairs. Keep at least one of those details consistent throughout each piece. That will help subtly tie the chairs together, allowing you to get as wild as you like with the other aesthetic details.

Remember, when you’ve chosen a design element that has this much of a visual impact, it should be the sole focal point. Use neutral colors and materials throughout the rest of the space to create a background that allows your chairs to stand out. Additionally, include plenty of negative space in your design to ensure the room’s function isn’t overwhelmed by its style.

2017 dining room trends

These new dining room trends are impressively modern. Image: Lorenzo Vecchia – fotografo

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Dining areas aren’t the must-have feature they used to be. Rather than clamoring after formal spaces, today’s homeowners would rather focus on relaxed interiors they can use every day of the year. That said, don’t count these spaces out until you’ve seen our favorite 2017 dining room trends. With the help of these tips, you’ll be able to create a dining space that’s fit for modern living.

What do you think of these 2017 dining room trends? Will you be using them in your home? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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3 Homes that Play with the Contrast of Black and White

The colors used in an interior can make or break the space. Too much loud, neon color and it can be impossible to relax. Too much white and light just bounces around. Too much black and you end up feeling like a vampire, even during the day. The homes featured in this post take a balanced approach to color. All the designs utilize a good deal of black and white, but also play in the space between those colors — with gray accents and indoor greenery — that makes the homes comfortable without sacrificing the chic style that comes with contrasting elements.

Visualizer: LVI Studio  

The first home immediately calls attention to the more colorful accents with the use of stylish plant stands.

Interesting shapes are also key when designing with a more limited color palette, as evidenced by angular accessories and sloping furniture.

In the dining area, modern dining chairs including the Kartell Masters Styles Chair and the Eames Dining Chair Eiffel Base make for a very inviting table.

The use of white in the open living area makes a relatively small space feel quite roomy.

The mismatched dining chairs give a bit of a nod to the bohemian style without things getting too messy.

In the kitchen, light streams in through a perfectly placed window for a sunny summer breakfast.

Black wire chairs are another chic choice for the breakfast table.

A home work area is similarly sunny, with its black and white desk and white wire chair with black pillow.

A cute little plant and creative bud vase add life to a place that could easily get drab.

The material used for the living room curtains is black, in line with the palette, but gauzy so that plenty of light can still get through.

In the bedroom, white walls and wall-mounted lighting make the most of a small space.

An oversized doorway makes the bedroom feel even more spacious, though may be a challenge in terms of privacy.

A cute side table is just the right size for this cozy bedroom.

The outdoor space utilizes the marriage of black and white with gray chairs to go with the gray railing.

A natural wood table completes the lovely outdoor space.

Visualizer: Deer Design  

In the next home, even the art comes into the black and white theme with this raven print and a graphical bla print.

A proud Fiddle Leaf Fig adds some nice contrast against a white brick wall.

The open dining area includesScandinavian style chairs as well as somewhat dramatic dining room pendant.

The organized kitchen is a chef’s dream, with everything in easy reach.

Natural wood always works well with black and white design, as evidenced in this cabinetry.

An Eames Bird replica adds a big splash of sophistication to this simple bedroom.

The use of grayish blues in the bedroom is no mistake — this color is particularly calming.

Of course, a pop of pink never hurt anyone. Especially in a cute and chic little girl’s room like this one.

Despite the small size, natural light makes the room feel bright.

In another bedroom, table lamps serve a practical and stylish purpose.

The wood flooring and ocean blue accent wall give this room a particularly natural feel.

Finally, a bedroom with lots of natural wood — from the flooring to the headboard to the closet doors.

The recessed headboard and matching side table lamps are particularly elegant.

The home’s bathroom sticks with a simple white design with inlaid wood accents.

Visualizer: Duong Tung  

The final space has very modern feel, from the use of unique coffee tables to the overhead lamp with an arm extended towards the floor.

This home certainly tends more towards the gray rather than black and white, with the sofa taking center stage in the main living area.

The kitchen, visible in the open floor plan, uses light gray cabinetry as well.

A white table with wood chairs is a bit eclectic and warm.

Unique faucets can make a big different in the kitchen, as seen here with this brass choice.

The brass color carries through to the drawer pulls as well as the dining room lighting.

In fact, that brass dining room chandelier is a bit of a focal point from afar.

Even the tiniest details matter in design and this little black bud vase is no exception.

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Freshome’s Top Pantry Product Picks

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

In addition to our article about how to efficiently and effectively organize your pantry, we put together a collection of our favorite products for your pantry. Check out our recommendations below.  You will be on the path toward a clutter-free pantry in no time!

1. Glass Canisters with Oak Lids | 2. Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Kit | 3. Wood Milk Crate | 4. Bodum Chambord Copper top Containers | 5. Glass Jars with Lids | 6. Chalk Labels | 7. Corner Cabinet Organizer | 8. Brother P-Touch Label Maker | 9. Open Stackable Baskets | 10. Chrome Cookware Organizer | 11. Chrome Dinner Plate Shelf

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7 Beautiful Examples To Help You Design A Room For A Young Girl

A bedroom is such an important space for a child. As a kid, having your own room means more than privacy — it means having a space to keep your precious possessions, to retreat with your friends, and to start to create your own identity and sense of style. But it’s not always easy for parents to marry their own aspirational style with their child’s desire for autonomy and fun. In this post, you’ll see rooms that are designed intentionally for young girls. While not all girls will have the same tastes, these rooms combine elements of whimsy, fashion, color, and fun but do so in a sophisticated way.

Visualizer: Việt Dũng  

While pink may seem a bit cliche for a girl’s room, in this first room, it’s used stylishly without the cloying sweetness of some designs.

The flamingo pink shelving along with unique painted planters and Rosendahl Wooden Toys ages up this particular room.

The large bed features a unique carved headboard in the shape of a tree, really encapsulating the natural yet playful look of this room.

With plenty of storage and a creative use of color, this girl’s room is both practical and fun.

Visualizer: Kristina Bilynets  

This next room goes for a more Parisian-inspired use of pink and includes sophisticated elements like bedroom pendant lights and a geometric area rug.

Kids need a place to study and if it can be bright and cute, its more likely to get used.

The pink, black and white theme is a classic look for accent pieces while practical elements like a laundry basket and flooring stay in the neutral realm.

With curtains drawn, this fashionable young lady can pop in a movie and watch it projected on her wall.

Visualizer: Andrey Korznyakov  

Of course, pink does not have to be main feature in any girl’s room. This next space uses pink very sparingly to great effect.

Coupled with pops of color, unique wall designs — whether painting or decals — can add a of fun to a girl’s room.

Both a teepee design and a series of completely adorable animals make this particular room instantly welcoming to any youngster.

Visualizer: Ira Shestopalova  

For a girl that’s less “cute” and more “royal” big bold elements like a personal chandelier can go a long way while a simple desk chair maintains balance.

The use of unique wall shelves is both practical and fun.

Fun elements like cloud lights and bird figurines do not have to be limited to girls rooms. Any kid’s decor choices should include plenty of playfulness.

The wall treatment in this room is particularly notable for its undone, mountain-inspired look.

Finally, the use of wall sconces continues the almost princess-look of the overhead lighting.

Visualizer: Iryna Savchenko  

For those kids (or parents) who may trend a bit darker, there are still solutions.

The gray look comes complete with a Cloud LED Night Light to really drive home that cool, overcast feel.

The use of kids’ night lights like this Miffy Lamp (the one that looks like a bunny) can be very comforting for some children.

Not to mention, the right night light can double as a toy and even a piece of artwork.

The Sleepy Eyes Wall Decor are just one more way to remind the occupant of this cozy room that it’s past her bedtime.

It’s important to remember, when designing a kids room, that indoor house plants are not just for adults. In this two-toned room the window and a modern floor lamp shed plenty of light to keep greenery alive. (Ok, the lamp won’t actually keep them alive).

The muted tones are perfect for a girl who insists on her own maturity, but isn’t quite ready to grow up.

Open shelving encourages neatness, but might not be enough to make sure the bed is made.

A pink pouf acts as seating while the bed and spacious desk give plenty of flexibility for doing work or just hanging out.

The mauve pink color works very well in this space, feeling both fun and sophisticated.

The final room moves completely away from the idea of pink, instead veering towards grays and blues.

A gooseneck table lamp works perfectly on a large desk, nestled underneath the attic skylight.

Further, a unique bedside lamp adds a bit of interest to the somewhat simple sleeping area with its color as well as its shape.

You can’t beat the way natural light streams in from a skylight — although it may make for early risers.

Visualizer: Tаrаs Horoduskyy   

With plenty of light and plenty of space, this cute blue room would be any little girl’s dream.

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Follow These Tips for Efficient and Elegant Pantry Organization

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

The pantry is the bloodline of the kitchen. Without all its utensils and staples, you’d have a hard time making dinner every day. While considering the number of times you use your pantry while cooking, entertaining or even putting groceries away, it’s easy to recognize that this space can have a great effect on your home.

Proper shelving and coordination can help you better utilize the space in your home. Incidentally, using the right storage techniques can help you save space and give your pantry a symmetrical and minimalist feel. Whether you have a small designated shelf or a large walk-in pantry, elegant pantry organization will prove to be a game-changer in the dynamic of your kitchen.

Glass containers add elegance and ease to pantry shelves. Image: Laurel and Wolf

1. Glass storage jars

A chicer, more contemporary option to plastic containers and pre-packaged food boxes is glass jars. Not only do glass containers hold and transfer fewer toxins to your food than plastic, but they also help your food taste fresher longer. Not to mention, being able to see right into each container helps you find what you’re looking for faster and monitor levels. To add an extra touch of elegance and differentiation, use different shapes of jars for your pastas, dry baking ingredients and snacks.

Here is a collection of our favorite glass storage jars for your pantry:

1. Glass Canisters with Oak Lids | 2. Glass Food Storage Containers | 3. Bodum Chambord Copper top Containers | 4. Glass Jars with Lids| 5. Glass Jars with Gray Lids

Organizing the drawers of a butler pantry make hosting a breeze. Image: Wood-Mode

2. Drawer organizers

A strong addition to a butler pantry or any kitchen, the right drawer organizer helps you optimize whatever space you have. Each designated compartment allows everything to have its own place, thus eliminating Jumbled Drawer Syndrome and freeing up counter space. The stress of scrambling for a wine opener or a whisk will be long gone. Designate each area for extra utensils, sippy-cup lids, napkin rings and whatever else needs its own space in your butler pantry. While shopping for containers, keep in mind the size of your drawers as well as what you might be putting in each compartment.

Drawer organization can make your life so much easier.  Here are some of our favorite and most innovative drawer organizers for your kitchen:

1. Bamboo Deep Drawer Organizers| 2. Board Organizer | 3. Chrome Cookware Organizer | 4. Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Kit | 5. Bamboo Drawer Organizer | 6. Slide Out Basket

Keep your spices accessible and well-sorted with multiple levels. Image: Walmart

3. Multi-level storage racks

Multi-level racks offer a full view of your spices, medications or even canned goods for easy access. They are great for eliminating clutter and opening up more space on your pantry shelves. When it comes to multi-level storage, don’t be afraid to use your pantry walls and the back of your pantry’s door to free up further shelf space.

Have you ever bought something because you didn’t think you had it in stock, only to find it was hidden in the back of your pantry?  Here are our favorite multi-level racks to make sure that doesn’t happen to you again:

1. Chrome Dinner Plate Shelf | 2. Corner Cabinet Organizer| 3. Black Tiered Shelf Organizer | 4. Tiered Shelf Organizer | 5. Three-Tier Expandable Shelf

Orderly rows and labelled bins help reduce stress and clutter. Image: Laurel and Wolf

4. Baskets

Small baskets are versatile and universal. When shopping, take into account shelf measurements to assure that multiple baskets can sit side by side. These baskets are ideal for storing kids’ craft supplies, extra napkins and paper items, as well as keeping your dry baking ingredients in one compact place. They are easy to label and easy to store, helping you keep your pantry uniform and functional. Try getting fun wooden baskets or color coordinating your baskets and shelves for a monochrome feel.

Baskets are a great way to keep your entire home organized.  These are our favorites for your pantry:

1. Open Stackable Baskets| 2. Wood Milk Crate | 3. Three-Tier Madras Cubbies | 4. Wicker Milk Crate | 5. Storage Basket

Basket labels add to the aesthetic of your pantry while helping you keep order. Image: HGTV

5. Label away

We’ve all been there: Two months after reorganizing a cabinet and everything is somehow back in disarray. We are all busy and often rushing around with little time to pay attention to where everything goes all the time. Little by little, it’s easy to let a pantry slip back to a messy state. Creating a label for each shelf, canister and basket is a small gesture that eases the task of keeping your pantry elegant as the flux of life takes its course. Use a label maker from your local office supply store or get creative with your labels and go the homemade route.

Labeling can be addicting so proceed shopping the following with caution:

1. Brother P-Touch Label Maker | 2. Chalk Labels | 3. Quattro Stagioni Labels | 4. Kitchen Labels| 5. Red Check Oval Labels | 6. DYMO Tag Label Maker

Keeping your pantry organized is one of the best ways to create efficiency in your kitchen. With these tips, you can do it with style, as well.

What are your favorites ways to keep your pantry organized? Let us know in the comments.

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