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Unusual Home Layout with Creative Accent Colours

This 114 sqm (1227 sqft) home based in Lviv, Ukraine uses small pops of bright colour to lift a neutral backdrop. Visualised by IDEADEYA design studio, the layout is somewhat unusual compared with many other open plan houses. On the first floor, the sofa floats in the centre of the room like an island. The kitchen is to the right and front of the sofa, with the dining area tucked behind the seating alongside the stairs. Upstairs, the bedroom is accessed only via a windowless walk-through wardrobe. The creative use of space and natural light sources within limited proportions and build structure makes the home feel spacious and airy.

In the living area we can see that the window spot in the dining section has been made into a banquette bench seat. The window seat provides an alternative relaxation area to the sofa in the centre of the room. The banquette could also potentially act as more seats at the dining table if the table were rotated and pushed up alongside. Giving elements a dual purpose effectively doubles your space, essential in a smaller sized home.

A door leading out onto a small balcony bathes the living room in natural light. A bright coffee table has been situated in the obvious A to B walkway to the external door from the kitchen; the small obstruction causes a more winding pathway, preventing the stretch from appearing as a hallway.

The kitchen is in eyeline from the sofa, making the direction of the sofa an unusual choice. However, this layout allows a spacious flow of the living room that can spill out onto the balcony. The alternative would have been to nestle it into the dining room spot which is a much smaller space, restricted by the stairwell.

The television is surrounded by the home library. A neighbouring contemporary woodburner provides a cosy vista. The bookcase is a deep green colour which contrasts to the coral coffee table, and the yellow and aqua accents. Despite the modest proportions of the home, the combination of bright colours is not overwhelming as they are neutralised by the main pallet of the scheme which is set in shades of grey and natural wood.

The kitchen cabinets and dining table match the tone of the light wood floor. The dining table has darker legs to tie in with the darker Scandinavian style chair design.

Many varieties of indoor house plant have been introduced to the scheme, including this Giant White Bird Of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai). These add further splashes of vibrant colour to the subdued scheme, as well as softening the layout. A botanical influence can also be found among the art prints here and there.

Hanging planters decorate the plain wooden walls around the window seat. A large decorative dining room light fills the space over the table.

The handle-free kitchen is very simplistic in its lines and lack of decorative pieces. The only display piece is the small wine holder that flanks the bookcase from the living room. This holds a display of wine glasses in handy reach of the kitchen bar bench that is just big enough for two kitchen bar stools.

Internal glass allows the flow of natural light throughout the home. The light wood floor and features continue throughout each level of the house for a cohesive look.

A cloakroom holds a compact basin and concealed cistern WC. Glass bricks have been installed below the ceiling line to allow natural light in whilst maintaining privacy.

This is a one bedroom home. The bedroom is a well proportioned double with plenty of space for bedside units. Above the bedsides, orb style bedroom pendant lights adorn each side. Over the headboard, an arrangement of framed monochrome prints form a gallery wall, adding character to the relaxed room. We also find another large scale plant here, a Fiddle Leaf Fig.

To the side of the bed we can see that the bedroom is accessed via a walk-through wardrobe. An optical illusion has been created by framing the adjacent mirror in an identical design to the clear glazed door.

At the foot of the bed, a wall hung storage shelf makes use of what is left of the space without encroaching upon the floor area. A tall radiator utilises the vertical wall space.

Having a walk-through wardrobe situated as an entrance to a bedroom makes a great deal of sense in terms of living habits; items of clothing can be neatly discarded or quickly added on entering and exiting the bedroom. Nestling the closet in a central point of the upstairs layout works too since a wardrobe/dressing area requires privacy, so the lack of an external window is not an issue. Internal glass doors and good artificial lighting provide ample illumination.

Here we can see how the natural light from the bedroom window shines directly into the closet/dressing room.

The master bathroom has a wall of geometric green tile, comlemented by a Swiss Cheese plant.

A wall mounted faucet and a freestanding soap dispenser match the black marble countertop over the vanity unit.

A contemporary towel rail adds to the dark accents.

Geometric styling has been implemented in floor tiles too, adding interest to the ground floor entryway. A run of tall cupboards provide a large storage area.

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Egg-Shaped Sauna Mirrors Arctic Landscape in Sweden

Artist duo Bigert & Bergström completed the design of an egg-shaped sauna in Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost town. The sculptural installation offers plenty of room for warmth, reflection and rest.

“Solar Egg draws inspiration from Kiruna’s Arctic climate, where light conditions change with the seasons from 24-hour winter darkness to round-the-clock midsummer sun,” the designers said. “The egg is made out of stainless golden mirror sheeting, its multifaceted form breaking up the surroundings that it reflects into a multiplicity of different mirror images.”

The interior is adapted to the oval shape of the construction. The wall panels and floor decking are made out of pine wood and the benches of aspen. In the center you notice the nest-like fireplace, built from stone and iron.

“The egg shape seeks to symbolize rebirth and new opportunities at the start of Kiruna’s urban transformation, a project that involves the relocation of entire city districts in response to ground subsidence caused by decades of iron ore mining,” the studio added.

Project initiator Riksbyggen is an urban developer and the first to build apartments in the new Kiruna. Photography credit: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

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Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer has always been known for such a unique variety of prints and colors, from bold to bright and splashy ones. Maybe the time has come to keep your home up-to-date with the latest summer décor trends. Remember that it all depends on your personal taste whether you need it tropical beach, or calming and relaxing. Always make your renovation thing for the sake of making summer the entertainment season.

Despite the fact that many people know what Moroccan trend is, it ain’t found any place. You can still embrace the desert-inspired appearance in your house while your air conditioning is offering the necessary comfort, inspire of the blazing sun outside. In order to provide a little of souk-inspired glam and extra seating area to your living room, such proofs like the previous are ideal. Due to the capability of hanging lanterns of the Moroccan trend on porch or even a sunroom; people adore this style to the core.

It is possible that they are fancy and daydreaming trends. However, they do fit in. butterfly patterns are stylish, fashionable and super beautiful, from wallpaper to curtains. What you may not know about butterfly prints is that they are tame. Why? Well, to not go overboard. Where to hang them? Simply over the couch, bed, or even in your bathroom. Trust me, they will provide your space with some elegant touches of nature.

Outdoor Lights
I am sure that whenever you have been to a bar, restaurant, or even a wedding party, there were string lights covering the whole place. Do you know the reason behind considering these country globe lights trendy? It is quite simple, due to the ultimate coziness and stylishness. You have two options, either hang them on a deck, go for an indoor ones for your kids’ room, or even for a relaxing and calming reading space.

Summer’s Texture
2017 is a year of texture, as many people tend to go for velvet or suede. Both are fantastic choices for winter months, burlap, or linen. Each of them is considered a summer friendly method in order to get to this kind of trend at the moment. You are able to do it DIY and invest in your guest room. Then, you can enjoy the beachy cottage feel with zero regrets.

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Summer Decorations – 4 Trends to Make Your Summer Time Be the Best Ever

Decorating With Color: Shop Plum and Wine Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Nest

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decorating with color -

The latest rich hues of plums, wines and berries are a vibrant way to warm up your neutral space for the holidays. Image: Whiteline Designs

Shop a similar look: Throw Pillows | Rug

Plum or wine has many names — aubergine, currant, merlot, deep cranberry, burgundy, eggplant, berry and plum spice. The latest fashionable version is a combo of the darker, traditional colors — with a bright, bold, berry twist.

Decorating with color that’s bold and rich is a great way to transform a room fast. Why not try adding these new, sumptuous hues to your space to warm and cozify your nest for the holidays?

Decorating with color featuring berry and wine decorating ideas -

Burgundy and purple take cues from berries and your favorite red wine in the latest hues of wines and plum. Image: Better Homes and Garden

You can’t go wrong when you add some wine color accents to your space. The shade works beautifully with neutrals such as greys, tans, beiges and whites. Wanna go pro? Mix and match deep plums with technicolor berries, reds and oranges. Check out these tips and products for decorating with color and give some a try.

How to decorate with color in the bedroom

how to decorate with purple -

Add some spice to your cool, mid-century modern bedroom with plum and wine accents. Image: Blink.Is Design

Shop a similar look: Throw Blanket | Throw Pillow | Lamps | Rug

decorating with burgundy -

Want to add plums and wines to your bedding? Use a duvet cover, throw pillows, a throw blanket and rug. Don’t forget to layer textures and patterns. Images: Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Shop a similar look: Curtains | Serving Tray | Quilt


Rich berry, plum and wine color lighting ideas

purple home accents -

A beautifully classic mid-century modern kitchen gets a twist of personality with plum blown glass pendants. Image: Becki and Chris

Shop a similar look: Pendants | Flowers

Add a vibrant plum or wine color rug

decorating with color ideas -

A bright berry plum area rug adds life to this modern indigo living room. Image: Callwey

Shop a similar look: Blossoms | Chair | Rug

Living room ideas featuring plum hues

decorating with berry colors -

Home accents like patterned throw pillows and throw blankets can be swapped out as seasons change, while the main investment pieces remain neutral. Image: Alykhan Velji Designs

Shop a similar look: Lumbar Pillows | Poufs | Sectional

how to decorate with wine -

You don’t need to add a lot of color to make a big impact. As in this living room, some throw pillows, flowers and an accent chaise is just enough. Image: MidCity Lofts

Shop a similar look: Floor Lamp | Coffee Tables | End Tables

Warm up a bathroom with wine and berry tones

decorating the bathroom with color -

Porcelain, tiles and steel fixtures give a bathroom a cold feeling. Why not add some warmth and intimacy to the space with rich wine hues and bright berry accents? Image: Agata Winer

Shop a similar look: Towels | Watering Can | Faucet

Spice up your dining room

decorating with merlot color -

Supple merlot-color leather dining chairs add a unique look to this contemporary dining space. Image: AGSIA Design Group

Shop a similar look: Dining Chairs | Decorative Object | Mirror

Layer berry colors in your neutral space

how to decorate with color -

A rich, berry shade wallpaper or paint color as a bookcase backdrop is a good way to add panels of color to a space. Image: MidCity Lofts

Shop a similar look: Armchairs

decorating with plum colors -

There are many ways to use rich plum and wine colors in your home with decor that includes lighting, pillows, accent furniture, vases and curtains. Images: Amanda Nisbet Design, Rizzoli, California Home Design

Shop a similar look: Throw Pillows | Lounge Chairs | Glass Bowl

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40 Stylish Living Rooms That Use Concrete To Stand Out

Concrete has long acted as a foundation for many homes. Its practical applications are certainly common knowledge as an affordable and durable basis for buildings of all types. However, it was not until fairly recently that concrete became more of a focal point — and interior design element that went beyond practical into an aesthetic choice. In this round up, you will see not only the more expected industial-style living rooms that use exposed brick and concrete for an unfinished look, but also sleek, modern, minimalist, and even somewhat rustic designs that allow the concrete effect to shine, either as a focal point or an accent.

Visualizer: Hatice Unsal  

In this bright living room, indoor house plants stand in stark contrast to the concrete accent wall for a beautiful marriage of the natural and manmade.

Source: B&B Italia  

Of course, keeping the greenery outside and embracing the many shades of gray is also a valid choice.

Designer: One Work  

You will see in many of these living rooms that wood and concrete work well together, here as a frame for a simple, modern sofa.

Visualizer: Ricardo Ferreira  

The use of concrete certainly does not have to preclude art, color, or playfulness as demonstrated in this ode to the King of Pop.

Bright pops of color have even more impact against a concrete wall, like these stunning orange pieces of art.

Visualizer: Marta Gord  

In this living room, the placement of the window creates a stunning contrast between outside and the stark concrete wall.

Visualizer: AB Architects  

The decorative carvings in this wall give the concrete a softer effect.

Visualizer: Elena Lapshina  

When concrete goes beyond one accent wall, other elements have to be dramatic to have the same impact. And what’s more dramatic than a life-sized horse statue?

Visualizer: Anthony Kalambet  

Lighting is another critical element when dealing with concrete — not enough and a room can quickly devolve into a cave.

Visualizer: Taner CANDAN  

Painted concrete can add an extra layer of warmth while keeping the interesting texture.

Visualizer: Janire Delgado  

Concrete can provide an effective backdrop for minimalism.

Designer: Sergey Makhno Architects  

The rivets in this concrete design take the place of the pattern a wallpaper or art might add.

Visualizer: Luydmila Todorova  

While the logistics of mounting a television to a concrete wall may be intense, there’s no denying the sleek and stylish results.

Visualizer: Wertikal Constructions  

The concrete in this particular living room is a bit more subtle, but acts as an ideal frame for the fireplace.

Source: Concrete Works  

The texture in this concrete fireplace actually mimics wood while the smooth concrete flooring creates contrast.

Visualizer: Hot Walls  

Soft textures also work well alongside concrete — here in a plush orange chair and soft rug.

Visualizer: Bruno Tarsia  

In this living room, unique floor lamps flank simple furniture for a modern but comfortable effect.

Visualizer: Andrew Skliarov  

An overstuffed sofa like this one can also work well.

Designer: Tanya Dorokhina  

Lighting and shelving make this concrete wall a focal point in a pitched ceiling living room.

Visualizer: Alexander Yukhymets  

In an open floorplan, the light gray of concrete creates a theme for the entire living area.

Visualizer: KDVA Architects  

Pink and gray, soft and hard, concrete and wood — this tiny apartment in Moscow is a lesson in contrast.

Visualizer: Xdream3D  

Recessed lighting brightens up this concrete ceiling once the sun goes down.

Visualizer: Algimantas Raubiška  

In this apartment, the industrial home decor works with concrete, brick, and cool lighting elements.

Architect: Marta Gord  

Exposed wood ceiling beams in this living room show the more rustic side of concrete.

Visualizer: Ruslana Petrovskaya  

Vaulted ceilings, exposed pipes and white bricks have a dramatic impact in this industrial loft.

Visualizer: KDVA Architects  

Minimalist reigns in this sunken living room with white furniture and concrete ceilings.

Visualizer: Kerem Mucur & Aytaç Yalçın  

A simple color scheme acts as the frame for an oversized piece of artwork in this living space.

Designer: E.Cobb Architects  

Concrete and glass are a classic combo in this lake house living room.

Visualizer: Olena Berezko  

The glass globe chandelier in this artsy living room is a focal point centered on the concrete wall.

Visualizer: Kando Architects  

Wood paneling and creative lighting turn this living room into a riverbed in a highly unique design.

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