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30 Back-to-School Homework Spaces and Study Room Ideas You’ll Love

If you’re having trouble getting your kids to do homework, check out these cool study room ideas. Maybe all you need to kick-start your kid’s study habits is a change of scenery! A back-to-school homework space that’s quiet for focus, colorful for inspiration and organized to reduce distractions would make homework time a pleasure for most kids.

Regardless of the size of the space or room, you can create an awesome and affordable kids’ homework space. Best of all, Pottery Barn Kids and PBteen are running a month-long sale in July to help you create the coolest back-to-school homework spaces ever.

contemporary study room ideas -

Frosted glass sliding doors separate the living room from the homework area for a quiet, distraction-free space. Image: Sarah Jefferys Design

When planning a homework space, remember these five important elements:

1. Color: Wallpaper or paint a wall or the shelf openings in a bold and invigorating color.
2. Furniture: A small desk with storage or a coordinating file cabinet and a comfortable chair are essential.
3. Lighting: Make sure there’s plenty of ambient and task lighting.
4. Organization: Include lots of organization and storage options like shelves, cork board, pegboard, cubbies, baskets and containers to keep the space tidy and everything in its place.
5. Personalization: Add some items that are personal to your child’s style, like monogrammed items, a favorite color or personal wall art.

Here’s a roundup of the best homework desks and study room ideas:

Kids Built-In Wall Studies

PB Kids Back to School Sale -

An awkward, under-the-stairs area is transformed into a study space with wall-mounted shelves, cork board and file cabinet desk bases. Image: Corynne Pless

PB Teen Back to school Sale -

A modern loft homework spot for two divided by a large bookcase in the middle so each kid can work privately. Image: Azman Architects

contemporary homework spaces

Bold fuschia is featured on the wall behind the built-in shelves, curtains and area rug. Image: Steven Mueller Architects

best homework desks -

Great design and planning featuring two homework desks, shelves, cork boards and a reading nook in the middle. Image: Frances Herrera

study desks -

A small upstairs loft is converted into a crisp white study area and home office with some essential elements: desk chairs, shelves and cork boards. Image: IS Architecture

wall unit home office ideas -

A contemporary graphic wall of storage and study space that can evolve from toddler art area to teenage study spot. Image: Paul Archer Design

Rustic Modern Study Room for Kids

back to school homework space ideas -

A log cabin-style back-to-school homework space for studying. Image: Dona Rosene Interiors

Designated Study Room Ideas

homework spaces -

Bright and cheerful, this study room features several spots for working, reading and relaxing. Image: Hurst Home Company

A small room can be converted into a study space by staggering two desks with their own storage bookcases. Image: Leedy Interiors

Fresh white built-in cabinets are offset by a modern color palette in this cool craft and homework room. Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors

basement design ideas -

A basement makes the perfect, distraction-free modern study room, featuring color and contemporary furniture pieces. Image: Grande Interiors

Modern, multipurpose study room design featuring plenty of storage in a bookcase and three different work/sitting areas. Image: Refined LLC

This study room has been creatively divided into three spaces: his and hers homework areas and a reading nook by the window. Image: Sussan Lari Architect

Under-the-Bed Homework Desks and Study Spots

A bunk-style bed uses the space underneath as a homework area with wall storage. Image: 30s Magazine

A girl’s bedroom features two spots for homework: a traditional desk and a hide away nook under the bed. Image: Kropat Design

Tween and Teen Study Room Ideas

Contemporary design featuring a sleek, white desk and a mod color theme of aqua, white, grey and red. Image: Sarah Gunn

A cool teen homework space featuring graffiti wall art, a beanbag and a small desk. Image: Andrew Snow

A small but chic homework area for a teenage modern-design lover. Image: Simmons Estate Homes

A minimalist homework space that focuses on a bright, clean desk and a bold wall mural. Image: DeCe Designs

Mod Home Office, Lounge and Homework Area

A back-to-school homework area doesn’t have to be juvenile if you choose the right modern furniture and accessories. Image: AGSIA Design Group

Small Desk Ideas

small space offices -

Create a small homework nook using two narrow bookcases and a floating surface as a desk in the middle. Image: Naomi Astley Clarke

diy small workspace ideas

A DIY homework spot for two using a bookcase as a divider and a small table that’s been cut in half and mounted on each side of the book case. Image: The CSI Project

home office closet ideas -

Turn a closet into an organized, back-to-school homework space with some shelves and a narrow desk. Image: SF Organized Interiors

Homework Desk With Pegboard for Organization Ideas

Inexpensive painted pegboard can clear your desk area by adding extra wall storage. Image: The Vintage Glitter House

pegboard decorating ideas -

Mounting some cork board or painted pegboard on the wall adds extra organization to your kid’s homework spot. Image: Avocado Sweets Design Studio

Long Work Surfaces for Homework and Studying

A garage wall was converted into a family study space featuring a long plank of wood and wall-mounted lines to hang documents and art. Image: 22 Interiors

Industrial home office design ideas -

Convert an unused hall into an industrial chic study spot like this well-designed one featuring a rustic wood surface, aluminum stools, floating wall ledges and wire baskets. Image: Hannotte Interiors

A contemporary girl’s room with a long, built-in cabinet, shelves and floating desk. Image: Amantea Architects

Organized Homework Area for Several Kids

Float desks in the middle of a room that several kids can work from. Like this study room, add a wall bookcase, baskets and additional items to keep the room well-organized. Image: SF Organized Interiors

A little creativity and some essential pieces can help you create an attractive, functional spot that both kids and adults would appreciate. The following are some suggested products from Pottery Barn Kids and PBTeen that can get you started creating this space for your kids:

Storage Bins and Baskets

Desks and Desk Chairs


Wall Units & Bookshelves

Other Decor

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How To Use Neutral Colors In Interior Design: 2 Examples That Show The Easy, Minimalist Way

Anyone with an interest in design knows that there are an infinite number of ways to decorate the same space. Whereas one family might prefer bright color, soft textures, and lots of indoor plants a young couple may tend towards minimalism and cool, neutral colors. The two homes featured in this post are both in the latter camp. By using largely neutral colors like gray, brown, white, and beige the designs cultivate serenity. There is nothing more soothing than moving from room to room and knowing that each space will be a cool, clean, simple space. Just look below to find out how relaxing these kinds of designs can be.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

The first home is a simple design that includes very few frills or unnecessary pieces.

Beginning in the living room, the space is largely dominated by a soft but simple gray sectional sofa, set against ercu walls.

In a simple design, unique coffee tables like this reclaimed wood design can act as focal points.

Mounting the television under the counter is a unique way to save space and keep those walls bare.

A creative fireplace provides a bit of warmth to the cool space, both figuratively and literally.

The open floor plan mean that unique wine glasses set on the table become a decorative choice.

A frosted interior window lets a little bit of light into the dark grey kitchen.

Grey kitchens offer a modern look that woks well with many types of kitchen appliances and accessories (whether or not you choose to use them).

For instance, a simple glass pitcher in a gray kitchen takes on a life of its own.

Moving into the bedroom, unique floor lamps offer a bit of character to a sparse design.

A white platform bed is a simple centerpiece and all but blends with the walls.

A small desk area continues the white theme — desk chair, desk, even mugs.

White and wood together, with a side table and the floor, are a match made in minimalist heaven.

Visualizer: Kyde Architects  

The second home is called “House on the hill” and is located in Cuxhaven, Germany.

The team at Kyde Architects designed the house for a young man who is the director of an IT company.

The 160 square meter (1722 square feet) home features a large gray modular sofa in the main living area.

The sofa can easily be reconfigured to sit people in different arrangements, making it both stylish and practical.

In addition to the sofa, the main open living area features a modern fireplace.

The inclusion of the fireplace also acts as a room divider for different spaces.

Molded leather seating offers another masculine, modern seating option.

The gray and black dining room design includes dining room pendants as well as modern dining chairs.

Carefully chosen accessories like unique teapots can make a big difference in a minimalist design.

Lots of natural light is imperative if you are going to decorate with so many dark colors.

To take the clean lines to the next level, the kitchen features are largely hidden. Dark gray walls slide open to reveal the sink and countertop while the oven stays exposed. The result of this unique design is kitchen clutter than can be completely hidden from view whenever the homeowner likes.

Even such beautiful kitchenwares as natural wood cutting boards can look messy when left out. But not in this kitchen.

Kitchen bar stools are placed in an elevated nook for a beautiful dining experience.

The bedroom does feel like it was built for a man with little warmth or unnecessary elements.

A low-to-the-ground bed with a spacious en suite and lots of gray does not exactly scream “cozy”.

Lots of closet space is always a nice feature — here it must stay organized or it could quickly become a design disaster.

Large mirrors leaned up against the wall are an elegant solution that again keeps walls uncluttered.

The spacious bathroom includes a tub with a view, which is the height of luxury.

A burnished container adds a bit of sparkle to the largely matte design.

Cool gray walls in the bathroom are made a bit more interesting with texture.

Even the garage has the sleek, modern, minimal feel.

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New Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit Gives You a Free Look Inside His Designs

SC Johnson announced the opening of a new Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit of his architecture and furniture. Organized with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona, it covers most of Wisconsin’s “Frank Lloyd Wright Trail” of buildings and includes 26 miniature scale models of his best work.

The new exhibit, On the Wright Trail, is located at SC Johnson’s Fortaleza Hall at its corporate headquarters in Racine. Third-generation SC Johnson leader H.F. Johnson Jr. commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright in 1936 to build the new corporate headquarters, which started a long relationship between the two. Wright designed several buildings and a home for Johnson Jr. which can be toured for free by the public on select days.

Frank Lloyd Wright tour -

Lloyd Wright, left, and Johnson Jr. Image: SC Johnson

The new exhibition is part of the company’s campus tour available Thursdays through Sundays. The one-and-a-half hour tour covers:

Foster + Partners-designed Fortaleza Hall, where the new exhibit is located

Fortaleza Frank Lloyd Wright -

Fortaleza Hall. Image: SC Johnson

The SC Johnson Administration Building

SC Johnson mushroom shaped headquarters

Famed lily-pad canopy at the headquarters. Image: SC Johnson

SC Johnson Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit -

The pedestrian bridge that connects sections of the Administration Building. Image: SC Johnson

Lily Pad Gift Shop

The lily-pad design repeats in the exterior of the Administrative Building. Image: SC Johnson

Research Tower

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture -

Frank Lloyd Wright designed 15-story Research Tower. Image: SC Johnson

H.F. Johnson Jr. 1940s Office (weekend-only tours)

Frank Lloyd Wright office mid-century modern -

Penthouse office of SC Johnson’s third-generation leader, H.F. Johnson Jr. in original, mint condition. Image: SC Johnson

You can also book a free visit to Wingspread, the famous Prairie-style home Frank Lloyd Wright designed for H.F. Johnson Jr. It’s located 5 miles away from the headquarters and is Lloyd Wright’s last and largest (14,000 square feet) Prairie-style house.

frank lloyd wright exhibit wingspread -

Wingspread birds-eye view. Image: Chicago Reader

Iconic Wingspread Frank Lloyd Wright Estate -

Five-fireplace living room at Wingspread, designed in 1938 by Frank Lloyd Wright for the H.F. Johnson Jr. family. Image: Mark Hertzberg

For more information or to book a tour online, visit SC Johnson’s website.

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Cool Product Alert: BenShot Bullet Embedded Glasses

Lend some fancy to your dining with these cool shot glasses that have real bullets embedded in them!






They are available for purchase on Amazon.

Also recommended: 50 Unique Wine Glasses

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A Simple, Modern Apartment in Moscow

Beautiful design never means the same thing to two people. While one person may covet the simplicity of Scandinavian styles, another may long for ornate chandeliers and Louis XIV chairs. The design featured here, from visualizer Anastasia Skoblik and designer Julia Lapteva is not, perhaps, most people’s conception of beautiful. With neutral colors and very few flourishes, this design is practical at its core. Still, the simplicity and modernity of the design are beautiful in their own way. This apartment is like a canvas, where any occupant could easily put his or her touch on top of the existing design for a strong shot of personality.

This visualization is for the residential apartment complex called Egdom, located in Moscow.

The use of unique floor lamps adds a warm element to the main living space that is mainly done in cool, neutral colors.

The apartment is quite spacious, meaning there is a lot of room for seating in every area of the home.

For example, kitchen bar stools are simple but ideal for enjoying a quick breakfast at the bar.

In the dining room, dining room pendants dangle in a modern cluster of the dining table, which has plenty of room for 6.

The modern dining chairs have a unique folded design that adds both comfort and style.

Moving into the bedroom, the neutral color palette clearly carries through.

From bedding to rugs to the natural wood accent wall behind the headboard, this is a room that does not believe in color.

The room does, however, have unique vases that add a bit of personality.

Slatted doors across the closet are an interesting look and helps with ventilation.

The slat design is also in use in the den, where anything from a relaxing nap on the sofa to a full workout session is fair game.

The narrow den also includes a modern leather sofa and a small work desk.

Dumbbells and a pullup station are a strong foundation for a home workout regimen.

The warm beige of the sofa makes it look supple and inviting.

Unique floor lamps like the AJ Floor Lamp lend a practical but sophisticated air to this multipurpose room.

Moving into the kids room we do get to see something a bit more playful and colorful.

The lovely pink walls are still within the realm of neutral, but bring a bit more life to this youthful space.

This lucky little girl even gets an Eames chair of her own for studying.

Most kids beds are a lot simpler than this pretty canopy frame, but this one will be much more memorable.

By not using the pink on every surface, the design becomes much more palatable and not so cloying.

A patterned wallpaper adds another layer of interest.

And no kids room is complete with storage and shelving.

In the first bathroom we return to the full on neutral palette, this time even darker.

Recessed lighting is a practical, if not beautiful, solution to bathroom lighting.

Smooth, shiny cabinetry contrasts with and reflects interesting wall textures.

Black and gray are not very vibrant, but they are soothing in their own way.

The second bathroom takes a bit more of a risk with some really vibrant shades of green.

Green, brown, and beige work together to bring a bit of fun into this design.

A lit mirror is highly flattering and great for selfies.

By adding just a bit of color, the room gets a whole dose of personality.

Different shades of gray create some degree of visual interest.

A simple console table under a mirror is a classic design choice.

The gray walls and doors look a bit institutional in this view, but they are easy to match with more playful elements when an occupant chooses.

Creative overhead lighting ensures plenty of light to brighten up the neutral space.

While you may not feel immediately at home in a space like this, it is easy to understand and certainly soothing in its own way.

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