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Open Plan Interior Design Inspiration

Choosing an open floor plan is a personal choice. Some just love the home and it happens to come with this kind of combination kitchen, living, and dining rooms. Others love the idea of having the rooms open to one another as they are great for entertaining. These 22 open floor plans have managed to tie everything together in terms of style, but keep each area well-defined.

Visualizer: Patricia Bagienski  

The kitchen in this open design is just a step up from the living area. The two levels are a great way to separate the two spaces. Making them flow is the light wood cabinetry and platform steps that include drawers. Instead of using separate upholstered pieces, this designer has used upholsetery cushions and pillows to make seating. The kitchen island pendant lights share the same hue with the panel cabinet doors and dining table lighting fixture.

Visualizer: Moh Studio  

This Berlin open floor plan apartment in white was dressed up with low profile charcoal seating that features geometric pattern pillows. Those patterns were continued in the rug that anchors and defines the living area. The circular element in the coffee table was imitated in on the walls with cute cat art, as well as in the lighting fixtures. The barstools picked up the grey again and added a light maple finish in their legs that we see again in the top drawer of the chest. Tying the rooms together is the fabulous light grey finished wood floors.

Visualizer: Ngurah Arya  

Although everything is combined into one room, the use of a straight line tight back sofa and a small dining set help to make it appear spacious. Flat panel cabinets and a marble backsplash keep the kitchen fresh, upscale, and neat.

The exposed ceiling beams and unique industrial style lighting draws the eyes up in this open plan. White brick walls and light wood floors help to lighten the warmness of the beams.

Designer: Polygon  

This spaces uses a variety of finishes and materials for the walls that help to separate the different spaces in the room while the grey and white scheme is used throughout the room to keep them coordinated.

Designer: Anna Neiman Interior Design  

This botanical design gives new meaning to the term pot rack. Instead of hanging down the pots sit on a hanging shelf, along with lush greenery. Interesting lighting and the spotlight under the platform up to the kitchen are interesting touches that create great ambiance.

Designer: Anna Neiman Interior Design  

This contemporary design has an industrial feel with the black sliding glass doors that separate the rooms. The low back free form sectional helps to prevent the room from being to cold and stifling. A burning flame lamp shade off in the corner creates warm lighting in the room.

Visualizer: Phan Nguyen  

This open plan has a Zen feel with low seating sofas and coffee table, perfect for a little yoga. The kitchen provides seating for meals in unassuming counter stools around the wood and marble island. The lighting fixtures are branch-like and add a little whimsy.

Visualizer: Oliver Wende  

The more traditional arched windows contrast the straight lines and contemporary styling of this living and kitchen combination. Everything is kept simple here, from the white topped dining table and cabinetry to the black leather guest chairs.

Visualizer: Patricia Bagienski  

This loft living and kitchen area gives us soaring bookshelves and feminine touches in the flower pendant lighting to the powder blue geometric shapes in the rug and throw pillows.

Visualizer: Yaroslav Serdyuk  

A wall of white panels and display nooks is a great background for this room donned with matching sectional pieces. The copper breaking wall helps to define the space of the living room and provides a space for the television without cutting off that beautiful view all together.

Visualizer: Oliver Wende  

This simple design makes the most of the small space. Even with black floors the white walls and ample windows manage to keep this look from looking heavy and small. The island gives a space for dinners, work, and storage.

Visualizer: Tu Nguyen Hoang  

Textured walls and cabinets provide interest in this open plan and help to declare the kitchen and dining areas. The living area in light grey uses abstract art and sophisticated upholstery to warm up the look.

Architect: Scenario Architecture  

The unusual shape of this home required some creativity in making separate spaces that provide room and flow from one to another. Here the living area has this great focal point – a brick wall that doubles as a bookshelf and display space above the fireplace. This wall turns into the kitchen with a built in bench seating on one side of the table.

Visualizer: ESpace Team  

Here we have a simple, warm and inviting space. Warm taupe window panels also take on a green hue when paired with the green throw pillows from the sofa. Unique Scandinavian style chairs surround the table giving this otherwise straightforward design a touch of fun.

Visualizer: ESpace Team  

The kitchen cabinets in this combo room don’t meet the floor, providing a great space for ambient lighting. Mixed shapes are displayed in the pendant lighting above the dining table, providing a little quirkiness. Open shelves are used in the kitchen keeping with the simplicity of the rest of the design.

Visualizer: ESpace Team  

A beautiful double halo lighting fixture sets this room off along with candlestick pendant lighting in the kitchen. The dark green rug defines the living area furnished with a taupe sectional and comfortable Papapasan chairs.

Visualizer: Olesya Ligay  

The island and tables tie these rooms together with their grey textured finishes. Accessories were grouped in the different areas and books were used to add height.

Visualizer: Twin Hongtruc  

This plan uses a brown wall behind the living area while the cabinets and flooring are a light taupe. Great way to put a spotlight on this cozy seating area and island bar.

Visualizer:  MG Design UK  

This open plan with soaring ceilings keeps everything at a low profile to improve flow. The wood burning stove adds a cozy touch to the spacious room. Décor was all about the details, note the candlesticks that match the unique Bauhaus chess set.

Architect: Perkins+Will  
Visualizer: Pictury Architectural Visualizations  

An overstuffed sectional and low marble coffee table sits atop a faux fur rug in this living room. Windows wrap around the kitchen and dining area providing lots of natural lighting.

Visualizer: Andrii Rozhko  

Storage in this ebony-walled kitchen was supplied by the island that has its own cubby to slide those counter stools away when they aren’t in use. A fun rug and platform marble tables accompany the black upholstery in the seating area. In the dining room, the black fabric was added to dining chairs to tie it together.

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32 Unique Soap & Lotion Dispensers

Washing your hands is a tireless task that we perform several times a day, every day. What if your hand-washing time could be made more enjoyable? These thirty-two examples of unusual and exciting soap dispensers add extra pizazz to your washing up time. Meet Hello Kitty in the bathroom, as your kids get cheeky in the bath. Go hands-free in your bathroom, with an automatic squirter below a minimal black and white holder. Drench your toothbrush holder, cake dish and dispenser in gold, with sparkling flakes covering their every curve. Live smarter every day, with our top thirty-two picks for a cleaner and happier bathroom and kitchen.


White Minimalist Liquid Soap Dispenser: Part of the Italian Birillo collection by Piero Lissoni, this white minimalist dispenser matches a range of interiors with its no-frills exterior.


Vintage Floral Soap Dispenser: Tired of bathroom accessories that look thrown together? This four-piece design boasts a toothbrush holder, soap dish, dispenser and mouth-rinsing cup, for an elegant way to achieve fresh breath each morning.


Floral Soap Dispenser: After just the single dispenser? This similarly-designed ceramic bottle and aluminium holder add a touch of the Florentine to your master bathroom or ensuite.


Stone Soap Dispenser: Ceramics and glass dominate bathroom dispenser sets – but what about some of our more traditional materials? Take a trip back in time with this natural stone dispenser, a perfect match for the bathroom or rustic kitchen.

$150BUY IT

White Marble Soap Dispenser & Accessory Set: Speaking of stone, this eight-piece set stuns in hard-to-find Calcatta marble. Comprised of a rubbish bin, cup, tissue box, soap dish, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, ledge and nifty jar, its clean and sophisticated look is sure to impress.


Automatic Soap Dispenser (Brushed Nickel): Ever wanted an automatic dispenser? This brushed-nickel find by Dennis Cheng is powered by AAA batteries, providing a smooth, clean release in one contemporary package.


Kohler Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser: Thinking too hard about the number of hands going through your bathroom? This piece by Kohler squirts soap or hand sanitizer as you place your hands underneath – just like in a five-star hotel. A handy soap gauge in its centre shows how long you have until your next refill.


Touch-Free Foaming Soap Dispenser: For those tired of the same soap smells, this dispenser has the answer. This nifty design foams many different scents by selling its easy-click cartridges, which make it easy to refill. One automation charge lasts for three months.


Automatic Electronic Soap Dispenser With Sensor: Plastic and plated nickel coalesce in this black and white design by Jordan Murphy. Electronic and powered by AAA batteries, its blue sensor light lets you know your hand is in the right place.


Penguin-Shaped Stylish Soap Dispenser: Guests will look twice at this plastic penguin dispenser that is almost not a penguin. Featuring a sassy beak dispensing your hand wash, it’s an easy pairing with a range of kitchen and bathroom interiors.


Modern Soap Dispenser: This innovative green and white design is pressed on the bottom of its handle, squirting from the top. Easy to use with just the one hand, it’s touted as a more hygienic way to keep your hands clean. A handy gauge at the back tells when it’s time to top up.


Spherical Red Ceramic Soap Dispenser: Not just for soap, this plastic chrome-finish beauty is perfect for your hand lotions, sanitisers, or any type of everyday cream. Rest its rounded body on your bedroom side table or bathroom sink for a stylish alternative to traditional pumps.

$124BUY IT

Industrial-Style Deck Mount Soap Dispenser: After a dispenser unit that attaches to your sink? This industrial home decor pump is spot-resistant, stainless and holds a lifetime warranty. Its removable top means easy refills with a unique goose neck spout.


Deck-Mounted Copper Soap Dispenser: Copper steals the show in this unique-looking dispenser attached to your sink. Made of brass with an antique finish, there’s a matching faucet collection for those wanting the full set.


Antique Style Mason Jar Soap & Lotion Dispenser: Perfect for a gift, this glass and galvanized metal set of two bring a secret garden vibe to you or your friend’s bathroom. A rustic cast metal caddy makes it easy to present and move around the house.


Victorian-Style Soap Dispenser & Bathroom Accessory Set: Live like a queen with a matching bathroom set in acrylic resin. Crafted to suit a Victorian style, its soap dispenser, stemmed tumbler, soap dish and toothbrush holder’s design prevent slippage through their engraved patterning.


Vintage White Soap Dispenser & Accessory Set: Shock-proof and waterproof, this acrylic resin set of four adds French elegance to your bathroom with a fleur-de-lis. Its white soap dish, toothbrush holder, tumbler and dispenser are an easy match with white bathroom fittings.


Golden Soap Dispenser Set: Available in white, black, red or purple, this golden design makes your bathroom glitter with cleanliness. Two tumblers, a dispenser, soap dish and toothbrush holder make the perfect gift for newlyweds.


Wall Mount Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser: Not a fan of a cluttered sink space? This stainless steel find mounts on your kitchen or bathroom wall, for a somewhat-hidden hand-washing experience.


Moan Matte Black Soap Dispenser: An 18-ounce bottle sits underneath this classic black matte design. Attach it to your sink for a contemporary feel with a lifetime warranty.


Kitchen Sink Soap Pump With Scrubby Holder: The dish scrubber is an awkward invention for a kitchen sink. Where does it live? How can it be made to have a home? This high-gloss ceramic dispenser comes with its own scrubby and perfect cubby at the back, helping both your hands and dishes remain clean.

$129BUY IT

Minimalist Scandinavian Soap Dispenser: Designed by Norm Architects, this minimalist item features a rubber base avoiding slippage. Press its large top button for just the right amount of soap in your kitchen or bathroom.


Umbra Kera Soap Dispenser: Another Umbra-led design, this cork and ceramic finish adds style to any bathroom. Place their black and white forms upon a minimalist bathroom sink for maximum style impact.


Elegant Bamboo Soap Dispenser Set: One tidy unit holds all your bathroom necessities, in this bamboo set of three. Featuring a toothbrush and toothpaste holder with a matching dispenser, its beautiful angles are hand-crafted to fit.


Nautical-Themed Soap Dispenser: Have a beach home missing a nautical dispenser? This ceramic find hosts seashells on the seashore – and soap within. Do check out our nautical home decor accessories post for more items fitting this theme.


Hello Kitty Soap Dispenser: Everybody loves the famous cat that is not a cat. Put shampoo, conditioner or soap within this PET dispenser for more fun and happiness during bath time.


Microbe Kids Room Soap Dispenser: Teach your kids to wash their hands, with a dispenser that looks like a germ. This blue creature represents a microbe left over from eating and playing.


Angry Birds Soap Pump: Take the easy route at your kids’ bedtime, with an Angry Birds dispenser beside the bath. Its glossy ceramic finish makes washing hair an interactive experience. Do check out our angry birds inspired home accessories post for more.


Star Wars Soap Dispenser: The Storm Trooper and Darth Vader combine to clean your teenager’s hair. These soap, shampoo or conditioner dispensers look cool and offer cleanliness.


Funny Runny Nose Soap Dispenser: Need a jokey gift for a new acquaintance? This runny nose soap dispenser breaks the ice and washes the body.


Owl Soap Dispenser: Give your guests a shock with this wise example of owl home décor. Its ceramic white finish blends in perfectly with classic amenities.


Simplehuman Shower Soap & Shampoo Dispenser: Tired of shampoo and conditioner bottles cluttering up your shower? This set of three bottles attach to your shower via adhesive or screws. Perfect for the home or office shower, they’re anti-rust and easy to refill.

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Gorgeous Tropical Villas In Bali

Whoever said that there’s no such thing as paradise, has evidently never been to Bali. White sandy beaches, crystal blue water and tropical weather… what could be better? The answer – living in one of these three villas during your stay. These skillfully crafted spaces will exponentially increase your enjoyment of paradise. Each has the same refreshing tropical theme, but executes it in different ideas. Each villa has a distinct personal style and charismatic draw. Take a leisurely tour through all three and catalogue ideas for your own future holiday home. After all, what could be better than spending your Balinese stay in a charming tropical villa? Absolutely nothing.

Source: Asia Holiday Retreats  

Our first villa is located in Bali’s fashionable Oberoi area, known for it’s upscale locations and trendy holiday spots. This tropical gem is nestled between the most luxurious shopping centers, restaurants and theatres that Bali has to offer.

Any self respecting tropical villa is going to make use of the gorgeous natural scenery. Villa Ace uses local flora to create a beautiful personal jungle around an invitingly blue pool. Comfortable green chairs match the plants, and urge the holiday maker to spend a leisurely day at the gorgeous poolside and just soak up the sun.

Stylish pillars serve their purpose, allowing the outdoor area to take partial shelter under the roof without closing it off or separating the spaces. The villa boasts an open air living/dining room so that the holiday never has to end.

The comfortable grey and white lounge suite, state-of-the-art kitchen and spacious dining room table ensure that the space is the perfect place for entertaining guests.

The space utilizes a mix of classic ornaments, statues and artworks to create a traditional theme. The coffee table in particular is a remarkable design piece that is both stimulating and breathtaking.

A wooden dining room table for six, is the ideal place to host dinner parties. The raw wooden design fits in perfectly with the rest of the villa’s design.

The white color of the living area complements the wooden and modern elements, tying all the aspects together to create a clean and tailored design without stripping the space of it’s refreshing aura.

Marble floating stairs add to the rejuvenating atmosphere, the modern design fitting into the overall look.

What better way to start your morning with a cup of java in the bracing early morning air? Can you just imagine sipping your mandatory morning drink while enjoying this view?

The spacious modern kitchen ties into the tropical theme by making use of wood and lush house plants. The kitchen island is an oval shape, both for style and function. Instead of the usual square or rectangle, the oval is a unique feature that frees up space.

Villa Ace’s main bedroom is an attractive mix of style and comfort. The red accent pillows and throw blends in with the dark wooden elements such as the doors and bed frame. The room is spacious and serene, the flowing mosquito nets adding an ethereal quality to the room.

The second bedroom is similar to the main bedroom, but deviates in color and lighter shades of wood. The view is like a dream, who would want to go to sleep when you can live in a world like that?

Black and white pieces of art grace the walls of this lovely bedroom, adding to the contemporary style.

Source: Asia Holiday Retreats  

Villa Ipanema is the second jaw dropping holiday getaway on our list. The villa is the ultimate group destination, with four master bedrooms connected to ensuite bathrooms and a variety of amenities right on it’s doorstep. This is where you take your friends/family for an unforgettable bonding session.

An open air living space has been carefully planned so that you’re never too far from the paradise outside, and the well lit pool area ensures that any time can be holiday time.

A luxurious day bed at the end of the pools is the ultimate place to relax from all the wonders of this island wonderland. A lavish pool mirrors the sky and is rimmed by a sultry jungle garden.

A hidden upstairs nestled between the lush tops of the trees in the garden gives the perfect view of the surrounding scenery.

Villa Ipanema’s living room is protected from the elements by a traditional Balinese wooden roof that adds to the design. The unparalleled space blends the best of beauty and symmetry creating a space that’s rejuvenating and restful.

The dining room table is illuminated by designer light fixtures and is a great place to bond with family/friends. This might be the most elegant place to hear all those embarrassing childhood stories again.

The modern kitchen looks as though it’s been carved out of stone, with warm wooden and natural elements warming the space up.

The main bedroom is fit for a king, with a slightly raised four poster king sized bed and stately floors.

Clear french windows allow the guest to never miss out on the gorgeous natural landscape. A stylish table provide space for the television to entertain the guests when the weather isn’t cooperating.

This bedroom has a mirrored accent wall that makes the room look even better and reflects the room’s tasteful decor.

A stone accent wall above the bed is a raw element that is wonderfully attractive and adds to the villa’s natural theme. A dark blue lounge chair is a cosy aspect that contributes to the comfortable feel of the bedroom.

A corner enclave is an ideal place to curl up with a good book or shoot a quick email back home.

The villa’s bathrooms are designed to have a completely tropical feel. This is achieved through the raw stone amenities, wooden elements and refreshing pot plants.

The bathrooms were painstakingly designed to include the famous Balinese scenery so that you’re never separated from the island vibe.

The bathroom feels as though you’re bathing in some remote jungle civilization. The freedom of the outside, combined with the privacy of a bathroom.

Source: Asia Holiday Retreats  

Villa Istana Satu is the last villa on our list, but by no means the least. Just a stone’s throw away from Seminyak’s vibrant market place, the villa is an intimate retreat that delivers the ultimate holiday experience.

A sparkling private pool is surrounded by manicure gardens with poolside loungers for the guest intent on relaxing.

High walls provide security and privacy so that guests can enjoy their stay in absolute comfort, a luxurious cabana can attest to that fact.

Large sliding doors open to a stylish living room where guests can escape the tropical heat thanks to the state-of-the-art air conditioner.

A exquisitely hand crafted table commands attention at the center of the room, while the large windows and glass doors incorporate the lush gardens into the decor. Who needs an accent wall when you’ve got a natural view?

An intimate dining space is a lovely place to have breakfast withh close friends or a loved one. Food can be served through the stylish and compact food bar that provides a glimpse into the western style kitchen.

The villa’s open plan living area opens up the floor space needed to create such a spacious and stylish area for the guests’ comfort. It also makes it easier to incorporate the theme into every aspect of the villa.

A master bedroom with a king sized bed is the best place to relax after a full day under the Balinese sun. White glossy floors reflects the sun that peeks through the greenery, warming up the entire bedroom.

Small lights on the floor leading to the master bedroom creates a romantic ambience mirrored by Bali’s enchanting landscape.

Colorful patterns and timber furniture warms up the white aspects of the room, while the dark wooden ceiling draws the eye upwards and constitutes as a pleasing design feature.

Not every bathroom has access to a breathtaking island view, but the right painting can make your forget that. The villa’s bathroom is sumptuous thanks to the palatial amenities and warm tones of the wall-to-floor tiles.

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42 Unique Cookie Jars That You Won’t Be Able To Keep Your Hands Out Of

Everyone loves a delicious cookie. Enjoyed as a snack on the run, an afternoon bite or a sneaky treat after dinner, they’re easy to eat and hard to stop devouring. Why not invest in a delectable cookie jar to keep them fresh? These forty-two cookie jar picks for your home or office specialize in making cookie stashes hard to keep away from. Made of ceramic, glass or plastic, they feature hooting owls, sly foxes, a cookie-loving Snoopy, Star Wars favourites and the classic cookie muncher, Cookie Monster. Take a scroll down our top choices to see how your kitchen could benefit from their stylish and novel designs.


Antler Cookie Jar: Looking for a unique jar to store peanuts in? This white ceramic container, crafted with the texture of an acorn and shape of deer antlers, has all the ingredients for a welcoming treat.


Vintage Patterned Turquoise Ceramic Cookie Jar: An intricate pattern and turquoise glaze make this ceramic cookie jar hard to ignore. Lift its bird-topped lid for a tasty snack before the door.


Pineapple Cookie Jars: Have some tropical fruit cookies you’d like to boast about? This fruity set of two blends in well with black, white or wooden kitchen décor.


Red Bell Pepper Cookie Jar: Microwave and dishwasher safe, this red ceramic beauty looks healthy – but most certainly is not. Store your tasty treats inside for guilty pleasures after work.


Yellow Bee Hive Cookie Jar: Honey products have found their perfect match, with this cookie jar surrounded by six bees. Its plastic-seal lid helps keep them fresh every time.


Elephant-Shaped Cookie Jar: This unusual example of elephant home décor can stash your sugar, tea, coffee or cookies. Lift its teapot handle for ease, its elephant trunk for interest.


Fox Cookie Jar: What did the fox say? This orange-and-white painted ceramic creature said eat more cookies, every time.


White Fox-Shaped Ceramic Cookie Jar: A little subtler in look, this fox looks happy as Larry to be holding your treats. Fix his white ceramic, plastic-sealed self on your bench for more than one cheeky dip.


Dog Cookie Jar: Daschunds are known for their sense of smell, and this one smelt the cookies. Lift a treat from the head of this pet for a teatime break that will make you smile.


Cute Snoopy Dog Cookie Jar: Snoopy loves Woodstock, and we love cookies. Impress the children – and adults – in your household, with this cute cookie container on your kitchen bench.


Cat Cookie Jar: Know someone that’s always stealing your treats? Make your thoughts known with this not-so-subtle ceramic jar.


Chef Pig Cookie Jar: Hand-crafted and painted, this unusual pig chef holds all the ingredients for dinner – but not dessert. Store your after-dinner treats within his form, to help him squeal with sugary delight.


Rooster Cookie Jar: Cock-a-doodle-cookie? This ceramic, aluminium-plated find is hand casted, hand painted, and beautifully gift-boxed for the treat lover on a farm.


Flamingo Cookie Jar: Think of summer loving with this fun-loving flamingo upon your desktop. An airtight container keeps your favourite treats fresh at hand.


Owl Cookie Jar: This cookie container features intricate detailing in one ceramic owl. Have a hoot by pulling sweets out of its browned form.


White Owl Cookie Jar: Owls might be wise, but not wise enough to hide the cookies. This white ceramic and gold creation packs a pretty picture and sweet treats. Also do check out our post Owl Home Decor, if you really love to have more of these cute birds in your home.


Penguin Cookie Jar: There’s nothing quite as cute as a mother with her baby, and this two–penguin cookie jar is no exception. Feed your little ones a treat from this doting mother’s inner.


Turtle Cookie Jar: Lift up this ceramic turtle’s lid and what do you see? Cookies, cookies, and more cookies for thee!


Skull Cookie Jar: Thinking too hard about your own mortality? Stifle dark thoughts with cookies emanating from a ceramic skull.


Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar: An interesting pairing with sugary goods, this large sweet tooth is perfect before the dentist’s chair. Fill its insides with candy, cookies, or anything else the dentist might berate you for.


Santa Claus Cookie Jar: Santa’s known for being jolly – and a jar full of cookies can only help. This hand-painted cookie jar with rubber gasket is the perfect accessory for the Christmas season.


Santa Boot Cookie Jar: Santa’s little elves look up from his boot and towards his cookie jar. Lift the lid on this ceramic find for a tasty little goodie inside.


Cute Snowman Cookie Jar: Hand-crafted and painted, this blushing snowman has us all wishing for winter. Fill his scarved head with cookies for a cushy friend every opening.


Cookie Monster Cookie Jar: Cookie Monster embodies the very essence of cookie eating. This custom-sculpted and air-tight jar comes in a colourful box perfect for gifting.


Jonathan Adler Mr. & Mrs. Muse Jar: Surrealist designer Jonathan Adler crafted Mr and Mrs Muse from his own imagination. Use yours to fill their oval ceramic forms with sugar, sweets, nuts or small cookies.


Cinderella’s Carriage Ceramic Cookie Jar: Cinderella may not have gone to the ball, but you will go to this jar. Crafted in white ceramic, it’s every cookie eater’s dream when lifting the lid.


Copper Cookie Jar: Make the cookie jar modern again, with this copper find for the kitchen bench. An airtight seal and non-rust finish mean your treats appear elegant before the plate.


Antique Industrial-Style Cookie Jar: Old Dutch has done it again, with this copper cookie jar with lacquered finish. A golden plaque, plastic seal and hammered finish make it appear antique, whilst keeping your favourite treats brand new.


Vintage Style Key & Fleur de Lis Cookie Jar: Combine French overtones with a beautiful ceramic, in this jar suited for many food items. A turquoise hue and mock-rusted exterior suit a worldly interior.


Tuscan Style Red Cookie Jar: Inject some Tuscan flavor into your kitchen area, with this ruby red cookie jar. A glazed fleur-de-lis sits upon this ceramic’s large body.


Glass Cookie Jar With Lid: A hint of turquoise colours this glass cookie jar, engraved with patterns reflecting on treats. Open the lid to take a bite, and chuck it in the dishwasher to keep it clean.


Large Glass Cookie Jar With Lid: A set of two gallon containers, reserved just for cookies? These classic storage jars gives you extra room to pack all your treats in specialist Anchor glass that is smell, stain and chemical-free.


Air-tight Ceramic Cookie Jar: This ceramic cookie jar holds just what it says it does. An air-tight seal keeps its contents fresh on the inside, stylish on the outside.


Personalized Cookie Jar: Feel like normal cookie jars just don’t suit? This large ceramic jar paints a typographic family tree, allowing insertion of your last name for a jar all yours.


Mason Jar Cookie Container: Blue, embossed and ready for the dishwasher, this blue mason jar has all the hipsters wrapt. Store your cookies, lentils or kitchen bits and bobs within its airtight seal.


Fire Hydrant Cookie Jar: Know a fireman who loves a good bite? This bright red ceramic jar is big enough to store a week’s worth of treats.


Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar: Doctor Who fans can now pull a cookie out of a tardis. This ceramic is both an effective disguise and item of memorabilia.


Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar: Know someone obsessed by cookies and Star Wars? Join their passions together, with this jar resembling a white death star.


Star Wars Stormtrooper Cookie Jar: Straight from the manufacturers at Disney, this stormtrooper has cookies on the brain.


Star Wars Darth Vader Cookie Jar: ‘Luke, I have your cookies’. This black ceramic jar is air-tight and gift-box bound for your family kitchen.


Star Wars R2D2 Cookie Jar: You can almost hear the beeps coming out of this R2D2 cookie jar. Fill him up to the brim with your favourite space-age treats. Head over to our Star Wars home decor post if you are obsessed with having a Star Wars Theme.


Dragon Egg Cookie Jar: Collect a dragon egg for yourself, with this green fade example of game of thrones home décor. Its beautiful scaled form will look a treat in your kitchen’s nooks or crannies.

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