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A Scandinavian Style Apartment That Exudes Chic Comfort

The elements that make up a Scandinavian style apartment are varied and dynamic. The end result is usually an energetic home that meshes a variety of different features together to create a home that is snug as well as chic. The pride and joy of any homeowner. Those with families especially enjoy Scandinavian style apartments as it reflects the conglomeration of personalities joined together under one roof, which is basically what Scandinavian style is all about. No-one understands that better than Taiwanese based design company Nordico, which consists of a team that specializes in Scandinavian style. Let us look through their latest project, to experience their skill firsthand.

The living room is a perfect example of how Scandinavian style apartments combine comfort and style. The room is well designed and is aesthetically pleasing- a joy to come home to.

The most important part of any home is the furniture. The furniture decides whether or not the room is stylish, or if it is just a disaster. This living room makes proper use of Scandinavian style furniture , which is simple, minimalist and functional. Everything that a homeowner needs!

Another important element to any room, are the colors. You can’t have awfully bright or clashing colors in a room, otherwise it will not matter if you have the best furniture on the market, your home will not be stylish or homely. This apartment’s color scheme is warm and comforting, using many colors without becoming overwhelming.

To make an ordinary built in bookshelf come to life, the designer colored the inside of the shelves, creating an attractive feature for the room.

Uncovered windows work well with the white ceiling and timber components to create thee illusion of space. The windows also allow in a lot of natural light which refreshes the entire home.

Subtle hints of black add a seriousness to the room that grounds it and makes it a little more solid looking. Without the black, the room would look vaguely boring and less composed.

An overhead shelf is both functional and a stroke of brilliance. A discerning home cook knows that he/she needs an herb garden, but that is difficult to do in an urban apartment. Well, why not plant one in your kitchen? Not only is it useful- it looks incredible as well! In fact, all indoor potted plants have a timeless and refreshing aesthetic, , make the most of them in your home.

The apartment makes brilliant use of warm wooden tones, white and grey as a base, while bright colors bring life to the room. The affect is stunning, and an easily achieved color palette.

Grey Carvagio Carravagio P4 pendant lights double as a source of light and design feature. The color matches the apartment’s palette and adds functional charm in a way that only pendant lighting can.

Take your ordinary pot plants to another level, by housing them n pots/holders with a fun pattern. You could also make ordinary kitchenware into a design feature to showcase your amazing baking skills, as shown above.

Most homeowners need a study area, and this apartment delivers. A paneled half wall includes the space into the rest of the house, but also creates a feeling of a seperate space.

The kitchen cabinets are centered perfectly so as to allow for easy movement around the space, while Scandinavian style chairs provide effortless chic.

Warm wooden floor panels soften the entire room, and add a little tropical flair to an urban home.

Too many people make the mistake of assuming that a T.V is enough of a design element on its own. The designer put shelves all around it and skilfully arranged the decorations so as to reflect the personalty of thee residents.

A dual study area is a stroke of genius, and a good way to make use of the available space. The area is left minimalist and uncluttered, providing a serene work environment.

Evenly spaced lights ensure that the home will never be gloomy or dimly lit. The majority of the lights are subtle and functional, but a few double as decoration.

The living area is neatly ordered and perfectly structured. The room is unified but marks each area according to purpose, not cluttering anything. Hanging planters add an air of tropical essence, creating a hanging garden in the apartment.

The minimalist design allows for a lot of floor space which children can use for entertainment.

The end tables are a good fit, as the conform to the design without being boring, and the delicate house plants on top give them a refreshing purpose.

One way to enliven your white table is by using whimsical flatware, that will break up the monotonous white and turn the eating space into something remarkable.

Wooden ornaments work well with the other organic elements and carry on a unifying theme, tying the room together in subtle ways.

A black sink surrounded by the white and monochromatic colors, is a pleasant contrast that adds depth to the small space.

At night, the exposed windows create a unique accent wall that is both dynamic and exciting.

A white ceiling makes the room look larger and less confined. Light ceilings are usually your best bet when it comes to decoration.

The kitchen table is the heart of every home, and this home staple is fun and unique, thanks to the different colored chairs.

A tile kitchen island is a wonderful way to upgrade a classic in a simple, understated way. The feature is defined without being obvious.

For centuries, mounted deer heads have been the staple of any sophisticated home. But modern design has taken that design feature, and turned it on its head. A delicately carved, 100% naturally carved faux deer head is proudly mounted on the wall- a reimagining of an antiquated classic. Love what you see? Get yours here! As a little extra spice, the exposed wall between the kitchen cabinets has been tiled in shades f grey, a pleasant addition to a remarkable room.

This room reflects the apartment’s style to perfection. The bed’s proximity to thee window, allows the occupant’s attention to be caught by the sky’s natural beauty.

The master bedroom boasts a spacious terrace, for fresh air or star gazing. The homeowner is free to use it as he/she so desires, and we can think of a million ways in which this terrace is an advantage.

A lush rug and Scandinavian style chair makes for a luxurious place to recline and relax.

A darker shade of grey makes up the back of the bed, a subtle yet effective accent wall.

This stylish bedroom boasts a walk-in closet for any wardrobe needs, and a state-of-thee-art air conditioner for balmy summer nights. How luxurious!

To create a dynamic space that is simple yet oh so refined, use patterned wall paper an stately stone wall tiles. It is incredibly easy, and the effect is completely worth it.

Tiled walls also offset the business of the patterns and spare you from a headache. While the organic elements sooth the emotions and soften the space.

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4 Amazing Apartments That Create an Eternal Spring

Spring is arguably the best season. It is that magical time after winter when the sun slowly comes out and the world is bathed in an infinite amount of colors. It is that wondrous time when the world is bathed in light and everything seems promising. It is wonderful- until it isn’t anymore. The problem with Spring is that it is either gone too soon, or the fact that it is outside. Daria Zinovatnaya understands this perfectly, and decided to do something about it. With stunning design ability and skill, she has captured all the best part of Spring within the confined space of four creatively different apartments.

What is the best way to introduce an everlasting Spring into your home? A magnificent wall length print depicting an idyllic scene of course! The plants never die and the colors never change; a beautiful constant in an ever changing world.

The furniture is comfortable and stylish, the bold colors fitting into the theme and creating a bright and engaging room.

The mix of colors on the wall are paired together with careful abandon to create an enticing and interesting accent wall in the kitchen that reminds us of the riot of colors that Spring brings us once a year.

A multi-colored kitchen countertop is a breath of whimsy to the room that looks like a lot of fun.

The entire apartment is built up of different components that in any other circumstance might be too busy and disjointed, but under the designer’s expert care, the room is lively and fascinating.

The bathroom is just as dynamic as the rest of the apartment and makes use of a variety of different colors to create an enjoyable overall aesthetic.

A bronze mirror and light features look lovely when paired with the tiles in the background. The blend of colors looks classy and elegant, while still retaining a lot of personality.

The next apartment is a little more composed, but no less exciting. The general interior looks as though it has been largely influenced by the De Stijl movement with its strong Mondrian compositions. This is not the first time we have come across interiors that strongly reflect the aesthetic of a particular art movement. Do check out the Cubism in Interior Design article where we cover Gemelli Design Studio’s venture into Picasso territory.

The apartment is very cheerful, this is achived through a brilliant light fixture and varied colorful/patterned elements.

The dining room is simple, yet dynamic. The red tiles negate the need for a rug and fills the same purpose. While a simple spherical light fixture is elegantly simple, while a contemporary print livens up the space between the windows.

The best design features are often the most simple. A black frame wall captures the attention and is a visually appealing aesthetic.

The bedroom is a mix of contemporary and vintage elements that makes for a wonderfully unique room.

The bed is a mix of different colors and looks magnificently inviting. The accent wall is completely modern and one of the best parts of the room.

The accent wall also doubles as a partition for the ensuite bathroom that looks stylishly straightforward.

This apartment is colorfully snug and comfortable. The mixed elements work together to make for a chic, modern design that manages to look homely and neat as well.

Usually, pink is reserved for a little girl’s room, but used in such subtle and innovative ways- it actually really works in this living room. The flower patterned rug introducing the aspect of an eternal Spring.

The small study is a little more serious, but does not detract from the apartment’s theme. A geometric light fixture is captivating and livens up the entire room.

The living room is just that- a room that is meant to be lived in. This is evident in the room’s design, we see it in the comfortable chairs and general homely appeal.

The dining room has a vintage/mismatched design that is both endearing and timeless. With cheerful Alexander Girard art prints that grace the walls, this home is perfect for the homeowner who enjoys walking on the fun side of life.

The final apartment recreates Spring in the abundance of upscale organic features that make the apartment feel almost exotic in its appeal.

The apartment is a vivid blend of modern furniture and timber components. This is perfectly showcased in the kitchen where we find white countertops with wooden embellishments and barstools. It is dapper and it works.

A tropical still takes up most of the kitchen, bringing the jungle into a modern apartment, while a lush houseplant lounges in the corner, so that the apartment has a larger than life scene with the real deal right next to it.

The timber light fixture stretches enough of a distance to become part of the design, and a white marble counter top adds a subtle level of class that upgrades the entire room.

The organic theme is continued in the colors and pictures that are in abundance in the kitchen. A bowl of vegetables can be exchanged for fruits or flowers depending on the season, becoming a dynamic centerpiece.

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30 Black & White Dining Rooms That Work Their Monochrome Magic

An integral space for any family dinner, the dining room is a vital – but often overlooked – part of the home. Filling the space between lounge and kitchen, it often acts as the design intermediary, not lead. Using monochrome interior cues can give your dining room prominence. Drop a statement chandelier over the middle of your dining table, marking the spot for eating and laughter. Shape the space with unusually curved chairs, around a table in a contemporary finish. Paint the walls in film noir shades to create ambience in your home’s centre for entertaining. Take a look at our top thirty dining rooms that dazzle in black and white.

Visualizer: Artem Bobrov  

A circle marks the spot where the family comes together. This light and white room makes a statement chandelier, geometric acrylic chairs and pops of living green features.

Visualizer: Dekaa  

Make your design cues subtle, by using textured materials in your dining room. This clean design creates diagonal grooves in its wooden floor, cubbies in its silicone chairs and tinted glass in a collective display of hanging pendants.

Architect: Luigi Rosselli Architects  

Any lighting guru knows that Panton VP6 lights are the business. These unique dining room pendants can easily underscore a colour theme, and this black polished wooden floor, white chiffon curtain and peony bunch combo is no exception.

Visualizer: Viz Art  

A monochrome finish doesn’t have to be strictly black and white. This room boasts Scandinavian style chairs in charcoal and a host of sepia prints to match wine bottles and a pendant to the kitchen.

Source: Fantastic Frank  

A Semi Pendant light adds drama and art to mealtime. Make an entrance for your dining room with classic white-brushed floors, clean furniture and a low-hanging light in an unusual shape.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

Differing materials can combine to create a room, not clash with it. This small assembly of suede chairs and a spider web chandelier match the colours of the kitchen while creating visual focus. A pot of green adds flair.

Photographer: Hey Cheese  

Dining areas don’t always have to be flashy. This wooden table with charcoal beams acts as a reading, breakfast, study and dining room table, as thin charcoal shelving lines the walls.

Visualizer: Dekaa  

Keep it classic in simple monochromes. A bunch of three camera lights beam up two black and white panels in this block-coloured modern kitchen design.

Visualizer: Kuoo Architects  

Infuse your dining area with a taste of the East, with a pair of gigantic Chinese lanterns. Surrounded by slick black walls and ceilings, a multi-grooved floor and wicker cane chairs add character and texture.

Designer: Nicole Hollis  

Want to blend the Victorian with a contemporary dining space? Use basic white walls, two dramatic velvet chairs and matching cylindrical pendants reflected through a mirror.

Architect: Hillam Architects  
Photographer: Dion Photography  

Make your monochrome space multi-levelled and multi-dimensional. Add curves with a ceiling plaster mould, corner marbled benchtop and slick fireplace embedded in swathes of dusty stone.

Visualizer: Oliver Wende  

Go Scandinavian for your black and white dining, with this kitchen-combined feature. Climb the wooden ladder to a wall of white cabinetry hiding all the basics, while black painted cubby chairs hold your frame for breakfast.

Visualizer: Evermotion  

Scandinavian dining rooms can make a monochrome design look light, bright and open. A few French windows, white painted floor and pops of black cabinetry make this shared kitchen and dining space a chef’s dream.

Source: Deko  

Make the most of an elongated dining space, by designing in black and white. A concrete floor binds distressed black rafters, white pod chairs and two dramatic cylindrical chandeliers into a space perfect for entertaining.

Designer: Potter Kajsa Cramer  
Photographer: Frida Ramstedt  
Source: Femina  

Little pops of wood make black and white warmer. The chair legs and pale wooden floor of this classic dining look steal the show amidst pots of clambering green.

Visualizer: Petru Pinzaru  

Tall arched windows can only make the best grey and white kitchens better. Pair them with concrete walls, white-washed floors, Scandinavian school chairs and a large white pendant for a relaxed feel.

Visualizer: Javier Wainstein  

Draw in your guests with a black and white abstract acting the feature. This striking black wall is the perfect background for white and wood furniture and a leaning antique mirror.

Visualizer: AR Studio  

Only have the space between your kitchen and lounge? Drop a host of white beat lights alongside black suede chairs to make your vase of lilies shine.

Visualizer: HDR Designer  

Another beat light sensation, this mostly-white dining area appears monochrome with only the slightest hint of black. A golden interior meets concrete floors, mini sculpted hedges and white and wooden chairs for a relaxed space beside the kitchen.

Visualizer: 081 Arch  

Dining at the bachelor pad never looked better. An array of black pendants dangle over a black and white table, as a minimalist lounge and kitchen area make themselves scarce.

Designer: n lab  

Have the best of the black and white kitchens with a dining room to match. This unconventionally-shaped design uses stripes of both black and white across an origami chandelier, horizontal pendant light and stunning kitchen bench to help expand aesthetics.

Visualizer: VAE Design Group  

Like clean, zen-like lines? This dining room’s lines separate its unusual bookcase partitions, chair bottoms and diagonally-placed table legs to subvert a classic look.

Visualizer: Inuti  

Already a fan of white kitchens? Place pops of black in black cubby chairs, ceiling-inserted lights and a large monochrome abstract to make your dining space black and white.

Visualizer: Minimal Architects  

For those that need a larger breakfast and dining, this colour-coded space has the solve for you. Drenching kitchen bar stools in white and dining cubby chairs and pendants in black, it helps differentiate dining zones for different times of the day.

Visualizer: ARTSTUDIO Design  

Differentiate your dining in shades of grey. This white cubby-chaired table with black stencil detailing sits well beside grey suede couches and LED-lit inlets.

Visualizer: Anthony Kalambet  

An exposed brick wall can add character to your black and white dining. Pair it with black metal chairs, glass jars, black framed windows and a concrete floor for a look semi-Scandinavian.

Visualizer: Dmitry Tereshchuk  

Food need not be the central feature of your dining area. Hide your basic cooking skills with a pair of woollen lanterns, a smoky abstract canvas and alternating woven steel and linen chairs.

Visualizer: Djamal Mustafaev   

A light feature doesn’t have to be large, as this black and white dining area shows. A row of magnetic lights cling together, as pops of white frame an eight-seater dining table.

Photographer: Przemysław Kuciński  

Keep it simple with a white origami light over your table. This area functions for breakfast, lunch and dinner while a vase of flowers tries to stretch to its height. A black wooden design feature adds character.

Visualizer: Juraj Talcik  

Don’t think black and white will suit your seaside interior? Think again as this white polished floor extends out to the patio, while offerings of black cubby chairs, steel table legs and a host of white beat lights keep it clean and contemporary.

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50 Space-Themed Home Decor Accessories To Satiate Your Inner Astronomy Geek

At a point in our existence, we have to marvel at the vastness of the universe. Only partially-discovered, our now eight-planet solar system is a fascinating subject for stargazers young and old. Whether you’re teaching your kids about orbits or simply indulging your nerdier side, our top fifty space-themed home décor accessories have the cosmos at their fingertips. House a real meteorite in a glass case, inside your library. Place glow-in-the-dark constellations upon your children’s ceiling, for a night’s sleep they can dream to. Hang space travel advertising posters on your living room wall. Fulfill your space-age fantasies with a nifty pick from our list.


Genuine Meteorite Display Piece: Sourced directly from Argentina’s Campo del Cielo, these meteorites weighing up to 70 grams come with their own glass display case and certificate of authenticity. Place one in your library cabinet, for a gift from the stars.

From $38BUY IT

Huzi Cosmos Minimalist Space-Themed Building Blocks: Want an alternative to Lego with an educational twist? This seven-piece beech wood set of building blocks magnetically attach to form a world of their own.


Laser Cut Metal Spacecraft, Satellite & Rover Models: Construct your own Hubble Telescope, Apollo Lunar or Mars Rover. These four sets of spacecraft models add an intergalactic edge to your kids’ playtime.


Space Shuttle Scale Model: Have a monochrome interior needing a pop of colour? This NASA to-scale model is painstakingly crafted out of hardwood – with a bright orange burst down its side.

From $34BUY IT

Tintin Moon Rocket: Lovers of TinTin will recognize this iconic rocket. Let its red and white checkers soar on your library shelf or kid’s bedroom table.

From $45BUY IT

Solar System Marble Set: Available unboxed or in a classic display case, this set of planetary marbles make the classic game much more fun. Roll them with friends or keep their rounded forms static, with a handy ring retaining their position.

From $25BUY IT

3D-Printed Planet Models: Show the whole solar system with the wonders of 3D printing. These to-scale replicas offer an easy demonstration on how our world works.


Solar System Paperweight: Give the gift that keeps on giving, with this glass solar system paperweight. Its domed form offers an almost three-dimensional look at the reaches of our galaxy.


Planet Candles: Love Earth more than Venus? These handmade candles from Japan let your favourite planet light up your bath time.


Glow In The Dark Celestial Sphere: Glowing in the dark and charged by the sun, this beautiful glass sphere lends a more interesting night light to the adult bedroom.

From $100BUY IT

Space-Themed Moon Lamp: 3D printing has created four sizes of this many-layered lamp resembling the moon.


Moon-Shaped Wall/Ceiling Light With Phases: Wish you were outside camping beneath the moon? This ceiling light offers the next best thing, with a night light that shifts through the moon’s twelve phases.


Rocket Night Light: Blast off to the land of nod, with this natural wood rocket light beside your child’s bed. Its handmade form is a perfect gift for a new arrival or baby shower.

$125BUY IT

Crescent Moon Night Light: After a night light the adults can enjoy? This natural birch and balsa wood design spreads beautiful patterns from crafted cut-outs.

$157BUY IT

Foscarini Supernova Replica: Go intergalactic in the dining room, with this Supernova replica above the dining table. Its concentric metal discs overlap to create a light both functional and fascinating.

$2,710BUY IT

Vibia Cosmos Cluster Pendant Light: Want to watch the Earth orbiting the moon? These thermoplastic discs in light grey or green give a lit demonstration you can hang in your home.

$986BUY IT

Starry Light By Anagraphic: Get as close as possible to the real night sky, with this black lamp mirroring the constellations. A specially-designed Milky Way-shaped LED maps their exact location to your home ceiling.

$260BUY IT

Moon-Shaped Pendant Light: Made of cardboard, the Moon Scraplight Pendant is a feat in paper light engineering. Affix it above your dining room table, to show how dining pendant lights can transform a room.


Glow In The Dark Space-Themed Bedroom Decoration: Create your own romantic haven with these glowing stickers on your bedroom ceiling.


Glow In The Dark Space Wall Stickers: Eight planets and forty glowing stars come in this pack designed for your kids’ bedroom. Make them excited for bedtime, with these green-glow stickers awaiting their walls.


Snurk Astronaut Duvet Cover: Have a little boy or girl that can’t wait to be an astronaut? Make their dreams come true at night time, with this cotton duvet set with matching helmet pillow.


Ursa Major Duvet Cover: Aware of a constellation in the shape of a bear? Sleep under Ursa Major in this machine-washable duvet cover.


Space-Themed Constellation Bed Set: This reversible bedding set lets your kids sleep among the stars. High quality polyester covers its sheets, pillows and duvet cover.


Space-Themed Shower Curtains: Waterproof and mould-resistant, this Milky Way shower curtain brings bath time dreaming closer to the stars.

From $8BUY IT

Space-Themed Throw Pillows: Want to give your couch some space-age loving? Adorn it with these canvas cushions depicting astronauts and capsules.


Outer Space-Themed Nursery Decor: Felt, wood and white thread assemble to create this cute and chic mobile for your new addition. Dangle it above their cot for their first introduction to the solar system.

$2,631BUY IT

Luna Moon-Shaped Rug: After a space-themed piece that doesn’t look kitsch? This moon-shaped rug possesses the elegance you need in the quality of New Zealand wool. Cheaper options are available at Amazon.


Astronomy-Themed Constellations Doormat: Coarse coir fibres look after the environment in these novelty doormats depicting constellations. Place one astride your front door for a fade-resistant way to clean your shoes.


NASA JPL Space Tourism Posters: Instead of Rome, Prague or Paris, why not travel to Jupiter? These unusual space advertising posters could cause a stir in your living room.

From $12BUY IT

SpaceX Mars Tourism Posters: Californian SpaceX wants to fly you to Mars. Get extra-terrestrial at home, with these pro-Mars posters in your library or lounge.

From $38BUY IT

Space Exploration Infographics Poster: Unsure of how many craft have orbited, landed or attempted the galaxy? This infographic poster colour-codes the fate of each craft.


Astronomy-Themed Wall Art: The moon has been a source of inspiration for centuries. See what the ancients saw, with this picture of the moon decorating your hallway.


Saturn Art Print: Prefer the loopy rings of Saturn? See it three ways, with this wall print showing three different angles.


Framed Moon Print: Enhanced with an antique-look patina, this large-scale moon print is available in six colours, for a closer look at the body we orbit.


Astronomy Patent Posters: Interested in the patents of telescopes or craft? These handmade posters show our intergalactic creations in detail.


Vintage Space Patent Prints: For a more authentic look, these patents on brown paper cast your mind back to the age of their invention.

$100BUY IT

Outer Space-Themed Wall Mural Of Planet Venus : Sometimes a room needs a bold feature wall. This large-scale mural of Venus comes in six parts for a peel-on, peel-off and wipeable design solution.


Moon Door Sticker: Imagine your door was a portal to the moon. This adhesive door decal comes in two parts, for a distinctive design that will keep guests guessing.


Astronaut Bookends Handmade from wood, these unique bookends are made to order. Stand their cork-lined bottoms astride your sci-fi reads, for bookends and reads that get matchy-matchy.


Half-Moon Planter: Set your indoor pot plant against the shape of the moon. These unique planters cast in metal bronze finish lend an alternative frame to succulents and herbs.


Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock: Depict the time and planetary orbits with these unique wall clocks. Aluminium discs ride around a rubber-coated surface you can stand on your desk or hang on your wall.

From $30BUY IT

Vintage Decorative Telescope: House a vintage telescope in your seaside home. Originally designed for sailing purposes, this telescope is a decorative-only nautical home décor addition.

From $30BUY IT

Modern Astronomical Telescope: Prefer a telescope more modern in look? This shiny contraption helps you decorate your library and see the stars.


Rocket Fuel Pour-Over Coffee Brewer: Brewing for one? Put a rocket over your morning coffee, with these dishwasher-safe unique coffee cups.


Planetary Glass Set: Sized according to their scale, this set of ten planet and moon-shaded glasses inject more joy into your tipple.


Planet Coasters: Stone and slate hold the pattern of the planets, in these unique drink coasters jazzing up your kitchen.


Astronomy-Themed Planetary Dinner Plates: Eating amongst the stars never was easier. This set of ten melamine unique flatware plates resemble the planets, moon and sun.


Rocket Salt & Pepper Shaker Mill: Solid beechwood with a ceramic interior ensures these separately-sold grinders season up a storm.


Rocket Lemon Juicer: This solid beech wood lemon juicer is a simple way to make your meals stratospheric.


Solar System Cutting Board: Maple wood and beeswax combine in these unique cutting boards showing the solar system. Use their laser-cut form to chop your onions, garlic, tomatoes and chilli.

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42 Unique, Decorative Plant Stands For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Beautiful plants need beautiful planters, and beautiful planters need beautiful stands. Where can you find the best range of planters and stands to decorate your home and garden? Right here. We’ve pulled together forty-two of the best-of-the-best designs, to make both your interior and exterior glow green. Construct a ceramic ladder of potted ferns beside your office window. Splash out on an artistic, geometric stand that makes a living room statement. Sit your draping fern atop a stone and resin Corinthian stand laden with goddesses. Make the little details stand out by accommodating a unique plant stand or holder in your contemporary garden or abode.

From $75BUY IT

Wire Indoor/Outdoor Planter: Designed by Norm Architects, these indoor and outdoor planters were inspired by the different heights of a Japanese garden. Assemble them yourself in a black or white hue, or large or small size.

$228BUY IT

Plant Stand Trio For Indoor/Outdoor Use: White-washed clay with stenciled iron frames the best of your hanging ferns. Stand it in a corner for a green cranny to the power of three.


Ferm Living Tall Plant Stands With Three Legs: Tripods aren’t just for cameras. These iron stands with black powder coating can hold the pot and plant of your choice.

From $10BUY IT

Indoor Silver Finish Low Plant Stand: The sturdy steel of these low-lying beauties mean they can grace your interior or exterior. Find the right shape for your plant with a choice of four sizes.

From $8BUY IT

Indoor Silver Finish Three-Legged Plant Stands: Stand your plants higher with these three-legged plant stands in the same finish. Hold up a larger plant or a glass bowl for an unusual approach to indoor greenery.

$148BUY IT

Indoor Metal Caged Pedestal Plant Stand: These handmade iron cages create stunning stencils at the bottom of your plant. Stand their antique copper finishes at your home entrance, or in the corner of your living room.

From $48BUY IT

Golden Finish Metallic Plant Stand For Indoors: Get the feel of the Orient with these painted cylinders of iron. Choose from three sizes for a trio housing your ferns, flowers or trees.

From $65BUY IT

Modern White and Walnut Short Plant Stands: These white and walnut stands suit the Scandinavian interior. Stand their sturdy forms upon a wooden floor for a treat upon returning home.

$150BUY IT

Mid Century-Inspired Plant Stand: Brazilian walnut and ceramic come together in this stand and planter combo. Created in a popular mid-century style, it stays true to its roots with American manufacturing.


Modern Wooden Plant Stand: Four columns come together to hold metallics, ceramics and concrete. Perfect for a nook or tucked-away cranny, it’s the perfect height for beside a chest of drawers.


Modern 2 Tiered Plant Stand: Two tiers of painted white wood mean two plants can sit on this stand. A spot beside the curtain could spark a spot of green.


Modern Square-Shaped 2 Tier Plant Stand: Fancy a square instead? This two-tier plant stand with wooden paneling stylishly encases your green creations.

$148BUY IT

Indoor Planter With Legs: Smarter than the rest, this planter features a drainage hole to let your plant breathe.

$288BUY IT

Faux Bois Plant Stand: Thought this plant stand was made of wood? Think again. This metal resin creation sits next to your indoor or outdoor reading chair.

$106BUY IT

IKEA Two-Tier Multi-Plant Stand: Fashion a virtual forest inside your home. Made of natural and painted bamboo, two rows of shelving mean all your plants can take a share.


IKEA Bamboo Plant Stand For 3 Pots: Mimic the natural flow of the forest, with a three-tiered stand of three different orientations. Natural and painted bamboo coalesce in a structure worthy of the most stylish living room area.


IKEA Vildapel Indoor Plant Stand: A mini bamboo stand makes your miniature tree even more miniature.

$520BUY IT

Modern Rectangular Planter & Stand: Designed by Joan Gaspar, these polypropylene wonders can act as both planters and dividers. House plants atop and stylish structures underneath these units resistant to heat and cold.


Large IKEA Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Pot Plant Stand: 13 tiers of black or white metal allow your plant pots to bask indoors or outdoors. A handy partition, semi-living wall or addition to your patio, this reasonably-priced contraption holds whichever pots you please.


Air Plant Stand: Forgo the pot altogether, with this unique take on the modern plant stand. Brass available in three shades suspends your plant in mid-air, making a perfect exhibition out of your prized succulents.

$122BUY IT

IKEA Satsumas Plant Ladder For 5 Pots: Another white and bamboo IKEA creation, this mini plant ladder holds five of your most common herbs and spices. Lean it against your kitchen cupboard for easy access come dinner time.


Small Succulent Planter & Ladder Stand: Even smaller and cuter, this three-tiered bamboo stand is perfect for the home office. Rest your phone upon the bottom shelf, a couple of cacti on the upper.

$121BUY IT

Decorative Metal & Walnut Stand: Perforated metal and a warm walnut finish twist into geometric shapes that hold your plants. Give it a life as the perfect end table.

$160BUY IT

Bullet Planter: A metal planter in a primitive shape sits your plant high or low. Place it beside a window, for maximum exposure to the sun.


Small Hairpin-Style Plant Stand: Pink, lilac, orange and teal are some of the colours your plant can drape over. Contain a small tree or large fern within this low-to-the-ground, dainty frame.


Copper-Finished Caged Vase Shaped Plant Stand: Available in a gold or copper finish, this metal vase resembles a pineapple. Get fruity with guests by placing it beside the front door.

$287BUY IT

Metal Cage Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand: Tired of plant stands once pretty, but now covered in soil? Find an outdoor alternative, in this metal cage draining out from its floor.


Decorative Planter & Pot Set: Glean inspiration from American Indian tribes, with these painted resin pots placed on matching metal stands.

$295BUY IT

Dubay Bicycle Plant Stand: Hold five plants on a snazzy set of bicycle wheels. This innovative stand is a perfect find for the hipster keen on garden herbs.

$150BUY IT

Red Bicycle Planter: Don’t have the budget for a pot-laden bicycle? Try this version for half the price. With three plant holders and a natty stand, it’s a more tantalising for the bank card in Big Apple red.


Black Metal Plant Stand With Wheels: Multi-layered in durable metal, this wheelable stand ensures no pot marks are left in your room’s corners.

$154BUY IT

IKEA Risatorp Multi-Level Plant Stand Trolley: Part-trolley and part-stand, this steel and birch creation holds a plethora of plants in your kitchen. Its oscillating shelves offer easy access to beetroots, tomatoes, and everyday herbs.

From $12BUY IT

IKEA Wall Upright Mesh Basket Vertical Wall Plant Stand: Looking for easy access, without the trolley? Look no further than this six-potted mesh stand, a display of baskets packed to the brim with plant life.

$234BUY IT

Wall-Mounted Plant Stand: Take a different angle on plant hanging. This diagonal steel stand is mounted to the wall and available in either black or white.


Modern Circular Hanging Plant Stand & Planter: Want your stand to make a stand of its own? This metal stand and planter draw focus, in a circular design as much a piece of art as plant hanging.

$110BUY IT

Air Plant Holder & Stand: Handmade in Washington out of natural cotton twine, this three-tiered plant stand embodies hippy spirit. Hang plants, herbs or even healing crystals in its soft form.


Ceramic Hanging Planter Set: Hanging from a single nail, this set of four ceramic planters look almost made of cotton. Add edge to your window ledge or seat with a row of cacti resting in its crevices.

$2,750 eachBUY IT

Layered Black Planters: Cut to the height you desire, these stainless steel planters are all about art deco – and a highly-expensive price tag. Garner inspiration from their inverted forms upon a dramatic white-walled backdrop.

$262BUY IT

Ancient Greek-Style Architectural Pillar Pedestal: The Greeks were the first to know how to place a vase. Use this hand-casted stone and resin piece to pay duty to your fern.

$100BUY IT

Corinthian-Style Ivory Finish Plant Pedestal: Get the look of ivory without the elephant cruelty. This resin Corinthian pillar holds large plants in a finish fit for the gods.

$232BUY IT

Les Filles Joyeuses Neoclassical Pedestal Plant Stand: Also known as the Three Graces, these ‘joyous girls’ are only too happy to hold your plant. Hand-casted in stone and resin, they play an elegant role in your plant-filled living room.

$227BUY IT

Classical Sculptural Pedestal Plant Stand: For a more demure look, these Greco-Roman ladies have it sorted. A place in your library could house their stone-and-resin casted forms.

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