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Mesmerizing Modernist Sandcastles By Calvin Seibert

Colorado native Calvin Seibert grew up on a construction site, wandering out after-hours to play with the large mounds of sand left behind. His experimentation with sandcastles began hundreds and hundreds of miles away from an ocean but the love of the craft stuck with him. Now he travels to various beaches to create impermanent sculptures that capture the imagination – inspired by the shapes and forms of Brutalist architecture, they bend the mind with their sharp edges and gravity defying arrangements. Seibert works with a simple toolkit of pails and putty knives, but the results hint at the complexity of fully realized buildings.

Many of the sculptures are a composite of simple forms, much like the Brutalist style of buildings that inspired them. Here, rectangles seem to defy gravity despite the heavy-looking forms.

Seibert makes sure to point out that his whimsical sandcastles aren’t built the same way as some of the competition-grade sandcastles. While competition entries are often carved from solid forms, his are packed and shaped by hand.

The artist doesn’t actually start with a solid plan in mind. Sketches and studies help to influence each sculpture but only in an abstract way: when Seibert hits the sand, the sand gets all the attention.

Building castles like these is a race against time. High tides, wind, seagulls, and beach going children are just a few of the potential obstacles the artist has to consider.

Of course, with over 30 years of sandcastle-building under his belt, Calvin Seibert likely has a good intuition when it comes to picking the perfect spot for his creations.

Unfortunately, the Brutalist structures that helped inform this style turned out to be just as transient as the sandcastles themselves. Multiple organizations work to preserve the historical style that finds itself frequently under attack.

Forms range from rigid to organic. As the sun passes overhead, the structures tend to change and evolve.

Building up from one plane to the next, the artist is able to create compositions that look like surreal landscapes of sorts. Courtyards and architectural features are common themes.

Some of them look like fully realized cities, with whimsical pathways that give a clue to the daily lives of whatever residents the imagination can conjure.

Castles like these look gravity defying and immovably sturdy all at once.

Creative angles and curves contribute to a sense of weightlessness in some sculptures. Onlookers expect sand to be heavy and dense, making the visual experience even more interesting.

Some of the sculptures are so architecturally inspired they could almost be mistaken for a conceptual model. Here, textural details allude to different building materials.

Dystopian structure or just an intricate geometric form? Each piece leaves enough ambiguity for the imagination to take hold.

The color and texture of sand makes it a brilliant material for sculptures inspired by Brutalism, a movement that always emphasized concrete construction.

Seibert grew up near the Eero Saarinen TWA Terminal. The building’s dramatic curves and swooping shapes remains an important part of the artist’s repertoire. See if you can identify this inspiration in the rest of the images from the series:

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Harbour House In Antwerp Looks to the Future


Zaha Hadid Architects was the mastermind behind this renovation and addition to the Port House of Antwerp, Belgium.

This dramatic addition to the Antwerp skyline took almost a decade to plan and build. The geometric glass and steel structure, which reflects the many colors of the sky throughout the day, is delicately balanced above the port house. This older structure is a former derelict fire station that has been gutted and renovated. The combined buildings now house Europe’s second largest shipping port.


The futuristic looking structure nests on top of the original, allowing a unique vantage point of the historical facade. This renovation allows the 500 staff of the Port to share a building for the first time. The sustainable building remains flexible for the future, allowing future growth.

The architect Zaha Hadid is well known for her designs that imbue her projects with sweeping lines and a sense of the future, often in combination with historic buildings. She was the first woman to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004. She passed away in early 2016. This design was completed posthumously.

Photographs by Laurian Ghinitoiu



















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32 Fabulous 4 Poster Beds That Make An Awesome Bedroom

Originally for the royals, four poster beds carry a regal quality that translates across many cultures. Draped with luxurious velveteen bed fittings, they can carry a princess. In the islands, traditional white linen drapes over streaks of bright silk, nestled between a four-poster’s carved posts. In more modern times, the four poster can take on a variety of materials – wood, metal, twisted iron, acrylics – to create a bedroom vibe truly your own. Our list of 32 beds that go beyond the brief in creating spaces for dreamtime can help your visualisations come true. Take a look at our list of inspirational picks below.

Visualizer: Lugerin Architects  

Simplistic in frame, this black stencil poster matches thin, elegant joinery lines.

Visualizer: Press Render  

A thicker, futon-style steel frame creates a cube design, reflecting the black lines of a reclining chair and bedside tables.

Architect: Inna Shapovalova  

Propped up a little higher, this black four poster makes an impact clothed in simple bedding.

Visualizer: Sergey Kondratev  

Using grey is a point of difference for this charcoal beauty. The bed frame sits separate to the main structure, allowing headboards to join and the frame to create a larger look.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

A thin stencil creates a four poster harking back to Japanese-style, futon dreaming.

Visualizer: Now Design  

A little thicker but still to the floor, this king poster bed relaxes a room of minimal features.

Visualizer: Denis Krasikov  

A higher frame hangs geometric Chinese lanterns and a smaller, fabric-made bed. Using distressed materials adds an industrial feel, exacerbated as steel hover lamps peek through the sides of the frame.

Visualizer: Anton Biytsev  

Luxury means a simple sheet draped over the side of this king four poster bed. Golden drop lighting creates elegance in a free-flowing structure.

Visualizer: Duan  

A Scandinavian bedroom fits perfectly with this queen four poster structure. Its simple lines find favour with a white fan, exposed brick wall and bedside lamps.

Designer: Deb McLean  
Photographer: Colin Doswell  
Source: Inside Out  

A black iron frame makes a dramatic impact against a white wall. A MRD Home ‘Cubic’ bed lies below creeping ferns and a fluffy pink cushion. Normann Copenhagen ‘Tablo’ side tables and a ‘M’ print from Playtype finish off the look.

Visualizer: Kateryna Panasik  

A minimalist dream, this white block frame fits a smaller bed within its frame. White space to the sides, and an ottoman at the bottom, afford space for thought.

Visualizer: KDVA Architects  

Stencilled lines exaggerate a black headboard in this elegant, four poster design. A steppe to the left designates a place for dressing, stretching, or a hint of morning yoga.

Visualizer: Nott Design  

Reaching halfway up the wall, this modernist cube offers a solid, more boxed-in structure. Long, dangling lights make their way through its frame, as a charcoal cotton bed offers a softer place for sleeping.

Visualizer: Kateryna Senko  

A structure to the rafters is a talking piece for this black four poster. A double-tiered top structure lets chiffon drape beautifully over edges, while diagonally-grafted wood sets a more natural tone.

Visualizer: Plasterlina  

A boxed sensation in beige, this cubic bed holds a bookcase shelf underneath its frame. A slight headboard to the back allows a subtle moose head to pop through the beams.

Buy It: $1,142  

Another all-in-one design, this white frame encapsulates an enclosed storage space, shelving unit and bookshelf. Ladders to the side and a nifty cat hammock mean bedside tables are a thing of the past.

Visualizer: Thanh Minh  

A house-shaped design lets this kids’ four poster become a dollhouse and sleeping space.

Visualizer: Vladimir Korsun  

Sweep her off with the fairies, as your little girl rests inside this four poster. Bathed in dreamy white, its metal rods curtain off the monsters.

Visualizer: Yo Dezeen  

A grey-wood four poster is the answer to modern luxury. This version holds a wooden slatted floor with a white leather bed.

Visualizer: E Space  

Go for a more tropical look with this dark-wooden, stencilled four poster. A Caribbean tapestry hangs behind, while a wooden frame elevates the mattress.

Designer: Bluwater Studio  

Make an impact with this stencilled four poster with a set-back enclave. Housing a backing wall and two bedside tables, it makes a feature out of life’s little necessities.

Source: The Agency  

A charcoal acrylic lets in light and grounds a bed, in one tightly-packed module.

Designer: Tropical Space  

An elevated wooden stencil creates a tropical vibe in this bedroom. Simple white bedding and posts rising above the beams make it unique.

Photographer: William Waldron  
Source: Architectural Digest  

A black metal four poster falls to the floor, in this contemporary design. A white leather bed with matching headboard provides the perfect backing.

Photographer: Peter Estersohn  
Source: Architectural Digest  

Go to Thailand every night as wood and metal whisk you away. Four varnished wooden posts meet tightened rope and a stunning headboard for a bed sure to impress.

Source: Casa San Agustín  

Twisted iron creates tiny posts in this fine-lined four poster. Able to work with more ethnic themes, its baubled domes create a subtle aura of majesty.

Buy It: $1,566  

Crafted hardwood with a hickory veneer characterises this Queen, mimicking South-East Asian bamboo. A European headboard brings a French feel.

Buy It: $29,495  

Distressed, black-painted wood makes this four-poster a dream come true. Strong Gothic tones dominate in crossed peaks and a luxurious padded headboard.

Buy It: $14,876  

Made of ashwood and brass, this creative King lets your family sleep comfortably – within a forest.

Source: Casamidy  

Black steel makes the trees bare and the bed elevated. A soft velveteen headboard grounds this whimsical beauty.

Source: Jas Asbury Metal Design  

Silver tones twist into a secret garden, creating an elevated bedframe beneath the flowers.

Designer: Celerie Kemble  

White iron merges with faux leaves to create an interior garden. Winding up four posts and surrounding beams, they culminate in a leafy centrepiece adhering to the ceiling.

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Charming Family Cottage in England Gets Contemporary Update

aechitecture renovated residence
This family cottage located in Kingston upon Thames, England was renovated by McGarry-Moon Architects. A new addition was built, which together with the main house can now accommodate up to 12 persons.

“The new extension meets the old with a touch of glass,” the architects said. “Its palette is muted but precise, with crafted iroko timber meeting sharp board-marked concrete walls. Together they form a restrained but striking palette that sits comfortably next to the detailed tiled faces of the cottage.”
renovated residence (1,6)

The double height space above the kitchen and dining area flows into the more secluded lounge. Looking out over the pool and the retained mature trees, one encounters the garden room. A separate building, the garden room acts as a self-contained retreat, approached under a louvered timber walkway.

A minimalist design language spiced up with elements of surprise is what makes a tour of this house appealing. Generously-sized windows blur the indoor-outdoor boundaries. “The result is a project that allows the architectural languages of the contemporary and Victorian to relate to each other and form a stimulating and respectful dialogue,” the architects concluded. [information provided by McGarry-Moon Architects; photos courtesy of: Adam Currie]

renovated residence (2) renovated residence (3) renovated residence (4) renovated residence (5) renovated residence (7) renovated residence (8) renovated residence (9) renovated residence (10) renovated residence (11) renovated residence (12) renovated residence (13) renovated residence (14) renovated residence (15)

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Modern Ranch Home Views Showcase Big Sky Country

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows-min

This modern ranch home in Big Timber, Montana makes the most of its picturesque location in the American West with panoramic views of the surrounding 2000-acre property.  Floor to ceiling windows wrap around the structure.  They add a touch of modern style and set everyday tasks against the backdrop of Montana’s Crazy mountains.

During the spring melt, water flows from these peaks into the flood plain surrounding this home.  Hughes Umbanhower Architects designed Big Timber Riverside so that home would look like its floating on the flooded plain.  It sits on a tall plinth, which allows the water to flow beneath its foundation.


Spring fed ponds surround the home with fresh water features year-round.  This adds a dramatic element to entry.  It includes a stone walkway over the pond water and natural stone steps up to a large, glass door.

The interior uses natural materials and clean lines to fuse rustic and modern styles.  For example, weathered wooden boards provide a beautiful backdrop to the home’s updated living room.  The living room also has one of three fireplaces featured throughout the home.  Each provides unique style and a cozy ambiance in cooler Montana temperatures.  (Photography and information courtesy of Hughes Umbanhower Architects)

Modern Living Room-min

Modern Kitchen-min

Modern Meets Rustic-min



Freshwater Ponds-min

Mixed materials-min

Nestled in Cottonwoods-min

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