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Black is Back as the 2018 Color of the Year

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PPG, a global supplier of paints, coatings and industrial materials, announced its 2018 Paint Color of the Year: Black Flame. Some might think that black is the absence of color, but when you look at this winning shade, you’ll notice the new black has deep indigo undertones.

color of the year 2018 black flame

A closer view of PPG’s Black Flame color swatch. Image: PPG

When PPG announces its Paint Color of the Year, you’re bound to see it everywhere — from tiles and apparel to the next NASA rocket. According to the 134-year-old company, they enlist “more than 20 color stylists from around the world, who specialize in industries such as consumer electronics, architectural, automotive and aerospace” to select the paint color.  And those 20 different color experts unanimously chose Black Flame.

Why Black Flame is the 2018 Color of the Year

Experts chose the deep ink shade of black because it’s modern, intimate and soothing. Dee Schlotter, PPG’s senior color marketing manager, explained how “black creates the silence we crave in an information-heavy world, while the indigo offers possibility and a deep hopefulness.”

Olympic Paint Announced Its Own Version of Black as the 2018 Color of the Year

Soon after Black Flame’s win, PPG’s Olympic paint brand announced Black Magic as its 2018 Color of the Year, reinforcing that black is back.

A closer view of Olympic‘s Black Magic color swatch. Image: Olympic Paint

Olympic Paint’s black is less saturated and more neutral with a dark charcoal vibe when compared to the indigo undertones of PPG’s Black Flame.

How to Use the Latest Blacks in your Decor

Ready to enhance your home’s aesthetic? Here are some design ideas on how to use either of the two Paint Colors of the Year:

Serene in Black for Working

black paint ideas -

Paint a small nook or office space black to create a peaceful and distraction-free spot. Image: JLB Property Developments

Contemporary Shades of Black

2018 Color of the Year -

Layer shades of ink, rich black and deep grays to create a dramatic, contemporary look. Image: Poliform

Mid-Century Modern in Black

Black paint decorating ideas -

Paint a single large wall in a matte black shade to create an open floor plan’s focal point. Image: Klopf Architecture

A Deep, Rich and Restful Bedroom Oasis

Black bedroom ideas -

A bedroom with deep, rich walls creates a restful and modern sanctuary. Image: Darren Palmer

Black Bathroom with a View

Decorating with black -

Frame a lush, green exterior view by painting the wall surrounding a window. Image: Famosa Tile

Painted Black Contemporary Cabinets

black kitchen cabinet ideas -

Update your kitchen cabinets by painting them in the latest black shades. Image: Let’s Talk Kitchens

A Media Room with a Black Backdrop Wall

black focal wall ideas -

Use black as a stunning backdrop for your media wall to help reduce glare and enhance your television watching experience. Image: Launch AV Systems

Industrial-Chic Featuring Black Tiles

black tile ideas -

Glossy, black tiles reflect light and add a luxurious touch to any bathroom. Image: Aiden Miller Interiors

Want to see how Black Flame or Black Magic would look in your own home? Upload a photo of one of your rooms to the Room Painter app to get the full vision. When you are ready to get your Black Magic or Black Flame paint, check out this great deal from our partners at Ace Hardware: Receive $10 Off $100 or 15% Off $150+ With Code: SUM2017 at Exclusions Apply. Buy Online & Pickup Today At Your Participating Neighborhood Ace. Valid 7/1/2017 – 9/30/2017

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2 One-Bedroom Apartments with Modern Color Schemes

A one-bedroom apartment is just enough. It can be perfect for a single person, or a young couple. It leaves its occupants with just enough space to live comfortably and entertain a few friends, but not so much space that every weekend is filled with dusting or every holiday becomes an excuse for overnight guests. The two apartments featured here have a few things in common. First, they both have just one bedroom. Second, they both use modern color schemes, with natural wood elements as well as pretty jewel-toned accents. Take a look and see how a one-bedroom apartment with the right designer can be a dream home.

Designer: Dime Kravtsov & Alina Buligіna  

The first set of photos is from a concept for a small apartment design concept in Kiev. In the living room, nesting coffee tables make for a practical and stylish furnishing.

A plush purple sofa, however, serves as a focal point for the main living space.

Recessed lighting is always a good choice above a television since it can be easily dimmed or brightened depending on whether the television is in use.

There is not a ton of extra space for dining, but the simple, modern bar is perfect for one or two people.

Black and white dining room pendants give a nod to the 1960s without going too far towards retro.

Dark wood cabinetry and contrasting white lacquer cabinets creates a really open feeling in the kitchen.

White brick is chic and sophisticated, in addition to making a perfect frame for the natural light coming in from the terrace.

The bedroom brings back the lovely jewel-toned purple from the living room sofa with the plush headboard and bedding.

Bedroom pendant lights dangle delicately over a cute caged sidetable and give the bedroom a bit of a romantic glow.

White and wood again work well with the natural lighting in the space, with wood flooring adding another sophisticated touch.

In the bathroom, the black and white motif comes back, but the design is more creative than many bathrooms with a similar color scheme.

The textured black wall tiles add a lot of visual interest to the space and still work well with the white stone.

Not many people go to the length of having decorative vases and freshly cut flowers in their bathroom, but it can make a huge and beautiful difference.

Even with the diamond-patterned backsplash, another texture is brought in. And yet, the design feels simple and modern, not busy.

Silver fixtures are the easiest way to finish out this bathroom design, letting the interesting materials stand on their own.

Visualizer: A & L Interior Design  

The second apartment measures in at 48 square meters (516 square feet), which is certainly not sprawling but leaves plenty of room for creative design.

As with the first apartment, a richly colored sofa takes center stage, this time in a royal blue. The use of accessories like unique plant stands in a small space can be very effective when not overdone.

A living room full of neutral color feels big and open, despite the relatively small size. Recessed lighting and big windows help a lot.

The use of texture is another commonality with the first space we saw. A soft gray rug, textured sofa, smooth curtains, shiny coffee table — all have their own purpose and invite touch.

Rather than typical hung art, this space uses wall murals, which can also make the home feel bigger.

A white eat-in kitchen with suspended plants and sleek, modern furniture is a beautiful place to breakfast.

The Dome Pendant in black nearly disappears in its sleekness.

Natural wood walls and cabinetry are a timeless choice for the open kitchen area, while a small bar is idea for a quick meal or drink.

Plenty of overhead lighting comes in handy at night and keep the space feeling big and open.

A black and white architectural poster of the Space Needle is a creative nod to Seattle while also bringing in a bit of that landmark’s modern, unique design.

Pulling on a pair of boots has never been so luxurious as when done in this perfectly situated nook by the front door.

White tile flooring is easily cleaned and encourages the floor to stay free from clutter.

Again, the blue tones come back in the bedroom. Here, a plush gray bed with blue bedding is instantly reminiscent of the ocean.

Who wouldn’t want to drift off to sleep on a stationary barge, rocking gently in the bay.

The bathroom is bright and beautiful with the flattering ring light mirror making a practical addition.

The accessories in the bathroom design stay out of the way of the more creative elements, like this minimalist toilet paper holder that was chosen as opposed to the more unique toilet paper holders that are available.

The tessellated tiles are subtle but stylish.

Wood paneling and a glass shower wall finish this simple and modern design.

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The Biggest and Best Outdoor Amenities for Your Backyard this Year

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

The latest trend in backyard design is blending the lines between indoors and out. From kitchen cabinets that rival the look of interior versions to smart grills that alert you when dinner is ready and glare-proof outdoor televisions that mean you don’t have to miss a minute of baseball season, these are the biggest and best innovations in outdoor living this year. 

Smart grills

This smart grill can be controlled with an app on your phone. Image: Memphis Grills

Manufacturers such as Memphis Grills, Lynx and Charbroil now offer grills that can be entirely controlled with a smartphone app. Among the conveniences the new technology affords: the ability to fire up the grill while you prep side dishes indoors, get an alert when it’s time to flip the burgers, and track cooking temperature while you’re lounging by the pool. Lynx’s smart grill even features voice-activation technology.

Gourmet upgrades

Gourmet additions are no longer reserved for indoors. Image: Kalamazoo Gournmet

Smart grills are only the start of what constitutes a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen today. Increasingly popular add-ons for outdoor kitchens include hibachi cooktops, professional pizza ovens and built-in smoker cabinets.

All-weather televisions

Outdoor televisions provide a clear viewing experience even in full sun, Image: SkyVue

Outdoor televisions are nothing new, but new top-of-the-line models can rival an indoor viewing experience even in full sun. The SunBriteTV’s Pro-Series line, for example, which comes in sizes up to 84 inches, can be installed poolside while still guaranteeing clear visuals (it boasts 800 nits of brightness). The technology comes at a cost, though. The largest Pro-Series model rings in at more than $24,000. If you’re looking for a less-costly option, consider housing your screen in partial or full shade, like beneath a trellis or covered patio. SunBrite, MirageVision and SkyVue all offer all-weather televisions meant for partial or full shade beginning at a far more affordable $1,400.

Motorized screens and pergolas

Climate control comes courtesy of remote shade systems. Image: Somfy

Brands like Somfy now offer motorized shades, screens and pergola awnings that can diffuse light, keep bugs at bay, block a breeze or create shelter from the rain with the push of a button. Somfy’s systems can also be integrated with most smart-home technology and automation systems for seamless operation.

Custom outdoor cabinetry

Outdoor cabinetry can mimic the look of your kitchen inside. Image: Brown Jordan

Until now, function and longevity were the biggest drivers behind outdoor kitchen cabinet design. But form has recently caught up. Outdoor kitchen manufacturers recently began offering cabinet lines with door styles and finishes that mimic those in indoor spaces. Brown-Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, for example, supplies 10 color options and eight wood-grain finishes for its powder-coated aluminum kitchens that are designed to match its lines of outdoor furniture, plus cabinet doors in popular interior styles like Shaker, beadboard and louvered.

Year-round considerations

Built-in infrared heating can boost outdoor temps by 10 degrees or more. Image: Infratech

More and more homeowners are installing technology and features meant to extend the use of (and substantial investments in) their outdoor rooms. In other words, they’re transforming their backyards into four-season spaces. Popular options for year-round backyards include: built-in heating systems (like the one pictured above from Infratech), which are installed into covered patios and pavilions and can increase ambient temperature by 10 degrees or more; outdoor refrigerators designed to run year round (early models needed to be unplugged when temperatures outside dipped below the temps inside the refrigerator); and fire pits to add supplementary heating.

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The Breathtaking Indios Desnudos Luxury Residence In Costa Rica

Located on the Papagayo peninsula of Costa Rica, the spectacular Indios Desnudos residence enjoys the luxury of a breathtakingly beautiful location situated on a pedestal lot overlooking the sea, surrounded by lush tropical forest on every side. Residents can enjoy this spectacular view from almost any location within the home thanks to an open indoor/outdoor layout, or can step out to one of the well-placed pools or observation balconies for a fully immersive experience. But this home offers design fans more than destination envy – the interior decor and furniture feature a cool mid century vibe to set off their ultra-modern architectural setting.

This amazing home is the work of Canas Arquitectos, a firm that focuses on supporting each resident’s way of life through sustainable design. Here, it’s easy to see this philosophy in action even at first glance – the architecture itself provides several different ways to enjoy its environment. Elevated volumes shade the patios below, large sliding walls allow the breeze to penetrate and cool the interior, and a huge interior social hub offers plenty of space to entertain guests.

Mid century furniture stands out as sculptural individual pieces that don’t distract from the view – in fact, they sometimes complement it, like the orange and blue tones against the sunset. The featured Womb chair is a 1948 design by Eero Saarinen.

Living, dining, and kitchen areas group together as a central hub, ideal for entertaining. Huge plate windows slide away to remove any boundary from the interior and the vast patios and pools just outside.

Get that modern fruit bowl here.

Living, dining, and kitchen areas group together as a central hub, ideal for entertaining. Huge plate windows slide away to remove any boundary from the interior and the vast patios and pools just outside.

Private spaces like bedrooms and offices occupy the upstairs level of the home. The exposed walkways still allow a constant visual connection with the coastal landscape.

Each bedroom enjoys a breezy nautical color scheme to complement the tremendous views. You’ll notice these pillows match the ones in the living room, bringing out all the wonderful gem tones that reveal themselves throughout the tropical mornings and evenings.

And just look at this spectacular bathroom! Few things would be more relaxing and whimsical than taking a long soak in the tub, suspended over the forest canopy.

Of course, the most magical place on this property is probably this extended observation deck. Imagine taking in the rich tropical sunsets from this all-encompassing vantage point.

In the daytime, the pools offer a place to cool down and lounge.

And at night, they serve as a soothing spot for stargazing or a social hub for parties.

It’s hard to think of a better way to end a hectic work day than enjoying fresh air, a panoramic sunset, a good book, and a favorite beverage in hand.

While the decks are great, the infinity pools offer another unique way to connect with the nature that surrounds. Without visible edges, it’s like a perfect mirror of the sky.

Breathtaking from every angle!

The gorgeous Indios Desnudos residence is featured on the Pinnacle List, a showcase of the world’s most impressive luxury properties.

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Navy Is the New Black: How to Incorporate 2017’s Navy Trend Into Your Home

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Use navy as a neutral.

Navy is our new neutral. Image: Diane James Home

Usually, when we talk about neutrals, blacks, whites and grays steal the spotlight — and for good reason! They go with everything, they’ve been around forever, and, frankly, they will always be in style. That said, there’s no need for monochromatic colors to be the only game in town.

Thanks to 2017’s design trends, another color is ready to mix up your neutral color palate. Navy is here and there’s no stopping it. As the year progresses, we’re seeing this color get steadily more popular and we predict it won’t be long before you’re seeing it everywhere.

For those ready to dive in, we’ll show you how to best incorporate this powerful shade of blue into your next design project. Those of you who need a bit more convincing, stick with us. Read on and we’ll show you exactly why this faux-neutral needs to be on your radar.

Add navy to your walls.

Add a punch of visual interest by putting navy on your walls. Image: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Make a big impact with paint

When you’re ready for a completely new look, adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls is by far the best option. Not only will a bold shade like navy blue bring a huge dose of visual interest into the space, but it will do so without costing much. (One of our favorite interior design secrets? Paint costs pennies on the dollar compared to other design elements and is usually the best bang for your buck.) All you need to do is know how to use it the right way.

Where navy is concerned, you have two options. The first is to focus on how the color is perceived. Typically, people believe navy connotes elegance and sophistication, which makes it a natural fit for the more serious spaces in your home. Consider using wall-to-wall color in places such as a formal dining room or home office.

The second option is to take color psychology into account. In this case, blue tones evoke feelings of calmness and serenity, meaning navy may be a good choice for bedrooms. Using it on a focal wall behind the bed will certainly draw attention.


Add navy to your walls.
Add navy to your walls.
Add navy to your walls.
Add navy to your walls.


Navy furniture adds plenty of color.

Give your rooms a pop of color with some navy furniture. Image: Tim Cuppett Architects

Focus on furniture

Believe it or not, navy blue furniture exists. Not only that, but since unconventional furniture fabrics like velvet are becoming steadily more common, we can only anticipate that we’ll see more and more of it as the trend grows.

To use navy blue furniture successfully, you need to make a choice. Either it should be used as your dominant color, as shown above, or as a statement piece. Be sure to take the size of the room into consideration as you make the final decision.

Navy is a strong color, so too much of it can overwhelm tight spaces and lead to them feeling even smaller. In cozy rooms, a single piece of navy furniture such as an arm chair or sofa can easily serve as the room’s focal point. However, if you have the room to spread out, there’s no reason not to buy as many pieces as your heart desires.


Navy furniture adds plenty of color.
Navy furniture adds plenty of color.
Navy furniture adds plenty of color.
Navy furniture adds plenty of color.
Navy furniture adds plenty of color.
Navy furniture adds plenty of color.
Navy furniture adds plenty of color.
Navy furniture adds plenty of color.

Navy cabinets are super on trend.

Consider navy kitchen cabinets to get in on one of 2017’s hottest trends. Image: Heidi Caillier Design

Kitchen cabinets are peak 2017 navy trend

No one is saying that white cabinets with gray granite countertops are gone for good. However, in 2017, we’re starting to see a few alternatives pop up. By positioning itself as a faux-neutral, navy kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly common.

Pulling off this trend is all about creating contrast. As you can see in the picture above, the lower cabinets are used as an accent against plenty of stark white. Again, this is a situation where connotations come into play. A navy-blue-and-white combo brings to mind images of a clean and crisp naval uniform, which are undoubtedly positive attributes to describe any cooking space.

However, keep in mind that color isn’t the only way to create contrast. Navy blue cabinets can also benefit from being surrounded by a range of materials. Think about offsetting them with smooth marble countertops, sleek stainless steel appliances and a few natural-looking décor elements.

Try navy textiles.

Try out navy through textiles. Image: INTRO INRED

Try it out in textiles

If you’re not quite sure where you fall in regard to the navy trend, trying it out via textiles is a great way to see how you feel. Since items such as pillows, blankets and rugs are relatively affordable purchases, textiles are often seen as the design equivalent of dipping your toe in the shallow end of the pool. That said, with navy, there are a few special considerations.

Since navy is such a bold shade of blue, using only solid-color textiles may come off feeling a bit harsh. To temper the look, search for navy items in a variety of patterns, prints and textures. This will allow you to incorporate pops of the hue among other, more familiar shades.

As for which other colors will mix-and-match best, there are plenty of options. Navy works well with just about everything. To bring brightness to the room, consider either a sunny yellow shade or a bright orange. However, if you’d rather focus on the room’s richness, opt for something like a regal purple or ruby red.


Try navy textiles.
Try navy textiles.
Try navy textiles.
Try navy textiles.


Use navy to create contrast.

Contrast navy and white to bring a calm and clean look to any space. Image: Peterssen/Keller Architecture

Neutral colors aren’t just limited to black, white and gray anymore. A new navy trend has recently popped up and has been steadily gaining popularity. Whether you’re all-in on this faux-neutral or you aren’t quite sure how to feel, keep this post close at hand. Use our suggestions to help you create a design that feels on-trend while looking timeless.

What do you think of this navy trend? Will you be giving it a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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