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3 Fabulous Apartment Designs With Lofted Bedrooms

Lofts are a versatile solution to a number of complicated interior design problems. In small apartments, they can expand usable space while putting vertical real estate to good use. In luxury homes, they can provide a playful and youthful alternative to traditional layouts. In open layout interiors, they can provide privacy without the need for obstructive interior walls. And the list goes on! This post examines three stylish apartments with enviable lofted bedrooms – each one taking a unique approach that reflects the character of their respective interiors. Which one is your favorite?

Visualizer: Valentin Turuianu  

Thanks to its generous windows and impressive ceiling height, this home doesn’t feel restrictive at all – but the floor plan itself is surprisingly compact. It’s a luxurious retreat in the middle of the city and does its best to foster a comfortable environment with creative layout techniques, including a hidden bedroom atop a lofted platform near the entrance of the apartment. This conservative use of space allows plenty of room for entertaining, projects, and eliminates anything that could get in the way of its distinctive urban view.

The living and dining areas share the same space, giving up only a corner to a handsome balcony atrium. Glass walls allow the light to flood the interior.

Exciting patterns and yellow accents draw the eye immediately. It’s a versatile space – the simple pair of wine glasses could just as easily be coffee cups, a laptop, or a relaxing book.

The yellow and grey theme unifies the outdoor balcony with the interior decor. Sticking with one accent isn’t easy, but the payoff can be incredibly satisfying.

From above, it’s easy to see how compact this floor plan really is.

The compact kitchen offers several inspiring space-saving techniques, like the fold-out work table and the attractive open shelves.

Attractive dinnerware and cookware is a must-have when it comes to kitchens with exposed storage. Even the cutting boards are handsome – and sure to prove useful with the tiny herb garden!

Each pot is equipped with a beautiful plant stand. Small details like these can make all the difference in a streamlined interior like this.

Cantilever stairs lead to the loft. Yellow metal mesh ensures the staircase is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

The same wire screens – this time in white – serve as the headboard for the bed and railing for the loft. Bedroom decor remains minimal, just a pair of Jielde-inspired task lamps and an Eames House Bird replica.

A handsome home office also occupies the loft, accompanied by a well-equipped library. Its view of the tall vertical garden and neighboring facades surely prove inspiring for creative tasks.

Designer: Karol Cieplinski  
Photographer: Bartłomiej Senkowski  

With a slanted ceiling and just 19 square meters of floor space, this compact apartment navigates its restrictions with a smart multipurpose layout to make the best of the given situation. Its handsome interior architecture provides enough visual appeal to reduce the need for extraneous decoration while its abundant storage options hide away any clutter – an inspiring space for aspiring minimalists.

The living room, dining room, and kitchen share the main volume, while the bedroom occupies a loft at the opposite end of the apartment above the entrance.

An exposed brick accent wall and warm wood details keep the room feeling cozy. Because of these features, the designer chose to restrict other accent colors – most cabinetry and furniture remains neutral, but the cheerful yellow sofa serves as a strong visual anchor.

The dining area is especially adorable, a simple table flanked by a pair of Drop Chairs, an iconic design by Arne Jacobsen.

While the white dining set blends into its background for a streamlined appearance, the yellow sofa stands out strong against the exposed brick.

Sometimes designers struggle to give modern white kitchens their own distinctive character, but this space has it in spades – especially charming are the eclectic handle pulls and mounted decorative plates.

Now let’s take a look at the bedroom. It’s accessible from a simple ladder, freeing up a substantial amount of space that a staircase would normally occupy.

A small wooden headboard continues the natural theme from the main floor. There isn’t much room for furniture like side tables or lamps, leaving nothing to distract from restful sleep.

The bathroom uses the same vertical tiles as the kitchen, a unique alternative to the subway tiles so popular today.

Visualizer: Curly studio  

Here’s another living space with unique architecture – its floor plan is compact but the ceilings are exceptionally high, the perfect setting for a lofted bedroom. The open floor plan allows for a sense of visual continuity that fosters the interior’s spacious and airy atmosphere. It may not be a sprawling home by any means, but it certainly doesn’t feel cramped in the slightest. The loft itself is located above the kitchen volume, with the bathroom hidden underneath, a smart use of space all around.

To make the most of the open vertical space, the designer chose to fill the void with functional decorative objects, like dinnerware on the open shelving and dining pendants hanging above the table.

Gabled ceilings can sometimes make attic bedrooms feel a little claustrophobic. Here, the problem is avoided with abundant windows.

In fact, there is hardly any boundary between the indoors and out. The resident can always step outside for fresh air on the balcony.

The bathroom features a sleek white and wood theme, with plenty of lights recessed into the ceiling – an important feature considering the lack of windows in contrast to the rest of the home.

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50 Modern Dining Chairs To Set Your Table With Style

Tableware, flatware, centerpieces, place mats, runners, and more… There are so many things that go into a stylish table setting, but there’s one thing that guests will interact with more than any other – the chairs! It’s hard to find a suitable modern seat that hits all the right marks, like fitting well with the dining table and standing up strong to everyday use, and of course, there’s the important issue of comfort. This post is a compilation of 50 contemporary chairs that you can buy right now. Some are timeless classics, others are from up-and-coming prodigies, and others are stylish budget-friendly pieces to fit any dining room.

$68 eachBUY IT

Kartell Masters Styles Chair: A strong conversation starter for design fans, blends the iconic profiles of three famous chairs – the Series 7 by Jacobsen, the Tulip Armchair by Saarinen, and the Eiffel Chair by Eames. This faithful reproduction is available in black, grey, red, white, and bright green. The original by Philippe Starck is available here.


Umbra Oh Chair: Designed by Karim Rashid, the Oh Chair is an IDEA award winner and remains a modern design favorite for its bold look and versatile functionality. They’re stackable, durable, and available in a wide range of vivid colors.

$360BUY IT

About A Chair by Hee Welling: These stylish chairs are the perfect addition to any Scandinavian-inspired interior. The shell is available in every color of the rainbow, including a variety of subdued pastels, and the legs are available in classic soaped oak or black lacquer.

$120 for set of 4BUY IT

Eames Style Dining Chair: Originally designed in 1950, the Eames Molded Plastic Chair is a timeless and beloved design. Production continues to this day thanks to this chair’s popularity (you can purchase an authentic Herman Miller version here) but thankfully there are also a wide variety of replicas available for anyone who needs affordable modern dining chairs.

$45 eachBUY IT

Eames Style Leather Dining Chair: It’s difficult to find a leather dining chair for a reasonable price, but these Eames lookalikes use realistic faux materials to keep costs low. These would make a handsome addition to a mid-century modern interior.

$125 for 2BUY IT

Eames Style Molded Plastic Eiffel Armchair: Comfortable and versatile, these are one of the few modern plastic dining chairs with arms that remain minimalistic in style. These are based on a design by Eames and include the recognizable Eiffel base. The shell is available in a variety of bright colors, while the original (available here) offers a more muted palette.

$104BUY IT

Panton S Style Chair: A sculpture in its own right, the Panton S is a truly iconic piece for design fans that want something a little out of the ordinary. This reproduction is available in black, blue, apple green, orange, red, and white. The original is available here, with several more color options.

$159BUY IT

Wegner Wishbone Style Chair: Crafted from solid beech wood and a stylish rope seat, this Wishbone replica uses quality materials for its sturdy build. It’s available in five colors and two natural wood options. Those who want an authentic Wegner model can find it right here.

$130BUY IT

Wegner Elbow Style Chair: It’s hard to go wrong with simple mid century modern dining chairs. These are a recreation of another Wegner classic, their form simple and versatile to suit a variety of interior decor styles – even better, the low back can streamline the aesthetic of the entire dining room since the chairs are unlikely to stick up above the height of the table.

$135BUY IT

Wegner CH33 Style Chair: Gorgeous! The CH33 is another famous design by Wegner, made affordable thanks to quality reproductions like these. The seating is available in beige fabric or black faux leather, both fantastically subtle and ideal for clean contemporary dining arrangements. These chairs may be based in mid century style, but this piece is timeless.

$166BUY IT

Hans Wegner Style “Presidential Election” Round Chair: Here’s one more Wegner-inspired classic! This style rose to fame during a televised debate between US presidential candidates Nixon and Kennedy in 1960, taking the interior design world by storm.

$139BUY IT

Mod Dining Chair: Curvaceous contemporary dining chairs like these are a stellar companion for round or oval dining tables like the one pictured. These attractive chairs are available with a walnut base and a choice between cream or rich espresso upholstery.


Modway Hop Dining Chair: Are you looking for a red dining chair that could work both indoors or out? This durable plastic seat is affordable, quirky, and has a cool modern style sure to capture attention and start conversations.


Arne Jacobsen Style Series 7 Style Side Chair: With a profile recognized by every fan of Danish design, the Series 7 is a versatile piece for Scandinavian-inspired interiors. This reproduction is crafted from plywood with metal chrome legs, easily stackable for storage or occasional use.

$170BUY IT

Ikea PS 2012 Chair: When it comes to budget-friendly Scandinavian interior decor, Ikea always saves the day! These chairs feature comfortable armrests with a curved back for comfort. Each one stands at just short of 30 inches tall, a smart size for anyone who needs a low back dining chair for a compact dining arrangement.

$630BUY IT

In Between Chair: Created by Helsinki-born designer Sami Kallio, this series has the natural charm and rich grain of hardwood with the lightweight versatility of plywood dining chairs, easy to maneuver and even easier on the eyes.

$499BUY IT

Muuto Nerd Dining Chair: Designed by Berlin-based designer David Geckeler, the 2012 Nerd Chair is more than just a comfortable seat – it’s also an impressive feat of engineering. There are no visible screws or hardware to distract from the silky curved body and handsome wooden veneer (available in either natural oak or lacquered ash), leading to an incredibly smooth form from top to bottom.

$1629BUY IT

Mattiazzi She Said Chair: This streamlined, low-profile dining chair is the work of Nitzan Cohen, designed to emulate the geometry and lightness of plastic furniture – this time envisioned in solid natural ash wood. Not only would this piece look great in the dining room, it’s beautiful enough to stand alone as a side chair or writing chair too.

$431BUY IT

Arne Jacobsen Drop Chair: If you’re looking for retro dining chairs with contemporary appeal, Jacobsen’s Drop Chair just might be the ultimate must-have. After an extremely limited production run that resulted in a 50 year hiatus, these iconic designs have returned much to the delight of mid century design enthusiasts.

$519BUY IT

Saarinen Style Upholstered Dining Chair: Available in both stunning red cashmere and smooth white Italian leather, this upholstered dining chair brings luxury to mid century modern design. Both upholstery options are exceptionally durable and resilient but delightfully soft to the touch. The padded seat and contoured back ensure a comfortable seating experience all around.

$559BUY IT

Muuto Cover Chair: This distinctive seat by designer Thomas Bentzen forgoes metal hardware like nails and screws in favor of a self-supporting design held together by the bent veneer of the armrests. The colorful versions are manufactured from ash and solid beech while the natural version is lacquered oak.

$202BUY IT

Bahia Chair: These modern plastic dining chairs are the work of designers Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci. The version in the link includes tubular metal legs instead of wood, resulting in an even more minimalistic aesthetic.

$227BUY IT

Cherner Style Chair: Despite their high luxury inspiration, Cherner-inspired designs actually make great chairs for small dining rooms thanks to their compact footprints and streamlined style. This reproduction is crafted with silky American walnut veneer over sturdy 7-ply plywood, topped off with plastic floor protectors to keep your interior looking great. You can find the original here.

$518BUY IT

Arne Jacobsen Grand Prix Chair: Named for its honor of receiving the highest award at the Triennale di Milano exhibition in 1957, the Grand Prix chair is one of the most recognizable designer dining chairs in the world. It’s now available in every color of the rainbow and features a convenient stackable design.


Modern High Back Dining Chair: If you’re for a high back dining chair that immediately catches the eye, here’s a bold and affordable design to check out. Each one is upholstered with faux leather vinyl, in fire engine red (also available elsewhere in black), easy to clean and impossible to ignore. Consider pairing these with a glass-topped table as pictured.

$650BUY IT

Muuto Fiber Chair: Designed by Iskos-Berlin, the Fiber chair dazzled the world with its incredibly smooth frame and distinctive angles. The included link actually refers to the upholstered model – available in charcoal with walnut legs, grey with black legs, and two leather options including cognac with walnut and double black.

$340BUY IT

Form Chair: Designed by Simon Legald in 2015, this contemporary chair is available in blue, red, green, grey, black, and white. Each color option is available with a choice of walnut or oak legs to better suit a variety of modern dining room sets.

$199BUY IT

Globus Chair: Not only is this smooth Jesús Gasca design attractive to behold and comfortable to use, it’s also versatile – the bottom of each seat features attachments to prevent damage during stacking, making them fantastic space saving dining chairs for smaller dining rooms.

$329BUY IT

Visu Chair: This versatile 2012 Mika Tolvanen design reduces the concept of a dining chair to its most basic form. Simple sled legs and a thin wood veneer shell presents a super thin profile for an incredibly lightweight appearance.

From $178BUY IT

Ikea Leifarne Chair: Comfortable, sturdy, and unique – it’s hard to ask for more from such an affordable chair design! The plastic non-scratch feet adjust themselves to provide extra stability, while the solid wood legs ensure your investment will last.

$326BUY IT

Eames Molded Plywood Style Dining Chair: This handsome Eames lookalike is based off the Molded Plywood model, once named by Time magazine as the best design of the 20th century, certainly a memorable piece!

$610BUY IT

Nelson Swag Leg Chair: Originally made from fiberglass and plastic, these iconic chairs are now manufactured with recyclable polypropylene, a more earth-friendly option. These authentic Herman Miller releases are ideal for use in the dining room, home office, or even commercial spaces.

$129BUY IT

Salt Chair by Tom Kelley: Finding chairs that fit just right isn’t always easy. Tom Kelley has designed a series of high back dining chairs that work flawlessly with small tables thanks to their compact footprint – a combination of features rather difficult to come by.

From $158BUY IT

Ikea Tobias Chair: Transparent acrylic dining chairs are great for small spaces because they take up very little visual real estate, and they’re great for window spots because they allow the light to pass right through. Ikea’s Tobias chair features chrome legs and glass-like seats for a smart contemporary look.

$199BUY IT

J104 Chair: Natural beech wood is a staple of today’s contemporary Scandinavian-style interior decor, but this model was actually designed in 1966 by renowned Danish designer Jøergen Bækmark. This simple classic is now being re-manufactured in beech, white, and glossy black.

$200BUY IT

Thonet Style Chair: Based on Thonet’s famous No. 18 side chair, this quality black-finished elm reproduction makes for a lovely and long-lasting addition to any dining room. They’re also a good talking point for design fans – Michael Thonet is usually credited with popularizing bentwood manufacturing techniques in Europe.

$453BUY IT

Knot Chair From Normann Copenhagen: Inspired by Tatsuo Kuroda’s gorgeous knot chair, this piece combines classic materials with modern style. This piece is crafted from durable black-stained ash wood with major components held together by carefully knotted twine.

$230 for 2BUY IT

Kai Kristiansen Style Model 42 Chair: As one of Kai Kristiansen’s most celebrated designs, the Model 42 has transcended its roots in Danish mid century design and its popularity has continued all over the world to this day. This reproduction is crafted from solid hardwood with rich walnut veneer, upholstered in versatile grey.

$448BUY IT

Calligaris Amelie Chair: Upholstered from top to bottom, the distinctive Amelie Chair looks just as smooth as it feels. The ultra-soft mustard yellow Oslo fabric resists stains and bacteria for long-wearing comfort and durability.

$122BUY IT

Saarinen Style Tulip Side Chair: Available with removable cushions in a rainbow of vibrant hues – in your choice of fabric or vinyl – these Tulip inspired chairs are a great way to add color to your modernist dining room. The aluminum base includes padding to protect floors.

$3485BUY IT

Platner Arm Chair by Warren Platner: Here’s a metal wire chair for those who want to break away from the ordinary – these Platner originals were designed in 1966 and still stand alone as an iconic and irreplaceable addition to the world of contemporary design. The frame is available in bronze or polished nickel, with a variety of upholstery options ranging from velvet to bouclé to leather.


Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Style Chair: It’s easy to fall in love with Starck’s otherworldly transparent furniture designs, but thanks to the popularity of these objects, it’s now easier than ever to find affordable alternatives. These chairs look just like the original, an ethereal interpretation of the classic Louis styles. They’re stackable, sturdy, and available in a range of colorful tints.

From $178BUY IT

Ikea Janinge Stackable Dining Chair: So simple! Ikea’s Janinge chair was designed to withstand the demands of hard-wearing restaurant settings while remaining stylish enough to use in the home. These chairs are slim, lightweight, and even include under-seat dampers for safe stacking.


Tolix Style Metal Dining Chair: If you’re in search of a metal dining chair for a farmhouse or industrial decor setting, these lightly distressed Tolix-style chairs just might fit the bill. They’re available in a variety of bright colors suitable for mixing and matching, and this design is actually stackable for easy storage.

$380BUY IT

Metrocles Stackable Dining Chair: Such a creative chair design! Both the branch-like pattern of the back and the translucent body material ensure that all eyes end up on this gorgeous display piece. These are rated for both indoor and outdoor use, and the variety of semi-transparent colors (in addition to solid white) ensure you’ll be sure to find a model that fits your distinct style.

$270BUY IT

Ryla Rattan Dining Chair: Fans of nature-inspired interior decor themes might find this chair collection enticing. Crafted from thin metal framing and woven together by strong wicker, this rattan dining chair brings the outdoors in.


Eames Eiffel DKR Style Wire Chair: The industrial and minimal Eames Wire Chair is a worldwide favorite, now accessible to a wider audience thanks to faithful reproductions like this. It includes faux leather seat pads (available in black or white) that bolt to the frame to prevent slippage. Or, consider adding a faux sheepskin for luxury appeal.


Magis Chair One Style Chair: Geometric designs are incredibly on-trend, making the Chair One a particularly sought-after design. This lookalike is made from heavy duty plastic with a matte finish, standing at 33″ as a versatile medium-height chair. The original is available here.

$450BUY IT

Lucy Wire Dining Chair: Los Angeles based designer Guarav Nanda designed this chair to demonstrate that the delicate and lightweight appearance of wire can actually stand as structurally sound as any other material, thanks to an intensive manufacturing process that includes machine molding and up to 400 handmade spot welds. Each pattern is based on intricate crafts like spirograph art and macrame.

$335BUY IT

Vertex Chair by Karim Rashid: Like a low-poly and hyper-contemporary interpretation of the classic Panton S chair, these geometric sculptures go beyond the utilitarianism of furniture and double as functional artwork for the home. Manufactured from semi-gloss black plastic, this chair will play with the light from every one of its many angles.

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Spanish Urban Beach House for the Perfect Summer Vacation

Are you ready for summer? Are you ready for endlessly beautiful days and nature at its peak? We all look forward to summer. That’s a fact. It is basically coded into our DNA. Summer is the best time of year, and the best time for a vacation. Barcelona is one of the best places to summer, and many people flock to this gorgeous city with its picturesque beaches. Many people have tried to capture the essence of a Barcelona summer into a few square metres and turn into home. This is what design company Egue and Seta have done. Come, experience a Barcelona summer without leaving your home.

This home aims to capture the enviable summer vibe in Barcelona. The home was designed for two people, and has more than enough space, but space optimization never hurts. The home has a total of three rooms, but are visually connected.

The house has an abundance of colours that are bright and cheery. There are an abundance of features that lend cheeriness to the house, for example the decorative vases are whimsical and bright, remeniscent of summer flowers.

A contemporary painting stares moodily from its frame, and lends dimension to the room. A definite conversation starter for social events.

The first room is perfectly structured for a social couple. The dining room is flanked by a linear kitchen, cosy living room and two balconies.
This living space makes the most of colours, patterns and furniture to create a dynamic room.
One example of this are the Master’s Arm Chairs by Kartell. These chairs are a lovely addition to the dining area, and if you’d like the same effect, you can find something similar

THe black frame windows create fluidity between the rooms, joing the home without being indiscreet.

A dining pendant is a vital aspect of the home because it fits in with the theme and is essential in projecting the right aura. This particular pendant is a gorgeous
Normann Copenhagen Bell Pendant Lamp.

The kitchen displays some industrial chic through an exposed brick wall which does wonders for the room and makes it a little more interesting.

The wooden features in the room, like the floor and ceiling look tropical, a theme that is always necessary in a summer home.

These wide shelves are perfect for displaying your lush potted plants and wine glasses. This is a way to save space since it is as decorative as it is useful.

From this angle we can see just how well all the aspects of the room are joined together to make a cohesive and well formed picture.

Mounted shelves are essential in conserving space. They are stylish and practical, and the quickest way to save space in any room.

A grey electric plug shows just how important attention to detail can be. It is such a simple piece, but it contributes so much to the space around it.

The house uses a mixture of nature and modern appliances very well. The plants and wooden panels, as well as the sleek appliances and black steel frame blend together perfectly.

An abundance of shelves hold up multi-coloured jars while the furniture has a unique rough around the edges appearance that is simply stunning.

A kitchen backsplash is a good idea since the kitchen is such a busy place. This backsplash starts off with wood, which is easy to clean and tapers of to exposed brick which is eye catching and stylish.

The bedroom goes to great lengths to be bright and spacious, a place worthy of being called a summer retreat.
The bed sits prettily under a pendant light and is showcased to perfection.

A plush carpet adds a layer of cosiness to the room. The ceiling, blue accent wall and floors connect the room to the rest of the house.

The bedroom boasts an exposed brick accent wall and a white headboard that doubles as a bedside table and storage trunk.

The headboard is a mixture of white and wood. The wood warms up the white while the white makes the room look bigger.

The wardrobe has two sliding doors, and the different colors create an engaging aspect in the bedroom. The indoor plants on top of the cupboard are ingenious because the black frame windows that connect the rooms don’t allow much of a view into the room . The plants can be seen from both sides and thus add a level of refreshment to both sides.

The glass panels also come with a adjustable blind to ensure absolute privacy.

The oak floors stretch from the bedroom to the living room, ensuring continuity and fluidity between the rooms.

Another way in which the rooms are connected is through the placement of the pendant lights. Each room has a unique and interesting lamp.

The house also contains a myriad of personal nik naks that lend personality to the rooms.

The connection between the rooms makes the house look bigger. The lush greenery also lends to the summer aesthetic.

The rooms are also segregated by the flooring. The bathroom, kitchen and parts of the living room boast an attractive tiled design.

The bathroom is sleek and luxurious. The tiles are an important part of the design, since the ground the lightness of the room, adding necessary substance.

Different shades of blue are an engaging aspect to the room. And the pendant lighting are fun and chic.

A glass cubicle around the shower is an age old way of keeping the bathroom neat, while giving the illusion of extra floor space.

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Spectacular Black & White Illustrations Of Iconic Architectural Landmarks By Designer Andrea Minini

Every city has an architectural landmark, but not all landmarks are made equal. What makes a landmark as famous as the Burj Khalifa? It’s not height (although it could be with the Burj), not grandeur, not beauty. Andrea Minini, today’s featured illustrator, thinks it might be speed. “What I love in graphic design is speed”, she says. “Good projects have to appear clear and powerful at first sight”. These fifteen are certainly that: a stunning set of monochrome illustrations that convey the genius of the architects behind them. See the minds of Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry at work, conveyed through Andrea Minini’s abstracted design lens.

Architect: Moshe Safdie  

Experience the multi-cultural luxury of Marina Bay Sands. Singapore’s finest resort was once the world’s most expensive standalone casino (beating Macao), and features a mall, museum, two theatres and floating Crystal Pavilions, a skating rink and of course, a casino. This illustration illuminates the building’s grandiose public platform sitting atop its three pillars, the largest platform of its type in the world.

Architect: Jørn Utzon  

Take a trip to the sunny ports of Sydney, with this monochrome illustration of Australia’s Sydney Opera House. Designed in the 70’s by Jørn Utzon, its curved arches have held many an opera, dramatic performance or famous singer in its wings. Rendering its shape in black and white highlights the curved beauty of its form.

Architect: Adrian Smith, Marshall Strabala, George J. Efstathiou, William F. Baker  

Dubai’s oil wealth has funded one impressive building. The tallest building and structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa has beaten many out many opponents (such as the Taipei 101) to earn the title. Its pyramid style is inspired by Islamic architecture, while its concrete Y maximises space for homes and offices running along its length. Minini’s illustration shows its frame in simplistic black and white.

Architect: Herzog & de Meuron  

Notable events provide a good reason for great buildings. In Beijing, the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics brought a hive of activity that required a beautifully-built stadium. Working with noted Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, this $428 million dollar building was inspired by Chinese ceramics and (in an effort to hide its retractable roof) ended up with a distinctive birds’ nest look. Officially named the Beijing National Stadium, today it lights up like a lantern at night or, in Minini’s representation, as an innovative shape in monochrome colouring.

Architect: Frank Gehry  

The Guggenheims are known for building the world’s most beautiful museums, and the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao) is no exception. Famously uniting critics, academics, and the public with its beauty, it sits proudly along Spain’s Nervion River and houses some of the country’s most important works. Minini’s two black and white renders bring us up close and far away from this prominent structure. From afar, its leaves look as if they turn away from one another; up close, like they are forming a meeting of minds. Monochrome striping exacerbates the effect.

Architect: Frank Gehry  

Architect: Norman Foster  

Another world record-holding piece of architecture, the Millau Viaduct over France’s River Tarn is the tallest bridge in the world. Designed by Sir Norman Foster, its construction in 2004 led to its consistent ranking as one of the greatest engineering achievements of all time. In 2006, its concrete and steel frame received the Outstanding Structure Award from the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering. In Minini’s illustration, she emphasises the cable-stays and high peaks that this French bridge is famous for.

Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright  

The Falling Water or Kaufmann Residence was one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s evergreen masterpieces. Constructed partly over a waterfall in Bear Run, Pennsylvania, it brought Lloyd Wright’s genius back in the public eye after Smithsonian rated it one of 28 places “to visit before you die”. Owners Liliane and Edgar J. Kaufmann, the owners of the same-name department store, relished their American weekend home. Minini’s render shows its synchronicity with its natural surroundings, as long lines mark the waterfall and horizontal and vertical fixtures.

Architect: Zaha Hadid  

Named after Azerbaijan’s pre- and post-Communist leader, the Heydar Aliyev Centre is noted for its absence of sharp angles and flowing, curved lines. Boasting a conference hall, gallery and museum, it was designed for the intellectuals of Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital and well-richest city. Fronted by glass and designed by much-missed architect Zaha Hadid, its folds drape like a floppy hat in Minini’s black and white representation.

Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright  

New York’s Guggenheim Museum is completely different to the last. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (rather than Gehry), it appears as a giant beehive on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Starting from the bottom, museum visitors wind up its sloped staircase viewing exhibits, as they slowly make their way to the top. Minini shows the uniqueness of its large, circular wrap-around structure in a series of curved lines and monochrome hues.

Architect: Zaha Hadid  

Built on a Moscow street no-one can pronounce (it’s Sharikopodshipnikovskaya, if you dare), another one of Zaha Hadid’s creations wows. Built like a Jenga stack with many interlocking levels, The Dominion Office Building is more video game than real life worthy. Multiple layers of square storeys create a dazzling jigsaw that over- and under-laps the levels above and below. This monochrome render by Minini shows these iconic levels, from the perspective of someone looking up from the ground floor.

Architect: Renzo Piano  

Take a trip to the islands with our next architectural piece. The Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Noumea, New Caledonia, is shaped like a traditional Kanak hut. Using wood bark, timber, coral and more modern materials, it was a fusion of new and old for Piano and his team, as well as a structure of considerable political controversy (being a centre for the indigenous now under French rule). Minini’s simplified black and white shows the hut structures as a group and closer-up, evidencing their location with shadowed trees.

Architect: Renzo Piano  

Architect: Ieoh Ming Pei  

Everyone recognises the architectural brilliance of the Louvre. France’s home to the Mona Lisa, the pyramid outside the main gallery is the brainchild of architect Ieong Ming Pei. Minini shows it up close and personal – and as a lone structure in free space – to give it full impact.

Architect: Ieoh Ming Pei  

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50 Strikingly-Modern Dining Rooms That Inspire You To Entertain

Whether you’re entertaining colleagues or inviting extended family home, a designer dining room is always sure to impress. No longer just for family dinners, dining areas can be the central feature of specially-cooked cuisine, or just the platform for some wine and a few hor d’ouvres. Rediscover your love of entertaining with these fifty dining rooms that each inspire our awe. All modern in look, they combine exposed brick walls with complex chairing, sloped ceilings with tinted glass and pendant lighting with the most beautiful dining surfaces. Find the style best suited to your interior, for an inspiring space that makes your meal time delicious.

Architect: ArchObraz  
Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko   

We’ve never seen a better way to utilise an attic. This curved space exploits a seeming disadvantage to full effect, with illuminated metal beams making waves across the kitchen. Painted wooden floors and monochrome furniture let the structure be the hero.

Visualizer: Antonio Rodríguez  

Another ceiling forms a triangle in this white and bright dining room. Folding together like origami, its walls stay neutral in white, while inset cubbies hold windows, books and a full-length wooden table. A red floral offering on the kitchen bench ties together with the chairs.

Designer: Tierney Conner Design Studio  

A feature light can make ceilings more interesting. This wooden fixture folds over like a floppy hat, matching tonally with wooden flooring and a lighter-coloured bench. White and wood chairs let a turquoise squab and cushioning mark out a space for eating.

Designer: Schlicht Lamprecht  

Make your bench part of your wall. This white and wooden interior frames an inlet, with warm timber panels and LED lighting. Three hanging pendant lights complete this space-saving look.

Visualizer: Zrobym Architects  

Scandinavian pastels never go out of style. Resonating with the mint in the lounge, dreamy lemon chairs match with plastic dome lighting and wooden furniture, for a colourful look that’s easy on the eye.

Visualizer: Sana Assylbayeva  

Go darker in tone, with shades of black thrown in. This modern dining room sits among a block sofa, padded chair and LED-lit kitchen, forming a tidy circle looking out on a view. A host of white cylindrical lights mark the space from the ceiling.

Architect: Egue and Seta  

Blue is not always the right choice, but in this design, it shines. Paired with unusual raftered ceilings and exposed brick, modern furniture stencils a space for eating, heroing cabinetry in bright blue. An array of blown-glass vases and indoor pot plants settle it in.

Visualizer: Dekaa  

Looking for something a bit more minimalist? This monochrome dining area is all texture, no colour. Slanted black flooring holds eight black silicone chairs, while a white frame table encircles them. Tinted glass pendants drop definitively from the ceiling, meeting simple accessories head on.

Visualizer: Albert Mizuno  

Go to the other extreme, with a dining room all in white. Set with unique teapots on a rustic wooden board, two pendant lamps blend into white cabinetry, letting wooden chairs with matching crockery do the talking.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

Let your dining chairs take over the room. These beautiful filigree seats match perfectly with over-sized wall clocks and black dome lighting.

Visualizer: Vladimir Prichina  

Make your dining room stand out, with a stunning living wall. Cosying up to a paper lantern and a shelf full of books, a white table, simple chairing and sprigged glass vase give this green feature dominance.

Visualizer: ONI Architects   

White and wood need not be boring. Two grandiose discs full of scintillating lightbulbs grace this dining room table, a lesson in modern opulence amidst white and brown leather chairing.

Visualizer: Artem Bobrov  

Take your dining room to the space age, with a hollow round light as its centre. Black geometry and pops of greenery make this white-walled beauty a ‘how-to’ for black and white dining rooms.

Visualizer: Paulo Rosario  

Elevate your bachelor pad to a higher state of sophistication. Using a grey, black and wooden colour palette, three pendants drop down to a casually-styled table afront an exposed brick wall. A muted Turkish rug makes connections.

Visualizer: Guilherme de Laurentiis  

Want the splendour of a full-sized dining room, without the space? Drop a spider chandelier over the top of a monochrome table and surround it with translucent seating, a posy of flowers and a modern floating staircase.

Visualizer: Krzysztof Kuczyński  

Having your guests over for breakfast? Make it feel warm in full-walled wood; make it interesting with chairs of mesh; and make it healthy with a modern fruit bowl in the centre.

Visualizer: K Band  

Don’t let your dining break your indoor flow. Backed by glass and bordered by a wooden kitchen cube, this dining area hosts guests and lets you watch TV at breakfast time.

Visualizer: Nicolas Jouslin  

A contemporary dining space doesn’t have to be colourful. This grey ensemble features a circular woollen rug, suede booth chairs, a table in stone and wooden disc pendant afront a bounty of books

Visualizer: Vladimir Prichina  

Red induces hunger, passion and desire. Bring its senses to your dinner time, with these luscious quilted chairs accompanied by a crystal chandelier, marble façade and twin set of climbing orchids.

Visualizer: Hoàng Long  

Rather be sailing than entertaining? Bring along your guests for the ride, with this diner’s example of nautical home décor. Using a small space to maximum effect, white walls and wooden floors hold white and lime chairs, as a ship’s steering wheel adds sailor’s focus.

Visualizer: All In Studio  

Can’t choose between exposed brick and wooden panelling? House them both, in this industrial-style dining room with black filigree chairs and white block elements.

Designer: Craft  

For a look you can live with day in, day out, this dining room covers the basics. Wide wooden floors hold a same-hue table, while low-lying leather chairs settle amongst an array of plants.

Visualizer: Krzysztof Bogdanowicz  

Bring the forest to your supper. Set on a plush grey rug amidst stone pots and Eastern lanterns, simple black and wooden furniture lets the view work its magic.

Visualizer: Archish Gallery  

Fancy a more decorated approach? Juxtaposing inside and outside worlds, this dining room shows rocks and shrubs outside, shiny bauble pendants inside. A seemingly-random assortment of cups, saucers and a fruit platter keeps the feel natural.

Architect: Drozdov Partners  

Inject the rustic into your inner-city apartment. Floored in light timber with stacked wood accents, this large space keeps it simple with grey fabric pods and a copper pendant trio.

Visualizer: Djamal Mustafaev  

Stencilling is an elegant way to make your dining space more modern. Framing the kitchen cabinets, bench and dining furniture in black and white, a hanging kitchen cabinet and row of magnetic lighting create a look slim and sleek.

Visualizer: Natalia Liventsova  

Take your guests to another world, with this ethereal dining room in grey and white. As a large horse stampedes towards the exterior, finely-crafted chairs and a steampunk chandelier linger amidst pops of violet. A shaft of grey blinds sequester off the space.

Designer: Suzie McAdam  

Go earthy and modern in your dining room. Pops of copper, olive and burgundy invite in hungry guests upon a cleansing backdrop of solid white.

Visualizer: Anastasia Bakurova  

Artwork can focus your dining setting. This simple round table hosts furniture in beige and brown, while monochrome prints and a striped pot plant give the space a modern edge. Simple copper and white LED pendants add the final touch.

Visualizer: Line Architects  

Designate your dining room through colour and form. Bathed in a sea of white, wooden cabinets and bookshelves lead the way to a solid dining table and bold dome lamps.

Visualizer: Lugerin Igor  

Make the most of a smaller space, in shades of grey. This dining area sits astride the lounge and kitchen, marked by a pair of charcoal pendants, a wooden table and non-intrusive seating. An LED-lit ceiling panel highlights the divide.

Visualizer: Denis Bespalov  

Draw attention to your dining room with one bold colour. Turquoise dominates this dining area, with linen chairs and hanging baubles around a solid, rustic table.

Designer: MAArchitects  

Making your dining room modern can be achieved with chairs. These futuristic pods look as fitting in a Miami penthouse as in this simple white-and-wooden home. A black enamel table adds contrast.

Photographer: Christian Gahl  

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Go back to basics with light wooden floors, a classic table and white walls. Clean and contoured lines in the chairs, vase sprigs and drop lanterns make it modern.

Visualizer: INSED school  

There’s no need to follow a rulebook when designing for dining. This space proffers a corrugated ceiling, concrete dome lamp and art deco painting astride Scandinavian-style chairs.

Visualizer: Helmie Halim  

Eat inside a geometric paradise. These honeycomb walls hold an array of wooden furniture, angled pendants, monochrome prints and indoor house plants to keep them company.

Visualizer: Marc Tarrés  

For those after a Scandinavian dining room, this space has the basics. White walls, a large extractor fan, exposed brick, and monochrome and wooden elements make designing your dining room easy.

Visualizer: Genius Loci  

Let the accessories do the talking. Set afront a charcoal feature plinth, wooden chairs and white lights round off to showcase fashionable abstracts, jugs and unique decorative vases.

Designer: Summer Thornton  

Want to make the 60’s modern again? Set this marble table with lime wicker cane chairs, colour grid artwork, a vintage rug and a dangling of mustard drop lights.

Visualizer: Ab Architects  

Form and function dazzle in this black, wood and grey creation. As a fire roars in a box to the right, fine-legged low seating looks out to potted plants and a labyrinth of windows and chiffon.

Visualizer: INSED school  

Sometimes the most interesting elements are above the shelves. This white and wood dining room dangles a slatted lantern over a vase of pussywillow, and three bottles of green to draw in the eye.

Visualizer: Tu Nguyen Hoang  

Let your guests walk straight into dinner. Set on a warm wooden floor with a storage cabinet feature, a row of six chairs welcome with a bevy of green and cylindrical lamps.

Visualizer: Focus Studio  

White Chinese lanterns take on a life of their own in this whimsical dining setting. Charcoal walls with minimal artwork mute the background, while terracotta leather chairs and a central water pitcher look up to the ceiling.

Visualizer: Lyubimova Kate  

Black and white can be anything but classic. A zig-zagging LED hovers over curved black chairs and an intricate wooden table, as mini planters act the centrepiece.

Visualizer: Vittorio Bonapace   

Be dramatic with your dining. Bathed in black with cupboards and chandeliers in gold, this luxurious dining room oozes opulence with French panelling, a mosaic partition and stunning set of unique wine glasses.

Designer: Grosfeld van der Velde  

Juxtapose nature with futuristic furniture. Chrome and white make their mark upon a hessian rug, beside a flowing chair, lantern and Lazy Susan.

Visualizer: Abdul Latif  

Go for geometric black, in this dark and decadent dining space. Carving out a corner of a grey and white abode, it sculpts chairs out of angles, corrugates feature panels and plants shocks of orange on the insides of its lamps.

Visualizer: Geometrix Studio  

White space abounds in this modern dining setting. Floating black chairs zig-zag their way in and out of a solid white table and LED block sculpture.

Visualizer: Yovo Bozhinovski  

Earthy and futuristic themes meet, in this chocolate and mandarin dining area. As sculpted wood makes waves in a partial wall, a hanging table welcomes silicone chairs in alternating shades.

Visualizer: Mitos  

Need a focal point for your monochrome dining room? Pick from either a canvassed grid or snow-capped pines, in this sleek dining area blessed with two views.

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