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A Car Lover’s Ideal Home In Hong Kong

This high-end home is something quite out of the ordinary. Created by Millimeter Interior Design, the 435.0 square metre house in Hong Kong is a car lover’s dream. It comes with a glass box garage that can be viewed from the living room as though the car was just another piece of lounge furniture. Despite its motor motivated design, the rest of the place is light and tranquil with a clean crisp style. White walls and a light wooden flooring are a staple in this space, with hardly a dash of colour present. The overall look is inviting and surprisingly warm despite its stark surrounds and generous room proportions.

Instead of going for the obvious industrial-chic concrete staircase, the designers have opted for iron stairs that allow a less obstructed view of the homeowners treasured car in it’s glazed garage. The staircase also connects with the look of an angle bracket feature wall, which holds a huge flat screen television – the only item in the room that competes for attention with the motorists prized possession.The Lamborghini is raised up on a concrete stage, a feature which runs along into the living space too, linking the two spaces together.

The main lighting in this living area is all recessed into the ceiling for a minimalist look. A unique coffee table in front of a long grey sofa appears as though it is a multitude of separate articles sprouting directly out of the floor, like flowers from the earth, but it’s an interlocking design balanced on multiple legs to give this effect. Vases of white flowers on the table and a nearby plinth add to the organic influence. A low level side table flanks the four seater sofa, displaying a small selection of family photographs and art.

The living room is a highly minimalist design, but the length of the sofa suggests this is a friendly sociable space. A heap of scatter cushions ranging through a monochrome spectrum of black, grey and white make this a cosy place to crash out and watch a movie or enjoy a game.

A glazed wall that runs off the glass garage at a right angle reveals a zen garden, which runs alongside the driveway into the house.

After passing through the long living room you will find yourself in a spacious kitchen diner. The white dining table runs directly into a black central island. Suspended over the six place dining table are two oversized white pendant lights to flood the huge area with plentiful bright light. On the opposite side to the kitchen a bank of bespoke storage units conceal any household clutter whilst allowing a couple of opportunities to display a selection of treasured items and a limited book library.

A second kitchen space reveals a minimalist design of flat-fronted handle-free white and stainless steel cabinets. A stainless steel backsplash bridges the gap between the white base and wall cabinets, whilst the metal units are full height larders and house the fridge and freezer. Lighting in the kitchen is the same recessed ceiling spots used out in the living room, plus LED strip lighting that runs beneath the entire length of wall mounted cupboards.

Going upstairs a glass balustrade allows natural light to flood through over the treads. It also allows us to see directly through into the home office area of the master bedroom at the top.

The master suite comprises of a walk-in closet, an ensuite bathroom and an open study area that has a breathtaking countryside view. The desk is a large and chunky L-shape layout that cuts right across floor to ceiling windows; clear glass legs let the the light and stunning view to be enjoyed to its fullest, from sunrise to sunset. Heavy taupe curtains can be drawn around when nighttime finally falls. On the opposite side, cupboards fill the horizontal and vertical space. A cut through design makes way for display shelves to hold more books and pictures. A solitary black ergonomic desk chair sits in command.

At the opposite end of the bedroom is the sleep space itself. A tall grey headboard anchors the bed in position. Low simple bedside units keep the look uncluttered. A chrome swing arm wall lamp provides reading light over each side of the bed.

The display shelving along the centre of the home office cabinetry harbours its own lighting, which gives just enough of a soft glow to gently showcase the contents of each well organised cubby. A couple of plants placed on the desk top bring a little of the greenery inside from the countryside view beyond the glass.

The walk in closet conceals the homeowners collection of garments behind closed doors. The space also incorporates a dressing table that has been accessorised with a bright yellow ceramic Chinese drum stool – the first and only pop of strong colour in the entire home. At each side of the dressing table there is a column of handy shelving.

The master bathroom suite holds a twin vanity arrangement, made up of two contemporary pedestal sinks of a cuboid design. The basins are situated in front of a window, so the two vanity mirrors have been hung from the ceiling line. Glass doors and screens to either side transparently section off a shower area and a WC.

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The 4 Most Common Living Room Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

living room mistakes

Are you making any common living room mistakes? If so, we have the fixes you need. Image: Susan Hoffman Interior Designs

These days, the living room is one of the most important rooms in the home — and also the breeding ground for some of the most serious interior design mistakes. Luckily, whether the issue is sofas lining the walls or ignoring aesthetics in favor of strict functionality, most of these problems also have a fairly easy fix.

If you think you may be guilty of one or two living room mistakes, keep reading. We’ll show you how to identify the issue at hand, explain why it doesn’t work, and teach you how to make the necessary changes to bring your design to the next level. Sometimes small tweaks make all the difference.

Keep an eye on the proportion of your furniture. Image: Thayer Design Studio

Misunderstanding proportion

Proportion is one of the key elements of interior design. Essentially, this concept boils down to the way in which items in the room relate to one another. Ideally, each component of the room varies in shape and size to keep things visually interesting, yet still come together to make the space feel properly unified.

To do this, most designers make use of the golden ratio. This equation says that furniture arrangements are most aesthetically pleasing when kept to a 2:3 ratio. Take the picture above as an example. You’ll notice it features a coffee table that’s two-thirds the length of the couch and a couch that’s two-thirds the width of the area rug. Aim to mirror these proportions in your own design.

You probably won’t have to break out any rulers to pull this look off. Use your perception to find the proper proportions. As you arrange your space, pay close attention to how these set-ups make you feel. If something feels “off,” play around with the arrangement until you feel more at ease. At that point, your proportions will likely be in order.


Be sure to create a seating arrangement in your layout. Image: Suk Design Group LLP

Phoning in the layout

We’ve all seen a living room or two where all the furniture is pushed up against the walls, leaving one cavernous space in the middle of the room. While this initially may seem like a great way to make the room feel bigger, it ultimately leaves the space feeling off balance. It also vastly limits the amount of usable space.

In this case, rather than using the walls as your guide, your goal should be to create distinct groupings with your furniture. Start by picking a focal point for the room — such as a fireplace, some built-ins, or even a sizable TV screen — and build your arrangement around that point.

Most living room designs will center around this main grouping. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be the only one. If you have enough space to create an area that has a secondary function — like a reading nook or work desk — arrange those items in a grouping of their own. The important thing is that every piece of furniture feels as though it was purposefully placed to work with the rest of the items in the room.


Layer design elements to build visual interest. Image: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Neglecting your layering

These days, living rooms are some of the most-used spaces in our homes. They’re where we go to kick back, relax and unwind after a long day. However, as these rooms have become progressively more “lived-in,” they’ve also fallen victim to prioritizing function over form to the extent that the space ultimately feels incomplete.

When your space is lacking that aesthetic touch, effective layering is the key to bringing it back to life. A complete design is made up of a combination of the following elements:

  • Wall coverings: Paint, wallpaper
  • Flooring: Wood, carpet, vinyl
  • Furniture: Beds, chairs, tables
  • Textiles: Pillows, blankets, area rugs, bedding
  • Lighting: Overhead lights, table lamps, ambient features
  • Wall hangings: Photos, artwork, mirrors
  • Decor items: Flowers, coffee table books, tchotchkes

Your best bet is to look around the room and take stock of any layers missing in your design. Then, over time, make an effort to include them. As you add items, be sure to choose items that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures, so you’ll also see the benefit of additional visual interest.


Unity will make your look come together. Image: Peter Eskuche, AIA

Forgetting about unity

Sometimes, our living rooms can become collections of the design elements we’ve collected over the years rather than a single, definitive style statement. Whether it’s a result of combining households or several moves, a touch of unity is usually all it takes to pull even the most eclectic design together.

In this case, color is your secret weapon. Take a second to look at the photo above and notice how the vast majority of items fall within the same color palette. Even if you’re not a fan of matching that much, adding a few coordinating shades can help pull the room together. Barring color, you could also use pattern or texture to create a common thread.

living room mistakes

Use our advice to fix these common living room mistakes. Image: Catherine Staples Interiors

Now that we’re spending increasing amounts of times in our living rooms, their design has taken on a greater level of importance. With that in mind, we believe it’s time to move beyond some of the faux pas that have plagued these spaces for years. We’ve outlined some of the most common living room mistakes and how to fix them. Read them over and take a keen eye to your own interiors. Sometimes a few small changes are all that’s needed to completely refresh your look.

What are your thoughts on these living room mistakes? Can you think of any others to add to the list? Share them with us in the comments below.

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2 Gorgeous Attic Apartments That Use Grey As Base

You can’t go far wrong in applying a modern neutral grey as a base for your decor scheme – or can you? Actually yes you can. Too much of a good thing can become monotonous or dull, too little and your interior design may come across as half-hearted and wishy-washy. So, what to do? These two beautiful attic apartments have achieved the perfect balance, using high volumes of grey balanced out with brightest white and base notes of black. Accessories have been carefully curated into interesting collections to make the schemes appear anything but boring. Take these two home tours to look and learn how to hit it just right.

Visualizer: Rohit Aurora  

The visualizations of our first interior were made based on an actual home. A grey gallery wall has been created down one side, where a flat screen television blends in with a menagerie of frames that are each a different size and depth. The picture frames contain monochrome art prints and photography to meld with the palette of the room. At the end of the gallery wall a concrete planter adds another shade of grey.

To balance out the shade, large areas of white have been used on walls, ceilings and accessories. A couple of chocolatey tones warm things up a little here too. Over the sofa, a small mirror reflects natural light from an adjacent large window.

Indoor plants provide the only splash of vibrant colour, and they are threaded at regular intervals throughout this apartment layout.

There are many, many home accessories inside this apartment; from the large gallery of pictures to random decorative vases and stacks of books. The smooth grey colour scheme holds all of these items together neatly as one cohesive and sophisticated collection.

Between the busy living room and a kitchen/dining area there is an area of calm. This is a home office spot, equipped with a simple black desk and chair.

The kitchen itself is made up of modern flat-fronted charcoal coloured cabinets, with a grey countertop and backsplash.

The dining suite comprises of a round black table encompassed by six light wood Scandinavian style chairs. The Wegner style Wishbone chairs sit atop a textured grey area rug to clearly define the eating area.

Above the table, a wire framed dining pendant light further anchors the eating zone in place.

Another flourish of light wood tone is found in the form of a full length entryway mirror and a small bench. Around the corner is the master bedroom.

Inside the master suite we’re greeted with more grey and black with live green accents.

Heavily patterned wallpaper over one small section adds a little flourish to the scene. A bedroom wall sconce introduces a flash of metallic at each side of a classically tufted and winged grey headboard.

Grey tiles provide durable flooring at the front doorway.

Grey kitchens are a great base for contemporary white fixtures like this solid white faucet.

The kitchen sink has a matching white finish too.

Gold fixtures add richness to a grey and white scheme.

A neat nook holds a set of coat hooks.

The wood flooring has a greyish hue to the grain.

Designer: Design Rocks  

Attic apartment number two gets added oomph from a large dose of honey coloured wood tone over it’s industrial grey base. Concrete living rooms provide a strong and edgy approach to a grey palette.

A ceiling mounted fireplace acts as an unusual focal point at the head of the room, but a bespoke storage unit with wooden cabinet doors competes for attention. The unit holds a stack of logs for the adjacent wood burning stove.

Two swing arm wall lamps stretch out over the dining area creating an unusual look.

A long breakfast bar is installed as a second eating area, above which a length of wood tone disguises the underside of an overhanging mezzanine level.

The wood cladding continues down over and around a door.

The bathroom is a more subdued affair, to promote relaxation.

Beyond the black and grey breakfast bar, the kitchen has notes of brown.

Beyond an glazed wall we can spy a multitude of indoor plants.

A few plant specimens have made it through into the main living area to become part of the scheme.

The indoor garden makes a tranquil sitting area with the introduction of a bright teal accent chair.

This lighting scheme draws attention to a textured wall and a set of handy wall mounted storage cubbies. The bathroom basin also has an interesting texture to its outer edges.

A wooden hallway takes us to a wood staircase, guarded by lion head wall art.

The balustrade is a wood and glass combo.

The staircase leads up to the mezzanine balcony where we find an extensive row of white gloss closets beneath black ceiling beams.

At the end of the closet run, a master bedroom reveals an interest in the equine, with monochrome horse murals applied over concrete walls.

A series of wood panels have been applied across the headboard wall to create an attractive feature. The same design has been implemented on a partially dividing wall at the foot of the bed, which also holds a built-in TV screen. A simple black wire frame table acts as a bedside unit. A trio of industrial lights are suspended above it.

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Product Of The Week: Beautiful Flower Shaped Throw Pillows

This should keep you going until Spring gets here.




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40 Beautiful Bedroom Chairs That Make It A Joy Getting Out Of Bed – Or Not Want To Go There At All!

Whether you’re an organised sort of a person that prefers to lay out the next days outfit on a chair by the bed, or the disorganised type that leaves todays jeans strewn across it, you appreciate that handy chair. You might like to have a cosy bedroom chair where you can kick back and relax with a good book or amble around the internet on a laptop before rolling into bed, or enjoy a cup of fresh coffee at dawn. Whoever you are, whatever you like to do, a beautiful chair makes a great addition to a bedroom. Here’s a selection that covers just about every base and taste.

$198BUY IT

Grant Featherston-Style Contour Wing Chair: Looking very suave in this dark dramatic setting, this mid-century modern muted fabric armchair has a sleek curved wingback style. A buttoned back creates a classic look whilst simple wooden legs give a modern flair.

$927BUY IT

Wegner Style Papa Bear Chair: Goldilocks wouldn’t have bothered with Baby Bear’s chair if she’d found this Papa Bear Chair first! With linen upholstery and a pleasantly angled wooden frame, this is an attractive modern classic lounge chair with a matching ottoman. Pairing two of these sets together creates a cosy bedroom sitting area.

$939BUY IT

Saarinen Style Womb Chair: Another bedroom chair with matching ottoman, this one is upholstered in premium cashmere and high density foam over fiberglass. Originally known as the Wombat Chair, Eero Saarinen created it in 1948. Saarinen designed with the human body form in mind, resulting in organic shapes that are as comfortable as they are curvaceous. This mid-century scandinavian chair is available in an array of colours, including: red, orange, brown, oatmeal, light grey, baby blue, and purple.

$599BUY IT

Finn Juhl Model 45 Style Chair: From an original model created in 1945, this is an iconic piece of mid century modern furniture design. Like the original by Danish designer Finn Juhl, this reproduction features a solid timber American Ash wood timber frame. A complicated piece to reproduce due to numerous crucial details, this piece has been intricately handcrafted to maintain the integrity of the original design.

$1000BUY IT

Eames Style Lounge Chair: A bedroom lounge chair with real ‘wow’ factor. This white Italian Aniline Leather and plywood chair with ottoman set is a premium quality reproduction of the iconic design by husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames.


Eames Style Shell Rocker: Modern rockers make great bedroom accent pieces, they are quirky and relaxing to sit in. They also tip gently forward to allow you to easily put on shoes! This one is a stylish modern twist on a classic. Heavy duty smooth plastic and edgy architectural support bars make these ideal for use as teen bedroom chairs too.

$335BUY IT

Tufted Bedroom Rocking Chair: This cosy rocking chair has a tufted back and deep cushioning. Swaying back and forth in this whilst lost a good book you might never go to bed.

$321BUY IT

Chaise Lounge With Storage: Bedroom chaise lounge chairs add a splash of elegance and this one is not just fancy but functional too; a storage compartment is concealed in its microfiber covered base.

$590BUY IT

Comfortable reading chair: You almost don’t need a bed when bedroom lounge chairs are as soft as this. If you have the space for a large marshmallow of a seat then check out our comfortable reading chairs post for some more ideas. This one comes in a multitude of colours, patterns and fabrics to suit any scheme.

$292BUY IT

Arne Jacobsen Style Egg Chair: Made with soft velvet material, this swivel chair is a fun 1970s throwback. A sturdy steel base holds a comfortably contoured seat that cocoons the occupier.

$178BUY IT

Bertoia Style Diamond Chair: Harry Bertoia experimented with open forms and metal work, “If you look at the chairs, they are mainly made of air, like sculpture,” said Bertoia. The original design is also available here.

$800BUY IT

Platner Style Chair: Available with velvet or linen upholstery, these mid-century modern bedroom chairs make an elegant statement.

$410BUY IT

Acapulco Style Chair: A pear-shaped frame of woven vinyl cord gives this modern chair great breathability. The weatherproof design can be used indoors and outdoors and comes in a choice of black, green olive and orange colour ways. There are also plenty of cheaper versions of this style of chair available.

$1700BUY IT

Wegner Style Circle Chair: Triple sanded solid hardwood forms the strong and smooth frame of this bohemian-chic chair. It has been crafted by hand, and wheels have been added to the back legs to allow the piece to be moved with ease, without damage to floors.

$246BUY IT

Wassily Style Chair: As far as cool bedroom chairs go, this one rates high on the charts. Black bonded leather pieces connect the chrome frame of this contemporary piece.

$549BUY IT

Wegner Style Shell Chair: Gracefully curved for an artistic finish, slightly reclined seating promotes relaxation. Built without compromise to original specifications, these are durable mid-century design reproductions.

$100BUY IT

Eames Style Moulded Plywood Chair: Small bedroom chairs don’t have to be short on style. This little retro beauty is made from thin sheets of veneer that have been organically sculpted to fit the body. Available in black, natural, red, walnut and wenge finishes.

$299BUY IT

Eames Style Molded Plywood Chair With Steel Base: From the mid-century chair that was cited by Time magazine as the best design of the 20th century. This replica of the Eames has a 7-layer plywood molded seat with durable American walnut veneer.

$799BUY IT

Wegner Style Wing Chair: If master bedroom chairs should appear masterful then the strong and unmistakable Danish modern stance of this design definitely looks the part; originally created in 1960 by designer Hans J Wegner.

$1348BUY IT

Patricia Urquiola Style Husk Chair: How about this blissful setting to house cozy bedroom chairs? Is it the fabric cushioned chair, the roaring fireplace or the woodland view that sets us aglow? We can’t be sure, better work on all three.

$241BUY IT

Butterfly Sling Chair: This simplistic brown leather chair could meld with many bedroom schemes. Here, a cosy faux sheep skin enhances the look.

$459BUY IT

Arne Jacobsen Drop Chair: Shaped like a raindrop, this chair comes in colours storm blue, stone grey, black and white. If you find these modern bedroom chairs a bit pricey, cheaper replicas are available here.

$135BUY IT

Saarinen Style Tulip Chair: A sleek minimalist design on a pedestal base, the seat has a comfortable organic shape that also works well as a desk chair or at a dressing table. The original is available here.

$150BUY IT

Salt Chair: A modern design with country cottage charm, the Salt chair has a compact footprint making it ideal for small spaces. Finished in water-based opaque paint colours black, white, oak, red, or grey.

$310BUY IT

Black Wishbone Style Chair: Looking right at home in this monochrome scheme, this chair has a black wooden frame with a light natural papercord seat.

$265BUY IT

Swan style chair: A retro-inspired design on a metal frame that can be adjusted in height thanks to a hydraulic lift function. These make great teen bedroom chairs with their bright pop of colour.

$1189BUY IT

Beetle Side Chair: Fans of experimental design, Danish designers Stine Gam and Italian architect Enrico Fratesi were inspired by the aesthetics and movement of a beetle when creating this chair. But it’s not even the remotest bit creepy, or crawly.

$225 for 2BUY IT

Eames Style Patchwork Chair: A great one for an eclectic setting. This upholstered chair is also available in plain fabrics in just about every colour of the rainbow.


Mid Century Style Velvet Bedroom Side Chair: The most comfy bedroom chairs have plush fabric and a supportive back, this chair has both. A broad high back makes this a comfortable option for those on the taller side too.

$111BUY IT

Vintage Style Walnut Finish Bedroom Side Chairs: A bedroom table and chairs arrangement forms a nice spot for a coffee and a chat. These vintage mod chairs have an attractive wood frame in rich walnut finish that can be easily matched with a side table.

$159BUY IT

Fabric Barrel Chair: Make a colourful statement with a bright tub chair. This particular one with button tufted back comes in orange, blue, grey, and beige.

$165BUY IT

Thonet Style Chair: A cafe style chair inspired by Michael Thonet’s classic. This new take is a metal version that honours the timeless beautiful curves. It is also stackable.

$138BUY IT

Clear Polycarbonate Chair: A ghost chair is a great option for smaller spaces or within minimalist decor as it has a barely-there appearance. It’s also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

$220BUY IT

New York Papasan Chair: The curvaceous iron frame of this chair makes it an attractive accent piece. It could be teamed with a cushion for extra comfort.

$875BUY IT

Aldama Chair: This update on a classic was co-designed with young talent in the Coyoacan neighborhood in Mexico City. A wider seat, more reclined angle, thick natural leather (instead of the classic beachside plastic) takes this patio staple upmarket and indoors.


Bedroom Hammock Chair: Hanging chairs for bedroom schemes create a dreamy look, especially when used as girls bedroom chairs in a softer setting.

$707BUY IT

Rattan Swing Bedroom Chair: This indoor swing chair comes in natural rattan or white.

$160BUY IT

Papasan Bedroom Chair: Stretch out over this spacious 42-inch design with a luxurious feeling micro suede fabric cushion.

$123BUY IT

Double Papasan Chair: Even more space to lounge!

$135BUY IT

Bedroom Bean Bag: Well, we couldn’t forget a this classic – the beanbag!

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