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A Sophisticated Home With Natural Themes Outside Of Kiev

Designed by the creative architects and interior artists at IQOSA, this luxurious home in the suburbs of Kiev demonstrates the gorgeous intersection of casual minimalism and high-end decor, carefully united by a smooth palette of natural color and texture. It’s a spacious home with clean modern architecture, tastefully appointed with iconic furniture and lighting from famous designers – check the descriptions below the photos for identification of several important pieces. Each room reveals something new to admire, ranging from dramatic furniture compositions to impressive tropical plants and more.

At first glance, it’s obvious this home design emphasizes social gatherings with plenty of room to accommodate large gatherings of guests quite comfortably. This layout technique continues throughout the entire home.

Whether relaxing with the family or throwing a party that lasts through the night, the living room furniture is well equipped for any occasion. Lightweight modular choices are easy to rearrange.

Even better, the main areas of the home maintain a semi-open living and dining layout for a seamless transition between spaces.

Blue, brown, and white seem to point toward a subtle nautical theme. An incredible jellyfish tank stands in the center of the room, the pendant lights throughout the house echoing their ethereal movements.

The living room pendants are from the Vertigo collection by Constance Guisset, and the warm dining room lights are a design by Frank Gehry.

What an incredible dining room! With room to seat more than 18 guests, this space is ideal for hosting serious events and unforgettable dinner parties.

Serving a table this large requires careful attention to logistics, satisfied by tall storage cabinets. Residents have a choice of hiding the dishes behind the slatted doors or flipping on the backlight to put them on display.

The kitchen occupies a convenient space right off the dining room. It’s spacious and smooth, tempering its dramatic height with the same wooden slats that covered the storage spaces in the formal dining room.

It also includes a little casual dining table for more intimate family meals, when the full formal set would seem like too much.

Expansive storage wraps around the entire workspace. Cabinetry foregoes traditional handles for a smoother look, but the result is more refined than purely minimalistic.

Pendant lights bridge the gap between the tall ceiling and the dining table. Eclectic tiles skirt the kitchen island to center the space.

Hallways remain spare and uncomplicated. Concrete cladding contributes to a formidable, almost monolithic aesthetic. Wood edging at the doorframes helps soften the effect.

Sconces and strips of indirect lighting illuminate the way toward the winding staircase that leads to the private areas on the next floor.

The master bedroom looks beyond comfortable. Natural materials and rich textures come together to form a warm and relaxing aesthetic that begs the resident to stay in bed just a little longer.

Varied wood boards and forest green accents nod to a jungle-like theme, surely effective at warming the soul throughout the long and cold winters in Kiev.

Creative lighting is a recurring feature throughout the home. Lievore Altherr Molina designed the smooth and flat Cosmos pendants at the bedside.

And the plush lounge chair is from the Tabano collection by Patricia Urquiola.

Especially enviable is the small home library tucked away in the corner. An adjustable lamp facilitates light night reading. The backlit shelves likely contribute ambient light at night to reduce the harshness of the lamp alone.

And finally, what luxurious respite is complete without a spacious walk-in closet? Complete with an upholstered bench and full-length mirror, this space is fully equipped as a dressing room.

The bathroom is a work of art on its own – spacious, bright, and well arranged. Creative lighting features likely create an enchanting environment for midnight bubble baths.

Lush plants thrive in the bright sunlight and humid air. The vertical garden and potted tree are sure to thrive here with careful maintenance.

Smart partitions divide the bathroom into functional areas, with the shower hidden behind one of the tall glass panels.

Twin vanities share a single cubby for hand towels and a convenient tray for toiletries. Tall mirrors reflect the vertical garden and extend its effect on the room.

It certainly meets (or even exceeds) the expectations set by the rest of the impressive home.

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30 Industrial Style Lighting Fixtures To Help You Achieve Victorian Finesse

When you think of Victoriana, your minds fills with frills. White balconies, brick laced with ivy and china teapots set a dainty, wealthy scene. These visions forget the real Victorian times – the times that inspired steampunk; the times that saw cobblers and blacksmiths; the times that saw the invention of the steam train. These 30 industrial lighting fixtures take you back to when technology changed the way you lived. Wrestle with a pipe light above your dining table. House a pipe-made robot upon your desk. Greet guests to your place with a wrought iron chandelier. Make your home truly Victorian with our picks for an inspired industrial interior.

Industrial-Style Table Lamp: Making your home Victorian can begin in the home office. This copper-domed find harks back to the past with a copper dome, pulley and heavy black iron fittings. A cloth-covered power cord polishes off the look.

Industrial Robot-Like Lamp: Fancy a lamp with more personality? This robot replica offers a LED bulb for a head and a valve for an arm. 32 centimetres high, he’ll make a steampunk scene on your work or home office desk.

Industrial Bedside Lamp: Edison invented the light bulb, and in this piece with his creation, one of our most unique table lamps. With a bed of red mahogany, all electrical components (including the bulb) are UL-listed.

Running Man Industrial-Style Bedside Pipe & Socket Lamp: Crafted from a range of iron plumbing fixtures, this running man sprints from one household to another. Stand his unusual form on a bedside table, for morning jog inspiration.

Industrial-Style Floor Lamp With Pulleys: Pulleys adorn this standing lamp with street-style lantern. Made of twisted steel, its metal grate encases the light, while adding some serious industrial impact to your living room.

Industrial-Style Adjustable Pipe Chandeliers: Looking for a chandelier without a trace of bling? This painted copper find boasts nine lights dangling from tap fittings. Give it breathing space in your living or family room.

Six Light Piping Chandelier: Easy to install with a vintage look, this six light find turns it down a notch. Its 52-inch chain hangs its glow close to an intimate dinner table gathering.

Industrial-Style Chandelier: Bike lovers would excel with this six-light chandelier made from bike wheels. Its wrought iron frames hang from a central point, creating a triangular shape perfect for illuminating dinner tables.

Industrial-Style Rope Pendants: There’s no doubt that these hemp rope lights offer a different way to light a room. Drape them across hanging bars or as an ornament on a table, for an eye-catching way to diffuse the dark.

Modern Industrial Pendant Lights: Let frosted light coat your kitchen table, with this set of three pendant lights. Made of metal, they offer adjustable holders that twist, turn and tilt your light to the right angle.

Industrial Dining Pendants: This set of three cages come with a two-year warranty. Hanging from different heights, their metal design would work well over a dining or kitchen table.

Industrial Spherical Pendant Light: Make it circular with this metal light of spherical angles. Its screws turn to enable different combinations – and refractions – of the way you see your light.

Industrial-Style 5 Light Chandelier: Encased in a fan-style design, these five lights shrouded in metal add warmth to your room. Take advantage of its two-year warranty for an easy add to an industrial interior.

Vintage Industrial-Style Pendants With Wire Cage: More cages abound, with this set of three lights in different designs. Created from oil-rubbed bronze, they create a nifty chandelier for your bedroom, kitchen or dining room ceiling. A 1200mm black cord lets you adjust the length.

Industrial Pipes With Valves Pendant Lighting: Still finding your chandeliers too pristeen? This industrial find boasts three lights, three valves and a design not amiss for the modern man cave.

Industrial-Style Pendant Light Bar With Pulleys: Bring your kitchen or dining area back to the 20’s. This pendant light bar with three lampshades hangs suspended by a pulley, a ceiling-bound look with an industrial twist.

Industrial Light Bar: Looking for a less elegant solution to light up your kitchen? This caged bar find is hardwired for all countries and shipped straight from the USA.

Industrial-Style Fixed Ceiling Light: Wrought iron forms the shape of a star, in this five-pronged design perfect for the porch. Its caged edges look a treat afront an antique-style abode.

Artsy Industrial-Style Ceiling Light: Not sure of the direction your décor is headed? This industrial-style light spins off in all directions, while a black steel finish and two-year warranty keep it grounded in reality.

Industrial-Style Track Lighting: Set up your home like a movie scene, with this row of four lights mimicking those on film. Fully dimmable, its champagne glass lights and oil-rubbed bronze suit a range of interiors.

Industrial String Lights: 24.8 feet worth of cord can last up to 3,000 hours, in this hipster lantern find. Drape them over your porch for a magical invitation to your next dinner party.

Industrial-Style Marquee Lights: Want your retro interior to make a splash? These LED-infused marquee lights make your home glow as if were on Broadway. Switch between flashing or non-flashing lights, while you spend time serving the hor d’oeuvres.

Wall-Fixed Artistic Pipe Lights: Brand new with a look of the old, these light fixtures made of piping add fuse gauges to their stems. Hang their five lights upon your garage or office, for a Victorian approach to business.

Caged Fan Five Prong Light: Keep your light close to your ceiling with this metal cage design. Five lights ensure each angle is covered.

Industrial-Style Wall Sconces: Get the Victorian factory look, with a sconce mounted upon your wall. This artistic design offers an alternative to clinical-looking LEDs with its rolled barrel finish.

Industrial-Style Bedside Wall Lamp: Black wrought iron steals the scene in this vertical light. Bulbs on either side create a sleek look unusual for industrial times.

Industrial-Style Pulley Lamp: The lantern look moves inside, with this pulley lamp affixed to the wall. A metal grate based on painted wood sits well at your home entrance.

Paint-Splattered Wall Lamp: Industrial lighting takes a new form, with this metal form splattered in artistic paint. Three lights and a wall mount provide an easy entrance into the world of the Victorian.

Vintage Industrial Ceiling Light: An English bronze finish and stylized cage let these bulbs light up your ceiling. Replace your standard ceiling light with its industrial-inspired form.

Industrial-Style Outdoor Ceiling Light: Inspired by the look of the barnhouse, this lamp lights up the outdoors. Hang it on your patio or porch, for an ambient entrance to your front door.

If you are looking for industrial style lighting elements, be sure to check out our Steampunk Home Decor post too as these too styles are closely related.

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Awe-Inspiring Hudson River Apartment

Apartment owners looking for a beautifully designed place with enough room to one day grow their family received just what they were looking for from Kapran Design. This upscale modern New Jersey home with views of the Hudson River was transformed into an elegantly designed space for the couple. Natural lighting and open space abound in the home. The home was completed using marble and glass as well as varying shades of greys, blacks, and blues. Here we share the impressive design with you.

The living area of this apartment displays modern elegance. The blue contrast welting on the sofa accentuates its unusual lines. Its low back provides an unobstructed view into the kitchen area. The glossy grey orb coffee table is unique and with enough space to still remain functional.

This view shows the stainless steel post at the edge of the room and low profile entertainment center that allows the homeowner to still take in that breathtaking view of the Hudson River.

This bedroom right off of the living room is separated by only a glass partition that slides open. A seating area with iconic mid century modern chairs and white gloss cocktail table gives a space to read before bed.

When you have a view of the Hudson and Manhattan just beyond, you leave those windows uncovered and make it your focal point. Spheres and unusual pendant lighting drop down from the ceiling, adding a little fun in the room.

This shared space is easily divided with the long sectional and island. Everything is kept low and has straight lines, creating great flow in the space.

The ceiling was not left out of the design plan, with panels creating an effect of elongation. Those windows continue to wrap around this room into the dining area.

This view into the convertible lounge and bedroom from the living area shows panels in sheer blue that can provide some privacy for the room. Notice how the designer took the slate blue color and matched it with a lighter tint.

The hallway to the bedrooms dons a grey wall effect with the same hue in the door and molding.

Here a tall console is used in the entry to the apartment, seeming to blend in with the wall.

This stone walled master bedroom features a high gloss storage unit and white platform bed. The art, chair, and rug soften the look.

Another view of the bedroom shows that great panorama of the city and the illuminating lighting effect behind the wall.

The built in desk gives a space for work. Again the lighting shows through in the break in the ceiling.

This bathroom is a showstopper with a linear effect on the mirrored wall. The sink seems to float above the cabinet.

The plans show the 1200 square foot apartment as the space was before the design was completed.

The completed plan shows a stunningly different apartment altogether.

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A Fashionably Comfortable Family home

What do you see when someone says ‘family home’? Usually a quaint and cluttered home: that feels homely and lived in, with delicious smells wafting from the kitchen. At least, that’s what most of us picture when we hear that term. That’s not what PLASTERLINA pictures. This Polish design company pictures something quite different, and they’ve made their vision a reality. This home is stylish, sophisticated and chic while retaining all the elements needed to comfortably house a family of four. Look out for the masterful use of colour and designer furniture. Bookmark your favourite features (there will be many) and sigh in envy. We don’t blame you!

We start our tour in the main living room. The space is warm and inviting, with a colourful rug and warm wooden flooring/panelling enlivening the monochromatic colour scheme. The throw pillows add a homely feel to an otherwise sophisticated room. The grey colours look classy and incredibly fashionable, especially the panelled accent wall.

The room is vibrant and comfortable, with a nice reading corner and space for dad to kick his feet up after a tiring day. There are many wooden elements, with the floor leading up to wall panelling that makes the room feel cohesive. The coffee table ties in nicely with the wooden panelling, while a bare white wall opens up the room, preventing it from feeling claustrophobic.

The statement bookshelves and geometric light fixture add a touch of fun, hinting at a childlike joy- without becoming childish and immature. This keeps the room from taking itself too seriously.

Here, we have a lovely girl’s room. It has a lot of personality and provides a refreshing look out over the manicured gardens.

The room is well organized, with clean lines and pastel colours. There is a personalized arrangement of photographs by the mirrors: that hint at a signature teenage messiness. The light floor makes the room look pristine and provides the perception of space.

This room has been styled to appeal to a young boy, and it works. Geometric lines and contrasting colours create a visually appealing effect that intrigues the mind. Patterned wallpaper adds to this effect, and the traditional blue rug leaves no doubt about the gender of the occupant.

Toys and books stimulate the mind, creating a child’s wonderland. The bookshelf is a focal point that immediately draws the eye. Stick-on alphabet letters and numbers are a traditional staple for any child’s room, but in this room it has a bit of a twist. The letters follow an uneven line that disintegrates into a scattered pattern, projecting the idea of a child’s wandering mind.

Framed pictures assert the individuality of the room’s occupant, the frames adding a touch of class. The canopy bed is a feature that every girl secretly desires (no matter what they might say!). The adjacent walls sport polka-dot wallpaper that is very feminine, while the wall facing the door is a light grey. This creates the illusion of separate spaces for different purposes, but the matching grey polka-dots and grey ensure that the separation isn’t too distinct.

Model railway tracks are a whimsical statement piece as well as an engaging toy. The genius of making it part of the decor means that you don’t need to keep reassembling it when the child wants to play.

Black board paint stenciled onto the wall to resemble a mountain range, is the perfect place for a young mind to roam free. Give him a few pieces of chalk and the result will be hours of entertainment.

This designer study area will make a studious learner out of the laziest of us. The pastel blue frame and panelled compartments make for a sleek desk. The comfortable chair and bean bag reading area almost makes one wish for homework so that you can use the space.

A pretty blue frame around the sleeping area makes for a simple and sweet embellishment. Subtle light features don’t attract too much attention, this is a smart move in a room that already has many different elements.

The main bedroom deviates from the cheerful tones of the children’s bedrooms, this room is much more edgy and refined.

The home’s theme is showcased in this space. The overall palette is monochromatic with homely wooden overtones that break up the mysterious nuances of the grey coloring.

The wooden panelled bedroom wall with a dark grey 3-D pattern creates an intriguing facet to the room. The pockets of white brighten the room and is a nice burst of color in an otherwise dark bedroom.

The master bedroom is a perfect retreat for when the kids become a bit loud, the lush carpet adding to the comfort of the room. The room contains an abundance of light thanks to the numerous light fixtures that sometimes make for fascinating accent points.

The dark bookshelf avoids being unassuming, by boasting a light color trim. The bookshelf itself contributes to the overall aura of sophistication.

From this view, we can get a clear image of all the wooden elements that warm up the room. These elements are subtle, but make a discernable difference.

These panels are a unique aspect that takes the entire space to the next level. The rotating boards ensure that it will never be the same or boring.

From this angle, we can see what was almost hidden by the bed’s accent wall. A pristine white corridor leading to the ensuite bathroom is a refreshing jolt from the darker bedroom.

We’ve come to expect a lot from this stylish home, and this gorgeous walk-in closet does not disappoint.

If these closets were completely dark, this wardrobe would look like a punk rock dream. Instead, the astute designers removed the cupboard doors and substituted the dark interior for a vibrant and cheery color, that didn’t detract from the sophistication of the room. A narrow strip of skylight opens the room to the sky and provides some much needed air and space. No one has ever felt claustrophobic by looking up at the sky.

A grey door and slice of yellow is a pleasant preview of what the main bathroom is going to present, proving that this shade of grey matches any color.

The main bathroom is a delightful blend of playfulness and color.

A checkered pattern on the wall is a unique touch that ties the room together perfectly. A freestanding bath looks like a bubble set against the patterned wall and sunny yellow hues.

His-and-hers sinks ensure that there won’t be any early morning bathroom fights between the siblings, saving mom from a major headache. A sarcastic cat surveys the entire scene, adding the necessary cool factor.

Industrial light fixtures are a perfect match for this modern room. Wooden elements such as the shelves and cabinets soften the brightness of the yellow aspects.

The room makes masterful use of mirrors by adding a mirrored wall. The wall lengthens the room and enhances the design features of the room.

Once again, the parent’s bathroom is worlds away from the lively atmosphere from the children’s space. The ensuite bathroom is artistic and refined, focusing more on relaxation than the bright master bathroom.

A soothing, visual art piece is the first element to capture the attention as you enter the bathroom.

The round chandelier and wooden components are an organic aspect of the room meant to aid the senses in the relaxation process.

The sky is featured in the decor, just above the necessary his-and-hers amenities. The different shades of color create a multifaceted room that’s interesting and engaging.

A light blue cabinet breaks away from the rest of the decor, and instead of being out of place, it is a fun accent of piece that works in the space.

This bathroom is organic. Every element screams natural and it’s a refreshing aspect to the design of the house.

The door and sink area ties this bathroom to the master bathroom, but carrying over the same design details.

Potted indoor plants and wooden features create a natural aura. The hexagonal panels are reminiscent of a beehive, while the green cords of the light fixtures look like jungle vines. The dark brown wall ties all of these elements together.

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40 Unique Teapots to Help You Savour The Taste Of Tea

Have you ever wondered how tea drinking became a thing? It has its roots in China where it was used as a medicinal drink as early as 2737 BC. Buddhist priests later introduced it to Japan where green tea became part of Japanese life. By the 1840’s tea time became a British tradition. America’s introduction to tea in the 1600’s led to the infamous Boston Tea Party. Today hot and iced tea are popular in the states and tea houses can be found in most cities across the U.S. Different varieties of teas have different uses. Jasmine tea is known to provide energy and soothe the stomach, green tea is full of antioxidants, black tea is suggested to reduce stroke risks, white tee has potent anticancer properties, and oolong helps to lower cholesterol.

It wasn’t until tea leaves were introduced that teapots were essential to tea making. And today there are so many styles to choose from. Here we share some of the most attractive teapots from the east, west and everywhere in between.


Stainless Steel Teapot: This stainless steel genie lamp teapot can grant your wish for your favorite tea. An infuser is included in the deal and it quickly brews up four cups of loose leaf tea.

$240BUY IT

Georg Jensen Helena Teapot with Coaster: The delicate Helena teapot has a stainless steel body and porcelain lid and coaster.

$135BUY IT

Kurl Tea Pot with Infuser: With this stainless steel tea from the Gourmet Coffee and Tea Collection you get a handcrafted piece, every piece is slightly different from the next. Its contemporary teardrop design will fit any style.


Shelby Rose Gold Finish Stainless Steel Teapot With Infuser: This durable borosilicate glass and rose gold stainless steel teapot and loose leaf tea infuser allows you to see the tea as you are brewing.

From $70BUY IT

Eva Teapot: The Eva stoneware teapot is dishwasher safe and comes with an infuser. Its designer from Maia Ming Designs enjoys Lapsong Souchong tea in the morning. Try your favorite flavor in this black and white cute teapot for yourself.


Teapot with Brewing Steeper: The wooden handle on this teapot with brewing steeper connects you with natural wood, starting your Zen moment even before your tea is brewed. The minimalist designed pot has an adjustable strainer to allow you to control how your tea is infused.


Eva Solo My Tea Teapot with Cup: This minimalist teapot has a stainless steel body and a slip-resistant silicone base and features a drip minimizing spout.


Tea for One Teapot: Why brew more than you need? With this ceramic teapot for one, prepare your solo cup without wasting precious tea.


Drip Tease Teapot: The name alone makes this one a winner. The fine bone china Drip Tease teapot has gold gilding that seems to drip down the body of this beautifully designed piece.


Teapot for One: Shaped like an egg, this stainless steel Minos teapot and cup for one works in kitchens with any design, from retro to contemporary. It comes equipped with heat resistant swappable silicon handles


Olivia Teapot: This red Chantal Olivia Teapot looks lovely and is also functional. The three cup pot features an ergonomic handle, handles the heat well, and has a non-porous glaze preventing flavors from absorbing into the piece.

$128BUY IT

Aladdin Lamp Style Teapot: Crafted like Aladdin’s lamp, this six cup cobalt blue teacup would look great in a traditional or country French kitchen


Elephant Teapot: For those who collect porcelain ceramic elephant statues , this white porcelain teapot is perfect for your collection. It also works well in an all white kitchen and is dishwasher and microwave safe.


Octopus Teapot: This would make the perfect gift for family and friends that love octopus décor . This white teapot with a mauve red ceramic octopus makes a fanciful addition to any kitchen.


Honey Bee Shaped Teapot: You’ll probably be adding a little honey to your tea, so why not a honey bee teapot. This hand painted ceramic pot will add a little fun to your afternoon teatime.


Swan Teapot: The swan is graceful but this teapot is not delicate. This porcelain dishwasher safe and is as durable as it is attractive.

$250BUY IT

Peacok Teapot: This graceful peacock teapot brings nature to your kitchen. Sculpted in porcelain, each piece is hand-painted. Cups to match this proud peacock can be found in our post with more peacock décor .

$275BUY IT

Pheonix Flame Teapot: This intricately designed teapot in an orange and red flame on crème porcelain is a statement making piece.

$250BUY IT

Teapot with Decorative Bird: Made with Franz Porcelain, this red teapot is home to the nest of a joyful resting magpie. The handle loops down and back into the pot as the branch of a tree.


Rooster Teapot: Perfect for a country kitchen, this gorgeous red rooster teapot brings tea home to roost.


Blue Bird Teapot: Brew up a cup for one in this cheerful blue bird kettle set. The teapot brews 12 ounces and the cup holds 8 ounces of your favorite tea.

$195BUY IT

Bird on Bamboo Teapot: A songbird perching on bamboo serves as the handle for this exquisite Franz hand crafted porcelain teapot. The detailed painting and interesting shape of the piece makes it a work of art.


Red Chili Pepper Teapot: Some like it hot, like this chili pepper teapot. The 5 inch pot offers a splash of color to any kitchen.


Lady with Hat Teapot and Cup Set: A cute teapot designed as a hat sits atop this cute “lady” tea cup. The teapot comes in a variety of hat designs, choose one or a few and make a collection of this unique design.


Scandinavian Style Teapot with Infuser: This modern glass teapot has a touch of Zen and comes with a tea infuser and tea egg that serves as a strainer and a unique design detail.


Hand-blown Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser: Durable dorcilicate glass was hand-blown to make this Zen teapot that sits on a bamboo trivet. The piece includes a stainless steel filter and a bamboo tea scoop.


Mint One-Handed Teapot: Two red cups sit in the top of this porcelain tea set. The carafe is in a bright white with cute curves and includes a built-in stainless steel infuser.


Star Wars BB-8 Teapot: Star Wars Home Decor fans rejoice, this BB-8 teapot and cup set is out of this galaxy. This gem is an officially licensed character collectible.


Cast Iron Japanese Style Teapot: Tea time in Japan is a centuries old tradition. This traditional Japanese cast iron teapot, also called a tetsubin, is perfect for brewing tea. The cast iron is distributes heat evenly, pulling out the best flavors of your tea and can keep it warm for an hour. Included is a stainless steel infusing basket.


Floral Cast Iron Teapot: This cobalt blue floral cast iron teapot holds 34 ounces of your favorite blend. The cast iron will evenly brew your tea and an enameled interior gives the pot a longer life. A stainless steel infuser is also included. Beautiful in any kitchen, it would sparkle as a centerpiece in a country French designed room


Tetsubin Teapot: Adorned with silver and black goldfish for good fortune, this Japanese 22 ounce tetsubin teapot comes with a stainless steel infuser.


Kyusu Teapot: The name says it all, Kyusu is a Japanese term for teapot and this low profile kyusu features a unique design feature. The handle and spout are on the same side. Made with crème ceramic, this cup is made in Japan and is available all over the world.

$100BUY IT

Antique Style Teapot: From the popular tea emporium Teavana, this cast iron 44 ounce teapot features a gold imperial dragon on its side and includes a stainless steel strainer.


Oriental Dragon Shaped Teapot: A symbol of good luck, prosperity, and even harmony, this dragon teapot is perfect for afternoon tea with friends.


Asian 2 Cup Teapot Set: Use this little tea for two set at home, or take it with you. The set includes a portable handmade ceramic tea pot with strainer and two tea cups.


Minimalist Asian Style Tea Set: This porcelain teapot comes with two tea cups and infuser and can also be used for coffee. Porcelain is known to work best when making white and green teas because of its low heat transference. The set also comes with cute rattan coasters for your cups.


Yixing Teapot: Used by the Chinese since the 15th century, Yixing clay teapots are for perfect brewing black and oolong teas. Named for the town in the Jiangsu province in which the mineral rock that is used to make the clay is found.


Handmade Sculptural Yixing Teapot: This handmade teapot has a beautiful silhouette and is made from Chinese Yixing clay.


Yixing Clay Teapot: Here is another teapot made with Yixing clay. The 15 ounce taupe pot has a beautiful curve to its body and the handle and lid meet level, making for an easy pouring experience.

Choosing the right teapot is about function and also personal style, the same can be said for your pitchers and coffee mugs.

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