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Masculine Attic Bedroom in Poland Exudes Character

Welcome to a contemporary attic bedroom that exudes personality. The owner, a young lawyer, decided to convert the empty attic of a building in Sopot, Poland, into a quiet place for relaxation.

Studio Raca Architekci began by changing the geometry of the roof to make more space inside the new bedroom. A peaceful ambiance was achieved by cladding the ceiling and floor in oiled wood planks. Simple, modern furniture in black and gray complements the interior. A reading corner was placed by the window, with a modern chair designed by Hans J. Wegner and a minimalist Zuiver floor lamp.

The work area features a simple black desk and an Eames swivel chair. A modular sofa in the corner is used by the owner as a comfortable spot for watching computer movies.

“It was impossible to design a standard wardrobe because of the geometry of the roof,” the designers said. “We decided to build a cabinet at the back wall, opposite to the entrance. The doors in dark gray lacquer finish create a good contrast with the wood and reflect the space.”

We invite you to take the virtual tour of this attic bedroom in Poland and share your thoughts about the details you personally find inspiring! Photography and information courtesy of Studio Raca Architekci.

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Three Cozy Apartments that Maximize a Small Space

No matter how big your home, you want to be able to maximize your use of the space. In a larger area, this is a bit easier to do with the careful placement of furniture and organized storage solutions. However, as a home gets smaller, space-saving solutions have to get a bit more creative. One way to maximize space in a small home is through the use of levels. We see this often in lofted bed designs, but there are myriad ways to use vertical space to keep a small home organized and feel spacious. The three homes featured in this post are a bit undersized, but in their design, certainly don’t feel that way.

Visualizer: 敦强 陈  

The first home featured is a studio apartment that takes full advantage of natural lighting and a color theme to create an open, comfortable space.

It can feel like a challenge to pack an entire life into what is essentially one room, but this design manages to do it elegantly.

The way that vertical space is used is particularly interesting, staring with the bed, sitting above floor level, and creating a shelf from there that extends around the apartment.

A smaller bed for guests, or a child, can slip out from underneath the larger bed for extra sleeping space (and of course there’s always the sofa, too).

Furniture is also used to create different levels with chairs, sofas, and coffee tables nesting underneath one another. Further, decorative vases and the AJ style table lamp create levels even on top of the furniture.

A cozy setup near the window can double as either a breakfast nook or a home workspace.

The bed is not really separated from the rest of the living space, but an interior window gives the illusion of separation for the glass wall bedroom, which can be nearly as powerful as a wall.

Natural lighting is paramount in a small space and is allowed to stream in here.

A nearly organized kitchen is also key.

By keeping the entire apartment’s design to white, gray, and wood, the space is allowed to feel more open.

Common in certain parts of the world no matter what size the home, a washing machine in the kitchen is another space-saving tactic here.

Finally, a carefully designed entryway ensures that any guest does not feel cramped upon his or her arrival.

Visualizer: Andrey Kabanov  

The second apartment measures 60 square meters (646 square feet) and uses a somewhat similar color scheme. In the main living area, the eye is immediately drawn to the minimalist large wall clock.

An overstuffed modern sofa and angular modern coffee table play well together in the main living area.

This apartment certainly has a more industrial feel than the first, with concrete walls and quite a bit more black, especially here in the kitchen.

The kitchen pendant lights and kitchen stools are a bit contrasting, with the lights more industrial and wooden stools a bit rustic.

Mounting a television to a concrete wall is no easy feat, but it is worth it for the sleek design appeal.

This apartment also benefits from a separate bedroom, where design elements are carried through.

In particular, the chevron flooring and accent wall unite the bedroom design with the main living area.

A tripod floor lamp is another sleek touch.

The Eames Bird replica is a stylish and on-trend element as well.

In the bathroom, a shiny faucet and simple soap and lotion dispensers lend their minimalism to the design.

A beautiful laundry basket is a must for a beautiful bathroom — as well as keeping things organized.

Overall, the sleek gray theme works well in the bathroom, creating a clean, modern feel.

Designer: Anthill Studio  

The final apartment measures 55 square meters (596 square feet).

While indoor planters are not among the space-saving elements, this apartment takes storage solutions to another level.

Pocket doors between rooms are just one way to save space in a small apartment, eliminating the need for the door swinging area.

A stylish ergonomic chair is an important element for a home office…

…and you wouldn’t even know that it’s nestled right up against a modern murphy bed.

A simple sofa sits beneat tons of storage space in the way of overhead cabinets, again maximizing vertical space.

Light wood is used once again, which allows for a variety of colors to come in as decorative elements.

Seating and storage are plentiful in this small space.

The entryway features two folding shelves that can be sued for storage or seating upon entering the home.

But they fold out of the way entirely when not in use.

A tiny sewing room is a creative haven in this small apartment, with plenty of space for notions.

A second bedroom with an elevated bed is ideal for book storage.

But underneath the bed, more storage abounds.

A bit of color in the kitchen is a lively touch.

Finally, a hidden ironing board is both stylish and extremely functional.

This video shows off the true beauty of this apartment.

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Cool Product Alert: Furniture & Accessories With Wireless Phone Charging

In the war against wires, wireless phone chargers have always been game chargers. Even though you still need these chargers to be plugged into power sockets, having the ability to keep your phone untethered brings in real advantages in terms of convenience. However, the benefits of wireless charging become truly significant only when these chargers themselves disappear into other everyday objects we use. With major phone makers like Apple (starting with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X) & Samsung (from the S6 to the Note 8) reaching consensus on using Qi as the common wireless charging standard, there is now real hope for furniture makers to bring in products that blur the line between electronics and furniture.

$190BUY IT

IKEA Riggad LED Work Lamp

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The base of this task lamp supports wireless charging. IKEA’s wireless charing range of furniture kicked off the beginning of a revolution in 2015.


IKEA Varv wireless charging table lamp



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IKEA Selje wireless charging night stand

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FurniQi Wireless Charging Side Table


Quirky Ohm Portable Speaker with Wireless Charging Base

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Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Every room in your house may require specific kind of furniture to fit its design and usage, so choosing every room’s furniture will be different from the other without doubt. However, there are some factors and tips that have nothing to do with any specific design or room and you need to pay special attention to them when you choose your home’s furniture. If you are interested to know these tips, you will need to read this article.

If you are going to choose any furniture pieces with fabrics like chairs or couches, make sure to choose the fabric’s material that fit your needs and daily life. For example, if you have pet like cats or dogs, you will need to avoid some fabric kinds like silk and for sure you know what I mean; pets’ nails and silk fabrics will never be friends. Follow the same tip and choose fabrics that are easy to clean, if you usually receive lots of guests in your home or if you have kids; you know kids have long history with food spots, right?

Think of the quality before the quantity when you buy any kind of furniture pieces in your home; it’s always better to go for lifetime investment furniture. I mean think about it, what is the use of buying several low quality furniture pieces that you will need to change after a while? It’s nothing but spending too much money and effort, so why don’t you take the easy way and choose some durable furniture that lasts for decades without the need for any fixing or replacing?

Don’t worry you won’t have to pay a fortune to buy durable and high quality furniture, all what you need to do is some searching. Search online or in the showrooms for good offers and discounts, you will always find some suitable furniture that fits you at reasonable prices if you just do some little searching.

Take the measurements of your rooms before you go for shopping and choose the furniture pieces that fit each room space. Considering this tip will help you to eliminate any clutter in your home and avoid any traffic problems. You also need to consider choosing the furniture pieces that fit the usage of every room. For example, you need to look for simple and practical furniture pieces in your living room, this room is a multifunctional room and it’s usually used for several activities like, relaxing, watching TV, playing games, receive guests, so it should always be comfortable for you.

You don’t have to choose all the furniture sets or pieces in one design; you can apply different designs like modern, traditional and rustic in each room. For example, you can choose traditional furniture designs for your bedroom and modern furniture designs for your living room.

Just make sure to make to achieve harmony in each room and that means the furniture should be matching with the entire room’s design and that includes the wall painting, fabrics and lighting fixtures. Avoid mixing between two designs in the same room, unless they fit together, because this may cause sense of confusion and mismatching.

If you want to add a sense of change and cheerful look to any room like your living room, you can mix between colors. For example, you can choose the couch in color like beige and the chairs in different color like grey. If you like this idea, it’s okay to try it, just make sure to choose matching colors to keep a sense of harmony in your home.

Choose the shape of your furniture carefully and consider some important points like the space of the room in which you will place the furniture pieces, because not all shapes fit all spaces. For example, oval and rounded dining tables are most fitting with small dining rooms while square tables are the perfect choice for large dining rooms. If you have small living rooms, it’s better to choose L shaped sofa with one open ended and thin square hand and choose a rounded sofa with large rounded hands if you have large living room.

Choose a complete furniture set instead of buying different pieces, if you want to apply a specific theme to any room in your home. For example, if you want to apply a baroque or Victorian style in your bedroom, then choosing a complete set with matching pieces is a better idea to go for.

All the previous tips are so important, but we can’t forget the comfort element, you need to pay special attention to choose very comfortable furniture pieces especially the chairs and the sofas, you know we use them like always and they should be so cozy.

There is no doubt that choosing a good furniture shop or website is a must to guarantee a good service especially after sale and always remember to ask about the warranty. Choosing furniture may sound tricky and confusing and you may feel like you need help to get this mission done. So, I hope these tips will help you to make this mission much easier and to choose the best furniture for your home.

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Choosing Home Furniture – Important Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Home

Yellow Accents In Scandinavian Style Interiors: 3 Examples That Show You How

Here we have three Scandinavian style homes that use happy notes of bright sunshine yellow in varying proportions. The first two homes take a subtle approach with the accent colour, limiting the arrangement in each room to just one or two examples. Such as a sofa, a small unit, or just one statement shelf. In contrast, our third and final home tour goes all out with an entire kitchen glowing in the summery hue. It seems there is no limit when it comes to injecting a favourite colour into a home decor scheme, whether you tiptoe around it or saturate an entire area. Which style would you choose?

Visualizer: z hz  

The most eye-catching piece in our first Scandinavian style home is the cheerfully inviting yellow modern sofa. If the same couch had been upholstered in white, the eye would go straight by it, tucked away in that small space. Yellow artworks above the sofa tie in with the striking colour story.

On the opposite side of the room to our bright sofa, an entertainment unit runs beneath the television. A small seating area is incorporated into the far left of the low unit, whilst a yellow storage cube at the other end holds a selection of books. We can also see that a narrow serving hatch of sorts, in the dividing wall to the kitchen, has been lined with a yellow frame to match.

The deep natural green from a selection of indoor house plants makes a nice contrast to the loud accent shade. The combination of colours and leafy form also evokes a beachy feel, with the yellow representing sand and sunshine against the greenery of palm trees. The furnishings peppered between the two hues have been kept subtle in shades of grey and pale wood tone.

The metal stands on the tabletop and floor orb lamps are also coated in yellow.

The devil is in the detail: the thin rim of this tiny jug is tipped with yellow, making it a perfect subtle accent piece for this room. The other decorative items on the tabletop are quietly neutral.

In the neighbouring utility room we take a break from the sunny colour. Instead, influence has been taken from the rich shade of the indoor house plants. The walls are painted in a deep shade of emerald green. The small room scheme can handle the darkness of this hue thanks to very large windows where natural light pours in.

The shower room off the kitchen sings with neat Scandi style. A compact yellow vanity unit is mounted off the floor, coupled with a yellow framed mirror. The bright pieces are balanced out by plain white surroundings and another deep green little house plant. The rattan trash basket and striped area rug suit the beachy scheme.

In the ice white kitchen, tiny accents of yellow have been scattered to continue the theme through from the living area.

Even a stylish teapot or funky kettle can be all that’s needed to bring in an accent colour. The other pieces, like the cutting board and herb tray, follow on with the tone of the natural wood.

Geometric wall tiles add interest without delving into a colour palette.

The golden bedroom pendant is a metallic play on the yellow colour story in this home. The one used here is the IC Lights S Pendant.

A custom paint job to the Tivoli Radio brings in a nice effect. The single pop of colour in the headboard shelf is just enough.

A well placed accent shelf within a white shelving unit is a fun way to pull a colour through without overpowering a small space.

Visualizer: Vavo Studio  

Our second home uses a single yellow throw pillow on the sofa to add a blast of colour to the pale Scandi palette in the living area.

Other accents in this contemporary home are distinctly monochrome.

A woodburning fire creates the perfect accompanying glow to the cosy accents.

The same colour continues throughout the open plan home for a cohesive look.

Over in the kitchen, a couple of yellow mugs carry the accent, hanging in pride of place above other monochrome examples and wine glasses.

The home office area remains a blank space, perfect for concentration.

A mezzanine bedroom lies quiet of colour accents too.

Visualizer: Muji  

Our final home tour weighs in particularly heavy on the yellow front. Slamming us with a bright vista of solid yellow kitchen cabinets and a coordinated refrigerator. A large wire framed deer head overlooks the open plan room.

In terms of colour, the rest of the home is a far more subtle affair, letting the kitchen do all the talking.

A colourful area rug offers up one small splash of yellow beneath the coffee table.

A faux bear head beside the wall sconce is another pitstop for colour.

The comfortable reading chair, which is the Husk chair by Patricia Urquiola, is upholstered in relaxing neutrals. The nearby storage boxes and Kay Bojesen monkey ornaments follow on with the natural tone.

The cool kitchen pendant lights over the breakfast bar are an Aplomb pendant replica.

A modern fruit bowl on the kitchen counter holds some very colour appropriate lemons! A bright tray under the flower vase matches too.

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