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Cool Apartment with Contemporary Calming Color Scheme

Still continuing to be vastly popular as a number one neutral for contemporary home decor is cool and calming gray but sometimes we struggle to see a way to introduce a little hint of other hues whilst maintaining the feeling of serenity. Here in this 234 square meter house in Kiev, Ukraine, by Martin Architects, a smooth living space that is populated by swathes of calming mid-tone gray leads on to beautifully subtle breaks from the monochrome tone. Added warmth in the interior design comes from some smooth wood ceilings and floors which are coupled with fresh pit stops of white painted walls and accent furniture throughout.

A herringbone floor adds pattern and interest to the otherwise flat wall finishes and plain upholstery fabrics and drapery. Simple track lighting and recessed spots span the large scale rooms in this apartment to ensure even illumination, but inspirational moments of mood lighting can be found in the form of modern pendants and unique wall lights.

Richer tones create an eye-catching splash within the artwork beyond the dining room pendant lights. Contrasting charcoal dining benches and white chairs have been selected to create a moment of added interest.

A statement settee edges away from the gray spectrum, nudging the palette toward powder blue. A log burning fire creates a cozy glow in the room, along with a globe topped unique floor lamp.

Handle-free units create a minimalistic look in the kitchen, though beautiful pauses from the plain do present themselves in the geometric floor tiles beneath the central island and also in the backsplash.

Over on one wall, exposed shelving provides an opportunity to display crockery and decorative cooking vessels. The careful selection presents almost as artifacts in a museum or art gallery. Color matched surfaces form a seamless look with the units that they top.

In the master bedroom, a rose-colored hint lifts the painted panel headboard wall. A duo of glass and copper bedroom pendant lights serve as reading lights, over two matching copper bedside tables holding concrete planters.

A floating shelf of drawers serve a multipurpose as an entertainment unit and a desk. Matching both the pale wood desk top and the freestanding gray chest of drawers beneath it is a stylish desk chair design, About a Chair by HAY. A woven rug presents a little injection of cheerful color under foot.

In this girl’s bedroom design, powder pink accompanies the white and gray color scheme of the home. More floating drawers form part of another desk compilation, along with an arrangement of unique wall shelves.

Another splash of powder blue hits this room scheme too, in a stunning yet subtle contrast with the gentle pink. A monochrome herringbone wallpaper adds a definite blast of oomph to the soft scheme as well as giving a nod not only to the herringbone wood floor but to the pitched shape of the bedroom door, wall shelves, memo board and triangular legs of the stylish side table.

A fun typographical piece adorns one wall on an unusual circular mount that is echoed by the round scatter cushions on the seating below.

The child’s bathroom is adorned with furniture fit for a fairy tale: curiously shaped decorative hooks and a magical faux deer head wall lamp that is akin to a snow covered rudolf!

In this bathroom there is an unexpected break from the somewhat understated decor that covers most of this home. Here in this child-friendly design we find a wall of busy crosshatch pattern behind the set of twin basins, resulting in a much more energised environment. On the countertop there is a whimsical collection of animal figurines scattered between bright yellow faucets. The sunshine accents pick out tones from the tiled feature wall and are matched by a child’s novelty seat.

In the next kid’s decor scheme we find more tones of yellow in the area rug and painted on the wall between the bed posts and matching framing around the feature wall.

Kids’ beds come in many shapes and designs and the house frame shape seen here still proves to be a popular one. Exposed bulb pendant lighting has been wrapped around the overhead beam to provide a well placed reading light. Fox wall decals create a woodland theme, as does the leaping rabbit ceiling mobile.

The child’s room is kept tidy with hidden storage across one whole wall, in addition to the underbed storage drawers.

The master bathroom is a more sophisticated affair where we seat a repetition of the rose hue used in the neighbouring master bedroom.

The unique wall sconce competes for attention with a wall mounted dinosaur bust in the this child’s bedroom.

Floating shelves hold books and toys for both practical storage and decorative display.

A chalkboard provides a place for creativity beside a desk.

A fantastic blue toned geometric feature wall and floor stylishly dominate this modern bathroom. Bell pendants, by Normann Copenhagen, light the double basin.

A black bath tub anchors the cool color scheme.

First impressions count and this smart entryway instantly sets the tone for the contemporary apartment. Two cool wall lights light a welcome spot on which to perch on pop your shoes on or off. A designated hanging space holds coats and other outerwear for the family.

A person shaped mirror provides a fun spot in which to check your appearance on entering and exiting the home.

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Cozy Summer House Merges Scandinavian and Belarusian Design

Minsk-based Zrobym Architects completed the design of a summer house in the village of Raubichi, Belarus. The 731 square-foot wooden cabin was envisioned as a cozy retreat for the client’s mother.

“Trying to execute all the wishes of the customer, we have embodied a small, cozy space in the project of a cottage, which will be comfortable enough for living in old age,” the architects explained. “A return to traditional forms of construction and reflection of classical Belarusian housing in a modern style became the main concept when designing the building.”

As you step inside, you will be surrounded by a harmonious, comfortable setting. Extensive wood cladding, wooden beams and a modern wood burning stove make this place feel like a genuine mountain retreat.

Large windows bring nature inside and fill the place with natural light. The bottom level hosts the open plan living and kitchen area, a beautiful master bedroom and a bathroom. A stairway takes you to the attic, with plenty of room for a bedroom or work space. The minimalist furniture arrangements are said to reference Scandinavian asceticism.

Have a look at the video below for a short virtual tour!

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Top 2017 Pinterest Home Trends

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2017 Pinterest Home Trends

Check out the hottest 2017 Pinterest home trends. Image: Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

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For many people, Pinterest is their go-to source for recipes and DIY crafts, but we’re here to tell you it can be so much more. Interior design aficionados need to know that this platform is also a great source for getting the scoop on home design trends. By tracking how often their users save each image, Pinterest has positioned itself as a cutting-edge forecaster.

Each year, the site releases its “Top 100,” an overview of the top trends for the year, across a variety of categories. The list below highlights some of the most popular 2017 home design trends.

Read on to find out what these chart-topping aesthetics are, as well as how to include them in your home. By using our tips, you can create a look that’s capable of going viral.

Give tile a faux-finish twist.

Break free from boring tile by choosing a faux finish. Image: Wayne Ford Digital

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Faux-wooden tiles

If you’re a regular reader of Freshome, this pick probably won’t be all that surprising. Faux finishes already got a shout out in one of our earlier roundups. However, out of all the faux options on the market — from marble to metallics — faux-wooden tiles are a clear front-runner.

It’s not hard to see why. While true wooden floors are an aspiration for many, their price can often keep them out of reach. This manufactured version is more durable and offers a nearly identical aesthetic for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, since these designs are printed, there is more freedom to cater to individual tastes.

While tile is usually reserved for the bathroom, these faux-wood picks are expanding their range. Consider adding this look anywhere you would install the real deal. For an extra luxe touch, add an underfloor heating element to banish chilly, wooden floors for good.

Modern farmhouse style

Modern farmhouse style is a blend between rustic and shabby chic. Image: Gardner Homes

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Modern farmhouse style

We’re a little in love with modern farmhouse style. The easiest way to describe this aesthetic is that it combines the best aspects of rustic and shabby chic styles. These cozy spaces feature an eye-catching mix of laid-back pieces with chic pops of visual interest.

Start with a neutral foundation. Choose warmer hues like tans and off-whites for your color palette. Then, pick comfortable, overstuffed pieces of furniture and, of course, include plenty of negative space throughout the room.

Your accessories are where this look truly gets interesting. Search for design elements that have an unquestionable farmhouse vibe. For example, your design could include barn door sliders, reclaimed woods (faux versions count!) and antiques. Bonus points if any of these items are juxtaposed with super modern elements like chrome or copper.

Woodland themes are calming.

Give your nursery a woodland theme to create a calming atmosphere. Image: Kronfoto

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Woodland nurseries

For years, nursery’s have been a bit — we’ll say it — boring. There are only so many gray and white kids rooms you can look at before your eyes cry out for something new. These woodland spaces, while still classically clean and neutral, are a welcome change.

As for what we mean by “woodland,” this style is all about using the great outdoors as design inspiration. These spaces rely on muted hues, specifically in shades of brown, light gray, green and tan. Pair these with a variety of textures, an abundance of natural light and “camping-eque” accessories like canopies to make your baby’s room a serene retreat.

Lucite can add an ultra-modern feel to otherwise traditional rooms. Image: Doris Leslie Blau

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Acrylic furniture

Thus far, all the trends we’ve discussed have had an undoubtedly natural feel to them. In contrast, another one of this year’s top picks is acrylic furniture, also known by its brand name Lucite. This see-through material is so clearly manufactured that one can almost call it “space age.”

In particular, acrylic furniture is a good choice in tight spaces. Since these pieces are so minimalist, they can bring necessary function into rooms that might be overpowered by traditionally built furniture. This is especially true when considering areas that require multiple pieces, such as dining rooms and seating areas.

If you’re not quite ready to jump fully into this trend, you’re in luck. Many pieces on the market right now simply feature acrylic elements. Look for tables that have acrylic legs or chairs made with acrylic seats as a way of getting your feet wet.

2017 Pinterest Home Trends

These are the top home trends of 2017, according to Pinterest. Image: Landmark Building Inc.

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Pinetrest is an incredibly important tool for those in the interior design world — and not in the way you might think. In addition to being a platform for image sharing, it uses its data to position itself as a leader in trend forecasting. Every year, the site releases its “Top 100,” a billboard ranking of trends across multiple industries. We’ve got the scoop on the top 2107 Pinterest Home trends. Consider this post your ultimate guide on this year’s most re-pinned looks.

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What do you think of these 2017 Pinterest home trends? Which do you agree with and which do you hope will fade by next year? Share your thoughts in the comments — and don’t hold back!

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Two Homes with Lots of Beautiful, Natural Wood

In an era when industrial and concrete designs are more popular than ever, it can be easy to forget the naturally beautiful look that can be created with high-quality wood. When wood grain and the many tones of wood are allowed to shine through, the design possibilities are virtually endless. In the two homes featured in this post we see that not every home that is heavy on the wood needs to feel like a hunting cabin or an old man’s den. These spaces are highly modern, bright, and warm but the natural, elegant wood element adds something special to both homes.

Visualizer: Kyde Architects  

The first home is located in Sosonvo, St. Petersberg in Russia and measures 100 square meters (1076 square feet).

The design uses wood not in some of the more obvious and subtle ways, like exposed wood beams, but really lets the material stand on its own.

From wood paneled walls to natural wood furniture, the design highlights wood, not letting is fade into the neutral background like it often can.

The wood paneled walls are particularly eye catching, with horizontal slats creating an interesting texture and drawing the eye around the room while a unique coffee table is made from a thick slice of a beautiful red wood.

In the dining area, open to the rest of the home due to the open floorplan, dining room pendant lights cast a soft and flattering glow.

Cream and white are natural complements to the wood coloring, seen here in gauzy curtains and plush dining chairs.

A woven pendant light in this space certainly leans into the rustic feel, but the shape is distinctly modern.

Plenty of seating is always a good thing and here we see how one dining area flows easily into a kitchen breakfast bar.

The gray kitchen bar stools are in keeping with the largely neutral palette throughout the house.

In the sleek – if somewhat small – kitchen, countertop herb planters add a perfect pop of color.

The wood highlights even carry into the home’s kitchen accessories, with natural cutting boards propped up on the countertop.

In the master bedroom, spotlight-inspired bedroom pendant lights are an interesting contrast to the otherwise highly rustic decor.

The wooden wall decor, including rich paneling and a very eye-catching piece over the bed, feels quite cozy and warm.

Interestingly, the bathroom is perhaps the most modern of all the spaces.

Honeycomb tiles and slate stone floors have a hip and contemporary feel.

Wood comes into play only a bit in a few accents to unite the room with the rest of the house.

Visualizer: ONI Architects  

The next space is a 180 square meter (1937 square feet) apartment in Moscow.

While this design also has an emphasis on wood, the feel is much more modern than rustic throughout, which can easily be seen in the accessories chosen like the living room’s unique table lamp .

Despite the highly designed look, it is still evident that this space is meant for comfort, with long luxurious sofas capped by a simple, practical end table.

The choice of artwork can say so much about a home and its inhabitants.

It is impossible not to be drawn to the sculptural work in this apartment.

The rust-colored sculpture contrasts with the living wall that stands opposite — one suggesting decay while the other quite literally grows and thrives.

In the home office space, not as many design risks are apparent, with a comfortable reading lounge being quite inviting.

The use of stylish desk chairs like this one makes the idea of working at home a bit more palatable to be sure.

The orange accents in this space are subtle but work well with the 70’s-inspired wood paneling.

Leaning a large piece of art against the wall adds a bit of casual elegance to the room.

In the relaxing master bedroom, minimalist details like a sleek black floor lamp bring an air of zen.

The child’s bedroom is allowed a bit more in the way of decoration and frill.

A cute and creative light fixture centers the room while varied textured add whimsy.

The simple kid’s bed with the polkadot wall behind it is cozy and big enough for even a long bedtime story.

The design also makes clear that kid’s decor does not have to be cluttered, as long as storage is taken into consideration.

The color tones in the main areas as well as the private spaces remain quite muted.

A stone gray kitchen and natural wood flooring is chic and even somewhat masculine.

The unique modern dining chairs are quite a departure from the overstuffed version of the first home, showing that there are many ways to be modern.

The light fixture as well is stunning in its minimalist design.

A grey kitchen is perhaps not the most exciting choice, but it has its place.

And its place is in this very sleek apartment that celebrates muted tones, natural wood grain, and stylish comfort.

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A Cute Vintage-Inspired House with Lots of Space for Kitties

With design trends leaning so far towards minimalism, obsessed with clean lines and mid-century modern furniture, it can be easy to forget just how cozy a home that has plenty of stuff can be. Having things like books, trinkets, and even coffee mugs for many people is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket. Being surrounded by the things you love is an important and soothing part of having a home. The cozy house featured in this post, from the designers at The November with photos from Hey!Cheese Photography, has plenty of shelving and storage for all those lovely tchotchkes and even provides fun spaces for a few furry companions.

The entertainment center can be a trick beast. In a minimalist design, a television mounted to the wall and perhaps a narrow console would be enough.

But in this home, a large shelving unit acts as bookshelves, entertainment center, and stylish cat furniture all in one.

The natural wood unit has a country chic style to it while interior cat doors make it easy for the furry little friends to move through the various compartments safely.

Hidden hinges and portals mean that this beautiful shelving unit doesn’t look like a giant cat tree at first glance, only when you get a bit closer.

It’s really what goes onto the shelves in a home that makes them special, like a modern cuckoo clock, and lots of much loved books.

The patterns and colors used in this house give the design a bit of a vintage vibe, from a mustard gingham couch cover to some cute minty curtains.

As from these muted colors, things are kept fairly neutral with white and wood making up the majority of the interior.

The use of interior windows looking into the home office makes the space feel much bigger and allows more natural light into that room.

House plants scattered about are another cozy addition to this full space.

Those interior windows also open up, maximizing airflow and of course creating yet another perch for a curious cat.

The non-shelving furniture in the home is fairly sparse, but a beautiful dresser near the front door does have a mid-century feel to it.

Atop that dressed, indoor house plants add color and clean the air.

Overhead, a Boston Fern hangs down.

In the corridor, more shelving for a massive book collection.

The glass cover can slide over the shelves or act as a door for the office space, keeping those distracting kitties outside.

The interior windows are especially helpful for the office because the window in this room is quite small.

More shelving and some simple furniture make for an inspirational workspace.

Looking out into the living room, you can see another cat climbing apparatus tucked into what would otherwise look like a china cabinet.

A window seat offers some hidden storage and surely a nice sunny spot to curl up in.

The kitchen is fairly cozy in its design with a single cooktop and dining table that extends from the counter.

Simple, modern chairs hie away underneath the table when not in use while a mix of dark and light woods give the kitchen an eclectic, bohemian feel.

The overhead kitchen pendant lights are simple in their design, a more vintage take on track lighting.

Open shelving in the kitchen is another way to be constantly aware of the things you love and choose to keep.

A small exposed kitchen shelf creates a snug spot for plates and coffee mugs.

A single white kitchen bar stool is perfect for a quick cuppa. This pretty, modern version is the About a Stool by Hee Welling for Hay.

A patterned tile floor is a final vintage flourish in the kitchen design.

Moving into the private space, the bedroom is kept surprisingly simple with just a bed and a comfortable reading chair for furniture.

Natural wood cabinetry acts as a closet, but it is closed off from prying eyes and paws.

In place of bedside lamps,
vintage-inspired wall sconces flank the bed.

And no room in this house would be complete without a few books.

The bathroom is also an exercise in simplicity.

White walls and a slate gray tile floor, along with a glass-walled shower are all that’s needed.

A couple of small plants liven up the room and surely benefit from the humidity.

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