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A Tranquil Getaway Home in China

This design takes what lies beyond the walls of the home and extends it into every part of the living space.  Created by FM.X Interior Design, natural materials and muted tones are used throughout.  Just outside the hustle and bustle of downtown, this “returning hut” in Fujian, China takes the homeowner away from it all and into a world of serenity.  From the tree-filled courtyard and square lattice pavers to the stone walled living room that overlooks it, the space creates an air of stillness as if the surrounding property has created a fortress and become a buffer between you and the world outside.  To the natural stone rock incorporated into the design of the house this house was made for solitude, with a beautiful presentation. 

Designer: FM. X Interior Design  
Photographer: WU Yong Chang  

The simple wood stepped staircase overlooks the stone-walled dining and living areas just below and stays clear of the space, as if not to disrupt the tranquility of the sun-filled room.

The rectangular rug over stone tile declares the space decorated with understated furnishings in muted colored textiles.

The two-story stone wall continues the theme of this design and works well against the natural materials.  The two areas are well-defined by the rugs, one laying wall to wall and the other laying wall to window.

The sitting area flanked by two armless sofas and an armless chair practices restraint and invites you in to sit down with a good book, or simply gaze into the courtyard.

The designer uses various wood finishes to add interest.  Here with the tables are one of the few use of curves in the home.  The dining table gives an example of bringing the outdoors inside as it looks as if it was carved and simply placed on legs.

The décor throughout the home is simple.  The pair of fruit and sprig of leaves in the vase is all this space needed and brings more of the garden inside.  This design is all about peace.

The floor to ceiling windows offer ample lighting during the day, canned lighting is used by night. 

The wall of glass between the living area and courtyard is not about keeping anything out, but bringing the elements in.  The pavestones here share the same pattern as the window.   

The geometric pattern of the lattice stepping stone design just beyond the glass continues here in the natural stone tile.

The dining area, or tea room, defined by the natural fiber rug gives seating for dinner, tea, and has a spaced carved out for a desk chair when the space is being used for work.

The home looks like a part of the scenery instead of an interruption in nature.  Simple, sparse trees adorn the courtyard and this is carried into the home with the uncluttered living area.

Floor to ceiling linens drape the stone wall where it meets the glass and stone floors, softening the look.

The lines follow throughout the house, even in the horizontal steps that synchronize with the lines of the tile floor and stone wall.

The curved back chairs with seats of cane and simple lines lend themselves to the natural wood desk and keeps with the style of the home

Getting away doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good movie.  This home theatre is fully equipped and uses simple grey upholstery in straight lines providing comfort without distracting from enjoyment of the film. 

The diagonal white wall encloses the stairs and provides a continuum of white against the mixed tone woods. 

The designer created a peaceful retreat with subdued lighting and linens, natural wood headboard which also functions as storage on the reverse, and functional night tables.  Striped drapes provide shading and a nice tempering effect.

The focus here is the natural stone rock that sits just outside of the window, providing a view and privacy.

The stone wall continues upstairs beyond the landing in the bar area to the right that provides functional storage space.

The stone wall continues upstairs beyond the landing in the bar area to the right that provide functional storage space

Vessel sinks and stone counters sit atop the wood cabinets used for storage. 

The bedroom is visible from the tub which incorporates the stone existing on the property.  The seclusion of the home allows the fabulous view of the outdoors.

The bathing area seems to be incased in glass offering natural light for the entire area.  This area offers a mix of materials from glass to brick, stone, and wood. 

The natural stone sits beside the steps down to the bath.  The shower is just off to the side. 

Even the exquisite bath keeps with the lines, but once again we see the curves used in the commode and vessel sinks.   

The simple wall not only separates the master from second bedroom but serves as a closet.

The entire first floor of the home houses the home theatre, living, and dining rooms.  The second level is where you’ll find the bedrooms and bar area. 

This shows the future plans of the home.  There is more to come for this returning hut.

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Black, White and Wood: Two Masterclass Homes of Contemporary Style

Decorating your home can seem an infinite challenge. What colour scheme and theme will you go for? Which pieces in your current abode will you take or store away? Designing in black, white and wood can offer a simple, contemporary solution. These two interiors, both using black, white and IKEA-friendly pale wood, show how to use materials to their highest functionality. Drench your surfaces in texture, creating a classy finish. Make shapes with mirrors, rugs and chairs, letting individualism shine in your living space. These two well-designed finds show how make the most of simple colour schemes.

Visualizer: Pavel Voytov  

Our first living space is drenched in block walls of black, white and light wood. Based on a paler wooden floor, this design draws in the eye with textured black kitchen panelling, adding both distinction and room demarcation. White bauble lights lead towards the lounge, where light wood furniture mixes with a white leather L-sofa and zig-zagged rug. As a detailed grey plinth segments areas, a row of white windows looks out to mountains beyond.

The finer elements create shapes in each living space. The living room boasts circles glowing on the wall, reflected in the mirror and carved for the coffee table. A space for reading hosts triangles in the room partition and quilted ottoman chair legs. Looking from the kitchen, the spaces tie together through the lines of the bookshelves, black and white striped rug and white quilted couch.

The kitchen adds drama with a strong presence of black and white. With one wall in full black and the other almost in full white, contrasts are created without blocking off the room. Similar grey partition shading complements a white dining table and chairs, artfully constructed in industrial mesh. A painted portrait and two curved, thin lights bring kitchen and dining areas together in harmony.

Around the corner, a meditation haven makes itself known. Warm colours mixed with white, light plywood and black glass are illuminated by standing candles, infusing the room with a calm aura. A potted plant in the corner beside darker-hued prints ties in the room to the remaining interior.

Two bedrooms and bathrooms give the interior diversity. The master bedroom shows its masculine side, with a heavy black futon bed with stark white bedding. LED-lit beside a chorus of lamps, the headboard’s geometric pattern is lightly etched into its surface, creating a bigger visual around the bed. A large, grey-quilted chair harks to the living area, while a chequered rug and muted-tone portrait tie its elements together.

The guest bedroom meets the master and meditation room halfway, with a lighter-shaded room featuring pieces in black. Roofed by wooden panelling, its white walls contrast with unusual dark wood, blending in the TV. Lighter bedding joined by grey makes the room contemporary, as do thin leaning mirrors, potted plants, triangular pops of orange and a light made of pipes. A floating desk and tucked away cupboard add functionality, as mushroom lamps lead to a relaxing white window seat.

The ensuite takes the living room’s circles and makes them oval, with a stunning misshaped mirror. Incorporating an exposed brick wall, concrete ceiling, tiling and light wood, the design appears minimalist by painting in white. An under-bath bookshelf, darker wood towel rail and sculpted figure add character to a room white, bright and open.

The main bathroom opens with a pop of mint. A rainforest shower head peeps behind a tinted glass panel and above a marble step, as another oval mirror greets its gaze. Joined by a distressed concrete panel, exposed brick wall and steampunk light, the corridor behind opens up to another bookshelf-bottomed bath. A basin underneath adds a quirky punctuation to the space.

Visualizer: Yevhen Zahorodnii  

Visualised by Yehven Zahorodnii, our second space boasts much less room – and much more innovation. A quarter-wall clad in plywood holds a TV in the living room. Extending through to a mid-grey wall with LED panelling, a grey-and-white block couch offers up teal cushions. A leaning fauna artwork and velveteen rug tie into two ornamental shelf legs, while thin, warm-coloured lamps drape over and beside seated spaces.

A place for breakfast is offered by three grey kitchen chairs. Juxtaposed with a white table and potted shelves, a textured black wall adds interest. A grey blind and white bench open up the space, letting in light from the city below. Light wood forms a corridor and cabinetry, making the room appear larger and hiding a kitchen sink behind closed doors.

Dreaming under a canopy of chiffon and lanterns, the bedroom stylises in black and white. A leaning abstract adds a cool, collected vibe, a poofy ottoman and desk functionality.

Deviating from black and white, this large-format tile bathroom warms it up with golden-lit shelves holding trinkets. As a large porcelain bath invites in the viewer, a honeycomb wall links with a circular mirror and light-wooden under panel. A sprig in a vase adds life.

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30 Modern White Kitchens That Exemplify Refinement

White is popular in interior design, often used to create a look of elegance and refinement. These 30 modern kitchen designs use a mix of materials and textures to create posh looks for the homeowners. Throwing in color on walls, in accessories, or in backsplashes has helped to provide great contrasts in a few of these designs. Others maintain their clean white look and pair with wood floors. White can make your room seem larger and in the case of kitchens, reflect light where windows are not available to provide natural lighting.

Source: Kuchen  

This white kitchen displays simplicity without the use of hardware. Panel door and drawerfronts are used throughout. The built-in subzero refrigerator blends in seamlessley. Open glass shelves on the back wall are used for storage and decor.

Designer: Agushi  
Source: Agushi  

Featuring clean lines, Italian marble, and a dark stained European Oak floor. The circular drop pendant lights above the marble island add whimsy to the straightforward design. Panel doors and two simple shelves keep this look uniform.

Source: Stadshem  

The tile backsplash in this kitchen mimics a brick wall. The vent is stainless as well as the countertop, making the workspace easy to clean. The unstained floors lends well with the understated Scandinavian look.

Visualizer: Brainfactory  
Source: Brainfactory  

This kitchen is the centerpiece of this Rome apartment. On the opposite side of the cabinets is the television fo the living area. Antique oak parquet floors add warmth and the window brings in light. The small table gives a place for eating and work.

Source: Kuchen  

This ultra modern white kitchen has a multi-level island and bar on painted concrete floors. The mini cabinets above the sink house glassware behind sliding doors.

Designer: Mamm Design  

This step-down kitchen sits in a multi-level duplex in the Netherlands. The house is brightened with a sunlight above the all-white kitchen which is central in this home. Geometric shapes command attention

Visualizer: Stanislav Borozdinskiy   

This white kitchen shares a space with the living area and adds a pop of grey with the contemporary circle back chairs.

Visualizer: Alex Dorokin  

This Bohemian kitchen features white cabinets with simple pewter bar hardware and ceramin countertops on light wood floors. While there is only one space of cabinets, there is plenty of storage space top and bottom.

Visualizer: Alexey Merkushev   

The white cabinets and backsplash in this have a gloss finish. The grey ceramic countertop breaks up the look, adding a touch of color. The white dome pendant lamp is lined in gold, adding to the sophistication of the decor. The designer has added a black dining table making a great monochromatic statement.

Visualizer: Giuseppe Burgio   

This kitchen is sleek with its wall of white gloss finish cabinets. Instead of using an island in the middle of the space, a white table extends off of the grey ceramic countertops providing extra space. They grey stained wood floors are also glossed over.

Visualizer:  Ihor Bednarchyk   

This grey and white kitchen utilizes marble on the island and backsplash. The flower kitchen pendant lamps provide decor and ambient lighting.

Designer: Jeff Schlarb  

The white crown molding makes the cabinetry blend right into the wall and make the already tall cabinets appear even taller. The island is surrounded in grey and white marble which is picked up again in the backsplash. Wyndham Counter Stools are from Arteriors Home. For more kitchen barstools check out: 40 Captivating Kitchen Bar Stools For Any Type Of Decor.

Designer: Euge & Seta  

This Barcelona kitchen uses the pure white as a background for the pop of color found in a color-block window and a few choice accessories. Stainless steel is used on the barstool and appliances. The space is small, but in white, seems much more spacious. For more yellow inspiration visit our Yellow Accent Kitchens .

Visualizer: Hasankhani Tabriza   

This simple white kitchen serves as a functional space and the perfect place to display the large elephant art on the far wall. Light beachwood cabinets, gloss finished concrete floors, and marble complete the décor.

Visualizer: ReFL Studio  

This kitchen took an eclectic turn with a variety of chairs around an unassuming four leg table. The high sheen square tile backsplash accents the white cabinets and light wood floors. This room has ample windows filling the room with natural light.

Visualizer: AM Studio  

This Scandinavian designed white kitchen features white tile backsplash that mimics the look of brick, with pale grey cabinet panels with white knob drawer pulls. The butcher block countertops match the table that is paired with simple wooden benches. The retro refrigerator takes you back to simpler times.

Visualizer: M3 Architecture  

This white ultra modern design with marble backsplash and light ash floors adds whimsicality with the 5 rock shaped drop lights.

Visualizer: Linee Studio  

Space abounds with this kitchen in the absence of an island. White panel cabinets with space above for display adorn the right wall. A multi-color print backsplash adds color to the look atop a marble countertop. Huge windows dressed in simple white panels allow the sun to fill the room and show off the decorative molding on the ceiling.

Designer: Bask Interiors  

White tile creates a brick façade on this kitchen’s backsplash. Simple free floating shelves and wine storage provide space for decorative items. The large desk style island gives more workspace and can seat four. To the left a desk completes the room giving a space for doing bills or homework.

Designer: Ruth Welsby  
Photographer: Martina Gemmola  

This throwback simple white kitchen uses the wood trim to define these sharp lines on these handle free cabinets.

Visualizer: Zrobym  

This kitchen consists of a simple wall of panel cabinets in white. The light wood from the floor tiles is picked up again in the upper cabinets. The colorful wallpaper as a backsplash adds a pop of color. Do check out our 50 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas post if you are looking for more kitchen backsplash inspiration.

Visualizer: Inuti  

Stark white blankets this kitchen against the black accents of the appliances, barstools, and pendant lamps. The barstools are from Patricia Urquiola.

Visualizer: Erlind Llanaj  

Here the cabinets seem to be fused together in cubes seen in the cabinets, island, and vent. Black dome lamps hang over the table which is an extension of the island in a contrasting dark wood.

Designer: Kitchen Haus  

Handless kitchen cabinets create a seamless look, especially when glossed overe as these are in Malmo White Gloss. Combined with a grey ceramic countertop and higher level marble bar, this room utilizes traditional materials with new concepts.

Designer: Destilat  

This upscale modern loft with painted concrete houses panel kitchen cabinets. The marble from the living area serves as a backsplash of sorts.

Visualizer: Kuoo Architects  

Taking minimalism to the maximum, this simple galley kitchen in white has pine wood floors.

Designer: Paul M  

This kitchen has simple armless cabinets and a massive white island and box venthood. The sliding glass doors to the right allow in natural light.

Visualizer: Myles Montgomery  

This white kitchen mixes materials to make a perfect look. White cabinets, dark wood floors, and marble combine effortlessly. Check out our 36 Marble Kitchen Ideas post if you are looking for more kitchen marble inspiration.

Visualizer: Rado Rick  

White dominates this futuristic kitchen with geometric angles as the spotlight of the space with spots of black. The other cool points in this room are earned for the intergrated glass-ceramic cooktop, sink, and supboards. The central island also features a removable cutting board.

Visualizer: Modom Studio  

A large grey pendant is used in this all white modern kitchen. Storage space is abundant, keeping this look fresh and clean with minimal clutter.

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4 Fabulously Stylish Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are becoming popular all over the world. In some places this is out of necessity, there simply isn’t enough space to build new housing. Some builders are trying this new concept out of a desire to conserve energy and space, and to help others who are looking to simplify their lives. The open floor plan, sometimes less expensive rates, and lower energy bills are some reasons the latest generations are flocking to space saving flats.

As we will show you in these 4 fabulous studio apartments, down-sizing doesn’t mean giving up on style. To the contrary, it often gives one a chance to show their style in concentrated areas.

Visualizer: Julia Butova  

This one bedroom apartment uses space wisely, but doesn’t compromise when it comes to style. A white backdrop keeps this living room bright and airy. A low back color block sectional provides seating with and adds color to the room. The floor to ceiling geometric iron wall plaque emphasizes the height of the ceiling.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

Another view of the living area shows the box cutout in the ceiling that has an unfinished look. The flow of the seating works well in the rectangular shaped room that leads to the doorway.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

Here we get a great shot of the window that provides the lighting and highlights the beauty of the light ash floors.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

The wall is stepped back slightly, giving a spot for stereo equipment and storage. Next to the large screen television is a unique piece of art used to share a quote with visitors.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

In this room, space is saved with bed mats placed right on the floor giving the room a Zen quality. Uncomplicated shelves are used above the bed as a bookshelf.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

Even a nice seating area is possible in this space. The yellow from the pillows just across the room is used in this mat seating and abstract art gives the room even more personality.

The kitchen right off of the bedroom features straight lines and has a natural wood look to the panel cabinets. The counter extends out into a white bar providing seating.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

These black webbed chairs add a touch of whimsy. To the right we get a shot of the wooden platform used in the bedroom.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

A large black pendant lamp hangs over the bar. Shelves in the kitchen, like the rest of the room were kept simple and functional.

Visualizer: Oksana Zayats  

This monochromatic studio apartment is where function meets fashion. All in this one room is where you will find the bedroom, closet, living, and kitchen. Just behind the grey shuttered doors is the wardrobe. The rug indicates the seating area.

Visualizer: Oksana Zayats  

The melamine cabinets are sleek. Two plaid upscale bean bag chairs and small table serve as a sitting area.

Visualizer: Oksana Zayats  

A mirror reflects the door and opens up the space further. Two pendant lights shine down on the gold storage ottoman.

Visualizer: Oksana Zayats  

In the foyer we find black textured walls, wood floors that extend up to make a baseboard, and storage cabinets that blend into the wall.

Visualizer: Oksana Zayats  

Next to the black door, art panels in geometric shapes are hung.

A projector hangs from the ceiling with the screen just over the bed for movie night. Colorful abstract art leans on the wall behind the bed. The wood floors seem to have creeped up the wall, giving the bed a headboard.

Visualizer: Oksana Zayats  

Green was used on the opposite wall that surrounds the picture window that looks down on the city below.

Visualizer: Oksana Zayats  

The bathroom of this flat is just as minimalistic as the rest of the home. Grey and crème tile was used on the floor and walls.

Visualizer: Oksana Zayats  

A tankless commode is used, saving space and conserving water.

Visualizer: Oksana Zayats  

Panel doors hide bathroom essentials and linens and the counter top is left uncluttered.

Source: Alvem  

This shabby chic studio apartment uses an eclectic mix of furnishings, foliage, and varying textiles to carry off its look.

Source: Alvem  

A blue chenille sofa is paired with cane chairs and decked out with microfiber pillows in pink and gold.

Source: Alvem  

A pull out desk to the left of the living area provides a spot for getting a little work done or having a meal.

Source: Alvem  

Around the room greenery and bamboo abound. Here we see the quarter wall that divides the living area from the resting area.

Source: Alvem  

A simple light wood leaning bookshelf provides a space for accessories and storage.

Source: Alvem  

The inside of the dividing wall has nooks for books. Lighting for the space is provided by two wall lamps.

Source: Alvem  

The use of the dividing wall gives privacy without closing off the living room.

Source: Alvem  

This galley kitchen dons all white, making it appear larger. The straight lines and lack of hardware elongates the room and keeps the look clean.

Source: Alvem  

The window at the far side of the kitchen helps to open up the space and provides sunlight.

Visualizer: Alexandra Paul  

Lavish can be used to describe the one-room loft. Going small doesn’t mean skimping on luxury. A small right arm sofa component with wood table is used with an oval coffee table.

Visualizer: Alexandra Paul  

The bedroom, living, and dining can all be seen from this one spot. This two seat bar table sits just behind the sofa.

Visualizer: Alexandra Paul  

The stone wall that holds the television is dotted for an added visual effect in the room. Also on the wall is a sofa table providing storage and a small desk area. Pendant lighting in different shapes and finishes add to the opulence.

Visualizer: Alexandra Paul  

Everything in this apartment has a low profile, keeping all views unobstructed and making the space appear larger. Here, dark wood floors are coupled with a beige rug.

A glass partition is used between the living and bedroom to provide privacy.

Visualizer: Alexandra Paul  

The bedrooms back wall is done in wood paneling and seems to be encased in glass. Gold sheers can be pulled to give extra privacy.

Visualizer: Alexandra Paul  

The back wall is used to share special places in art, hatboxes and accessories in lilac add an air of femininity. Low nightstands with simple legs provide storage without taking over the room.

Visualizer: Alexandra Paul  

The foyer gives us another look at those detailed concrete walls. Black framed art is used mimicking the black in the door.

Visualizer: Alexandra Paul  

This mirrored wall is actually a door. The closet and storage space is just behind it.

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25 Living Rooms that Sport Spectacular Views

A beautifully decorated room is appealing, couple that with an amazing view and you have these 25 spectacular designs from around the globe. A running river, the waters flapping on the ocean, or the sun coming over the mountainside all can be seen from the terraces of these beautiful private residences and villas available for rent.

Architect: Saota  

Just beyond this two story high living area lies the ocean. Step out onto the veranda and you are on the sea.

Architect: Saota  

This pool side seating area has sectional seating and dining areas to sit out and catch the sun casting its light on the mountains as it rises. This view doubles down and also provides the ocean as its secondary backdrop.

Architect: Saota  

This ocean view villa has been designed with decadence. Straight lines on the upholstery has been coupled with curves in the accessories and lighting. The convertible door opens to an infinity pool that seems to drop right into the seas below.

Source: Mallorca Gold  

This luxury residence in Mallorca, Balearic Islands features contemporary furnishings and a wall of windows that slide open to the sun deck, infinity pool and the Balearic Sea.

This villa is just minutes from Cannes and sits on Villefranche, giving guests panoramic views of the Cap Ferrat and the Mediterranean.

Architect: Saota  

This circular sunroom boasts views of the town just beyond, the mountains, and the waters below.

This impeccably designed room gains its warmth from solid wood floors just beside the tile, stone and wood fireplace and the setting sun over the seas.

Source: Go2Africa  

This upscale South African villa can be yours, for the night with rates starting at $1100. This 5 bedroom penthouse is situated on Camps Bay nestled in the Twelve Apostles Mountains. The crème on crème living room features heated floors and the kitchen is just a few steps up. From the large infinity pool guests can enjoy the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Source: Samjuana  

The bottom level of this outdoor living area has a wrap around infinity pool, bar area, and sun deck. You can find this lavish private villa on a hillside overlooking a private beach on the Gulf of Thailand.

Architect: Eric Miller  

This Carmel by the Sea home was designed with the idea of showing off the view, not the home itself according to architect Eric Miller. Dubbed the Pelican House, the contemporary home sits on the Monterey Peninsula. The windows spanning the living area were custom made allow the home owners to enjoy the sea and even pelicans that often fly by.

Visualizer: Ibrahem Magdy   

This living room has lovely views of the Persian Gulf from the windows of this chalet. The low profile settees that line the windows offer seating without obstructing the view.

Source: B&B Italia  

Everything in this living room is functional, yet light in design. Nothing heavy is used. The spotlight is on the walls of windows that display the beautiful mountain view.

Visualizer: Black Box  

It is an outdoor living space when the doors are opened, welcoming in the sounds of the rushing waves. This living area features stone, leather, and contemporary lines proving that your beach front home can be decorated in any style.

Visualizer: Giuseppe Burgio   

These two levels depict work and relaxation, respectively. The view outside the glass helps in both. Rushing water and craggy terrain bring an atmosphere of serenity.

Several groups of seating are present with a conversations areas, an area for watching television and outdoor seating for soaking up the sun. All of these arrangements have one focal point, this beautiful view of the water.

Visualizer: Alla Kogan  

This combined living and dining area in a high rise building has a patio to look down and enjoy the view of a bustling city and the ocean beyond.

Source: The Agency  

The city lights provide the backdrop to this contemporary living area. Residents can listen to the sounds of the town or close the sliding doors and just enjoy the view.

Visualizer: Dominic Maslik   

This ultra modern living room has views of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the beautiful waters of the Sydney Harbor.

Visualizer: Sakis Xim  

When the Empire State Building is outside your window, you leave the window coverings out of your design plan. Simple, low profile furninshings provide an uncomplicated and timeless design.

Visualizer: 747 Studios PHOTOGRAPHY & CGI    

Beneath the second story walkway is a living room with pops of color and a wall of bookshelves. Sitting down with a good book and enjoying this view would be spectacular.

Visualizer: Hai Peng  

Situated in the middle of Saigon’s Ho Chi Minh City, this panoramic penthouse offers double height windows and a beautiful city view. Dark wood floors, dramatic lighting and lots of color this living area is all about opulence and drama.

Visualizer: Phan Nguyen  

Visualizer: Phiung Asia   

This living room in Asia has a beautiful view of a rainy day in the mountain range.

Visualizer: Dmitri Reviakin   

This minimalist decor of this living room serves the view of the Swiss countryside well. The focus is on the view, making it important to not have a cluttered room.

Visualizer: Deniz Duran  

The wood stove and simple sleek design of this living area has a perfect backdrop, a foggy lake and mountain view.

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