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40 Beautiful Bedrooms That We Are In Awe Of

Are you planning to update your bedroom decor, or maybe even start a renovation from the ground up? This post is all about inspiration! We’ve collected a list of 40 bedrooms that span a huge range of styles from contemporary to classic, eclectic to minimalist, and everything in between – a little something for everybody. Whether you’re looking for creative accent wall ideas, different bed frame designs, or just want to check out some neat color palettes or fresh decor motifs, you’re sure to find something for your sketchbook in one of these breathtaking retreats.

Visualizer: Joseph Tucny  

Geometric latticework, dramatic lighting, and understated decor all transform this otherwise industrial bedroom into a sophisticated retreat.

Visualizer: Stefanie Chapman  

Intricate boiserie and delicate wrought iron details make this bedroom look lighter than air. The indoor house plants help bring the outdoors in.

Visualizer: Albert Mizuno  

With backdrop like this, a straightforward interior is the only way to go – the furniture is comfortable and stylish without upstaging the beautiful view outdoors.

Visualizer: Third Aesthetic  

This interior also takes a simple approach, using natural motifs to match the verdant balcony with its hanging planters and potted trees.

Designer: SJB  

Vibrant, unique furniture makes this bedroom stand out from the rest.

Visualizer: Ziza V  

Designed as part of a hotel concept, this creative space uses minimalist features to frame a unique window at the end of the room.

Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko  

The picture windows and deep mezzanine offer a dramatic setting for the drums – sometimes the best interior design for musicians is simply having wide open space to work.

Visualizer: Tatyana Ryltsova  

Moving away from purely scenic homes, this space makes a big impression with its illuminated bedroom wall texture.

Visualizer: Basel Durgham  

Here’s another take on the same wall panels. Although this room has plenty of strong overhead lighting, the wall panels are better for setting a calmer mood in the evening.

Visualizer: Archiplastica   

These wall panels don’t include their own lights, but their subtly tilted facets do a wonderful job of catching the light from the window and the recessed fixture behind the headboard.

Visualizer: Dima Ol’gin  

This room has multiple layers of lights for different purposes – practical yet unique bedroom pendants as task lighting, with softer indirect mood lighting radiating from the accent wall.

Visualizer: Studio Light Design  

Here are even more lighting ideas! A backlit panel provides subtle lighting above the bed. The side table lamps are from the AJ collection by Arne Jacobsen.

Visualizer: Eileen Ou  

There is no shortage of bedroom lighting ideas out there. It’s all about determining the effect you want to create, like this ultra-modern geometric look.

Visualizer: Pavel Balashov  

Now let’s check out a few cool accent wall options. This wooden wall design is sleek, subtle, and adds warm natural appeal to the bedroom.

Visualizer: Blalank Studio  

This textural accent wall allows the wooden headboard and low paneling to take center stage. A thin strip of mirror makes this arrangement stand out from the rest.

Visualizer: Leyla Salayeva  

Marble is always a dramatic solution for high-end spaces like this! This application is highly polished, a great way to reflect the sunlight from the generous windows at the right.

Visualizer: Leng Keng  

Just as elegant, this white marble wall includes gold-toned stripes to match the brassy trim in the rest of the room.

Visualizer: Julia Trintsukova  

This black and white bedroom doesn’t even need high end wall panels – its unique headboard centers the design.

Visualizer: Frank Barletta  

One of the benefits of Scandinavian style bedrooms is that the aesthetic allows for eclectic accent pieces like all these fun prints and sculptures lining the headboard wall.

Visualizer: Zrobym Architects  

There’s a lot going on in this comfortable bedroom! The geometric wall serves as a fantastic backdrop for the nature-themed artwork, with the Ikea Sinnerlig pendant pulling the design together.

Visualizer: Irina Artpartner  

While vertical wood paneling can sometimes look dated, horizontal styles are easier to fit into a contemporary theme. Lighter woods tend to look more modern than darker ones.

Visualizer: Tatyana Ozimuk  

Now let’s look at bedrooms with unique form factors! This room takes advantage of its height with artistic geometric wall panels.

Visualizer: Evgeniya Belkina  

What a charming bedroom! The angles of the bed frame cleverly echoes the shape of the walls and ceiling.

Visualizer: Abdullah Taranov  

Low beds are great for spaces with restricted vertical space. The ceiling isn’t truly low enough to cause any conflicts but the low bed contributes to better visual balance.

Visualizer: Only Studio  

On the other hand, the low ceilings of attic bedrooms can really get in the way. It would be difficult to sleep in a space as compact as this without using such a low bed platform.

Visualizer: Only Studio  

This rounded bedroom is so unique! It looks like it would take considerable athleticism to climb the ladder to the platform bed above – but it’s a cool space-saver for anyone that can navigate it!

Visualizer: Truc Ngo  

Here’s another space saving bedroom design, this time using a more traditional layout. The full wall of storage and compact desk help reduce visual clutter.

Visualizer: NowDesign  

Of course, removing clutter entirely is a completely different matter. Fully minimalist bedrooms are tricky to create, but this one makes use of under-platform drawers for handy storage.

Visualizer: VAE  

This bed platform not only includes storage drawers, but makes lounging even easier with outlets and side table space as well. The platform is integrated with the closet wall for a cohesive look.

Visualizer: Orb Space  

Flexible lighting sources define this minimalist bedroom. The perforated screen actually folds back to reveal the balcony, while the long curtain shields the space in between.

Visualizer: KDVA Architects  

Those striving toward minimalism can appreciate the look of low height bed design for many reasons, but these types of beds offer a comfortable middle ground.

Visualizer: lala Akkiraz  

Here’s the edgy industrial-inspired bedroom of a stylish book lover. While the hanging bubble might not make for the most comfortable reading chair, its transparent shell allows plenty of sunlight to hit the pages.

Visualizer: Marcin Mierzyński  

This concrete wall bedroom beautifully combines industrial influence and severe minimalism – but still leaves plenty of room for reading material.

Visualizer: West Designers  

We’ve covered bedrooms with exposed brick walls and bedrooms with concrete walls, so here’s a space that combines both and adds in a dash of luxury with smart brass accents.

Visualizer: Tu Nguyen Hoang  

Wooden accent walls are a common motif, but these thin vertical slats are still working their way up the food chain of trends.

Visualizer: Kyde Architects  

Thin wood slats are subtle, contemporary, and somehow capture the best of both industrial and rustic influences. Expect to see more of this style as it continues to catch on!

Visualizer: Anastasia Manovitskaya  

To close out this bedroom showcase, we’re going to admire a selection of rooms that include an uncommon accent color on a neutral backdrop, like this smooth space and its dramatic artwork.

Visualizer: Daria Zinovatnaya  

Dark grey bedrooms are so incredibly flexible when it comes to accent color palettes – these pastel pinks feel larger than life in this moody and mysterious retreat.

Visualizer: Motiva Studio  

Here, robin’s egg blue guides the eye along a bedroom filled with a variety of textures and patterns. The interior architecture is fascinating, but the color palette might be fun to emulate too.

Visualizer: Alexandr Golinskiy  

With its map accent wall and deep navy accent colors, this bedroom showcases the subtle side of nautical home decor.

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A Modern Residence with Simple Details Outside of Moscow

While the luxury of Italian marble and antique oak can never quite be matched, the reality is that you do not need the most expensive materials to create a truly unique and stylish space. Instead, it is the way the materials fit and flow together that creates real luxury. This modern interior, made for a private residence outside of Moscow, is proof that even simple, inexpensive materials can create a beautiful home when used correctly. In this instance, of course, a few high-end furnishings don’t hurt either! This unique home was conceptualized by the architects at MOPS Architecture Studio with visualization by ONI Render.

The home’s open floor plan firmly establishes it as a modern space while floor-to-ceiling glass let in a huge amount of natural light. Unique plant stands that support year-round greenery can bring a bit of color and excitement to the home, even in the frigid Russian winters.

Creative paneling that opens up to reveal a television is not entirely unique in modern design, but the style here that mimics concrete gives the design an industrial warmth

With an open floor plan, it is critical to divide a space with flow and privacy in mind. Here, a partial wall separates one area of the home from another without disrupting the natural light.

Of course, a fireplace is required in a climate like this. The c-shaped design lets the flames be enjoyed from either side.

Luxury furnishings can make a tremendous difference in how a home feels. There is no question that this large white sectional would be ideal for sinking into after a long day.

When the sun goes down, so does the wonderful light that streams in through the large windows. Ultramodern track lighting keeps the living room livable at night time.

Pull up a mid-century style chair for a chat by the fire before dinner — or slip a book off of the centerpiece shelving for some quality alone time.

The living room certainly stays true to the clean lines of this space, with only a few carefully placed trinkets to add a bit of personality.

For more personality, move into the dining room where whimsical dining pendants sway over the table in a variety of playful shapes and colors.

A dividing wall can become a monolith if not properly treated. A large piece of daring artwork does the trick here.

What is a beautiful home without a space to revel with your guests. A long beautiful bar provides the perfect space for just that.

Careful going up and down these suspended steps — you wouldn’t want to track any mud on that pristine white.

No need to perch on a backless barstool at home, instead get cozy in the kitchen bar stools with bucket seats. The mismatched colors on the stools are the perfect subtle contrast to the grey kitchen interior.

More indoor plants adorn the master bedroom, which focuses in on a big comfy bed and cozy plush grey rug.

Built-in shelving can make any space feel a bit more upscale, as seen here underneath the television in the bedroom.

Buttery leather chairs give a pop of color and texture to an otherwise grey and white bedroom.

The bedroom should certainly be a place to relax and this one gives space to turn in, or to just tune out.

The brightest pop of color in the house comes in a shockingly green panel in the bathroom.

The green glass matches the indoor greenery while more natural light provides the best possible scenario for getting ready every morning.

Even the bright green feels subdued against the natural stone walls and wood flooring.

Architect: MOPS Architecture Studio  

His and hers mirrors are the only way to start the day in harmony.

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3 Modern Studio Apartments With Glass-Walled Bedrooms

While some studio floor plans can accommodate bedroom privacy without the need for additional curtains or screens, this post looks at apartments that required a different approach. Each of these compact apartments separate the bedroom from the rest of the space with attractive glass walls – a lightweight solution that dampens unwanted noise and creates physical boundaries without looking too “closed off”. If you’re looking for ways to isolate the bedroom without disrupting the visual flow of your home, check out these three gorgeous apartments below.

Visualizer: Vlad Crest  

At 45 square meters in size, this compact apartment doesn’t have much space to create a separate environment for each room – thankfully, the designers were able to use features like sliding curtains and frosted glass doors as flexible partitions where needed. The tour starts with a look at the living room, divided from the office and library area by simple white drapery.

The decor is restrained but avoids full minimalism. Bold contrasting colors add energy to the room while subtle abstract artwork centers the eye above the sofa.

At first glance, it’s not entirely obvious that the interior is technically a studio – the glazed sliding door does a fantastic job of concealing the bedroom from view. Elsewhere, a similar wall separates the living room from the kitchen.

Small industrial influences like this concrete accent wall gives the apartment urban appeal, an interesting textural contrast compared to the frosted windows at the side.

Fresh cut plants and a rustic serving tray are nice home-like touches.

Frosted glass walls give the bedroom a chance to embrace its own unique style. The dramatic accent wall is a playful approach to space themed decor.

Low pendants are a great way to shine a little light on a side table or vanity without illuminating the entire room, especially helpful for those who share a bed with a partner.

This cozy entrance niche is smart and functional. The pouf makes it easy to untie shoes, the mirror offers a chance to tidy hair or collars before heading out, and the small vanity and drawers are useful for emptying pockets.

Of course, a comfortable reading chair is a must-have for anybody who enjoys a good book in the evening – a good adjustable floor lamp is an obligatory companion.

Across from the reading chair, snuggled into its own private niche, a small office offers plenty of peace and privacy for concentration.

Square shelves serve as an attractive way to highlight small sculptures, toys, and other decorations to help inspire creativity while working.

While it’s common to choose streamlined desks for small spaces like this, creative types often benefit from having more surface area for writing and sketching and other physical tasks.

Chartreuse, gray, and tangerine orange take the home’s colorful theme to a new and more dramatic level.

In some ways, the design seems almost retro – the shapes and colors are borrowed from atomic era design, but the overall composition is undeniably contemporary.

Glossy surfaces help bounce sunlight back into the room, eliminating shadows and making the space feel larger.

Smooth surfaces like these easily show smudges, which is actually part benefit and part drawback. On one hand it can be difficult to keep up with, but residents will never have to second-guess whether the surface is clean.

Visualizer: Robby Brymer  

This comfortable small apartment seems to echo the colors and atmosphere of a bright spring day. In keeping with the springtime inspiration, greenery plays an important role throughout – if you’re curious about the potted indoor plant at the left, it’s a Ficus lyrata, also known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Glass walls encase the bedroom. It helps to dampen the sound from the living room without making the space look smaller. An interior window allows sunlight to pour into the kitchen.

More small plants line the windowsill, always a great decor option for small spaces. You’ll also find a few copper-colored elements scattered throughout.

Simplicity defines the kitchen’s eat-in dining arrangement. White chairs and a natural wood table put functionality first. A pair of unique candlesticks add a subtle dash of color.

Surprisingly, the kitchen strays far from the minimalism the rest of the home enjoyed. The brass fixtures and cabinet handles look incredibly charming against their pastel background.

Visualizer: Mosa Studio  

Finally, here’s something a little different – dark, moody, and refined. This studio apartment uses sliding glass doors to separate the living and kitchen spaces from the combination office, bedroom, and master bathroom. It’s an interesting approach that makes the interior feel more segmented without disrupting line of sight across the interior.

Dark leather, neutral colors, and simple accessories create a streamlined aesthetic.

Stone accents serve as a sophisticated alternative to the trend of concrete feature walls. A border of lightly-veined marble transitions to a surface for the television and small sculpture.

Thanks to the sliding glass walls, the resident can choose to open up the space – perhaps to enjoy the television – or close the space to reduce noise from other occupants or guests.

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25 Decorative Light Switch Covers

Details matter! It’s easy to overlook common hardware like doorknobs and drawer handles while working on a new interior decor theme, but these small items can make a world of difference when it comes to crafting a cohesive aesthetic – light switch covers included! This list compiles 25 decorative light switch covers to help pull your interior design together. Whether you’re looking for a rustic style to match your new kitchen, or need geeky wall decor for your media room, we hope you’ll find something you’ll love to use and look at every single day. You can even use this list to find useful housewarming gifts for your friends!


Frankenstein Throw Switch Plate: Science fiction fans are sure to appreciate this unique piece – rather than simply flipping a switch, now you can throw a lever like a real mad scientist! Simply replace the cover for your existing decora-style switch and enjoy.


Steampunk Style Switch Cover: This steampunk switch cover can mount over any existing ordinary residential switch. Turn the crank to engage the rack-and-pinion system, just as fun to watch as it is to use. Consider this switch cover as a gift for the engineer in your life!


Hand-Sculpted Steampunk Themed Light Switch Plate: Sculpted, cast, and painted by hand, this charming light switch cover is a unique piece of art for your wall. The artist even offers color customization at no extra cost so you can expertly coordinate with the rest of your steampunk home decor.


Industrial Style Switch Cover: It’s hard to find everyday fixtures to complement industrial style home decor, but this handmade piece will look right at home in any converted warehouse loft or other mechanically-themed space.


Brass Light Switch Plate: Do you need a light switch cover for an elegant contemporary home or to match an Art Deco theme? This solid zinc brass-toned wall plate is an understated design that still manages to catch the eye.


Oil Rubbed Bronze Light Switch Plate: Available in a wide variety of toggle and switch options, this bronze-finished cover is ideal for coordinating within homes that use multiple switch configurations – and matching outlet covers are available too. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, simply choose the satin nickel finish.


Copper Finish Light Switch Covers: With a distressed copper finish ideal for decor themes ranging from Victorian to rustic Tuscan, these switch covers are unique but flexible for a variety of interior needs. This collection is also available in modern bronze with copper highlights and elegant satin nickel.


Chrome Light Switch Cover: Perfect for an industrial interior or a workshop/garage, this plate combines the durability of stamped steel with a luminous chrome finish. Each set includes screws with a matching finish.


Fleur De Lis Switch Plate Cover: If your decorating style tends to fall along the lines of cottage chic, Scandinavian, or countryside rustic, this vintage switch cover would make a charmingly authentic addition. The ornate fleur de lis decor really pops with its distressed painted finish – the artist offers more than 40 color options to suit any interior.


Moose Metal Light Switch Cover: Crafted by hand from wrought iron and finished with matte black coating, this switch plate would make a wonderful gift for your favorite outdoors enthusiast. The moose silhouette is the perfect middle ground between subtlety and standing out.


Elephant Light Switch Cover Plate: This distinctive switch cover is sure to start conversations. And since elephant home decor isn’t exactly common or easy to find, this piece would make a nice gift for enthusiasts.


Faux Deer Antler Switch Cover: Painted by hand for a realistic and detailed appearance, this deer antler switch cover would make a dramatic impression in any interior with a lodge, hunting, or outdoorsy theme.


Nautical Light Switch Cover: Gorgeous! This plate cover looks and feels unique thanks to its rugged copper finish and rich verdigris patina, a great accent for a nautical home decor theme. Each set includes two screws painted to match so you won’t have to go through the trouble of finding coordinating hardware.


Dragon Scale Switch Plate: Are you looking for something eye-catching and unique to complement a fantasy-themed interior style or trying to build up a collection of dragon home decor? This handmade and hand-painted dragon scale switch cover is sure to delight.


Mermaid Light Switch Cover: Designed in the same style as the dragon switch cover above, this shimmery style is made for fans of mermaid decor.


Octopus Light Switch Cover: Consider this unusual light switch plate as a housewarming gift for anyone who prefers to keep things creepy – this octopus decor might even work as a treat for horror movie fans, or science fiction enthusiasts who enjoy the sea monsters of great authors like H.P. Lovecraft.


Owl Switch Plate: Available in antique white or retro turquoise, this switch plate would make a nice addition to any vintage owl home decor collection. The style is timeless and this switch plate will continue to delight for years to come.


Harry Potter Light Switch Cover: Based on the Wand-Lighting Charm and Wand-Extinguishing Charm from Harry Potter, this light switch cover turns the ordinary act of flipping a switch into a powerful act of wizardry. This cover would make a well-received housewarming gift for a fan of the series! Anyone who sat down with the books or watched each movie could find space for Harry Potter decor in their home.


Music Themed Light Switch Cover: Musicians and fans alike are sure to appreciate this switch cover for their studio, media room, or other space that can accommodate interesting music themed home decor.


Doctor Who TARDIS Light Switch Cover: Doctor Who devotees may appreciate the subtlety and decorative value of this TARDIS-themed switch cover. Fellow fans are sure to comment on its clever design.


Star Wars Light Side/Dark Side Switch Cover: Which side will you choose? This resin cast switch cover is finished with copper paint and a verdigris patina for lightweight installation with a sturdy look. With the franchise remaining just as strong as it’s ever been, Star Wars decor is still just as cool as ever.


Game Of Thrones Light Switch Cover: Emblazoned with the iconic motto of House Stark, and accompanied by the Stark and Targaryen sigils, this light switch plate would make a wonderful gift a Game of Thrones decor collector.


Arcade Style Light Switch Plate: Get that cool retro arcade look with this colorful switch plate! The smooth and slightly glossy buttons are too irresistible to avoid pressing. It’s definitely a fun play on classic light switch covers.


Lego Light Switch Cover: Kids and adults alike are sure to fall in love with this modular, interactive, and forever fun LEGO-themed switch plate cover. It’s compatible with all major building block brands so you can change your style any time you’d like, or you could even build your own additions like key hooks or tiny shelves.


Decorative Colorful Switch Plate Covers: These art plates are printed in high resolution on an oversized metal switch plate. The high gloss finish is UV cured and helps to protect from scratches for longevity. This collection includes options for decora switches, power outlets, and 1 to 3 switch toggles.

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A Pair Of Stylish Apartments That Put Their Extra Rooms To Good Use

What would you do with an extra room in your apartment? Frequent entertainers might find a spare guest room useful, while artists may set up a studio or storage space. The designers of these two single-bedroom apartments each took a different approach according to the needs of the residents – the first apartment features a traditional home office and library setup, while the second apartment uses the spare bedroom as a sort of media area for television and perhaps even video games. Both are smartly decorated, one minimalistic and the other with bold primary colors.

Visualizer: Dmytro Mesaksudi  

This smartly compact apartment features a bright semi-open plan layout with a single bedroom and an efficient library/office in their own private areas. The decor theme falls somewhere between industrial minimalism and contemporary chic, a mixture of natural and urban-inspired materials reaching a comfortable middle ground at the center of the two aesthetic influences.

Guests arrive on the side of the dining area with a smooth visual transition to the media area. The television mounts on a concrete accent wall that partially separates the kitchen from the rest of the living space.

In the dining room, Eames Wire Chairs offer a slightly less industrial alternative to the classic metal version. Wireflow 2D pendants outfitted with Edison-style bulbs serve as artful mood lighting.

Spacious shelves help separate the living room from the entrance area, where a lovely rustic stool stands waiting to accommodate the residents as they take off their shoes.

Upstairs, a lovely study houses the main library along with a comfortable spot to sit and read by sunlight. On nice days, the swinging doors to the balcony help circulate fresh air.

White minimal decor fosters an environment where the resident can avoid distraction and maximize creativity – it’s like a blank canvas, dotted with books for inspiration.

Rather than hiding away the musical instruments in some closet, this home utilizes a striking display technique with an understated concrete backdrop.

In the kitchen, clean minimalism and distinctive patterns collide. The intermediary wall prevents the patterns from overwhelming the living room’s distinctive aesthetic.

The differences between the living room and the kitchen are clear. While one focuses on subtle artwork and a clean texture palette, the kitchen makes a bold impression with rustic patterned tiles.

Now let’s take a peek at the bathroom! It follows the same natural-meets-industrial material theme as the rest of the home.

These tiles have the same classic feel as the ones in the kitchen, but these feature a daring mismatched pattern that helps bring them up to-to-date.

Besides the shower wall, the rest of the bathroom lacks obvious decoration, allowing the beauty of the materials to claim more influence on the theme.

Designer: Svoya Studio  

The second home is a 135 square meter space located in Odessa, Ukraine, appropriately titled The Moonway Apartment. The living space is based on an open-plan layout, its spacious floor plan allowing residents to stay engaged with guests while entertaining. Its palette makes creative use of rich colors including darker tones like charcoal and deep gray, a theme meant to invoke a sense of relaxation and comfort even in the midst of busy city life.

In the dining room, a series of kitchen pendant lights illuminate the dining table. They’re from the Vibia Cosmos Cluter Pendant Light collection by Alberto Lievore. Inset lighting above the counter tops and along the walls set the mood in the evening.

Natural flooring options blend beauty and functionality. Stone tiles protect the entryway from muddy boots during snowy and wet seasons, while the wood boards feel more comfortable and welcoming.

Here you’ll notice that the pendant lights are actually flat circles rather than globes, a smart way to reduce their visual footprint when viewed from the side.

A formal dining room continues the circular decorative theme with unique wall sconces. An oversized pendant hangs above the contemporary table arrangement.

Mauve curtains and a chocolate accent wall extend the tones of the Cosmos pendant lights across the room.

How bold! The bedroom takes a completely different approach with a dramatic dark red accent wall. It’s a multipurpose space that includes a freestanding bathtub and vanity, a lovely retreat.

Of course, the bathtub area includes curtains to give the option for privacy, or to darken the space so the resident can enjoy the ambiance of candles or mood lighting during the daytime.

A series of unique bedroom pendant lights offer soft illumination for before-bed relaxation, while inset lights in the ceiling would provide brighter light for task-oriented activities like getting ready for a night on the town.

Toward the end of the room, a comfortable chair offers obligatory space to read. The accompanying lamp and table combination is a useful addition.

More pendant lights hang in the bathroom area above the tub – these are from the Rituals collection by architects Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.

Practical and simplified, the guest bathroom lacks the drama of the master bathroom but makes up for it with sophisticated chocolate-toned tile.

Like the bedroom, the media room takes a dramatic departure from the rest of the interior – dark blue makes for an unobtrusive backdrop while watching movies in low light conditions.

Yellow curtains offer an exciting and unexpected contrast.

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