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40 Beautiful Kitchen Clocks That Make The Kitchen Where The Heart Is

Home is where the heart is – but is the kitchen the heart of the home? The place where we start our mornings, enjoy lunch with friends and gossip over dinner, the kitchen is full of sights and smells that make a house a home. These 40 kitchen clocks celebrate the heart of the kitchen, whilst adding in functional features. Want to plan your weekly meals? Build a clock into daily chalkboard menus. Need to lock away your secret herbs and spices recipe? Find a spot in a secret clock compartment. Cook up a culinary storm, with these crafty clocks on the wall.


Chef Kitchen Clock: Feel like your household should have a full-time chef? Buy one in the form of a clock, with this surprised, hand-painted fellow in plastic casing.


Retro-Style Mum’s Kitchen Wall Clock: Let Mum know you appreciate her cooking. This retro-style metal clock is raised almost three inches off the wall and bears well-seasoned compliments.


Cutlery Kitchen Wall Clock: For something a bit different, this cutlery clock is certainly crafty. A stainless steel face and silent quartz clock means it tells the time without getting in the way.


Black Cutlery Kitchen Clock: Fancy it in black? This version changes its centre, for a nifty fit in a monochrome décor.

$146BUY IT

Wine Bottle Wall Clock: A splash for the pasta, a sip for the cook. Dinner and wine are famous companions – as are these 12 wine bottles, beautifully metallic and hand-painted.


Wine Time Pendulum Kitchen Clock: It’s always wine o’clock somewhere in the world. This hand-painted resin design lets your glass swing under your next bottle, pendulum-style.


Wine Theme Glass Wall Clock For The Kitchen: Its time to spice up reading a clock. Perfect for the wine lover, this hand-made Hungarian glass time teller sets the scene in grayscale – with a two year warranty.


Coffee Or Tea Clock: A cup of tea or coffee can solve most problems. Hang this monochrome round over your kitchen table when a friend comes over.


Life Between Coffee & Wine Clock: Two of life’s essential ingredients, coffee and wine are celebrated in this lithographic print mounted on wood. Finished by hand, it’s ready to hang in your drink-lover’s kitchen.


Modern Frying Pan Kitchen Clock: Have a row of saucepans for a clock to accompany? You’re in luck with this iron find, a non-toxic option with forks and spoons acting as hands.


Frying Pan With Egg Clock: A bigger fan of frying an egg? Running on AA batteries, this unusual design has all your guests guessing.

$154BUY IT

Oversized Cutting Board Wall Clock: Is your family chef a master chopper? These large wall clocks mimic their favourite wooden tools, with faces full of Roman numerals.


Distressed Kettle Metal Kitchen Clock: Don’t like wall hangers? Dare to be different, with this teal-painted metal teapot in an antique, rustic finish.


Teapot-Shaped Pendulum Kitchen Clock: For those who love old kettles and wall-hung time, these unique teapots offer two dreams in one. Set their golden metal frames on your kitchen walls, as a pendulum counts family moments.


Pouring Teapot Black Kitchen Clock: Make the teapot modern again. Made from acrylic diamond, this closely-adhered design reverses its colors in white or gold.


Tea Cup Wall Clock: Think a coffee cup can’t hold a quartz clock? Think again, with this tri-color design blending with the hues in your wall.


Coffee Cup Wall Clock: Want your cup to boast an antique face? These unique coffee mugs paint around the ticker, whilst it sits on a saucer.

$180BUY IT

Toast Clock: Kawaii design is world-famous for being crazy. This Japanese-made toast clock is no exception, hanging in vinyl chloride and plastic.


Fruit Clock: Lemons are essential to great Mediterranean and Mexican cooking. Add some zest to your cooking time, with this plastic clock on the counter.


Lemon Clock: Want your lemon to look more abstract? Place a half in the centre, use larger-than-life hands, and place yellow numbers and splashes to display the time.


Pineapple Clock: Pineapple clocks can look artsy, too. This twelve-inch clock painted on wood mixes the Hawaiian fruit with style.


Food-Themed Clock: It takes many ingredients to keep a family happy. This US-printed wooden clock celebrates the food that graces your table.


Sweet Treats-Themed Clock: Looking for something sweeter? Printed on the same wood, this clock makes us think of treats we’re not supposed to have.


Picture Frame Kitchen Clock: Photo lovers will rejoice in this clock’s design. Able to hold pictures of your family, favourite ingredients or holiday snaps, it’s a piece that’s themed whichever way you desire.


Whiteboard Kitchen Clock: Need to explain how long your dishes take to cook? Section out time visually, with this hanging whiteboard’s writing space.

$175BUY IT

Whiteboard Kitchen Wall Clock: Designed by Martí Guixé for Alessi, this aluminium clock combines functionality and style. Set on a minimalist face with blending hands, it comes complete with marker.

$133BUY IT

Weekly Chalkboard Clock: In the family kitchen, there’s always something to do or buy. Make sure your weekly menu gets made, with this chalkboard to-do list in a wooden frame.


Digital Kitchen Wall Clock: Perfect for an industrial or minimalist interior, this savvy clock is more than just a pretty face. Featuring adjustable brightness, countdowns and alarm clock settings, it can act as a back-up when your phone no longer charges.


Retro Kitchen Wall Clock With Timer: Need an egg timer, but don’t like the clutter? Integrate one into your kitchen’s clock, with this red plastic contraption with one-hour timer.


Retro Kitchen Clock With Timer & Temperature: Go one step further with your functional clock. This sunshine yellow design features a one-hour timer and temperature gauge.


Multifunction Food Scale With Clock: Weighing your ingredients is essential in baking. Make your clock pull its weight, with this counter-scale doubling as a sitting or hanging clock.


Calendar Flip Clock: The date can be as important as the time. Remember your next family gathering, with this oversized display with nifty flip function.


Large Kitchen Wall Clock (No Dial): Make your kitchen clock a work of art. This simple, black aluminium design does away with a face and numbers.


Ikea Skoj Wall Clock: For a more traditional look, this cream and grey square offers all the benefits. Made from tempered glass, it’s extra resistant to your splatters and flying spoons.


Colorful Kitchen Clock: Wall clocks not colourful enough? This handmade acrylic design shouts visually but remains silent, by using classic quartz.


Geometric-Patterned Kitchen Clock: Make colourful clocks more contemporary. Another handmade item, this Israeli-made wooden time-teller uses rose, taupe and mint to mandala-esque effect.


Minimalist Round Kitchen Clock: Place a giant stop sign near your kitchen. This strawberry-faced clock ensures visual impact in quartz silence.

$143BUY IT

Scandinavian-Style Wooden Wall Clock: Match your Scandinavian home décor, with this simple oak clock. Etched time trackers and brass hands form a design to pass the test of time.


Large Kitchen Clock: Want the standard black and white design? This thirteen-inch round number is easy to install – with a money-back guarantee.


Secret Compartment Wall Clock: Have a special recipe you’d not like shared? This thick plastic clock has a secret compartment to store your ideas.

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Moscow Flat Remodeled with Marble and Wood

Alexandr is a remodeled flat located in Moscow, Russia. This remodeling project, by Geometrium, is for a young family, including their 2-year-old son and Russian blue cat. The clients wanted their home to be a reflection of their lives and interests: the wife works at home and needed space to complete her work, as well as her painting on the side, while the husband wanted space for his football and cycling hobbies. Lastly, they wanted a soothing atmosphere to enjoy wine at home in the evenings.

This was no minor remodeling project. This 109 square meter (1,173 square feet) flat was given an entirely new floor plan, with the addition of a bathroom, increased closet and storage space, and a wine chiller in the walk-in cabinet. The kitchen was connected to the living room, and the bathroom borrowed some space from the corridor. The living room was further defined from the connecting corridor by the addition of a floating cabinet, which serves as storage and to gently divide the space.

The colors are natural and muted, with an emphasis on natural wood tones, charcoal walls and metallic accents. There is also an emphasis on marble accents in the kitchen and foyer.

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5 Scandinavian-Inspired Apartments

Although the popularity of Scandinavian design has seemingly reached an apex in recent years, the truth is that the elements of minimalism and functionality that make up the ethos have been around for much longer. No matter what type of home you have, taking elements of Scandinavian design and making them your own can be an extremely effective way to make your home a bit more comfortable, modern, and organized. In the five apartments featured here, we see the simple, calming elements that make this design style so appealing but also the warmth and practicality that make it so accessible. Take a look below.

Visualizer: LVI Studio  

This first space is a bright and spacious loft-style apartment. The main living area is overall simple, with common, friendly elements like indoor house plants and a cushy sofa.

However, the Scandinavian elements are also apparent right away, most clearly in the stunning, minimalist chairs chosen to create a conversation space in the common area.

The open plan from kitchen to living room to dining make the apartment feel large, while loft-style windows let in plenty of natural light.

But even in a somewhat minimalist design, personality shines through in elements like a starburst light fixture or a carefully tablescaped coffee table.

Tall ceilings with beam elements are enviable while the arrangement of furnishings still gives the overall effect of coziness, which is certainly important in the Scandinavian style and culture.

By placing decorative elements on the floor rather than on shelving, the walls are kept mostly bare and the ceiling feel even taller and more regal.

The Scandinavian style chairs in the dining area are a beautiful complement to those in the living room, taking on many of the same shapes but in a lovely wood construction.

The bedrooms are perhaps the simplest spaces in the apartment, again with mostly bare walls and not much square footage. Cozy bedding textures and a spring or two of greenery is all you need to find a peaceful night’s sleep in here.

The small bedrooms do benefit from plenty of natural light, which both the occupant and the petite planters benefit from.

Even a nursery can take advantage of the simplicity of the Scandinavian style, with carefully chosen toys and just a bit of warm decoration.

A white and gray bathroom with a deep tub finishes this particular apartment. Simple, clean, and modern.

Visualizer: Thi Cao  

This next apartment has a more traditional home design, moving away from the loft style. Yet, the space still shared many elements with the first apartment, such as the inclusion of plant stands and a comfortable couch.

The white and gray color scheme is certainly simple and easy to understanding, with splashes of natural green throughout.

The use of unique coffee tables like these round, nesting tables is modern but also practical, giving more surfaces for resting drinks or books.

The dining room pendants in use here complement the kitchen pendants over the breakfast bar and add a warm glow to the space.

Wooden kitchen bar stools with black accents draw the eye to the uniquely patterned floor in the kitchen — a fun and daring element in an otherwise simple design.

A closer view of the unique kitchen pendant lights shows that they are a bit offset from one another and do not match exactly, which adds a bit of whimsy to their effect.

Visualizer: Aleksandr Andreychikov  

The next apartment is a nice bridge between the first two. It does feature elements of a loft (including an actual lofted space) but also brings to mind the simplicity and warmth of a more traditional space.

The use of the timeless Eames Eiffel Chair in the dining space may not be groundbreaking, but the pretty colors chosen are certainly nice.

In the kitchen unique wall shelves are both practical and lovely, certainly in line with the Scandinavian ideals.

The stairway up to the lofted bedroom is a bit sturdier than some of the loft entries that we see, which is nice.

Unique vases always add an artistic touch to a home and can be filled with virtually any color depending on the season.

Of course, no home would be complete with a warm and welcoming place to break bread.

Visualizer: Tu Nguyen Hoang  

The next apartment uses many elements of the Scandinavian style, including natural wood, cool, neutral tones, and clean lines. In the living area, a Swiss cheese plant really livens things up.

Floor lamps are a good way to give homeowners some choice in how a space is lit. The AJ Floor Lamp is a good, simple example.

The use of mirrors in the entryway is both practical (making sure your hair looks all right before going out) and design-friendly (making a small hallway feel much bigger).

A white tile bathroom with a caged bulb pendant light is a perfect serene way to finish this home tour.

Source: Erik Olsson  

The last apartment takes us back to the stark white with black contrast look that is somewhat common in the Scandinavian style.

An Areca Palm in the living room gives just a subtle hint at tropical.

The light wood floors are almost an afterthought but have quite a bit of character in this space.

White cabinets act as the perfect perch for plants and a few trinkets.

Glass wall separate the bedroom from the rest of the apartment, giving the illusion of more space and possibility of more privacy.

Natural light is allowed to flood in from two directions with the glass walled design, even though the room itself is quite small it feels large.

Cool grey walls are a welcoming, cozy color for a small bedroom.

The dining are features large wall clocks as well as other rustic elements from a wood table to amber glass lights.

Indeed, the dining room is a bit industrial style with its use of these black chairs and exposed wiring. The industrial style lighting is quite chic and modern.

The kitchen is not nearly so industrial, with white cabinetry and wood countertops.

A black and white tiled bathroom is small but also modern and perfect for this not-so-spacious apartment.

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33 of the Best Tree House Ideas Ever for Grown Kids

You’ll feel a little tree house envy when you see this round up of the best (and wildest) modern tree house ideas around. And if you’ve got tree house plans in the works already, take a look at some of these incredible designs first. Enjoy!

1. Mirrored Black Box Tree House

Image: Baumraum

2. Oasis in a National Park

3. Tokyo Suburb Tea House Among the Cherry Trees

Image: Shuya Sato

4. Philly Backyard Contemporary Tree House Ideas

5. Large Mid-Century Los Angeles Tree House and Workspace

6. Mini Tree House Pods for Relaxing

Image: Dedon

7. Tree House Featuring a Frightening Swing Over the Abyss

8. Glass Tree House That Doubles as Art

9. Modern Seattle Tree House With Bridge Access

10. Avant-Garde Tree House Design

Image: Baumraum

Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree? Although these tree house ideas are stunning, the views and interiors are even better. Here are some more tree house plans featuring a look at the interior.

11. Lodge in the Trees, Tanzania

12. Rustic Modern Colorado Tree House

13. Orcas Island Tree House Getaway

14. Tree House Shaped Like a Wave

Image: Baumraum

Image: Baumraum

15. Copper Siding Modern

Image: Baumraum

Image: Baumraum

16. Mirrored Walls That Change With the Seasons

Image: Laura Fiorio

Image: Laura Fiorio

Image: Laura Fiorio

17. Luxurious Living in the Trees

18. Sleeping Above the Lions in South Africa

19. Contemporary Tree House Plans

Image: Marcus Bollen

Image: Marcus Bollen

20. A Colorful, Modernist Tree House on the Inside and Outside

Image: Baumraum

Image: Baumraum

21. When 90 Degrees Angles Don’t Matter

 22. 2-Story Island Getaway in Maine

 23. Barrel-Shaped Tree House Plans

Image: Baumraum

Image: Baumraum

24. Barn-Inspired Oak Tree House

Image: Baumraum

Image: Baumraum

 25. Jungle Tree House in Sri Lanka


26. Ergonomic Shaped Tree Pod

Image: Baumraum

Image: Baumraum

27. A Nearly Secret Hideaway

Image: Stepan Vrzala

Image: Stepan Vrzala

28. Trapezoidal Tree House on Stilts

29. Cliffside New York Tree House

Image: Baumraum

Image: Baumraum

30. Simple Meditation Space in the Trees

Image: Nico Marziali

Image: Nico Marziali

31. Airbnb Italian Tree House Rental

Image: Airbnb

Image: Airbnb

32. Cubist Tree Pod

Image: Baumraum

Image: Baumraum

 33. Oblong Tree Capsule

Image: Baumraum

Image: Baumraum

Want to see more cool, unusual homes? Check out Living Big in Tiny Houses or Life Inside the Box: Container Homes.

Which one of these tree houses is your favorite?

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Cool Product Alert: Table Top Zen Garden

Channel your inner zen with this gorgeous miniature zen garden that comes with a Yin-Yang tray and accompanying accessories.



Get it on Amazon here.

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