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Decorating With Sage Green Is a Thing for 2018, According to Pinterest

Pinterest put out their top 100 list of pins list and it looks like decorating with sage green is a favorite among pinners. Sage green is neutral, calming and can flow nicely with nearly any design style including the most popular at the moment: Farmhouse and Mid Century Modern. Sage varies in lightness and saturation. It can be earthy and warm or cool and silvery, so go as neutral or bold as you’d like.

decorating with sage green -

Sage green colors by Benjamin Moore, Valspar and Glidden.

We’re giving you the green light on decorating with sage green. Here’s some inspiration on how you can work with the color to freshen up your spaces!

Sage green kitchens

decorating with sage green -

A sage green glass backsplash adds some personality to the family kitchen. Image: 50 Degrees

sage green kitchen ideas -

Sage cabinets flow into the dining room, painted in a coordinating hunter green tone. Image: NJK Interiors

sage paint colors -

A rich sage offsets the copper backsplash of this contemporary kitchen. Image: Finch Studio

sage green farmhouse kitchens -

A modern farmhouse-style kitchen design with two-tone cabinet colors. Image: In Toto Kitchens

decorating with sage green-

Industrial accents like white subway tiles and brushed silver barstools and pendants work perfectly with sage green. Image: Godrich Interiors

Sage green bathroom ideas

sage green decorating ideas -

Sage adds a peaceful, spa-like feel to this bathroom remodel. Image: Kaner Interior Design

sage green tiles -

The sage green tiles warm up this fusion bathroom that blends Asian and Mid Century Modern styles. Image: Wertheimer Architects

Decorating with sage green in the bedroom

Combine the cool sage green color with warm spice tones for a unique and striking effect. Image: Robin Bond Interiors

The grasscloth wallpaper features shades of sage, aqua and taupe for a rich and contemporary effect. Image: Penman Interiors

A darker shade of sage adds an intimate feel to this large, bright and airy master bedroom. Image: Annie Hall Interiors

Living room sage green decorating ideas

Upholstering the lounge in a soft sage chenille fabric adds a subtle splash of color in an elegantly neutral living room. Image: Crittall Windows

sage green living room decorating ideas

An eclectic living room featuring a Mid Century Modern sectional in a silvery gray sage fabric. Image: Christina Loucks

While sage green is normally very cool in tone, a warmer shade of the tone works beautifully with golds and mustards. Image: James Thomas

Sage Green nursery and kid’s bedroom ideas

Sage can be very gender-neutral and a good alternative to classic pastel colors. Image: Home Stagers

A pale sage adds polish to this young girl’s bedroom. Image: Mead Quin Design

The sage green walls carry the landscaping of the outdoors in. Image: Tamara Mack Design

Will you be incorporating sage green into your home?

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Home Library Ideas to Create Your Very Own Smart Home

If you love to read and have a nice collection of books you value, why not create a home library or study where you can stylishly house your books? It doesn’t require as much space as you think, so check out these home library ideas to create a smart space in your home.

What you’ll need to execute these home library ideas

home library ideas -

A large and vibrant library with plenty of seating and a vintage wood ladder to access the taller shelves. Image: Kvart Interior

You don’t need a lot of space to create an awesome home library, although taking a room over would be ideal. Besides your favorite collection of books, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Bookcases or wall shelves: This is the key item in your home library. Choose the bookcase or wall shelves of your choice. For a sleeker, built-in look, choose closet cabinetry that also features doors, drawers and other storage options.
  • Lighting: For a high-end look, add lighting for different purposes. A reading lamp is a must. But don’t forget to add accent lighting that lights up the shelves or washes the bookcase wall with illumination. If installing recessed lights isn’t possible, consider using battery-operated LED lights and light strips.
  • Seating: A comfortable reading chair and footstool, a bench or a built-in reading nook are all great home library ideas. If you’re converting a guest room, a sofa or futon with a pullout bed could work as seating and a guest bed.
  • A desk (optional): If you want your home library to double as a study or workspace, consider adding a desk, if space allows.
  • A ladder (optional): Depending on the height of your shelving, a library ladder is an awesome design feature that’s also functional.
  • Accessories: Don’t forget to add wall art, flowers or plants that personalize the space. Special objects like vases or small sculptures can also be placed in the shelving to break up all the books.

Now that you have an idea of what you need, check out these stunning home library ideas for inspiration.

Home library ideas for small or awkward spaces

home library ideas -

Take advantage of the unused area under a stairwell by adding shelving to create a small library section. Image: Marc Koehler Architect

A small, awkward room has been converted into a home study and library with some built-ins and wall-mounted units. Image: Sanya Polescuk

home library bookcases

A narrow bookcase includes a long, low wood shelf that doubles as a bookcase and bench. Image: Stephen Moser Architect

Home libraries featuring a built-in daybed

built in bookcase and daybed

If all you have to work with is one wall, add a built-in reading nook for relaxing. Image: Marie Kalok

small home library ideas -

A small narrow room features bookcases on either side with a daybed, framed by the window with a gorgeous view. Image: Mom Spark

Home libraries that make the most of the space

small home library ideas -

This studio may be small in square feet, but it features tall ceilings that the homeowner has cleverly taken advantage of. Image: Egue y Seta

cool home library ideas -

Floating shelves are mounted on the swing doors of this home library to maximize book space. Image: M&B Interiors

A small and dark hallway next to the kitchen has been converted into an inviting library and lounge with some built-in bookcases and a couple of chairs. Image: Stephen Fletcher Architects

Home libraries featuring unique shelves

home library design ideas -

Square box shelves were mounted at an angle for a unique diamond pattern design. Image: Gabellini Sheppard

modern home libraries -

Narrow 8″ deep shelves with no backing keep the room feeling open and airy. Image: Redmond Aldrich Design

Home libraries with a custom built-in look

modern home libraries

A sleek and contemporary home library features ebony wood and a luxurious lounge for reading. Image: Inlite

contemporary home libraries -

Strategically arranged books add color and visual interest to this home library, framed by the crown molding of the entry. Image: Bowerbird Interiors

Pops of color and the large glass sliding door create a cheerful and bright home library. Image: Stefan Hohloch

Home libraries that double as a home study or office

Adding a desk to a home library creates a double duty space for reading and work. Image: Upstairs Studio Architecture

contemporary home library ideas -

To add a sense of privacy, this loft’s library features a glass wall and door. Image: Naiztat+Ham Architects

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Rustic Bedrooms: Guide And Inspiration For Designing Them

The modern rustic interior style is one that is gathering in popularity fast. Is it a subconscious rebellion against cool coloured pared-back minimalist schemes that have dominated for so long? Maybe. Rustic styling is typically warm tones, cosy casual area rugs, fur textured throws and upcycled furniture, like pallet beds and beat up looking storage trunks. But we’ve seen these creep into other styles too, so what makes rustic, rustic? Well we’re here to show you how to combine rugged features with animal inspired art and lighting, stacked natural stone fireplaces and raw wood feature walls so you can feel like you’re living life out on a ranch.

Visualizer: Fernando Morrisoniesko  

Check out the faux antler chandelier that dominates this rustic bedroom scheme. Right from the word go you feel like the owner of this home is living a simpler, wilder life being closer to nature. Dangling a piece like this from chunky wooden beams is the ideal way to go for maximum rustic impact. The wood burning stove in the corner casts a gorgeous natural glow and allows piles of chopped wood to be used as room decoration.

Visualizer: Tomas Sciskala   

Here’s an example of a lighter wood covered vaulted ceiling. Despite its smoother finish it has carries the same strength of rustic style. A trio of concrete planters carry a similar tone, bringing the hue all the way down from the ceiling to floor level.

Visualizer: LESINGE Julien   

This bedroom views as a home library. Books make a great addition because a rustic home should exude a feeling peace and calm.

Visualizer: Casa Della   

If faux antler chandeliers are not your ideal, then go for a more romantic candle chandelier.

Designer: Joseph Mosey Architecture   

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom, then be sure to create a stacked stone masterpiece.

Source: Unique Home Stays   

In lieu of a wooden beamed ceiling, you could create a wood feature wall relatively easily.

Source: Eldorado Stone   

This rustic stone fireplace has a chunky railway sleeper as its mantel.

Designer: Locati Architects   

Of course, rustic doesn’t have to be all rough around the edges. How about this sophisticated rustic scheme for inspiration?

Designer: Locati Architects   

You can inject a little rustic into a softer scheme by introducing animal art like this black and white photography or an engraved faux deer head.

Visualizer: Lib Team   

Woven pendant lights make a beautiful natural looking addition over bedside units.

Visualizer: Jose Olmedo   

This room is a great example of the upcycled furniture trend in rustic interiors. The pallet bed works perfectly in a rugged scheme, as does the distressed paint job on the wardrobe and floor-standing mirror frame. Note also how blue tones work beautifully with tan leather and copper accent pieces.

Visualizer: Sergey Petrov   

Rustic romance. Just imagine lying beneath that tree branch strewn with wooden hearts. A tree branch wall mirror carries the theme through.

Visualizer: Taner Sönmez   

Black and white tree art adorns the headboard wall here – a good alternative to animal art.

Visualizer: Nevi Studio   

Geometric shaped caged pendant lights and a brightly painted wooden feature wall give this bedroom a sharper look.

Visualizer: Kyde Architects   

Oversized cans are the bedroom pendant lights in this wood dominated scheme. Even the wall art is a slice of tree trunk. If you can’t find an exquisite piece for you wall then you could always opt for a decal or even framed art of a tree trunk.

Visualizer: Maksym Iuriichuk   

Warm up the floor with a casually strewn area rug.

Visualizer: ONI Architects   

Concrete and wood are a harmonious mix not only in cool contemporary interior style but in rustic rooms too.

Visualizer: Blalank Studio   

A large trunk can add bags of character.

Visualizer: Room Quadro   

A rustic floor lamp makes a great bedside addition.

Designer: LMD Studio   
Photographer: Karel Balas   

If you prefer to use your floor space for bedside tables then you can always go for a rustic wall sconce instead.

Designer: Barasona  

Something a little different: Check out this suspended bed idea!

Visualizer: Denis Bespalov   

A contemporary rustic bedroom style is another way to go. You can achieve this by throwing in a splash of unexpected colour, a modern radiator or light fixture alongside rustic wall treatments.

Visualizer: Boom Project   

This stone feature wall behind the headboard has its texture shown of beautifully by the glow from around the mirror and the Oda lamps.

Visualizer: VAE  

4 poster beds look glorious in this type of setting.

Visualizer: Jenya Lykasova   

A rocking chair makes an ideal finishing touch.

Visualizer: Viz People   

Did you ever think that you could have a rustic minimalist bedroom? Well, you can!

Visualizer: Maksym Iuriichuk   

A modern rustic bedroom combines the simplicity of minimalism and the warmth of raw wood.

Designer: Paulina Arcklin   

A natural throw is enough to add a little of the right flavour to a stark bed; team this with wooden bedsides and you’re good to go. if you’d like to see more of this style then check out this rustic cottage.

Designer: Antonio Martins   

When it comes to uber rustic beds, chunky and worn-in wins.

Visualizer: Koj Design   

A Persian style rug melds well.

Visualizer: Angelina Alekseeva   

A swing chair looks sweet in a window (imagine looking down over your cattle for maximum effect).

Visualizer: Shireen Abbas   

Tapestry style fabric is a good way of bringing in a sophisticated colour palette.

Visualizer: Nguyễn Thanh Tùng   

You wouldn’t typically think of melding a monochrome scheme with a rustic one but the result is fresh and stunning.

Visualizer: Lyubimova Kate   

Swing arm wall lamps complement this style well.

Visualizer: leqb  

You don’t need a huge sweeping master bedroom to enjoy this look either, these ideas can be translated to a small rustic bedroom too.

Designer: Capital Building   

You can even smooth off every surface to create a super chic rustic bedroom. Try combining influences to see what you come up with; which two styles would you meld?

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Apartment With Energised Colour Scheme

Located in Kiev, this 110 square metre apartment was designed by 33BY for a young professional woman. The aim was to concoct a layout that would suit a vibrant personality that loves to partake in travel and spiritual development, enjoys music, studying literature and business. The modern home is sectioned into two separate areas, which is the entertaining/guest zone and a private/bedroom zone. The open plan entertaining/guest space has a kitchen diner, lounge and guest bathroom. The private zone consists of two bedrooms and a master bathroom. The photography by Oleg Stelmah shows how playful color and pattern fill every space as one cohesive, cheerful and energised theme.

The view from the kitchen out over a breakfast bar sees directly into the lounge on the left and a dining room on the right. Each area offers up a multitude of eye-popping coloured accent pieces. Every piece is of a different hue but because of a common vibrancy of shade coupled with a generous amount of ‘breathing space’ around each piece, the whole scheme pulls together as one.

Dark wood tone decorates much of the walls, floors and furniture in this home yet the space appears anything but dark. The deep grain simply forms a balance along with cleverly placed colours. Pale pastel painted walls also help the scheme along, ensuring the strong scheme maintains an airy and spacious look.

Above a green sofa, a large piece of multicoloured wall art is on display, which ties in the shade of nearby bright blue bar stools. On the living room floor, a geometric patterned area rug defines the sitting zone. The rug almost butts up against floor tiles in the kitchen that have a different design; the combination should appear overly busy but doesn’t thanks to smooth wooden surrounds.

Behind the sofa, a breakfast bar is crowned with a line of pendant lights in an array of colours, set at different heights.

The dining room is a sophisticated scene. Although a strong combo of plum and teal has been applied to the upholstered dining chairs and curtains respectively, the light fittings are finished in copper. There is a monochrome art print here too, hung on a powdery pink wall. Pale grey trims and neighboring wall prevent the playful shade from appearing too sweet.

The pastel pink wall gives way to white in order to display projected images. Beneath the projection screen a bright yellow top brightens up a long entertainment console. A set of grey storage cabinets and drawers are built into the far wall, running the entire length.

The images on the projector screen can also be enjoyed from the kitchen, allowing the chef to join in with what is being watched and chatted about too, even whilst they are still busy preparing and cooking food. The entire layout is geared toward being a social space, designed for maximum interaction.

A hallway has been created by the implementation of a dividing wall behind the sofa. The flooring here is a continuation of that found in the kitchen, which is a tile that can be easily washed. This makes it perfect for both a food prep zone and in an area prone to the most muddy footfall.

A wall mounted plant stand extends all the way up to the ceiling, allowing for a huge collection of interesting house plants to be lovingly displayed and easily cared for. It’s a quick watering and plant feeding job when they are all in one place.

The dividing wall between the hall and living room has a shelving unit built into it as part of its structure. This holds a multitude of books and treasured items on display. It is also a convenient cubby storage spot to keep a shopping bag in a handy position next to the door.

The kitchen itself is a simple flat fronted, handle free design in beautiful walnut. The oven is integrated into the tall units. Beside this, a small amount of counter space provides a safe place to set down hot items. A couple of wall units finish off the design with some added overhead storage space.

A set of small display shelves fill the gap between the ceiling and kitchen wall cabinets. The kitchen sink is set against the back wall rather than on the central breakfast bar – this avoids a splash hazard over the nearby sofa. A colourful planter and a rustic planting trough decorate the bar countertop.

The master bedroom is a vision of pink and purple with a hint of green in the bed throw to complement a vibrant green house plant. The indoor plant is potted in a sunshine coloured planter which picks up yellow tones from the wall art. Leafy decoration continues over on a bedside drum table, which has been stenciled with a tropical design.

Things grow more purple over toward the walk-in closet, which has transparent walls that put a large selection of garments on display to the bedroom. An upholstered headboard, cushion, console unit and exit door are all shades of purple, but pastel pink, white and walnut intervene to stop the colour from becoming overpowering.

The guest bathroom has the same tiles as the kitchen, teamed with turquoise walls.

The master bathroom is a much calmer affair.

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Modular 4-Bedroom House in Portland Assembled in One Day

The creative team at Skylab Architecture collaborated with Method Homes Skylab on developing an impressive modular prefab dwelling in Portland, Oregon, United States. Dubbed Taft House, the residence in the photos below is comprised of 28 triangle modules which were stacked and assembled on the site in one day.

According to the architects, the project has two modular levels and accommodates 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and an accessory dwelling unit, all adding up to 3,930 square feet (365 square meters) of living space. 

Thanks to a creative design approach, the interiors feel spacious and playful. The double-height living area features large windows and space for entertaining. The ‘honey-comb’ wooden beans on the ceiling visually reduce the scale of the room, while adding a warm, welcoming vibe.

The two companies behind this home in Portland are the initiators of a modular and prefab building system named HOMB. “This technique uses 100 square foot triangle modules designed to be site adaptable, which fasten together to create endless form possibilities, the architects said. “Modules are stacked and assembled to meet the height and square footage requirements for each unique project.”

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