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Why I like adult cats? Сute cats – Interesting facts about cats

Kittens mils by 100%, but adult cats are not worse. animals, kote, kittens, cats, Milota Kittens very shebutnoy and worn around the apartment all the time. Especially at night. Gallop like horses. And nothing can be done, the energy rushing! And adult cats come at night under the flank and purr. Not NASA at night, […]

The hostess gave the kitten a pit bull, and he loved him as his own daughter! Interesting facts about cats and dogs

Bubba, 6-year-old pit bull, was always partial to cats. This sympathy was born in it more when Rebecca Pitsello took a dog from a shelter in Phoenix at the age of 3 months. Neighbor Rebecca the room while taking care of a litter of kittens and Bubba was very fond of kids. “I always knew […]

Funny cats. Interesting facts about cats.

Domestic cat runs faster than Usain Bolt. Cats recognize your voice, but prefer to ignore it. A cat can not climb a tree upside down because of the claws of the device. To come down from the tree, it is necessary to retreat, walking backwards. Vision cats simultaneously better and worse human. Cats very well […]

Interesting facts about cats and kittens. Funny cats

1.  Interesting facts about cats and kittens .

Сute cats – Interesting facts about cats

Funny cats Aylurofiliey referred too strong love for these cute animals. The owners of cats at 30% reduced risk of heart attack or stroke. Although IQ cats several times lower than the dog, cats are able to solve more complex zadachi.Vam are nothing like?

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