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Like a cat treats his master?Сute and funny cats.

Like a cat treats his master? Сute cats — Interesting facts about cats Cats like to sleep on paper: this material is soft, warm. Therefore, a place to rest your cat should be selected because of its taste. Cats sleep a day about 18 hours. If the cat is sleeping with all four paws tucked […]

Funny dogs and cats.How much costs the content of dogs per year?

How much costs the content of dogs per year? Interesting facts.     Cats ear better than in dogs, the upper limit of 65 kilohertz reaches is 2 times — than in dogs. A better sense of smell in dogs due to the vast number of receptors in the nose — 200 million as of […]

Like a cat overcome half a continent?Сute cats

Like a cat overcome half a continent? Interesting facts about cats It is not unique, but it is surprising and delight, there was a story with a cat named Sugar on. She was born weak, with a rare strain tibia with the left hand in the small California town of Anderson is located on the […]

Why cats are so fond of the box? Funny cute

Why cats are so fond of the box? Interesting facts about cats ] The first thing that comes to mind when trying to explain this craving for cardboard — that cat predators by nature, and therefore like to sit in ambush. But it soon becomes apparent that this, at least not one reason for such […]

The heaviest cat. Сute cats

The heaviest cat…Interesting facts about cats In the United States died the thickest CAT In Santa Fe, New Mexico, died a cat named Meow, who was called the fattest cat in the US and possibly worldwide. 18-kilogram (39 pound) animal died on Saturday, 5 May 2012. The cause of death was the Meow pulmonary insufficiency. […]

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