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cute dog

cute dog 72% of dog owners believe that their wards can predict the storm. Predicting the weather helps them excellent hearing: 10 times more acute than humans. Dogs have three pairs of eyelids: upper, lower and nictitating membrane that lubricates and protects the eyes. Dogs 1700 gustatory receptors. For comparison, a person — 9000. The […]

amazing dogs

amazing dogs Dogs understand up to 250 words and gestures, count to five and can solve simple math problems. Intellectually they are at the level of year-old children. In Russia, the dogs were able to adapt to the underground for their needs: they have learned to ride on public transport in search of food, traveling […]

cute dog

cute dog #funny pictures

cute dogs

cute dogs Boxer dog named Banks and goose Buttons became friends after the dog had an accident and became blind. Gus helped him to his feet and became his guide. Buttons directs another of his neck and screaming and not for a moment does not leave him alone. #funny pictures

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