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Interesting facts about the big dogs-1. Funny dogs

Сute dogs Large dogs can bring much joy to the family, they are the favorites. Of course, they, like any other dog breeds has its pluses and minuses. On the positive side is their wonderful character — big dogs, with proper upbringing, as a rule, very gentle, good-natured and loyal creatures. They are fairly easy […]

Dogs are able to recognize human emotions. Funny dogs

Сute dogs — Interesting facts about dogs Dogs — the only kind of animal, except the people who are able to recognize our emotions. They rather cursory glance to see if you are happy, troubled, angry or sad. They can even empathize with people feeling the same emotions that their people.

Who are the dogs loves his master?Funny dogs

Сute dogs — Interesting facts about dogs Do you think the bitch or larger dogs like their owners? It appears that in this regard is of interest to the results of a study conducted by Swedish scientists from the University of Lenchipigskogo

Test yourself!-1 .You — a real dog lover, if:

Test yourself!-1 .You — a real dog lover, if: Interesting facts about dogs.

Funny dogs and cats. Dogs can see color?

Dogs can see color? Interesting facts about dogs.

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