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Funny dogs. Like laughing dog?

Funny dogs. Like laughing dog?  Interesting…. Dog Laugh – it repeated snorting. Hearing him even record, other dogs begin happily wagging tails. Different nations perceive barking differently: English – wow-wow, the Greeks and Russian – bow-wow, the Germans – AVU AVU-Japanese – bath-van. Seven tails, ears fourteen, twenty-eight dog’s paw… I love football My family […]

Сute dogs.Interesting facts about dogs

The dog saved its owner … Man dog – a friend One photo in the social network recently made known to the whole world 49-year-old American from Wisconsin John Unger and his dog, Shep. And the story of their friendship began about 20 years ago, when Shep was rescued from the suicide of his master, […]

A touching love for the dog … Interesting facts about dogs

Amazing dogs My dear… My little… Princess A resident of the United States of America, John Unger owner of the 19 year old dog. He loves his pet so much that brings every day to the lake, so that he could get some sleep … A resident of the United States of America, John Unger owner […]

Сute dogs.Interesting facts about dogs

Loyalty to the end of life. A touching story about the dog Hachiko We dogs – soft toys Both beautiful I – a dedicated … My alumnus Loyalty to the end of life At the beginning of the last century, first all of Japan, and then the whole world has learned about a dog named Hachiko […]

What kind of dog is the fastest? Interesting facts about dogs…

I am small… I – Assistant host Greyhounds are the fastest dogs on earth, they can run at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. It is a myth that dogs are color-blind. They can see in color, just not as vividly as humans. This is similar to our vision at dusk. Dogs see better […]

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