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Sweet Dreams!

Sweet Dreams! #funny pictures

cute cats

cute cats Cats love to sleep on the paper — for them this is the rustling fabric warm and soft, so choosing a favorite place for recreation, it should take into account its taste. Cats sleep about 18 hours a day! The cat likes to be in the house all the doors were opened, because […]

Cute dog

Good morning!      

amazing dog

amazing dog The most venerable dog, terrier named Max, in August 2013 was 30 years old. By human standards — is 210 years old! «Attention, the alarm» — an analog signal that the dog is wagging the tail to the left (with respect to a quadruped). Dogs have learned to drive a car. New Zealand […]

cute dog

cute dog Dogs «Boxers,» so named because of their manner of playing with his front paws. Chihuahua dog named after the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, where they were discovered. Puppies begin to see normally only after 1 month. Dogs breed Lundehund have 6 toes on each paw. The Bible mentions dogs 14 times. Three dogs […]

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