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Funny Cats and Dogs compilation. Cat fails 2016.

Funny Cats Compilation 2016 | Cat fails 2016 | Funny pets #21

8 of the Cutest Small Dogs on Instagram

When it comes to adorable animals on Instagram, we’ve shared the cutest giant dog breed puppies, the most delightful hedgehogs and now we’re showing you the cutest small dog breeds that you need to follow as soon as possible.

From charming Corgis to darling Boston Terriers, here’s proof that the best things really do come in small packages!

EmbeddableSlideshow: The Cutest Small Dog Breeds on Instagram

Small Dogs You Need to Follow
Lulu the Pug: Chloe Kardoggian: Emmie the Boston: Lola the Havanese: Buster the Beagle: Tibby Tibbles: Loki the Havanese: Wilson Nibbler:

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Bridal Party Holds Adoptable Rescue Puppies Instead of Bouquets

Wedding photos are usually happy — but a couple in Pennsylvania found a way to make them even better at their Sept. 1 nuptials. They added puppies! Five 8-week-old sisters from a litter of Boxer and Coonhound mix puppies — plus one special Pit Bull named Biggie Smalls for the bride — added more bliss to the wedding party’s photos. All of the pups were from the non-profit rescue Pitties Love Peace, where the bride, Sarah Crain, works. Photographer Caroline Logan said there were no “dresses harmed in the making of the photos!” and found the puppies made her job easier, as her subjects were more relaxed and natural. — See photos at People Pets

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