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Cat on fire! Cat jump fail, cute and funny compilation. December 2015.

Cute Video: Dog’s Reaction to Life-Sized Gumby Is Priceless

It’s Halloween, and one dog owner has the sweetest treat for his Golden Retriever.

He dressed up as Jolene’s favorite toy — Gumby — to surprise her. And her reaction has left hearts melting across the Internet.

The adorable pup is gnawing on her toy Gumby while laying her in bed, and looks stunned when a life-sized Gumby enters the room.

She wanders over and goes in for a hug before showing her excitement.

Happy Halloween, Jolene!

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The top 3 premium shopping streets in Barcelona

Barcelona may not be as well known as other European cities for its shopping hotspots, but if you’re looking for some retail therapy in a beautiful setting, then the Catalan capital will definitely have something for you. From unique boutiques to big brands, including some of the best designers around, here we give you the […]

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