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San Francisco 8. september 2016

Jeg var i Kastrup kl. 10 og et kvarter senere kom Io for at sige farvel over en kop kaffethe. Karen og Kurt dukkede op kort efter at jeg selv var net ud til Gate 20. Nu er det 21 timer siden jeg stod op og vi er fremme ved El Rancho Inn Suites e

Kamloops to Whistler

Our day started with a shoe purchase for me since my Nike’s are bald and we’re intending to do some hiking in Whistler. The sports shop guy was a sport enthusiast and very helpful. He had also run in NZ so there was much to talk about.We had an amazing

Fatima rest day one in Tomar

August 30 Tuesday. Fatima Rest Day After a lovely breakfast in the glassed in dining room we wend our way to the train and bus stations. We purchase tickets to Fatima and get on the bus. Somehow we have irritated the bus driver. A group of drivers

Switzerland's Best Kept Secret the Wild Waters of the Kiental

Having hiked all the way from Engelberg to ltspangtltspangtMrren almost 80km in all along the Via Alpina during the previous week I was naturally disappointed though hardly surprised to be confronted by threatening skies on Saturday mornin

Back to my roots in Australia

Our friends Joe and Carolyn picked us up at the house at 230 p.m. on Tuesday Sept. 6 to drive us to the airport in Vancouver.It was a good thing we had given ourselves plenty of time because the traffic was backed up as a result of two different accide

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