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Day 6 Nashville

Day 6 Nashville Last full day in Nashville was filled with tours after another walk into downtown I. The blistering heat we walked past and around the grounds of the state Capitol building Grabbed some breakfast and the. Headed to the Ryman auditor

Paris Day 4

Paris Day 4Decided to split up today A girls day and a boys day. Grant left at 8 am to beat the cue for the Eiffel Tower and I stayed in bed for a slow start. By all accounts he had a great day. Buddied up with a guy from Cincinnati Ohio at

7 must-see churches in Ecuador

Spanish colonists built Ecuador’s oldest churches during the 16th century. Their religious influence persists to this day, and some of Ecuador’s grandest cathedrals were built as late as the 20th century. Ecuador’s population is around 80 percent Catholic, and on Catholic holidays, the streets fill with parades. Easter, Holy Thursday, Carnival, and Christmas are all […]

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A Birthday Winter Tale

So apparently ‘Winter’ was here rather than coming excuse the ‘Game of Thrones’ reference I am now hooked and all caught up. Along with ‘Birthday’ season for Ceri Heidi Me Tracy and Jade. Ceri started the ball rolling with her special day being

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