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Mother Hen Teaches 1 Hour Old Chicken How to Eat — Cute Farm Animals

Which dog has the biggest appetite?Funny dogs and cats

Which dog has the biggest appetite? Interesting facts about dogs and cats. Dog Laugh — it repeated snorting. Hearing him even record, other dogs begin happily wagging tails. Cats never mew with each other. This sound is designed specifically for people. The biggest appetite in dogs have cocker spaniels. How old is your cat in […]

Who’s smarter — cats or dogs? Funny dogs and cats

Who’s smarter — cats or dogs?  Interesting facts about cats and dogs In general, cats have a lower social the IQ, than dogs, but they can solve more complex cognitive tasks when they are interested. Cats are often lactose intolerant, so they stop giving milk! The cartoons lie: it is better not to feed cats […]

How old is the oldest dog in the world? Interesting facts about dogs

How old is the oldest dog in the world? I’m resting We — friendly company   Who am I?.. 1. Dogs have a unique hearing. Their ears are able to register over 35 000 vibrations per second. For comparison — the man fixes only 20,000 vibrations. Dog ears exceeds 75% human. 2. Longevity. It is […]

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