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Funny dogs and cats.How much costs the content of dogs per year?

How much costs the content of dogs per year? Interesting facts.     Cats ear better than in dogs, the upper limit of 65 kilohertz reaches is 2 times — than in dogs. A better sense of smell in dogs due to the vast number of receptors in the nose — 200 million as of […]

Interesting about the children

Humor photos. It turns out that a small child is not distinguish all colors…  Interesting facts about the children and their parents. · In European countries, the average age is 29 years, the parents in India — 19 years, Russia — 20 years; · The youngest parents were children in China in 1910: mom and […]

Funny Kids

Funny Kids #funny pictures

Funny Kids

Happiness is never too much!) #funny pictures

#funny children

#funny children #funny pictures

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