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Beauty And Grandiosity Of Strbacki Buk Waterfalls

Have you ever heard about Strbacki buk? If you do not, now is the chance to read and also if you have opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls which are situated on the river Una.

Štrbački buk waterfall

Štrbački buk

Waterfall Strbacki buk is one of the untouched landscapes at Una River that flows between the Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina. You probably have heard the slogan linked to the river Una. Legend says that the river Una was named at the time of the Roman Empire. When Romans for the first time have seen river and its beauty, amazing waterfalls and impeccable cleanliness exclaimed UNA !, which in translation means “one”, “only”, “unique”.

Štrbački buk

Parque Nacional de los Lagos de Plitvice

At upper course, which belong to Strbacki buk, the river is typically mountainous and wild with many pure and clear waterfalls. Recognizing the huge potential of the upper course and realizing that it should be preserved and handed on to future generations, the Bosnia and Herzegovina government has put under the protection of the newly formed National Park Una. Una National Park was formed in May 2008 and is the first national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina which was established in accordance with international standards.


Una River Water Falls

At each step are visible efforts to this natural wealth preserve and arrange for a visit. The access to waterfall Strbacki buk is enabling for all nature lovers. The wooden track with a protective fence providing attractive views of the falls. At the entrance was placed a memorial plaque testifying about the horrors of the last war and the suffering of the local Bosnian peoples on this site.

Una river

Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Una river

Waterfall Strbacki Buk is actually a group of waterfalls. The largest of them is high around 24m. The river Una with all its force swoops down it, creating a deafening roar and impressive cloud of atomized droplets of water, which carried by wind are real refreshment in hot summer days. Downstream from Štrbački Buk, at a distance of 15 kilometers, you can see several successive waterfalls and rapids that also are the most attractive thing for many fans of rafting.

Una River

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Five Free DIY Guides for Creating Your Own House

It’s time.  You’ve been saving for some time now. Your cozy apartment is home, but you want more. You want to leave something behind, just create something with your bare hands! There’s no better way to it than making the perfect house yourself. Yes, you’ve read that right.

Being a Do-It-Yourself person, there should be no problem with this plan. You know that building things is good for you. Best feeling ever! So, let’s focus on something worth our while. Here are five DIY guides to help get your Fixer Upper on and your dream home started!

1. The House Plans’ Guide to Planning a House

This free and incredible guide walks you step-by-step through the process of designing your own home! It starts with crash courses on zoning laws and slope analysis (basically, all the boring stuff) before moving on quick lessons on basic architecture, housing styles, and all the needs of your house.

Photo by JB Architecture Group, Inc.Discover traditional exterior home design ideas

By the end of their tutorial, you’ll know all there is to know about house design. House Plans doesn’t stop there though. They also guide you through the final parts of the design process: bubble diagrams, blueprint design, even 3D-modeling of your home-to-be!

Photo by John Kraemer & SonsLook for contemporary exterior home design inspiration

For more brilliant plans and inspiration on building sustainably, you can also check out the following on YouTube:

And these websites as well:


Photo by Brandon Architects, Inc.Look for transitional exterior home pictures
Once you’ve got the house itself designed, the next part of your project will be improving what you already have!

2. A New Fence

After your dream home is planned out, you’ll probably want to add a fence.

Photo by GEREMIA DESIGNMore contemporary deck photos

Whether for security, decoration, or both, Lowe’s Hardware is ready to help you through the entire project. Not only does the hardware company guide you through the construction of your fence, but they also provide a list of all the working gear and materials you’ll need, which you’ll be able to get from any Lowe’s hardware store.

Photo by K&D Landscape ManagementDiscover traditional patio design inspiration

Plus, if you’re environmentally-conscious, don’t worry about buying from Lowe’s — they’ve been awarded EPA’s SmartWay Excellence Award eight times for sustainable transportation practices! Any materials you buy will have been delivered as eco-friendly as it gets.

3. Swinging Pallet Bed

There are few home additions as iconic as a tree swing. However, The Merrythought’s Caitlin and Manda, lifestyle bloggers with a passion for DIY guides, take the concept even further by adding a comfy mattress and warm blanket!

Photo by RedAgape BlogBrowse farmhouse landscape ideas

They use really simple materials that can be bought from any local hardware store to make it: lumber, wooden pallets, and rope. All you’ll need to do is attach it all together with a drill and some screws!

Photo by Matthew Bolt Graphic DesignLook for beach style porch design inspiration

Just imagine: lying there with your favorite book, swinging slowly in the gentle breeze on the swing you made yourself. It’s the perfect way to relax (which we all really do need once and a while). With this duo’s help, some basic carpentry, and a free afternoon, you’ll be able to do just that!

4. Customized Mailbox

Just want a small project to do? Replace your mailbox! It’s the first thing you’ll see when pulling up to your home, so of course you’ll want to personalize it. DIYer Serena Appiah did just that. Her blog Thrift Diving is devoted to incredible DIY projects that emphasize affordability, because, let’s be real, an empty wallet after you finish building is the last thing you want. She makes sure this guide is no different, and teaches you how to build and install your own mailbox without going broke!

Photo by Jeld-Wen Windows and DoorsSearch rustic entryway design ideas

You pick the colors and you decide where it goes. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful mailbox on your curb to admire every time you pull into your driveway, and enough cash for your next big project!

5. Copper Penny Floor

Linoleum, hardwood, and tile flooring are all nice, but they just aren’t you. You want to build something unique, something different, something that’ll really set the room apart. Like… Pennies flow! With pennies and epoxy, Alexis McDowell covered her 38-square-foot kitchen floor, laying down about $2.78 in pennies per square foot.

Photo by Patti Yost – Kitchen DesignerBrowse transitional kitchen ideas

She documented the whole endeavor, from preparation to completion, and released it in this fantastic guide for other DIYers to do as well!

Photo by OSMOND DESIGNSLook for traditional bathroom pictures

Once you’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful floor that adds a modern, industrial aesthetic to your home without draining your bank account. Compared to other flooring options, it literally costs pennies to build!

Feeling Inspired Yet?

These DIY guides are must-haves if you plan on designing and building the house of your dreams. Whether it’s small projects, like cute mailboxes and comfy swinging beds, or larger ones, like fence construction and blueprinting your future home, you’ll be ready to tackle anything with your own two hands.

Photo by BrickWood OvensSearch traditional exterior home design ideas

Happy building!

Author bio:

Amanda Wilks is a DIY enthusiast and a Workbootcritic writer and editor. She wants to spread the idea that DIY-ing, open sourcing, community collaboration and healthy living are all part of the solution to most of our personal and global problems. Amanda’s Twitter.

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