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Durbuy, The Belgian Beauty

It is a well-known fact that not just the capital cities are the most beautiful cities representing the country. There is a huge number of other less-known cities that are spectacular and whose beauty is remarkable. When talking about beautiful cities, Europe has a great number of such. This old continent breaths history with fascinating views in every corner of it. Such an old European country is Belgium that has a lot to show to the world travelers. Its capital, Brussels is a beautiful, historic and rich city. However we will focus on Durbuy, the Belgian beauty famous and highly-recommendable place by the ones who have already visited it.


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The city of Durbuy is located in the province of Luxemburg. It is a Walloon city with a total population of only about 10.000 people living on the area of 156.61km2. This fact shows that on average there are 67.9 inhabitants per km2.


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In the past times, especially in the medieval times this city was very important as it was one of the most famous in the country for commerce and industry. It was in 1331 when this former town got elevated to the rank of city. The one who did this was the famous king of Bohemia, John I, Count of Luxemburg.


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Nowadays this city is famous for tourism and recreation most of all. It was known among the experts as the smallest city in the world. However the facts show that there exists even smaller city, just to beat the record, and this city is Hum, located in Croatia. The Ourthe River is what makes this city even more picturesque and such a cozy place for a peaceful walks with beautiful views. The narrow streets and the unique architecture are the city’s trademarks. It just makes everyone fall in love with the city.


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Just to complete the perfect trip everyone should try some local food and the traditional Belgian beer. The chances are you will taste the best beer in the world exactly in Belgium.

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Quick Overview on How to Choose the Best Fireplace for Your Home!

Fireplaces has always been timeless symbol of warmth and cosiness that everyone desires. It is also a place which gets you all cosy in the cold harsh winter nights. Not only for winters alone, but a fireplace alone makes for an incredible statement piece. They are also something that will give your home an immediate aesthetic and ambient boost.  In today’s world, there are unlimited options in which ever field of market you consider. So is in the case of choosing the best fireplace that would suit your home. The drawback of you being exposed to so many options is that you might end up being completely overwhelmed by it.

Therefore, before buying a fireplace you should know the types and then decide accordingly. So that you are ready when you have the choices displayed in front of you.

Let us look at the various types of fireplaces that ranges from traditional built-in to wall mounted one etc.

#1. Traditional open hearth

This is the most classic example of fireplace that has existed for centuries as a premium heating method. They are usually made of stone and bricks. Crackling and smoky smell of woods is what you are looking for here.

Though, you must keep in mind the environment concerns that come with the traditional open-hearth fireplace. The stocking up of wood plus cleaning the chimney are other concerns that you should be prepared for. These fireplaces are only successful in heating one room so not an ideal fireplace to heat your entire home.

#2. Wood burning fireplaces

This is the fireplace that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘fireplace’. The one fireplace you see in all the Santa clause’s movies. With a cosy and a more romantic feel to it, this fireplace is a traditional mark of a warm home.

There has been a lot of innovations made to this traditional setting to ease on the energy consumption and lower environmental impact.

#3. Gas burning fireplaces

This gas burning fireplace is a more modern and an alternative way to consider if you don’t want smoke and the smell of burning wood in your house. These fireplaces are highly efficient, require less labour to install and environmental friendly. There are two kinds of gas burning fireplace. One is the direct-vented fireplace and the other is ventless fireplace.

#4. Enclosed fireplaces

True to the name these fireplaces are enclosed that means the flames are contained are contained by glass panelling. This fireplace is more environmental friendly that the open hearth one. It retains more heat and thus warms up your scape more efficiently. You can try using inserts if you have an open-hearth fireplace and want to change it to an enclosed one.

#5. Electric fireplaces

These fireplaces are easy to install and are highly cost-effective. They are easy to switch on and off. It does not waste energy by retaining the ambience of a fireplace. This has two kinds of fireplace as well. One is the mantel electric fireplace and the other is Electric fireplace home entertainment furniture.

We often think of a traditional wood burning hearth when we think about fireplaces and it is time that you start seeing what other options are out there and buy one that will be suitable for you.

You need to think about the energy consumption of the fireplace, the environmental factors and the heating capacity of the fireplace with respect to the place that you live in. since there are a lot of options therefore you should go with the most suitable one that is also cost-effective.

By Tiia Monto (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

With all these things to consider, you can go ahead and find the fireplace that is best for you!

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