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8 Reasons Dogs Can't Wait for Fall to Begin

Many of us can’t wait to sip our first pumpkin spice lattes of the season, cheer for our favorite football teams and throw on our coziest sweaters. But what about our canine friends? Are they as excited as we are that it is almost fall? We’d like to think so! The pools may be closed and the days might be shorter, but there are plenty of reasons for dogs to love everything autumn has to offer.

To get in the fall spirit, we’ve rounded up our favorite fan-submitted photos of dogs enjoying the season and paired them with a few reasons why we suspect canines (and their owners, if we’re being honest) can’t wait for fall to begin.

EmbeddableSlideshow: Dogs Who Are Ready for Fall

Why These Dogs Are Excited for Autumn
There are plenty of leaf piles to lie in.: And there are also plenty of leaves to chase.: If you’re really lucky, you’ll catch one of those elusive leaves.: Cooler weather means longer walks, right?: Photo shoots are easy. Just get some fall colors in the background.: Or add pumpkins!: A certain holiday is right around the corner.: And it’s never too early for a spooky prank! :

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