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When you wake up and remember that the output.

When you wake up and remember that the output. So, what do we have here? Guys rest 🙂 #funny pictures

I’m tired. Winter is coming soon! Repetition. #funny kittens

A little about the benefits of laughter! Why do I need a laugh, and what the benefits of it? It has long been observed that the more cheerful person, the more joyful life he lives, because radiates happiness, optimism and good humor. We also know that the older we get, the less laugh, compared with […]

Laughter burns calories Laughing for 10 minutes increases the power consumption, increases the heart rate and can burn up to 40 calories. Just do not consider the ability of laughter to burn calories as a method to combat obesity. You can not abuse the high-calorie foods, maintain a passive lifestyle and expect that you can […]

#funny kittens

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