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Fruit Christmas tree on New year

Pannakota with cherry sauce

Pannakota with cherry sauce Pour the gelatin into the milk and let stand 5 minutes. Cherry removed from the freezer and thawed at room temperature. Frozen berries, if they are not meant for decoration of dishes, it is not necessary to defrost until the end. When they are slightly podmorozheny, easier to work with them.

Original sandwiches.

Original sandwiches. #how to make nice sandwiches #sandwiches + on the festive table #how to make nice sandwiches

Salad “Christmas wreath”

Salad “Christmas wreath” #salad recipes + photos simple and delicious #salad recipes for Christmas Ingredients: Hard-boiled eggs – 3-4 pieces. Chicken without skin and bones – 600 – 700 g Sweet pepper (any color) – 2 pcs. Onions – 2 heads Mayonnaise, vegetable oil, salt. In this case, used to decorate boiled carrots, sweet red […]

#Christmas Salad “Snowman”

#Christmas Salad “Snowman” #salad recipes + c + photos simple and delicious #salad recipes for Christmas Salad preparing layers. For its preparation is required: Ingredients: 2 tbsp. boiled rice every five hard-boiled eggs, 200 g of crab sticks, 200 g of cheese, mayonnaise, five cloves of garlic, a processed cheese. To decorate: One boiled carrots, […]

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