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Jaguar E-Type — Best classic sports cars

Articles 25 Jul, 2016 Enzo Ferrari called the Jaguar E-Type the most beautiful car ever when new. Half a century hasn't jaded the looks! Source: New feed 2avto2 cars supercars auto

Best classic cars 2016: our top 10 sports car classics

Features 26 Jul, 2016 AC , Jaguar, Ferrari, Lotus, MG or Porsche… which of our favourite classic sports cars is right for you? Source: New feed 2avto2 cars supercars auto

Interesting facts about cats . Funny cats

Cats tend to be right-handed, and cats — left-hander. Among the owners of the cats by 17% more people with advanced degrees. Cats do not feel the sweetness.   Interesting facts about cats . Funny cats Men who have cats, considered to be more happy in love. cat’s brain is like a human. For cats […]

The most interesting facts about cats. Top 10 facts. Funny cats

1. Cats — known domestic healers. According to scientists, rather pat pet to lower blood pressure, calm. Therefore, in the house where live cats easier to tolerate stress, the family becomes more harmonious and friendly. 2. Cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees. Do they succeed thanks to the special structure of the body. Each […]

Interior Design. Redevelopment of apartment in favor of simplicity and openness.

Architects Sonelo Design Studio to design the interior of a private house in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The original layout of the residence did not enjoy a long corridor, dark and distinct rooms, unreliable staircase leading to the attic, as well as bathrooms, resembling rather the bunker. Included in the framework of the modest […]

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