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Junkyard Gem: 1989 Mercury Tracer 3-Door Hatchback

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Based on an Australian-market Mazda, built in Mexico.

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The 5 most photographed sites in Galapagos

While most people consider Galapagos as a wildlife photographer’s paradise (they are not wrong), the islands also offer a wide variety of striking land and seascapes.   Born of fire, the archipelago consists of over 100 islands and islets formed by regular volcanic eruptions over the past 5 million years.   The newest islands to the west […]

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Gorillaz — On Melancholy Hill (Official Video)

Family Road Trips: Must learn Safety and Health tips before you start

Family trips are exciting because they are a special time to bond as you enjoy the trip. It is also a good hobby for the family members that like traveling. Nevertheless, some parents avoid tagging along children during trips. They consider them dreadful and exhausting for the children. This perception could change if you planned and understood the needs of your family. A trip involving children requires more provision and consideration. Observing health and safety measures ensures that all members of the family will be comfortable throughout the trip. It will also be fun and adventurous to cruise the road up to the destination.

Car Condition

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires vehicles to go through an inspection of their vehicles. Belts, battery, tires, air conditioner, fluid and other essential areas of the vehicles should be examined by a qualified mechanic. A trip entails covering a long distance and sometimes negotiating rough terrain. It would be inconveniencing to have breakdowns in the middle of the journey. Sometimes poor car conditions could even cause accidents. Therefore, your car ought to be in good condition.

Family Road Trips: Must learn Safety and Health tips before you start

Safety is top priority when you are travelling with family and kids. Choose a vehicle that will be suitable for the trip. For instance, if you check some of latest model of vehicles, it comes with some of high safety features like lane keeping system, blind spot information system, adaptive cruise control with collision warning etc. If your family needs a trailer or a boat, a vehicle with higher viscosity is recommendable. Luggage is also a determinant of the vehicle you should use. If the luggage is too much, you might require a carrier. Heavy luggage on a small vehicle will affect the speed and sometimes its stability.


Anything unforeseen can happen during a trip. Packing important supplies such as a first aid kit is important. Include any other item that your family may need for an emergency. Other essentials include snacks or food. If you are not likely to access food joints along the way, carry packed food. Children may get hungry before a designated stopover. The snacks or food will be suitable for such a situation. Another thing that should be considered is entertainment. Children can be impatient of long journeys and become stubborn.

Family Road Trips: Must learn Safety and Health tips before you start

Favorable entertainment will preoccupy the children and help them to enjoy the trip. Entertainment is good for adults as well, especially games that increase interaction among family members. After determining all the essentials needed, they should be listed. Cross-check them with the list as you pack. Packing everything needed is part of making the trip successful and memorable. Forgetting some things could be an inconvenience, especially if it cannot be easily replaced.


A trip can never be fun without comfort during the travel. Comfort begins with the dressing mode. All members of the family are advised to be in comfortable clothes. A long journey can be tiresome if you are wearing fussy clothes. Small children will be happier in relaxed clothing. However, consider where you are going before choosing what to wear. If the destination is cold, carry warm clothing as well as light clothing for hot weather. Each member should be at liberty to choose what is suitable. Comfort is also about the vehicle and space within it. Every individual should have ample sitting space throughout the journey. Traveling in a squeezed car is hard to enjoy, and also tedious. If the family car is not sufficient, consider renting a bigger car.

Family Road Trips: Must learn Safety and Health tips before you start

Determine Location

It is thrilling to visit a new place and enjoy the experience with your family. Before embarking on the journey, learn the location and using GPRS on your car. This technology shows you direction all the way to your destination. Determining your route beforehand is important because it saves time. Lack of guidance may lead to loss of direction and hence, wasting time. You may also lose direction and end up in an unsafe place. Make sure you choose routes that are safe, especially if part of the journey could be night time.

Family Road Trips: Must learn Safety and Health tips before you start

Unforeseen Eventualities

No matter how much you prepare for a family trip, some things are unforeseeable. As a result, planning for emergencies is advisable. Carry some money and contacts for emergency services. Some family members may suffer from motion illness. In case it happens, have the necessary supplies on board. You may have gone for a car service and maintenance. Unfortunately, a breakdown such as a tire puncture occurs. A vehicle should have a spare tire, winch and other equipment to cater for car problems. Sometimes the issue could be major and that is why having a contact for emergency services is vital.

Family Road Trips: Must learn Safety and Health tips before you start

Stop over

Stopping for breaks after a considerable distance is important. The stops are an opportunity for resting and relaxing. This is a time for children to feed, bathroom breaks and flexing the body before the trip continues. It is also a chance to evaluate how far you have come and the distance left. The driver also needs to rest and eat something. If t is necessary, another person could drive if the driver is fatigued. Evaluating the wellbeing of the driver is fundamental for safety reason. When stopping for a break, ensure the location is safe. Gas stations or cafes are an advisable place to take some time.

Family Road Trips: Must learn Safety and Health tips before you start

Car insurance

Most state authorities require car insurance for every vehicle. Every state has minimum requirements for this insurance. Before the journey, ensure that your insurance is updated and covers all the traveling needs you have. Additionally, consider the car insurance requirements of the state you are visiting. States have differing requirements for car insurances. Check the additional requirements and adhere to them. Car insurance is important because it covers car wreckage, bodily harm, third party and other losses included in the insurance.

Family Road Trips: Must learn Safety and Health tips before you start

Family trips are a great way for members to spend time together. They inspire an adventurous spirit and fun by traveling together. However, these trips can only be successful when safety and health issues measures are in place. Parents who do not like to make these trips could change their mind if they changed their approach. Protect your family by ensuring you prepare well for the journey. Planning and proper implementation increase chances of a successful trip.

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Health Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking is often a hobby taken up by people who travel, as it’s a different way of exploring things and it’s lost of fun. You could be going along at a nice tranquil pace enjoying some scenic views one minute, and then facing some pretty cool rapids the next. It definitely is suited to those of you who like a little bit of adventure in their life. What many people don’t know is that as well as being fun, it also comes with some health benefits making it a perfect hobby.

It Can Improve your Strength Levels

You will most likely forget that your body is getting a bit of a workout as you are having so much fun, but it’s a cardiovascular exercise and will strengthen a lot of the muscle groups within your body. Although you may think it may just be an upper body workout, in actual fact – it also works out your lower body. As you can use your legs to navigate the boat – those can get a workout too, meaning your whole body is active when kayaking.

Health Benefits of Kayaking

Mental Health Improvement

Any exercise can be good for your mental health, as it releases chemicals within your brain that can improve your mood. This means if you feel stressed or anxious – that kayaking can be a good way to relieve those stress levels. As well as this, you will also be in touch with nature when kayaking – and exploring views you haven’t ever come across before. This alone will give you some good peace of mind. Some of the inflatable kayaks are really compact these days, so you can take them wherever you go if you feel you want to relax. You can read about the best inflatable kayaks of 2018 at Best Kayak Reviews and choose one that suits your needs best.

Health Benefits of Kayaking

Can Give you a Fitter Body

When choosing exercises – a lot of people think a lot about losing weight and burning calories. When kayaking correctly with the adequate equipment and are in the water it can definitely help to burn fat – and in turn, you could find yourself with a better physique. On average you can burn around 222 calories with 30 minutes of kayaking according to Harvard Health. The best part is, you won’t even know that you are burning calories you will be having so much fun, and you can burn a lot if you are going for a long trip.

Health Benefits of Kayaking

General Health Improvement

As kayaking is actually an aerobic exercise, it could be part of your regular exercise routine. As with most aerobic exercises, you can see improvements in lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, better endurance levels, better health for your heart along with other benefits that will improve your overall health.

Health Benefits of Kayaking

If you weren’t already convinced that kayaking was the hobby for you, we are sure you will be now.

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