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#Interesting facts about Squirrel

#Interesting facts about Squirrel At protein 4 front teeth are constantly growing, so animals should always something gnaw. So they “grind” unnecessarily regrown teeth. If, for any reason, the teeth grow strongly, proteins can not crack nuts and eat right. The fate of such a protein is sad – are dying of hunger. More than […]

amazing Animals – Leopards

amazing Animals – Leopards Leopards – the smallest members of the group of big cats, they are ahead of jaguars, lions and tigers, leopards average growth to shoulder about 70 centimeters. A leopard body length is 100 to 150 cm. To this day, leopards remain mysterious animals, even in protected areas is very difficult to keep […]

Interior Design Ideas Bedroom

Interior Design Ideas  Bedroom   #interior Design

Fanny dog

Fanny dog The customs office in the United States in 1988 were a dog named Rocky and Barco, who were so good at patrolling the border between Texas and Mexico, also known as “Cocaine Alley” that Mexican drug lords appointed a reward for their heads in the amount of $ 30,000. 45% of dogs sleep […]

Fanny dog

Fanny dog Obesity, alas, the problem number 1 health in dogs. In total there are 703 breeds of purebred dogs. Dogs judging the objects on their first movement and then in their brightness and finally by their shape. Rin Tin Tin was the first dog “Hollywood star”, and, like all celebrities, he signed all of […]

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