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Sweet Cat Comforts Dog During Fireworks

Dogs have a hard time with the booming, crackling noises of fireworks, making July Fourth their least favorite holiday. Many owners took to social media on Independence Day to show how they kept their anxious dogs calm and safe. But Twitter user @Victoria_Eve stole the show with two adorable photos of her pets. Her cat seemed to know that her dog was “terrified,” so the sweet feline went and cuddled with her to make her feel better. “My heart is still crying,” the owner wrote in the caption on the images, which were favorited and retweeted thousands of times. — Read it at the Huffington Post

Cats Vine Recompilation 2016

Cat hiding from a cat


Fourty Signs Indicating Pain In Cats

Cat owners may view certain changes in their cat’s behavior as an inevitable part of the natural ageing process and not report them to the vet as a concern or at least not until they become quite severe. Below are the most common behavioral signs indicating pain

Head Bobbing Kittens


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