Сute cats.Why cats are not removed even if dropped from a great height?

Сute and Funny  cats

Why cats are not removed even if dropped from a great height?

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Why cats are not removed even if dropped from a great height? After examining the circumstances of the plurality of successful downs animals, the researchers found that cats helps the so-called «parachute effect»: their legs are lengthened, and the body expands, reducing the speed of the fall. At the minimum height the cat used primarily elasticity of their paws. Another explanation: the fall from a great height cat pulls paw and tail to the body and flies, spinning — thus it slows down the fall. And before landing leg straightens.
Why the cat shakes paws? To show an aversion to something, the cat raises legs and shakes them. Perhaps this is due to an instinctive action otryahivaniya of water, which is unpleasant for most cats.
Why cats hide when sick? Instinct says a cat that when he is weak, he is easy prey for a predator, so in times of disease cats are trying to hide from possible dangers.
Facts about the cat’s vision. Cats to see enough 1 / 6th of light required to man. The cat-eye darkness even uses light reflected from the retina. Cats, unlike dogs, can not focus his eyes on close objects, the farsightedness have cats, and dogs — are short-sighted. Cats can see in the distance up to 60 meters. Their peripheral vision — about 285 degrees. In fact, it is best to see the cat at a distance from 75 cm to 2.6 meters. If the pupils are dilated despite the bright light, the cat something or very interested in a playful mood. Cats eyes are round, slanted and almond. Eye color kitten may vary with age.

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